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How You Are Destroying Your Smart phone in 2024

You Have  Been Destroying Your Smartphone -Let’s Find Out How

Can you survive without an Android or smartphone in the 21st century? No, you can’t even think about life without a smart smartphone. Whether it’s about your blood pressure or if it’s about health and fitness, people have everything on their smartphones, from the blood pressure checker to the health fitness measuring apps.

So you can understand why one can’t have any life without a smart smartphone. Though many researches have proved that cell phone addiction is not good for a human being. But without being addicted to it, you can use it in normal ways. However, using your smartphone in normal ways can contain some things that, according to you, are good for the smartphone. It is not. 

Sometimes, when you don’t have any particular knowledge about any device, you misuse it or handle it incorrectly. This can also happen with the smartphone. Let’s take an amazing example of our daily life: when you get your grandma a new Android mobile phone, she has no knowledge about how to use this device.

So, she might not handle it with care, like placing the lead of the charger in the wrong way and wiping its screen with distilled water. All these things and many more can be the reason for destroying your smartphone. So you have to teach her the wrong ways she uses, which harms her smartphone. But tell her you should also know those mistakes by yourself so that you can explain them to her or anyone using a mobile phone very often.

In today’s article, we have done some research and will guide you about what mistakes you have been making for so long that are not good for your smartphone, and because of those, you are educating the life of the smartphone. So, let’s see what are those mistakes.

Destroying Your Smart Phone

If you are experiencing that your Smartphone is not lasting for even one year, then it’s not the fault of the device or the manufacturer; it’s your fault. You are using it in the wrong ways somehow. It’s not like you purposely do it, but this can happen mistakenly. As many people don’t know some particular things about mobile phones, they start doing the things others have suggested, leading them to destroy their smartphones.

At the start, you will not notice any change or anything strange, but with time, when the issue increases, it will come to your screen, and then you will complain about what is happening with your phone. Or it needs to be made properly, etc. So, before blaming anything, ensure you have not done anything that might have destroyed your smartphone. Let’s see what mistakes you might make that destroy your smartphone.

1. Having a Cheap Cable

Having cheap cables does not mean having low-cost cables with the brand name. Cheap cables mean buying the cables with no brand, or there needs to be writing that it is specifically or certified for iPhone. Those cables can open the door to explosive ways of destroying your smartphone. If you buy a charger or lead from a known brand, then it will help you to maintain your smartphone in good manners.

If you always look for low-cost or cheap cables, it will destroy your mobile phone permanently or temporarily. You have to spend money at once, and that branded charger stays longer with you than the cheap one. So, for the betterment of your smartphone, why can’t you invest once? Using the cables in the wrong way might burn the wires inside, or it might create a fire hazard. Also, never wrap up the charging cables too tightly. Also, don’t tug it out from the cord; always pull it out from the plug.

2. Not Using Mobile Covers

Giving your smartphone the coolest look is one of many purposes of mobile phone covers. Mobile phone covers are also used to protect your smartphones. Everyone thinks that we are taking good care of our smartphones. Why do we need a mobile phone cover as we can keep our mobile phone from falling and getting its screen cracked? This is the basic thinking of every person until it happens in reality.

You stood up on the bus and your mobile phone directly on the floor from your lap. How can you save it from being cracked if it does not have a cover? Having the full screen cracked or shattered is one of many problems; you have to keep your phone away even from a small crack, as it can easily destroy your phone’s resale value and the internal system. In short, to keep your mobile phone with you longer, you have to cover it with the mobile phone cover.

3. Draining The Whole Battery

Many people habitually drain their battery to 0 % until it dies, and then they will recharge it. It is very common in mobile phones that after a few years, the battery life will not be as long as it was when you bought it, but this can happen sooner just because of your mistake, which is waiting for your battery to go to 0 and then to recharge it. There are better ways to recharge your mobile phone.

Though charging it every time is also not good, you have to charge it when you feel it is becoming low to at least 20%. At that time, you will need to recharge it. Also, when you charge your mobile phone 100% all the time, it will create issues in your mobile phone. S remove the charger when the charging percentage goes above 90%.

4. Taking It As a Toy

Some people have the bad habit of taking their smartphone as a playable toy, and they throw it everywhere whenever they want. Adults have this habit of throwing kinds of stuff away whenever they are angry, and among that stuff, their mobile phone is one of them.

After realizing their mistake, they check it for any crack or scratch, but they don’t know that they are destroying their smartphones with this act. When you throw it harshly, it will disturb its internal whole system. Smartphones are made of many small components that are so delicate that even a small harsh act might destroy them.

When you slam your mobile phone on the table or bed, it will directly affect the small chips or components of the device and destroy it within a minute. So, always use your mobile phone with more care and never slam it anywhere. Only in this way you can make your smartphone stay longer with you without any issues.

5. Downloading Malicious Apps

When searching for any app or game, and you won’t find it in the Google Play Store, you will always go for the third-party app store from Google or any other site. Those sites contain a lot of malicious software or malware, and downloading those apps from unofficial sources might expose your smartphone to a higher risk of malware.

Those malicious apps will affect your device and add any spyware or viruses. Those viruses are very famous for stealing personal information from the device. And having them in your smartphone means your data is no longer safe.

Many people habitually download different apps from the Google site or any other website without even noticing that they are inviting viruses into their mobile phones. This is also one of the many ways you might destroy your smartphone. If you want to help your mobile phone to stay longer, then you have to stop doing this. Just download the apps from any official site, whatever it is, but it should be the official one.

6. Not Cleaning Your Mobile Phone

When you buy a smartphone, you own it from then on it is in your ownership. And will you have anything in bad condition and not clean it just because of your laziness or whatever the reason is? How could you possibly do this? The cleanliness of things describes the nature and personality of the owner.

You have to clean your stuff daily like this: clean your smartphone. If you can’t do it daily, at least once a week. When you use too many websites or apps on your mobile phone, you collect a lot of junk in your mobile phone’s data. And that junk might disturb your phone’s settings.

So, if you do want this, clean it after 1 to 2 days minimum. Also, many people make their mobile phones fully occupied by useless apps and haven’t opened them for many days. You should delete those apps first and then clean up all the junk stored on your mobile phone. It will increase the life span of your mobile phone and help it perform more effectively.

7. Ignoring Software Update

Many people have the terrible habit of ignoring the notification saying, software update. Even some experts say to ignore that notification if you don’t want to update. But that is wrong. The update has come because there might be changes that must be done for the system to perform better. But when you do not update your software, you may risk your mobile phone misbehaving from its settings.

Along with system updates, you have to keep all your apps updated. After every few weeks new update will come for any app, and you have to update it no matter what; you can also use the setting of automatically update so that you won’t have to do it manually. If you keep your smartphone updated, there is no chance of mishap or any issues in the system. Also, it will increase the life span of your smartphone, and you can have it for a longer time.


Having your mobile phone means you, or only you, must take good care of it. No one wants to destroy their mobile phones by themselves. Unfortunately, without our knowledge, we are doing many acts that are leading our mobile phones to the deathbed. Those small acts can be tiny for you, but they can create major issues for your smartphone.

So, if you want to avoid those things, you first have to know that in this article, we have shared many small acts that we do most of the time without even knowing that these things are destroying our smartphones day by day. So, give this article a thorough read so you can know what mistakes you have been making for so long and how you can improve them and save your smartphone from death.


1. Does it also destroy the smartphone when we connect it to public wifi?

Yes, with 90% surety. When you connect your mobile phone with any unknown open wifi, it will get access to your mobile phone, and just like in the case of viruses, it will be risky for your data to get leaked and will not be safe in your mobile phone. So it is best to use something other than public wifi on your smartphone.

2. Will I increase the life span of my smartphone if I use it suitably?

Yes, when you use your smartphone with more care and protection, it will help your smartphone to stay longer with you. Also, its performance will be good for a very long.

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