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How to Earn $1,400 a Day Without Higher Education 2024

Today we prepared an exciting interview with one of the users earning in MyLead, and of course, we did not hesitate to ask how much he makes. He said: “My highest daily wage on MyLead was USD 1,400. Such high wages come only with time, but the more work you put into it, the more you can achieve. And you can earn a lot of money on it”. We invite you to read the publisher’s story about whether online work is enough to ensure a comfortable life.

You work online under the nickname Frog. Would you reveal your real name?

Of course. My name is Jonathan, and I am known as FrogBiznes, to be precise.

What are you doing in MyLead, now?

I make money. That’s obvious. I’d say I’m especially interested in CPS and CPL campaigns. So far, there are mainly dating & adult campaigns that I promote in the Netherlands and Scandinavian countries. However, I firmly plan to escape to Content Locker campaigns and investments. It is still black magic for me, but commissions of USD 320 are pretty tempting.

How old are you?

Now I am 20 years old, but in a month and a half, I will be 21, so I am already one foot in the grave.

Please tell me why and when did you start earning money online?

I was 13 when I first started to get interested in making money online, but you know how that age is. I came across sites that promised a big profit, and they didn’t pay for it. They were trashy. The first pennies I made were from a shortcut of a link. I shortened the links and displayed some ads, then some new things came.

I made my first real money at the age of 16. I was making even USD 20 a day back then. Decent earnings did not start until later. It was the turn of 2018/2019. It developed so well that at the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, I decided to build my brand and began interested in mentoring.

But why the internet?

Because I’m lazy and I thought that the money would be easy. I burnt my finger with that. I saw my parents go out to work every day, and I realized that it would also happen to me one day. And I said to myself, “No, I don’t want it.” And somehow I got interested in whether it is possible to earn something while sitting in front of the computer.

Overall it is a cool thing. In the beginning, I started with streaming games because being paid for playing games sounds great, right? But it didn’t work out. It was not as easy as I expected. But I like what I do now. Every cloud has a silver lining, as they say. And, even though it is not easy, I don’t see myself shuffling potatoes in a supermarket because I had to spend a lot of time on it. I found the MyLead platform simply by searching on the web.

As I mentioned before, I have been looking for a website that would allow me to earn money since I was a kid, and that’s when I came across MyLead. However, the website itself did not interest me too much because back then, MyLead was dealing with SMS subscriptions, not affiliate offers. It was quite a difficult topic for me. Later I tried something else, but again it wasn’t my thing. And when the topic of earning online again came to my mind, I found this page again somehow.

I logged into my old account and saw that you were switching to something else. Later, I saw some advertising campaigns that you can earn money on games, etc., and I became even more interested in the topic. The first campaigns I started were gaming campaigns. Then, the live streaming on YouTube became such a sneak peek. I was trying out some server building in various games, and the first campaigns I advertised were computer games, mainly browser campaigns. I remember the most were World of Tanks and World Handler.

What difficulties did you have at the beginning? As you probably had a lot of them.

Everything was difficult for me, to be honest. I came, logged in, looked at everything, checked the rates, and thought it would be great, profitable, and easy. Pretty quickly, as if I had poured a bucket of cold water over me, I found out it was not as easy as I thought. I had no IT knowledge. I didn’t know what a landing page was. I didn’t know anything.

I shared the link on Facebook, but there were blocked. I did not have someone who could help me or whom I could ask for advice. I didn’t have a mentor, I still don’t, and I have never used mentoring, and that was probably a big mistake. There was no one to introduce me to the affiliate marketing world. I had to learn everything myself and gave up a few times.

I let go several times, I came back, I let go, I came back, and there were many difficulties. First of all, I had no affiliate knowledge. It is the most significant difficulty. I had the willingness to earn all the time. I was more discouraged by these difficulties for a while, but then there was something at the end of my head, “OK, I’ll try again,” and my knowledge deepened. Now everything seems like it’s at your fingertips, and it’s bread and butter. The beginnings were very difficult.

It looks like coming to the internet and earning money is super fun, but it’s not that easy. If someone thinks that after the first week, they will make the first stupid USD 10, they are also wrong. I am not saying it is impossible, but higher earnings come after some time. However, everything pays off. I have been earning with MyLead for about two years. I make a living from the internet; thanks to this, I do not have to work full-time.

I get up when I want to. Earning money online is much better than that. I would hate to be limited by someone above me. I like that my earnings are only and exclusively dependent on me. I decide how much I will earn and how much work I put into it.

Please tell me, how much do you earn in MyLead, e.g., in one day?

My highest daily wage in MyLead was USD 1,400, although I had to put a lot of effort into it, and here I admit it, then I just wanted to make such a jump on the result. I just wanted to break the previous record, nearly USD 1,000. A new day just started at 00:01, and I worked until 11:59. Launching all websites, advertising campaigns, etc. I remember the advertising costs cost me about USD 150, and in the end, I earned about USD 1,400 that day.

Well, that’s a lot. Tell me what day wages you currently have or how much more or less you earn in MyLead per month.

From the new year, I did a little poorly. I thought I would close January with a result of USD 3,2K-4,2K. Unfortunately, I closed January with a result slightly above USD 2,1K. It was probably USD 2,2K. However, the last two weeks have started quite well because my daily wage oscillated between USD 100-200. Recently, I had a week’s wage on the forum of over USD 1,2K in one week.

An average person in Poland earns about USD 650-850 a month. What is the most expensive thing you bought with money made online? Maybe you have a car or an expensive computer?

In general, I do not have very expensive things. I am not an addictive shopaholic. Instead, I save and invest money, and now I am saving for a decent car and apartment. So far, of the more expensive things, these are my two computers.

Although one is quite average, it cost around USD 650, the other one was a bit more expensive, because it was over USD 1,700. Currently, I have three monitors. I do not use one of them, because it is already quite old, but I connected the TV. And I have this typical recording equipment: two lamps, a green screen, and a microphone. It was quite expensive.

I paid USD 130 for that and a camera. Well, a third pair of headphones was also included in the price. And apart from that, the only thing that does not serve me to earn more is Xbox.

So your answer to the question, if it is possible to survive by earning money on the Internet, will be yes, I assume.

It’s hard in this country, but it is possible. I am half serious here. I think it is possible to live and is possible to live a really good life by earning online. Now I am 20 years old, almost 21, and thanks to earning nice money online, I also missed a lot of daily duties. For example, I don’t cook at home. They bring me dinners every day. I have ordered catering and have more time.

Thanks to this, I can go on a really nice vacation every 1.5 months and go somewhere to the mountains, somewhere to the sea or even abroad. Well, maybe not necessarily in this pandemic situation. Do you want to live well? Sorry, but you will not live well on a 9-to-5 job.

So now you only live by working on the Internet?

I have lived off the Internet for almost two years now. I moved out on my own at the age of 19. However, the beginnings were quite challenging because I didn’t have any savings in my stupidity, so there was a moment when I struggled a bit.

And what happened then?

Wages have fallen. Unfortunately, I was still working on social media quite a lot, mainly Facebook, Instagram, etc. the restrictions on these websites went up a bit then, and a few accounts crashed. Back then, I was earning around USD 850-1,000 a month at that moment, and for two months, it was USD 430, so I was a bit negative. After some time, however, it worked, and after these two months, it started to be ok again.

What has changed? What did you start doing?

During this time, I managed to rebuild new accounts, find out how to act now, and go on a different path. Acting and working on the same account all the time is dangerous. For example, if someone is working at the moment on social media itself, i.e., Facebook or Instagram itself, it is pretty inconsiderate because all this is fragile.

It’s excellent advice not to focus on one campaign either. Do you recommend focusing only on one category, for example, only on promoting dating or only on promoting Nutra? Or, do you recommend being a multi-faceted publisher?

I find it quite reckless and dangerous to stick to one category. It was shown by SMS subscriptions years ago, where everyone thought it would be such a good idea, that they would make nice cash, and unfortunately, everything fell out. The same may not apply to eroticism. It will be quite strongly positioned on the web. But when it comes to investment, I’d rather wonder how it will be in the future. But let’s face it, it is much safer to operate in different categories and, more importantly, more profitable.

If you earn, let’s say, USD 40-60 a day, why not put that money aside and pay someone to build a website on which you can promote CODs? I hope it will, of course, last as long as possible. Simply, to develop and not to stand still, not to stick to one topic and not the same websites. If someone earns money in eroticism, do not think that it will last forever on Facebook or Instagram.

Where else can erotic campaigns be promoted?

Oh boy, this kind of stuff is everywhere at the moment. Quite a lot of people try to do it through Google Ads, or for example, through Bing. In Bing, certificates are needed, so it is relatively harder on Google. It would still pass somehow. Many people mainly promote it on social media, i.e., Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. I heard that a lot of people are also promoting on Telegram.

Which category of campaigns is best to promote to novice publishers? And what do you promote yourself?

For starters, the best is erotica because it’s the easiest. To promote eroticism, we need a simple package, e.g., for e-whoring or even to find photos of someone else from Instagram abroad. We set up an account, add such photos, and make a simple landing page.

If we talk about the person who never tried affiliate marketing before, the best would be a simple landing page builder, Moribise. Attach a smartlink to the direct campaign for Poland on the top of your website; after a week, you can earn even USD 5 a day. After a month, when you have two well-developed accounts, USD 10 a day is no problem.

And besides eroticism? Not everyone wants to promote it. What other categories do you recommend?

Eroticism will be the easiest. However, if someone does not want to go into it, the only thing I recommend would be campaigns with games or sweepstakes. Sweepstakes were profitable X years ago. Now it’s quite hard to earn nicely, but it is still possible to find someone interested in it. I don’t recommend sales campaigns, i.e., a percentage from Allegro needs a bigger service. 

The CODs and campaigns where someone has to connect a credit card are not that simple anymore. Here you need a well-built site that looks good to convince the user that there is no danger waiting for him. So the easiest thing to do is erotica. If someone doesn’t want to go into it, I understand, then I would recommend games and sweepstakes. You can also try the Content Locker. It is also a bit harder, although this is where decent money is.

Why is it more challenging?

A new person doesn’t know how to create a website. I recommend Mobirise, where you can create a simple landing page. Adding a locker is more complicated. Spam or pointless sending may not bring the necessary results. A more specific idea is needed here, but it’s worth trying.

This one will probably interest beginner publishers: How much can they earn in the first month and how much in six months?

It’s a tricky question because I can’t predict it. Each publisher is different. Each of us has different experiences and skills. Some people can cope with something faster and find an idea because, here, the idea is critical. There are people I mentor for a month, and for now, they earn USD 10, and there are people, who previously already had some knowledge, and in the first week, made USD 10, and now they can even earn USD 65 a day.

So it is a difficult question, and I cannot estimate it because it all depends on the person, whether they will push themselves, whether they will load this knowledge into themselves, etc.

Tell me then, what do you recommend for affiliate beginners?

First of all, I recommend soaking up knowledge and following forums. Let’s start with the Polish ones like, MyLead also runs its blog. It is worth going into their Discord and asking other, more experienced people. It is worth finding a mentor who will guide us reasonably and give us at least simple guides, so we do not start from such a simple as-is-scratch. If you want to start, you must learn a lot here.

And the last question is a bit binary. Full-time job or affiliate marketing?

I don’t see myself working in the supermarket. I have no education, so that’s all that’s left. Unfortunately, I’m doomed to earn money online.

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