Dao.Ad Review (2024) – Best Push Notification Ad Network?

Dao.Ad Review 2024:

There are a lot of people who have their very own websites but don’t know about the ways in which they can earn money from them. Google AdSense is the most common thing people go for and end up not making any money due to low rates and their severe terms. This makes a lot of people lose their hopes, and they start looking into other ways to make money.

If you are one of those people who are looking for the best advertising network for the monetization of their website or expanding their business, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. In this article, we will take a look at and all of the services that it provides.

We will take you through everything that this advertisement network has to offer, including its benefits. In this way, you will be able to better decide whether is worth your time or not.

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Introduction: is a platform designed especially for all types of advertisers and publishers, which gives them the ability to show ads on their websites. With the help of these ads, advertisers are able to further grow their businesses and make a lot of money as a result. helps every advertiser in finding its targeted audience, and by using that audience, you can easily grow your business in a very short span of time.

The main goal of is that they work to provide a comfortable platform where advertisers can meet with publishers and work in a way that is more effective. You can easily get good results in a short period of time if you use Dao.Ad services. It is also a relatively new company that was founded in early 2019. The company focuses on three main things:

  • Push Notifications
  • Pop-Under Ads
  • In-Page Push Ads

With services, users can fully utilize all of the features available to them in order to establish their business. The company basically strives to provide an easy meetup platform for all advertisers and publishers.

Why Choose Dao.Ad?


The first thing that will arise in every person’s mind is whether they should invest their time and money in Dao.Ad or not? Many people are also curious about why works so well that it can help any publisher to make a lot of money from their site.

The best thing about is that they are growing at a rapid speed and are providing advertisers and publishers with everything that they might need.

Their whole platform is trustworthy that provides solutions to all of your problems and that too in a short period of time. They are currently operating in more than 174 countries and is generally regarded as one of the best platforms for publishers and advertisers. Even if you ask their previous customers, you will get very positive feedback regarding all of the services that they provide.

One of the major reasons for choosing over other advertisement networks is that they offer you a very high CPM rate, which is just not available anywhere else in the market. It can provide your website with over 1 billion impressions on a daily basis and conversion surety is also their priority. Due to all of the above reasons, becomes a really good choice for monetizing your site.

Ad Formats: Formats

There are different ad formats provided by to both publishers and the advertisers in the form of:

  • Push Notifications
  • Pop-Under Ads
  • In-Page Push Ads

Having the ability to use multiple ad options is great, as, in this way, a publisher can find the best way in which they can get the most engagement possible on their website.

Push Notifications:

These are types of ads that don’t require the users to visit your website. Even if they aren’t on your website, but still, they can get these advertisements in the form of notifications in their browser if they choose to use them. Push notifications are generally regarded as the best form of advertisement, even if you have a lot of audience engagement on your website.

The browser asks the users whether he wants to use push notifications, and if the users agree, the browser will start displaying notifications as there is something new that comes up on the site. All of the ads shown to the users are relevant and help both advertisers and publishers in making a lot of revenue out of these advertisements.

Pop-Under Ads:

In this time and era, pop-under ads are the best performing advertisements as you can get the most engagements than if you use any other type of ad format. The pop-under ads appear in new tabs underneath the main page that you are currently viewing. Due to this behavior, pop-under ads can get the most amount of engagements, and this ad format is quite effective too.

These advertisements are the ones that can provide you with the highest revenues when compared with any other ad format. Pop-under ads contain a balance of user-experience and income where the experience of a user is not interrupted in any way. You can continue checking out the main site while the ad is opened in a separate window. These ads are also google complaints, so you have no problem in using these pop-under advertisements.

In-Page Push Ads:

These are the most common type of advertisements that you see on most websites. You can see these ads on the side of websites when you are scrolling through them. In current times, these types of advertisements are very effective as users just tend to scroll through various sites.

It helps in reaching more and more customers in a very effective way as you don’t have to do anything rather than scrolling through the site. This provides a very big advantage to the advertisers as they can easily get their targeted audience in no time. is a platform that provides solutions to both publishers and advertisers. Let us take you through the publisher part first. Then, we will move on towards the advertiser section. For Publishers:

Looking for the best ad network, which is also reliable? Want to generate a good amount of money? If you are one of those people who ask these questions then will be the perfect place for you. Choosing to become a publisher at is a great choice as you can increase your revenue at a rate that wasn’t possible before. You will also get access to payouts, which are instant, and the minimum payout is also $10.

Making an account on is pretty simple as you have to follow through some simple steps like filling the form as a webmaster and providing all of your details, and you’re done. Then the only thing that’ll remain is to verify your account and add your choice of website for its monetization.

If you don’t own a site but are still eager to earn money, you can do that through Dao.Ad. By running ads through, you will be able to make a lot of money. The only thing required is a little bit of creativity before they allow you to run the advertisements.

Publisher Benefits:

All of the benefits provided to the publisher are as under:

  • High CPM Rates
  • Easy Integration of Ads
  • Full Coverage of Fill Rates
  • Reliable Monitoring System
  • Lots of Payment Methods
  • Publishers get Referral Bonus
  • 24/7 Support For Advertisers:

Nowadays, it has become really difficult to advertise a business. If you’ve just started a business and want to get a push but don’t have the money required for promotion, then is there for you by providing you with low CPC rates. The method of becoming an advertiser through is really simple, as you only have to fill their signup form.

The best thing about being an advertiser on is that you will get a lot of impressions. Their service is present in more than 174 countries, and the combined total impressions of all these countries reach over 1 billion, which is just nuts. You will also be able to get high conversions to your business. The advertisements shown by are top-notch, and all of the invested money will yield high ROI. So, you should stop thinking now and try Dao.Ad in order to grow your business immensely.

Advertiser Benefits:

Advertisers also get their fair share of benefits, which are as under:

  • More than 1 Billion Daily Impressions
  • Anti-Fraud System
  • Great Return on Investment
  • Click-Through Rate is High
  • Different Pricing Models
  • Good Reporting System

Referral Program: also have their referral program, using which you can earn a lot of money just by inviting people to join the Dao.Ad family. If you are a publisher, then this is great for you as you will be able to get 5% of the income from the referral. So, if you’ve ever wanted to be a publisher, then using referral program, you will be able to increase your income.

Payment Methods: provides its users with a lot of payment options. As the minimum withdrawal and deposit amounts are as low as $10, it is very beneficial for both advertisers and publishers to use their services. Advertisers can use the following payments methods if they want to deposit money into their account:

  • WebMoney
  • G2A
  • Payoneer
  • Advcash
  • Qiwi
  • Wire Transfer etc.

Publishers can use the following methods to withdraw their earned money:

  • PayPal
  • Web Money etc.

Company Details:

  • Company Name: (Before it was DaoPush)
  • Founders: Terraleads, Apilead and Install Monster, etc.
  • Foundation: Feb,2019
  • Price Models: CPM, CPC
  • Payment: CC, Cryptocurrencies, G2A, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, etc.
  • Email:
  • Website:


Join Dao.Ad Now

Recommending is a piece of cake, as all of the services provided by this platform are simply amazing. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, you can easily monetize your website and grow your business. Their network is already so big and is also constantly increasing, which makes it a no brainer to choose their services over other ad networks. The CPC, CPM rates offered by is pretty high, which is very attractive for publishers.

Their engagement rate is also quite high. If you’ve ever wanted to monetize your website or promote your business, then you will find nothing better than It will be a great choice for every advertiser and publisher.

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