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DoTreat Review (2024): The Best Leading Salon Appointment System

DoTreat Review 2024:

DoTreat-the leading salon appointment system.

If you’re running a beauty service salon or spa, you must join us in acknowledging the indispensability of keeping a record of all your clients. A few salons still use a pen-and-paper system for appointment handling. However, the need of the hour is a comprehensive appointment management system.  Worry not, because we might just have the best remedy for you!

In this article, we’d present you with the basics of our favorite automated appointment managing tool and then delineate its specs, core features, and leading consumers. So without wasting any further time, let us dive right into the details!

DoTreat Introduction:

DoTreat is convenient to use saloon reservation handling system, which is extensively user friendly and allows the owners to enjoy convenient reservation handling. This software had been mainly designed keeping simplicity and convenience in mind, so it provides remarkable automated appointment management for all the salons. This is the ultimate user-friendly and cost-effective reservation system for your salon! You can try this fantastic software right away!

DoTreat Home

This software is highly user-friendly and has an affordable pricing system. This system is developed to be extensively convenient to use for salon staff members without any prior computer/ software experience.DoTreatoffers a wide range of remarkable features, but its core feature is a multiple appointment system, which DoTreat only provides.

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Core features:

We’re sure that you must be itching to know all about the features of this revolutionary tool. Allow us to guide you about the core features of this exemplary tool,

1- Multiple appointments:

This is the domain where DoTreat shines brightly than ever and lets you see its full potential!

  • Multi-client services:

In the modern era, it is becoming increasingly common for clients to visit massage salons, beauty spas, or other beautification services in the form of groups, either with a special someone, a friend, or a family member. DoTreat takes great pride in the effectiveness of their Multi-client services’ booking as these booking pages are incredibly straightforward for the clients and simple for the staff members to keep a log. You can design services with multifarious service personnel, like 4-hands massage and couple or duo massage. And you don’t have to worry about the complexity, as your clients can directly book these multi-customer services from your webpage.

  • Multiple service bookings:

Now, what if the multiple clients that we mentioned above require different services? Don’t you worry at all because DoTreat has got you covered! This system can efficiently work even if one of the multiple customers wants a pedicure and the other wants facial treatment. All they have to do is add up these requirements while choosing and search for the available slots for these services, where they can be served together for their desired benefits while booking on your homepage. And yes, it is that simple! Now, what if your regular clients want to book the services with their favorite staff members? That too is no problem at all! As DoTreat offers staff member choice service, your regular client can directly book the desired service with their favorite staff member. They’ll have to look up the available time slot in their favorite staff member’s shift, and that’s all! DoTreat is the only system in the market that supports and efficiently handles all these multiple booking options.

2- Created with simplicity:

DoTreat is meticulously created to be as easier to use as possible. They have closely worked with and observed the salon personnel with a sound reputation and expertise spanning over many years but limited computer knowledge in different phases of their development. Considering this factor, their goal was to develop a simple and user-intuitive tool from the very first day.

3- Exemplary User Interface:

The user interface of DoTreat is created to be the simplest and clearest one among the peers, which only displays relevant data, as opposed to irrelevant information in the case of competitors. This interface is ideal for the smaller scale saloons with limited staff and without a mainly allocated receptionist. In such salons, many times more than one customer requires the attention of the service providers simultaneously, which can be chaotic at times. But with DoTreat, they can streamline all their operations, as DoTreat will manage their bookings for them rapidly and efficiently! This streamlining will provide the salons with the opportunity to focus better on their clients and the services being provided.

4- Self-bookings:

DoTreat will enable you to facilitate your clients to such an extent where they’d be able to make their bookings. Immediately after signing up for your salon or beauty service with DoTreat, you will obtain a homepage with the option of self-booking. The clients will view data about your salon and reserve appointments for services with you. Every sort of appointment, encompassing the multi-clients and the simultaneous service ones, can be directly reserved from this homepage. By enabling your clients to book their appointments themselves, you can liberate yourself from taking the phone calls or sending out emails and focus a more significant amount of time on serving the clients.

5- Multiple Salon Logins:

The best part about this software is that you can develop and add the venues according to your choice! If you’re running the Salons or are the staff member hired to keep the appointment system managed, you can easily create multiple venues. All you have to do is, develop user accounts for the allocated staff personnel working in each of the salons, and then all your operations will be streamlined by DoTreat.

6- Convenient Appointment Management:

You will be sent a designated homepage for your salon, which would look like this, https://<your-salon-name>

Then your clients will be independent enough to make reservations and bookings through this page. You might also choose to display other information related to your salon, like your staff members or pictures of the venue. The most striking part about this software is that there is no limit or different payment rates for the number of appointments you arrange or get in a single month. Isn’t it amazing?

Who uses DoTreat? 

Having read all about the introduction of DoTreat, you must be pondering that salons can only use this tool, right? Well, no, because there is a wide range of service providers who can use this exemplary software like,

  • Massage Therapist
  • Barbers
  • Makeup Artist
  • Nail Technicians
  • Stylists
  • Hairdresser

Simultaneously, this software is a perfect fit for various types of beautification venues, like

  • Massage salons
  • Thai massage salons
  • Beauty spas
  • Hair salons
  • Nail salons
  • Barbershops

Specifications of DoTreat:

Now let us guide you about the specs of this software;

  • Services are offered with multiple durations.
  • Services with more than one service provider.
  • Appointments alternative with multi-services in order for a single person.
  • Appointments alternatives with multiple services going side by side for two or more individuals.
  • Instantaneous updates of the calendar.
  • Prepare & Redevelop time.
  • Presentation of service rates.
  • Prices alternatives available during particular hours or days.
  • Future rates alterations.
  • State-of-the-art resource Handling.
  • Presently supported languages: Swedish and English.
  • Automated reminders and email confirmations
  • Venue and staff images for the self-booking homepage to give the clients a better idea about your salon.

Perks of using DoTreat:

Allow us to brief you about the perks of using this tool,

1- User Friendly:

This software has been developed keeping usage ease in mind. There is no requirement for prior computer or software experience. DoTreat streamlines all your operational management and enables you to target your energies on your salon’s services and business expansion.

2- Fair and budget-friendly pricing system:

DoTreat offers a basic package for small-scale salons, which is free of cost! Isn’t it amazing that all the new salons wouldn’t have to worry about their booking systems or extortionate price ranges when they have the basic package? But if your salon is well-established and you’d like to benefit from the broader range of advanced features, you can avail of the standard version. For this package, you will be required to pay a set amount of money per month without any hidden charges or commissions, ensuring 100% transparency.

3- Multi-client bookings:

With DoTreat, it is incredibly convenient to manage appointments for multitudinous customers like friends or couples who like to be served together. This way, your salon will have a competitive edge over your peers and will attract a more significant number of clients due to the multi-client appointment system.

4- Compliance:

DoTreat is compliant with a diverse range of devices. The venue app, which will only be used by yourself or your designated staff members, is recommended to use an Android Tablet or an Ipad, but this software will work perfectly fine with the desktop, laptops, or smartphones.

Pricing Information:

DoTreat employs a fixed price structure. DoTreat doesn’t charge any percentage of the total revenue on the appointments; neither will you be charged in the form of any hidden charges for the number of appointments you have. The free version of this software is applicable for salons with a limit of 3 reserved staff members. And the best part is that no payment details or credit card numbers need to be entered for the free trial. Furthermore, you can also set up all of your salons with the free version, with every salon allowed to use three staff members.

You can also make user accounts for your salon’s administrators, receptionists, and other essential managerial members without any extra charges. The best part is that these will not be counted as staff members, and you’ll always have the independence to have three bookable staff members while utilizing the free trial.

There are two packages.

  • Free of cost- Basic
  • Standard package for 9$/month.

Both the packages will provide you with countless appointments, a venue app with the calendar, and a homepage for bookings.  In the standard package, you’ll have the ability to have numerous staff members.

Try DoTreat For Free

Take your beauty service business to the Avant grade!

With DoTreat, you can move your business to a higher, never-achieved-before level. If you are in the beauty service biz and are still using the pen-and-paper system for your appointment management, you’re honestly missing out on a lot more innovation. You should give a try to DoTreat, as the ability to view your booking from any place anytime will give you an augmented sense of authority over your business!

In this current era of technology, most clients prefer to reserve their appointments via the internet instead of tediously having to make a call for the booking. By providing your clients with this alternative via the self-booking homepage, you will receive more clients and bookings! That is a guarantee that DoTreat is providing you!


Having read quite a lot regarding the most sought-after salon appointment management software, we’re sure that you’d be surely pondering about giving it a go! In this article, we delineated the basics of an innovative salon appointment handling software called DoTreat. This tool will succor the beauty service businesses in streamlining their appointment systems.

The edge-cutting features and specs of this software are peerless! The striking core feature is the Multiple-appointment booking system, which ensures effective multiple services and clients appointments. None of DoTreat’s competitors are offering this service. So if you’re in the beauty service biz, we’d highly suggest using this software for you! This tool is designed for salon staff with limited computer experience and is highly user-friendly and affordable! We’d highly recommend using this tool to everyone as it is worth a shot, plus you can avail of the exemplary free trial and decide the features for yourself.

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