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15+ Best Online Document Editing Software 2024

There are so many document-creation software tools in the market now. Some companies have started introducing their own document editors and creators in a reasonable price range to make sure that people have the best document creation, and editing experience while saving time and money simultaneously.

You are here to know which document editor is best in the business in the 2022 year of modern technologies and inventions. We have enlisted some of the best online and offline editors to boost your work speed and enhance your experience of using word processor tools.

What is a Word Processor or Document Creation Tool?

As the name resembles, document creation software is a tool that helps you create awesome and up-to-date documents in less time. You can easily compose, edit, reshape, and print documents instantly using a word processor tool or a document creation tool. A document creation tool is widely used in different organizations for daily routine tasks. Students use different types of word processors to fulfill their school, college, and university needs. Books and novels are also written in a document creator and editor tool and then printed and published according to the needs.

Modern Word processor comes with advanced features that can help your business grow, and it can also help you to create different documents while sitting at your home.

What is an Online Document Creator & Editor?

An online document creation tool allows you to create documents and files without having any hassle downloading the software. You simply login into the web page of an editor, and start creating documents with all the necessary tools provided by the company. Some of the tools don’t even ask for a login.

The people who want to save time without downloading a specific application can go for online document editors, where they can perform all of their important operations without downloading a single file.

What are the Pros and Cons Of Document Editor?

Nothing is perfect. Therefore, there can be multiple benefits of a document editor, and at the same time, some vulnerabilities can be seen in some of the document editors. Depending on your need, you can use any document that suits your work style and can save you time. Before that, you need to have all the important information you need before choosing a tool for your business or for your personal use. Here, we have mentioned some of the pros and cons of a document editor that can play a vital role in choosing a document editor.


  • You can store all of your information on a single page of a document using a document editor
  • Efficient and reliable in many ways
  • Files can be shared and printed easily
  • Withing reasonable prices, you can get your work done


  • Questionable security
  • Too many features can be annoying for some users.

Creating documents is not messy anymore. Down below, we have enlisted some of the best online document editors available in the market right now. You should definitely check out all these products as they cover most of the features that are needed in a modern document editor

Best Online Document Editing Software 2023:

Here is the list of 20+ best online document editing software in 2023 and 2024.

  1. OnlyOffice
  2. Monday Docs
  3. Office Online
  4. Quip
  5. LibreOffice
  6. Google Docs
  7. Apache OpenOffice
  8. CryptPad
  9. Zoho
  10. SoftMaker FreeOffice
  11. Calligra Suite
  12. Etherpad
  13. WPS Office
  14. Airborn

1- OnlyOffice:

OnlyOffice Home

Creating advanced and innovative apps is the goal set by the Ascensio System SIA, the developer of the ONLYOFFICE open-source office software. Its main product, ONLYOFFICE Docs, provides powerful tools for creating spreadsheets, presentations, and documents anytime and anywhere. You can collaborate on Word documents in real time with the help of the ONLYOFFICE Document Editor.

It comes with vast editing and document creation features for word processing experts. With ONLYOFFICE, you can create and edit text documents of any type as well as easily print them out. There are also free mobile apps for iOS and Android and a desktop client for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

The ONLYOFFICE Document Editor supports all the popular formats including DOC, DOCX, ODT, and PDF files. It also allows you to adjust all the page and layout settings in no time. There is a wide variety of fonts and styles available for use in the library of the tool. Also, you can apply different types of spacing in the paragraphs, and it also allows inserting headers and footers for generic purposes.

Setting the margins is extremely easy and helpful in creating eye-catchy documents. There are several customization options available for your documents in the ONLYOFFICE app. Show your creativity inside the document with the help of smart objects provided by the tool, such as clip arts, shapes, drop caps and some other features.

Analyzing the text and having an option to see the live word count is a feature that we don’t usually get in common document editors. Finding and replacing phrases and words is made easier than ever. Collaboration tools for your team and colleagues are a great source of getting the ideas of your teammates. You can always share and easily collaborate on your documents in real-time.

Customer support for the product is great and provides the best feedback you can possibly imagine. All these features make ONLYOFFICE Docs a tool worth trying. We definitely recommend this word processing tool for your document creation and editing.

Try OnlyOffice Document Editor


  • Easy-to-learn
  • Great tool for handling business documents
  • Complete compatibility with Word files
  • Loads fast
  • All the useful features included
  • Desktop and mobile apps


  • Freezing issues.

2- Monday Docs:

Monday Docs


Monday Docs is an online word processing tool that lets you create flexible documents anytime. It lets anybody in your team enjoy all the features and helps in creating notes. You can place your imagination on white paper with the help of Monday Docs. You will no longer hate Monday because of this awesome tool provided by Monday Docs is excellent when it comes to working in a group of different people. You can discuss your group chats using the collaborative

tools provided by the software.

Anything you need to do online can be done on Monday docs having no hassle and disturbance throughout the process. You can add a new work doc easily. Adding a new word doc is just like adding a new dashboard to the program.

After all the procedure and everything else, you can invite your team members to the project by simply clicking on the share button at the top-right corner of the website. Just include the name of the team member whom you want to add. And if your friend is not on the app, you can simply put his/her email in the share section and you can add that person as a guest to your document.

All these features are provided by this awesome Monday. docs tool that is a more reliable way of editing and creating an awesome document using the web. Regarding the queries about customer support, you can ask for help anytime through the website and they will be available to assist you anytime, anywhere.

Try For Free


  • Organizing docs is easier
  • Share with your colleagues
  • The simple and easy-to-use layout of the app
  • Eye-catchy user interface


  • Project progress can be monitored from start to end

3- Office Online:

office online

A product of Microsoft that is created for the people who want all the MS office online. Office Online is a web-based tool that can help you in creating awesome presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. Users can simply carry all the MS Office anywhere with the help of a web-based version of the Office. Same experience as you get in the MS office, work with your friends and team online to get the work done in real-time. Word online gives you awesome features to create professional documents, and newsletters. It also gives some templates and formatting tools for a better experience. You get Chicago-style functionality on this version of the word.

Adding margins and using bulleted lists has always been a feature that is used widely to make creative documents, that’s why word has included all these features in the web version of this app to make sure the users get the best user experience. You can set line spacing using bulleted lists, numbered lists, and can change your fonts style to many other fonts. Now, create resumes with awesome functions and features that can give your document a look of professionalism in less amount of money.


  • Easy-to-use
  • Can be accessed anytime
  • Product is online, there can be threats issue


  • Functions use rate is less than 20%

4- Quip:


Quip is a multi-functioned documents tool that lets you enjoy all the amazing features online without any hassle. Providing chat room to the records of Salesforce. An important collaboration that should be in your use in 2021. You can edit all your documents with your colleagues and teammates in the office. Quip comes with the functionality of using it from phone devices. You can use Quip on your phone for time-saving. There are many other features that Quip provides. Those features can be useful for you in organizing your work and listing properly anywhere.

Every organization wants collaborative team chats to support in a package software that can provide them ease in their projects. Knowing that Quip is now packed with a feature that lets you chat with your team to work closely and work better. It gives a notification when someone finishes the work. Real-time chatting with colleagues is a great feature that is integrated into your software.  There are collaborative checklists which is a great feature of managers. Therefore, if you use the software for spreadsheets only, you’ll have the ability to collaborate with other members easily and if you are a docs maker and editor, still you can have the same functionality as spreadsheets. Group chats can also be created to add multiple members of the teams into it for a better working scenario.


  • Real-time collaboration is easy
  • Editing is simple and easy
  • Keep your data in an organized form
  • Group chats


  • There are more templates needed for time-saving

5- LibreOffice:

LibreOfficeOne of the most commonly used software known as LibreOffice is extremely friendly for its users. It has a user-friendly interface that lets you work without anxiety and disturbance. You can edit, share and collaborate with people in real-time using LibreOffice. Not only these but there are also many other features that let you enjoy the best document editing experience anytime. The feature that needs to be highlighted on top is that LibreOffice is completely free and an open-source tool. LibreOffice leads a team of professionals, who bring the ideas into life and give creativity a new and eye-catchy look. LibreOffice is a light software that you can run even on your old computer without any lag.

A document editor that lets edit and create awesome documents in no time. Similar to MS word and is one of the best tools online to create and edit document files. You can create your resume in a reliable and secure manner. The tool is fast, reliable and the user interface is eye-catchy for everyone. It also gives you some extensive language support. You can import & export all of your documents in an organized manner without any hassle and annoying things. There is almost every feature available in the software that you can expect in a word processor. Microsoft Suite compatibility is reliable for users because it lets you export and import all types of documents and opens them easily.


  • Free for use
  • Available for all platforms
  • Similar features to MS Word
  • User-friendly tool


  • Help option

6- Google Docs:

Google Doc

A free for use online document editor and a word processor that is able to create awesome documents and lets you enjoy the collaborative work features anytime online. Simply go on google and search Google Docs. Open a new document and enjoy editing your documents and making creative things in less amount of time. You can write full-fledged reports of your team and business. It also allows you to keep track of every meeting and there are many other features that are provided by the Google Docs online tool.

Creating and editing documents online has become easier with google docs that don’t need any additional software to run the tool or anything else. It allows its functionality to multiple people at once, who can connect with their colleagues in real-time and can use all of their ideas to create awesome projects. All the changes that are made to the software can be seen by all other people who are working on the same project. Saving the changes automatically, Google Docs is a great source of creating all the necessary documents online.


  • Free to use online tool
  • Anybody with a Google account can use the tool
  • The Mobile version lets you access all the information


  • Some functions are not provided by the company, but it is ok as long as the software remains web-based

7- Apache OpenOffice:

Apache OpenOffice

A great alternative to Microsoft Office. With the help of the software tools provided by Apache, you can work on spreadsheets, presentations, and Documents to be edited or created. It has all the features you need. The tool is available to use on all platforms including Windows, Linux operating system, and Mac-based systems. It costs nothing to its users, as the product is completely free and reliable.  There is no fee on the license as the program is open-source and cross-platform. It gives all the language support a user needs and comes with an intuitive user interface that pleases the user.

Apache OpenOffice lets you integrate all of your data and is compatible with MS Suite. When compared to Microsoft Office, the Apache OpenOffice is a great free alternative that provides all the premium features. Great software to edit documents resumes and lets you create everything you need anytime. However, the product is getting dead day by day as there is a small user count. Oracle is finally giving up on the software, which means there might be no future updates and patches for the software and you have to use everything that is provided already.


  • Free to use
  • Super-light and fast
  • Available for all operating systems


  • Docx format is not supported yet

8- CryptPad:


A French company XWiki SAS product is a customer-driven company. CryptPad is a package software that comes with end-to-end encryption and is completely free to use. It comes with different tools such as Rich text, Code, Presentation, Sheet, Form, Kanban, Whiteboard, and Crypt Drive to store all the data and information. Collaboration is also made easier for its users. At the same time, you can keep your data end-to-end encrypted with the help of the advanced encryption technology used in the software. Encrypted information means that nobody outside the radius of this software can read, write or manipulate your data. Service providers cannot even access the data at any cost.

CryptPad’s Rich text document editor comes with some amazing features that include everything that is needed to create awesome documents. You can add formatting to the data, can increase and decrease the size, clip arts, shapes and there are so many other options you can use to prepare a creative and well-organized document. CryptPad, an open-source program lets you share the code with everybody, so they can use it professionally.


  • End-to-end encryption
  • Easy to navigate within the app
  • Easy collaboration with your team


  • None by far

9- Zoho Writer:

Zoho Writer

A powerful product of a powerful company for word processing. Easy collaboration can be done now. It allows you and your teams to collaborate in real-time to discuss all the problems and solutions regarding a project. Easy, inspiring and creative documents can be easier using the Zoho word processor. Zoho Writer’s interface is neat & clean and provides all the necessary space features that can be used to fulfill the duty of creating powerful docs.

Its features are all alike MS Word. You can improve readability by correcting grammatical mistakes and suggestions of style. You can add style by the suggestions provided by the tool and can increase your productivity level of the document. Zoho writer contains different templates that can be very useful in creating documents according to your desires. If you have an old pc, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, because Zoho writer runs smoothly on old machines and does not require any hardware upgradation.

For writers and bloggers, Zoho writers can be a very innovative product that can improve their writing skills. On the other hand, if you are a user of another product or tool, you can switch to Zoho writer for better writing experience, and great document editing creation.


  • All advanced features can be used for better writing
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to configure and ease of use


  • None by far

10- SoftMaker FreeOffice:

SoftMaker FreeOffice

As the name implies, FreeOffice is a product that is totally free and is a great alternative to MS Office. You get different apps in the package that are all free and can assist you in creating presentations, spreadsheets, and documents. It allows so many features that are easy to use. The product comes with a built-in grammar checker that finds errors in the documents and removes them saving a lot of your time. All the MS Word extensions are supported by the tool including Docx and Doc files.

FreeOffice text maker is supported by all platforms including MacOS and Windows operating systems. You can draw different drawings and also provides an option to update them by coloring in them. You can fill all the drawings with gradient colors, or solid colors. In addition, create a table of contents of your data and use it later. It provides a full database module for dBase file integration. Individual addresses can also be installed on the letterhead as well. All types of tables are supported by the tool, allowing users to create complex tables. You can also track different changes on your documents and can reject and accept them later on your own will.

FreeOffice is a great software when it comes to features and reliability. We definitely recommend this software to our readers for better documentation formats for free and forward creating eye-catching resumes.


  • Keeps a log of all documents
  • Capable of Unicode
  • Allows changing the structure of databases


  • None for me

11- Calligra Suite:

Calligra Suite

Creating rich documents with all the advanced features provided by Calligra Suite is easier than you can imagine. A product of KDE Calligra provides a graphic suite and an Office suite. Calligra Office contains all the apps to create spreadsheets and presentations. The graphic suite contains applications for vector art and editing. The real reason for mentioning this tool is its Word processor application which is extremely useful when needed. You can create, share, and edit documents of any type in no time. You can add images, and charts and can create powerful messages for your audience. adding all the shapes is as easy as dragging and dropping them inside. The document.

Its compatibility is for all documents and it supports documents of word files including Docx files, and doc files. It allows you to convert any format into PDF after creation. An overall fine tool with exceptional features. Calligra suite can be your best alternative for Word. You don’t need to pay for a Word application and can get all the features within the best pricing range.


  • All the necessary features are included in the app
  • Creating eye-catchy documents is easier than ever
  • Compatibility with all office products
  • All extensions supported


  • Not available for Android

12- EtherPad:


Real-time collaboration with a highly customized editor. EtherPad is an open-source online editor that can be used in a collaborative way to create amazing documents anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to send your stuff again & again through emails and messages. Simply set up the EtherPad application and collaborate with your friends, colleagues, and teammates. All the important features have been added to the document creator for ease of the users.

EtherPad provides a set of decent tools and features along with a fully-fledged library. You can import and use anything from the library including shapes, clip art, fonts, etc. But, if you are not satisfied with the tool’s inner library, you can always add extra plugins to the tool, that can fulfill your desires at a low cost and can be worth time-saving.

Plugins can be used to customize Etherpad’s inner interface. EtherPad provides all the important instructions about the usage of the product on their website. You can simply go and check out every single tip, tutorial, and instruction to create innovative resumes, documents, blog articles, and many other products.


  • A lot of plugins
  • Import and Export is easier
  • API is well-optimized
  • Chatbox comes built-in


  • None

13- WPS Office:

WPS Office

WPS Office is a cross-platform tool that is available for all platforms including PC, MacOS, Linux, and Web. Its document editor is highly compatible with Office, Google Docs, etc. The installation package of the product is pretty small and requires no additional steps for setting up the tool. Although, startup speeds are extremely fast and reliable doesn’t mean that there will be no lag in using the software. Since the product is the latest in the market and is heavy so requires a standard system to run down all the operations.

Writers can be very creative with the documents. You can create and edit all the documents according to your wishes and can access them later anytime. Your data is always safe & sound when written in the WPS Office. It is packed with some very special features such as the picture text feature which is not often seen in many Office tools. The tool has more than 600 million users globally and is currently operating in more than 200 countries with 250 million active users. You can check out all the other products included in the WPS Office if you need them. There is a slideshow maker and a spreadsheet editor that can fulfill all your desires.


  • All the basic features included in the took
  • Convert PDF to DOC files easily
  • Easy-to-use
  • A great alternative to MS Office


  • Excel calculations might not work sometimes

14- Airborn:


With a simple menu, toolbars, and features, Airborn is an online tool for creating and editing documents. Collaboration tools work strongly in real-time enabling thousands of users to create awesome documents. You can perform multiple operations on the tool and will get the best results out of it. Allowing users to work together in real time is an extremely powerful feature that is not being provided by many top-notch brands. Therefore, you can always go for Airborn editor to create innovative documents for your audience, company, and everyone else.

Business productivity can be increased using the Airborn editor by drawing different ideas of you into words. There aren’t any big flaws in the tool that can stop you from using the tool. You will always enjoy working on Airborn, as it is one of the best tools available online for work. Handling the software is simple and the service providers are also very friendly in case of any queries regarding the product. The user interface is pretty simple and well-organized giving an intuitive feel to the users. Based on user reviews, the tool is a great deal for beginners to expert-level creators.


  • A web-based tool with great security
  • Great tool for writers
  • Innovative
  • Growing business is extremely easy with this tool


  • Excel calculations might not work sometimes

Final Words

According to our survey and reviews, all the tools mentioned above are the best, innovative, and easy to use for beginners and experts too.

You can go for any one of the tools for the well-being of your company, business, and yourself. A resume from simple to advanced level with shapes and art can be easily created using these tools. You can create awesome documents and can work collaboratively on different projects with your employees, colleagues, friends, and family anytime.

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