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20+ Best Domain Registrars 2024 ( According To Security Experts)

Looking for a way to start your own website? But you keep getting stuck with the issue of finding the right domain name? Then you’re in the right place. Because what we have here is a comprehensive list of some of the best domain name registrars on the entire web.

The thing with domain names is that you can’t just pick one out of the blue and hope for a successful website. There is a complicated process of choosing it. Among some of the obstacles is the cost issue. How much is your domain worth? Then comes the problem of choosing the right domain name that isn’t a trick because you decided to buy it from the wrong place.

For problems such as that, it is imperative to always remain vigilant. Choose wisely from the right set of registrars that are guaranteed to offer you a good deal on domain names that actually work. And the list we have prepared for you just might help in that endeavor.

Let’s start.

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What are Domain Registrars?

A domain name registrar is basically a company that has a list of domain names that you can purchase and register to. The domain names are officially credited through an organization called ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), and if your given domain name is approved under ICANN, you can be assured that it is safe to use.

Domain names are basically aliases for your website. An example of this can be the domain name of Google, which is Similarly how the domain name of YouTube is Along with the domain name, the registrars also assign IP addresses, which are numerical labels assigned to those websites. These addresses are unique and wholly belong to their specified websites.

The purpose of the domain registrar is to assign these alphanumerical identities to a website.

Best Domain Registrars 2024:

The following list depicts some of the best Domain Registrars of the year 2023 and 2024:

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Namecheap
  3. Tucows Domains Inc.
  4. Network Solutions
  5. Alibaba Beijing
  6. PDR
  7. Enom
  8. IONOS by 1&1
  9. GMO Internet Inc.
  10. Google LLC
  11. Alibaba Cloud Computing
  12. OVHcloud
  13. RU LLC
  14. NameSilo
  15. West263 International Limited
  16. Wild West Domains
  17. Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
  18. FastDomain Inc.
  19. Xin Net Technology Corporation
  20. Dynadot LLC

1- GoDaddy:


76.2 Million Domains

GoDaddy is one of the leading contenders on this list considering the number of web services they provide to the people. One of those services is domain registering. It is one of the oldest and most successful domain registrars on this list. And the domain services they offer are extremely efficient and quite affordable as well.

Among those many services is their AI-based business name generator that can find the perfect name for your domain based on the nature and name of your product and business.

Another GoDaddy feature is the Personal Domain feature, which makes it possible to create your online presence without having to set up a website in turn. All you will have to do is make your domain point towards your other social media platforms, like your YouTube channel, etc. This is a great way of building up your virtual identity without having to resort to creating an entire website from scratch.

Their online support staff is also extremely helpful in times when you wish to submit a query requesting help.

2- Namecheap:


12.6 Million Domains

Another known name on this list is Namecheap. And as you can guess from the name alone, this domain registrar is extremely affordable. It offers about 419 top-level domains (TLDs) and more than 12 million domain names. Users flock towards it due to its budget-friendly domain registrations and its impeccable hosting services.

Similar to GoDaddy in that regard, Namecheap not only offers low-cost domain names, but it does so as a side offer for its more known hosting services. The domain names come off at a huge discount after using their hosting services.

Namecheap is also known for offering free domain names as a backup option for people who use their DNS server but are actually using a domain from another registry. In that case, they will always have the option to revert to Namecheap’s free domain name services.

3- Tucows Domain Inc:

Tucows Domain Inc

11.9 Million Domains

Tucows Domains is what we call a secondary market for domain names. This can be simplified by saying that for a really long time, people have been buying up domain names and selling them at bigger costs. So as an owner of about 12 million domain names, Tucows has grown to be a big domain service provider.

For users hoping to buy one of these domains, they won’t have to buy it directly from Tucows themselves, but through their subsidiaries that act as in-house providers for domain names. The in-house provider is known as Hover.

Hover is quite extensive in the regard that it provides excellent domain management services to people who are setting up a webpage for the first time or are experts in the field.

Hover is known for hosting discount sales on its platform for people who are interested in them. Another thing about Hover is that it is also willing to sell domain names to major corporations who wish to buy them in bulk. In those cases, Hover is willing to offer differentiated charges to these mass buying businesses.

4- Network Solutions:

Network Solutions

7.5 Million Domains

Another one of the old domain registrars on this list is Network Solutions, which was founded all the way back in 1979 and has acquired more than 7.5 million domains and around 430 TLDs.

It offers a plethora of services that can range from online streamlined boards that make it possible for users to create their own subdomains or to change their IP addresses. Network Solutions also offer DNS management tools as well.

Since its one of the first and oldest domain registrars, it is liable to a few gloating points. They offer excellent services to their customers and the proof is right their in their unchallenged expertise in the area of domain registrations. They make sure that their customers acquire domains that are not only secure but are varied as well. You won’t find a better place to look for unique domain names than Network Solutions.

As for their free domain services, those are limited to their cloud-based hosting packages. And even then you will have to be in it for a long time before you can have access to them.

5- Alibaba Cloud Computing Beijing:

Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd

7.3 Million Domains

Alibaba Cloud Computing Beijing is, as you can deduce yourself, based in China, and is considered the largest of its type there. It has spread out to the globe and datacenters can be found in about 67 locations worldwide.

Originally known for their AI and cloud computing services, they spread their influence towards domain service providing as well. Their domains are adequately priced, and many users can take comfort in the fact that they offer sales and discounts on their platform as well.

Alibaba Beijing has been in the business of domains for over 11 years now and offers more than 7.3 million domains to this date. And along with their domain registration services, they offer a multitude of other services as well. Of which cloud computing you know, but others include application services, security services, and management of IoT.

So in that regard, it offers many services other than just domain registration. And if you are hoping for just that one facet, then there are sure to be other registrars that you can go to. But if you are hoping for the full web services package, then Alibaba Beijing is just the place for you.

6- PDR:


6.3 Million Domains

Not only does PDR (Public Domain Registry) offer about 6.3 million domains, but it has also nearly all types of TLDs and ccTLDs as well.

It is also similar to Tucow in the regard that it is also a wholesales domain registrar. It uses its secondary company, The Endurance International Group inc., to provide its domain registration solutions. It also has close ties with other domain registrars as well, making it an ideal center point for managing domains obtained from multiple platforms.

As such, it acts as a facilitator of other domain registrars, so that individuals and businesses can contact PDR to acquire domains from other sources. These sources are considered extremely robust so the chance of you falling into the wrong hands is improbable.

7- Enom LLC:

Enom LLC

6.3 Million Domains

Enom is an affiliated branch of Tucows and has a grand total of 6.3 million domains registered with them. They aim to provide services to people from all walks of life. From individuals and small businesses to larger corporations and enterprises. If you require a domain space, Enom is there.

The number of TLDs that they have is 436 and counting. And where Enom may initially be meant as a domain registrar, what comes after is a range of other services like setting up security measures for your domain space as well as helping you manage your brand.

An example of their excellent security measures includes the fact that they aim to protect their customers’ online identities by providing them with non-specific contact information that they can use to shield their own private identity. This way online scammers won’t be able to hijack their personal data as easily.

And that is just one of the amazing features provided by Enom.

8- IONOS 1&1:


5.9 Million Domains

Initially a web hosting platform, 1&1 emerged as a web services provider later on. And today they offer over 5.9 million domains in their repertoire.

So among its many catalogs of features, we can cross off web hosting and domain space registration.

Other additional features include its shared, virtual, and dedicated servers. And also various other web development tools. So it is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

1&1 also allows the capability of securing multiple subdomain spaces as well through its Wildcard SSL certificate. Your website will be provided with a professional email as well as the chance to upgrade your services.

Another unique thing about 1&1 is their free personal consultant that is present to you during normal business offers, ready to take on any query and offer succinct advice.

9- GMO Internet Inc:

GMO Internet Inc

5.6 Million Domains

GMO’s headquarters are based in Tokyo. And they delve into providing internet services to its customers. Currently, their platform has spread throughout a total of 102 group companies. They have accomplished this feat in 25 years. And in all that time they have 5.6 million domain spaces registered in their name.

To say that they offer internet services is putting it lightly, as they provide all kinds of IT services under their umbrella. Along with that they also provide online financial services, i.e. online banking, cryptocurrency trading, etc.

Among their impressive 102 group companies, a total of 8 provide domain registries. And among those 8, there is a varied type of services provided to their customers. From TLDs and ccTLDs to WHOSIS privacy protection. As well as affordable bundles for their websites.

10- Google LLC:

Google LLC

5.5 Million Domains

The name Google alone should tell you the scope of their prowess. It is considered one of the top domain service providers online, raking up to 5.5 million domain spaces in a span of a few years, considering their domain business only just started in 2015.

And since we all are well aware of the list of new features and products that Google as a company launches, you would also know that they invest in only the best of the best. And since it has already added premium features in their repertoire for domain registration, should tell you of their longevity.

Google Domains also offers its users efficient security tools to enhance their online security. Among these, their DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extension) is meant to guard against DNS spoofing.

The company is just set up for beginners or individuals, but hard-earned professionals as well.

The cherry on top is definitely the utilization of Google’s other tools as well.

11- Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd:

Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd

5.2 Million Domains

We’ve already talked about Alibaba Cloud Computing Beijing, but Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. is a separate entity in the regard that it is a separate branch and has a total of 5.2 million domains registered under this name.

These domains feature mostly TLDs, like .icu .wang, etc. Whereas Alibaba Beijing featured more common domain spaces like .com or .net etc. In that regard, Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd. is considered separate and wholly their own.

12- OVHcloud:


4.7 Million Domains

A French-based cloud computing service provider, OVHcloud is known for its widespread data centers that appear in almost 7 countries worldwide. And most of those data centers are considered some of the largest in the world. It is also the biggest hosting provider, not just in France, but in the whole of Europe. Ranking at number three worldwide.

Hence why it has a very spread out global approach.

The 4.7 million domain spaces registered under its name come with a steady stream of other web services, such as advanced security. It has its DNSSEC service set in place against online scammers and DNS protection.

It also offers privacy for the individual through the WHOIS privacy service, replacing personal information with a generic one in the WHOIS database. Hence protecting private information.



4.4 Million Domains

REG.RU is based in Russia and is the country’s number one hosting provider. Similar to Tucows and Enom, it is also a wholesale domain space provider.

It offers a total of 4.4 million domains across 30 offices in Russia and in the Commonwealth (CIS). Its domain extensions are .ru and .РФ and are considered the first of its kind to do so.

The unique feature of REG.RU is that it provides its users with a Domain Broker, which is basically set up for people who already had their eye on a domain name that someone else purchased before them. The Domain Broker will negotiate a contract between both parties to conduct a transaction, offering to pay the other user to attain the rights to the domain space. This is done personally by a representative and it is considered super helpful for people that have something specific in mind for their domain.

It also has an English version as well as its original Russian version.

14- NameSilo LLC:

NameSilo LLC

3.7 Million Domains

NameSilo is not just a domain registrar, it is also a hosting provider just like most platforms on this list. It is known for its affordable domain spaces as well as its great discount rates.

It offers extremely low prices for its domains, the lowest on this list. And it also assures you about inflating the prices in the future either.

NameSilo is completely transparent about the services they provide and are willing to provide extra as well. In terms of discount rates and sales, they remain open and inviting.

They also make sure that you are hundred percent on board with their services, as is evident by the comparison chart they have on their website where they describe the differences between their services compared to other bigger web service providers.

NameSilo also unapologetically offers promotion for seasonal changes or other such holiday events and provides flash deals during those periods. Truly shows just how versatile they are.

But they aren’t just all flash and no substance. Among their list of features is the Domain Defender, which offers advanced security features and protects their customer’s private information to be authorized by the wrong sources. Your information is safe with NameSilo and they do their best to shield you from online malicious attacks.

15- West263 International Limited:

3.5 Million Domains

West263 is based in Hong Kong, and its company provides various internet-related services and products to its users. Among which are cloud services, website hosting, and other such services. They have a total of 3.5 million domains registered under them and are certified by ICANN, as well as CNNIC.

They have a total of 110 TLDs registered with them. Which include popular domain names like .icu and .cn etc.

It offers all the basic domain security features and is considered a good domain provider globally.

16- Wild West Domain LLC:

Wild West Domain LLC

3.1 Million Domains

Wild West is also another wholesale reseller just like Tucows and Enom. It has a connection with GoDaddy and acts as their reseller arm.

It is an ICANN registered domain space provider and has a strong and talented staff backing it up, which makes the basis of why they have a great customer support system to offer its users. Evident by the fact that it has a 24/7 support system that is available throughout the year.

Therefore, any issue or query one has can be rectified within 72 hours, which is saying something.

17- Chengdu West Dimension Digital Technology Co Ltd:

2.9 Million Domains

Based in China, Chengdu is a subsidiary of It has been active for more than 18 years and has a grand total of 2.9 million domains registered with them, and some of the most unique TLD domain names are registered with them as well.

It was reported that in terms of TLDs, it had surpassed even GoDaddy. As of 2020, they have a total of 1.4 million TLD domain names, where most domain registrars can only manage a few hundred.

Among others, it has a few solitary features to offer which can be construed in a positive light considering they’ve been in this business for a while now.

18- FastDomain Inc:

FastDomain Inc

2.7 Million Domains

FastDomain is on its way to reaching the greats on this list. A subsidiary of Endurance International Group Holidays Inc. (EIG), which is an IT services company founded all the way back in 1997. Among its services are hosting and domain space registrations. EIG owns several big hosting companies in addition to FastDomain, like HostGator, etc.

FastDomain has extremely affordable rates to offer its customers and provides excellent features on top of its 2.7 million domain spaces. Among which are their administration tools, web development tools, advanced security measures. It offers POP3 and IMAP email support, as well as 11 TLDs.

19- Xin Net Technology Corporation:

Xin Net Technology Corporation

2.6 Million Domains

While Xin Net has faced its fair share of scandal over the years, what with the security experts seeking to revoke their services by saying that they were facilitating foul play and supported spam. This in turn led to some extremely nasty maneuverings, since it was shown that many pirating sites and illegal sites had domains purchased from Xin Net.

Yet they did manage to make it out unscathed and remedy their actions enough to get back into the user’s good graces.

20- Dynadot LLC:

Dynadot LLC

2.5 Million Domains

Dynadot is another fellow ICANN credited domain name registrar. It has a total of 2.5 million domains registered under them.

They are mostly known for their return policy for domain spaces, as they offer a Grace Deletion feature that enables the users to return any domain space within a required period of time should they not require it.

It also offers internationalized domain names and is considered of the first registrars that offer this. And as with the increase in online activity, people are slowly starting to ask for international domains. And it won’t be long before that becomes a huge thing as well.

Which Domain Registrar Should You Choose:

The reason why choosing a good domain registrar matters is that you should be picky when it comes to choosing domain spaces. You have been vigilant in your approach and not just buy one without properly vetting it against certain thresholds.

You have to be aware that you should choose a domain registrar that is offering optimal support and has a good network infrastructure backing it up.

Because if you have domain issues, then viewers won’t be able to access your website.

Another reason you should choose trusted domain registrars is that you need to be aware of any loopholes or malware that some back-ended domain registrars might rope you in. Which can cause loss of data, leaking of personal information, or locking out of your website. In those cases, it is advised to choose the right domain registrar. Particularly one that comes with a good deal along with it.

In the end, you have to choose one that is optimal for your brand and is within your price range. And this list might just tell you where you can find one.

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