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Cyber Chief Review (2024): The Best Cloud-Based Vulnerability Scanning Tool

Cyber Chief Review 2024:

Are you looking for the best solution when it comes to automated vulnerability scanning and vulnerability management for web applications? If that is the case then today, we have something special for you.

Nowadays, it has become really easy for hackers to get into a system. There are a lot of vulnerabilities that they can exploit and get into the system and steal the data. But what if you had several ways of checking app security and vulnerability. All of this can be easily prevented with a really powerful automated penetration testing tool. 

This is exactly what Cyber Chief provides you. Today we are going to take a further look into this platform and all of the solutions it offers and whether they are promising or not. 

What is Cyber Chief?

Cyber Chief is a cloud-based vulnerability scanning tool that is designed to help software teams find and fix the vulnerabilities that are generally present in cloud infrastructure and web apps. It is really great as it makes everything really easy for you. With just a single click, you get vulnerability scanning and management features, you don’t need IT experts in your company. Everything is done through AI and the software automatically detects any vulnerabilities. 

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If there are any security holes in the apps then they can also be tested using the automated penetration testing options. In order to keep the hackers out, the first thing that you need to do is to understand the vulnerabilities. The best thing is that Cyber Chief not only shows you the vulnerabilities but also tells you how you can fix them. With vulnerability testing, you can ensure that all of your apps have no security holes. 

With Cyber Chief, you get enterprise-grade vulnerability testing – without the 6-figure cost. This way your SaaS application is secure; you can ensure that it’s free of critical vulnerabilities, and you can prove to your enterprise customers that you take security seriously.

This application security testing tool really is game-changing, as it is automated and can be integrated with your automated software deployment pipelines. In this way, it saves you a lot of time that you can invest in other areas of the company. So, Cyber Chief also makes it easier to grow your business while keeping the security of the infrastructure and apps intact. 

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Some of the solutions offered by Cyber Chief are:

1- Vulnerability Scanner:

If you are a software developer and looking for a great vulnerability scanner for your web apps then Cyber Chief is the solution to your problem. You can easily scan for literally thousands of vulnerabilities with a single click. There is nothing you need to do as everything is automated and the scanner will do all of the checking. In this way, you can easily scan and fix all of the vulnerabilities with ease. 

2- Vulnerability Management:

Vulnerability scanning and management have been made much easier by Cyber Chief. This is especially good news for software managers. If you don’t have any cyber security experts, then don’t worry as you don’t need any. This is due to the introduction of the Cyber Chief. Any person can check and fix vulnerabilities with one click. There is an intuitive dashboard present that shows you all of the necessary information. This is really great software that makes everything much simpler.

3- Application Security Testing:

If you are looking for software to help you with web app security testing, then this is probably the best one out there. With Cyber Chief, your teams are able to run their own automated security tests. The testing tool is really user-friendly and doesn’t require any expertise. In this way, you can easily run security tests on your apps before release so that you get a perfect launch with zero issues. 

4- Automated Penetration Testing:

On the other hand, if you want an automated penetration testing tool for web apps and APIs then Cyber Chief is the best option for you. It is really unique and viable because it has automated penetration testing available that is really useful. You can easily fix and manage all of the security vulnerabilities really easily with this tool. This is an online and automated testing tool that makes it so unique and worthwhile. Due to its automation, any inexperienced person can also use this tool. 

5- Vulnerability Testing:

If you have any vulnerabilities in the APIs or web applications then you can easily find all of the vulnerabilities with the help of Cyber Chief. It will help you in finding as well as fixing all of the vulnerabilities. This is really great as you are getting so many features in a single place. Your software teams can easily run these vulnerability tests as they are automated. 

6- Security Testing:

If you are facing any security risks in the web apps or APIs, then you can easily find and fix them using Cyber Chief because it’s an application security testing tool. Hackers often tend to use these security holes to enter into the system and steal the data. But with Cyber Chief your development team can patch vulnerabilities with ease. 

7- Vulnerability Assessment:

There are a lot of times when you have vulnerability issues in your web apps. This can be really dangerous so you need to quickly sort them out. This isn’t an easy task as you first need to find the vulnerability and then fix it. Cyber Chief allows you to quickly assess the vulnerability of your web app or API using its assessment tool. The tool is automated so you don’t need any expertise in using the software. 


  • Strong vulnerability scanning features
  • Run a scan in minutes
  • Automation is really useful to integrate with deployment pipelines
  • No cybersecurity expertise required
  • The cloud-Based solution so nothing to download/install
  • Free trial so you can see it working before you buy
  • Helps you maintain compliance with SOC2/ISO27001 certifications
  • Free security header analysis tool
  • Affordable pricing


  • You can only scan applications & websites you own

Try Cyber Chief For Free


Cyber Chief offers three pricing plans:

  • Starter – $96 – Best for a single Website Testing  
  • Ultra – $189 – Best for Multiple Environments
  • Enterprise – Personalized Quotes – Best for Large Teams with Different Web Apps

They also offer a free trial that you can use to test out their features. The Starter plan is only good for the people who only want to test a single website. The Ultra plan on the other hand is great if you have multiple environments. It also includes all of the features from the starter plan and has extra features as well. The Enterprise plan is best for large teams working on multiple web apps. If you are looking for a complete experience then the Enterprise solution is going to be the best for you as it includes all of the features that Cyber Chief has to offer. 

Final Verdict:

Vulnerability scanning has never been this easy. Cyber Chief is so user-friendly that it makes the entire application security process very simple and intuitive by providing a cloud-based solution to this problem. 

This software is totally automated and you can easily check any security issues or vulnerabilities with just a single click. In this way, you don’t need to hire experts as the software does everything for you. There is also a dashboard present that shows you all of the important information.

There is also a free trial as well. In our opinion, Cyber Chief is providing really amazing solutions in a really good package. All in all, if you are looking for the best solutions when it comes to security and vulnerability testing to help your team shift left and own your application security posture, Cyber Chief is the way to go. 

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