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CrushFTP Review (2024): The Best Robust File Transfer Server

CrushFTP Review 2024:

In this online world, it is quite risky to upload, download and even send important files and documents on the web. For this purpose, there are a lot of FTP servers present but how do you know which one is the best of them all? Well today, we are going to answer this question and bring you one of the best FTP servers that you can use to upload and download your files safely without any risks.

Today, we are going to review CrushFTP and take a deep dive into the platform and the features that it is offering to its users. We will determine whether you should spend your hard-earned money on CrushFTP or not. 

What is CrushFTP?

Most businesses nowadays are using the web for transferring files and documents, and for that purpose, you need a network that is safe and secure. CrushFTP is basically for the businesses that are always sending digital files to and fro between the client and the server. It also monitors all of the network activity as well so that maximum security is maintained at all times. It also offers a ton of functionality to its users that are always welcomed. 

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The best thing about CrushFTP is that it allows you to download all of the files in a compressed file so that you can download them faster and then expand those files. You also get access to a lot of information like memory usage, active connections, drive space, bandwidth, etc. There is also a centralized dashboard present where you can easily view all of the info.

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Some of the best features that make CrushFTP worthwhile are:

1- Automation & Enterprise Tools:

If you have a high-speed connection then you can enjoy high-speed file transfer using CrushFTP. There is also virtual IP management also present. Another great thing about CrushFTP is that it provides automation as well. The reporting is automated and the monitoring is also done in real-time. There is PGP encryption present to ensure security at all times.

2- Remote Sync:

You can also synchronize the files remotely to the server. If you have different machines then you can sync the folders on all of them. If you make changes in file the only the changed parts will be sent. The files are also synchronized with encryption that is under process at the client’s end. 

3- Plugins:

If you want to use additional plugins for authentication methods then it is also possible with CrushFTP. There is also the option to allow for post-processing actions as well such as rename, zip, copy remote/local, encrypt, etc. 

4- Web Interface:

The web interface of CrushFTP is also highly customizable and therefore supports high-speed transfers and resuming. The thumbnails for most files are automatically created. You can also view the pictures in a slideshow view and there is also a movie interface present. 

5- Monitoring:

You shouldn’t be worried about your data when using CrushFTP as there is real-time monitoring present here. All of the operations are monitored in real-time. The dashboard is there for you to check up on every activity and see all of the connections that are active.

6- CrushFTP Drive:

If you are using a local drive on your computer then you as a user can connect to your own local drive. With this feature, there is seamless connectivity present between the OS and the applications that are using the documents in the CrushFTP servers.

7- Secure Protocols:

There are secure protocols present on CrushFTP. SFTP and SCP are used for file transfer. You can also allow for password-less logins as well. But keep in mind that SFTP is not that good with high-speed connections. SCP on the other hand is good as it transfers a single file as fast as possible. Most of the SFTP and SCP clients are supported.

8- Dashboard:

CrushFTP also provides you with the overall summary on a dashboard. This is a really useful feature because, at a single glance, you can quickly see the activity of the server. The following things are shown in the dashboard:

  • No. of Active Connections
  • Free Disk Space
  • Memory Usage
  • Recent Login 
  • History Graphs, etc

If you want to see more in-depth details then you can dive into specific sections as well. You can also monitor specific users and their actions too.

9- Events:

There are also user-customizable events present on CrushFTP. You can customize these events in any way you want. These events can generate a list of all the recent logins as well. The events can be managed in minute detail and can even run plugins. 

10- AD-HOC Sharing:

CrushFTP also allows its users to create temporary links and then send the files and folders. You have to set the interval and after that, the links automatically expire. All of the aspects of sharing can be customized like fonts, colors, email body, method of sharing, etc.

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  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Strong Security
  • High-Speed Transfers
  • User Customizable
  • Temporary Link Sharing
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Automation
  • Plugin Support


  • None 


The pricing models present at CrushFTP are:

  • Small Business $70
  • Professional – $100 & $2000 for site license
  • Enterprise 1 – $1000
  • Enterprise 2 – $2500
  • Enterprise 2 (10 Install Pack) – $8000
  • Enterprise Site License (Unlimited Install) – $20,000

As you can see that the pricing of CrushFTP ranges from normal licenses right down to whole enterprises. There is no restriction and you can easily purchase the license that you want. You also don’t need to purchase anything that your business doesn’t need. 

Final Verdict:

If you are on the lookout for a robust file transfer server then CrushFTP is without a doubt one of the best in the market. Setting up secure connections with the users has never been this much easier. There are a ton of features that CrushFTP provides to its users. The files can be shared with a high transfer rate as well. There is real-time monitoring present as well as automation. 

The dashboard is simple and provides a summary of the server activity. You can even customize it according to your needs. So, all in all, CrushFTP is one of the best file transfer servers that you can get right now.

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