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EasyCargo Review (2024): The Best Online Load Planning Software

EasyCargo Review 2024:

When it comes to cargo planning, you won’t see many solutions on the market. If you are going to carry huge loads on trucks, then you need to plan the load distribution in advance. All of the load solutions that are present on the market are outdated by today’s standards. There was a dire need for a platform in which you can easily calculate truck and container loading. EasyCargo is an online loading calculator that aims to totally change this market.

Today, we are going to take a deep dive into EasyCargo and learn about all of its benefits as well as any drawbacks. After going through this review, you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether you should use this platform or not.

What is EasyCargo?

EasyCargo is made by Bee Interactive, a Prague-based company that is focused on providing the best online load planning software. There is a huge lack of load plan visualization apps on the market and this is where EasyCargo saw the gap and took the plunge.

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As this is online software, you don’t need to install anything. All you need to do is open your web browser, sign in, and you can start your load planning within a few seconds.

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Ease of Use:

Easily, the best thing about EasyCargo is that it is really simple to use. It has made it really easy to manage everything as all of the results are available on a single screen. After you register and log in, you can create your first load. You can choose whether you want to add the load items or decide on the cargo space first. You can use predefined cargo spaces or create your own. Load items can be added manually or imported from an Excel sheet. You can, of course, set several constraints like stackability, tiltability, or rotatability. There is also a priority group function in case you want to unload cargo for several customers in a specific order.

When you’re done, press the Load button and within a few seconds, a 3D visualization model of your load will become available. You can move the model, zoom in or out, and even manually adjust the load if you wish to do so. At this stage, you can also check the axle load.

After that, you just print the report with images detailing how to load the truck or container and send it to whoever is actually loading it. Alternatively, you can send them the link with a 3D model.

Saves Time & Space:

With the help of container and truck loading software, it is really easy to make a load plan. The experts at EasyCargo have made software that can easily place the cargo within containers and on the trucks within no time. EasyCargo uses a very unique and highly advanced load planning engine. Due to this, it can save you a lot of time that can be used elsewhere.

Also, EasyCargo gives you the option of sorting items into groups based on the destination. This is a really useful thing that can help save a lot of time and space. The calculation process is completed within a minute by EasyCargo and provides you with a loading plan. You can generate several kinds of reports that you can either print, share online, or view as a step-by-step video.


One very useful feature about EasyCargo is that it shows your entire load plan in a 3D view that is also interactive as well. You can rotate and even zoom in to examine the layout carefully. There is a loading plan editor available as well that you can use to adjust the position and rotation of boxes to get more efficient spacing. Optionally, you can start the loading plan from scratch if you wish to do so. With EasyCargo, you can efficiently manage all of your cargo.

Another great thing about EasyCargo is that the plan editor works on a drag and drop basis. This being said, there is no expertise required for using the editor. Anybody can easily use the editor for the best alignment.


With its integrations, EasyCargo simplifies the working process. For example, the option to export or import items through Microsoft Excel. With this feature, you enter items in a special template in Microsoft Excel, then you simply download and import that template into EasyCargo. This is a very seamless process and EasyCargo quickly shows you the final load plan using the data from the Excel file. If you want to share that report with other members or want to make any fine adjustments, you can also upload that file back to Excel as well.

The second integration option of EasyCargo is via its API-Interface through which you can integrate EasyCargo with your ERP, WMS, or any other software to make the whole process of load planning even more automized.

It is also possible to integrate EasyCargo with SAP via a 3rd party provider status-C. You have to keep in mind though that this is currently only available in the German language, and it is a paid service.


EasyCargo is a  feature-rich platform and some of the most notable features of EasyCargo are as follows:

  • Unlimited Load Plan Calculations
  • Imperial & Metric Unit Support
  • Priority Groups Based on Destination
  • Manual Load Plan Editor
  • Import Files from Excel
  • Constraint Settings
  • Weight Distribution Calculation
  • Available in Several Languages
  • Great Customer Support (Replies Within 24 Hours)
  • Vehicle & Container Defining
  • Sharing Load Plans


  • Easy to Use
  • Seamless Integration with Excel
  • Online Sharing
  • Online Platform
  • 3D Visualization
  • Time Saving Process
  • Solid Integrations
  • Affordable Plans


  • Missing advanced stackability options
  • Missing palletization (although a new release that would partially solve this problem has been promised)
  • Can work with cuboid shapes only

Try EasyCargo For Free


EasyCargo offers the following plans:

  • One-Day Ticket – $5.9 (24-Hour Use)
  • Month – $49
  • Year – $42/month

You can also get a free 10-day trial of the full version as well. This trial will provide you with all of the features that EasyCargo has to offer. You don’t need a credit card to apply for the free trial.

Conclusion (Final Verdict):

Keeping everything mentioned in mind, if you are in the manufacturing, distributing, import or export, or freight forwarding, then EasyCargo is an all-in-one solution for you when it comes to loading plans. It is online software that is easy to use and provides a 3D visualization of the load plan. You can customize the load plan using different tools. There are solid integrations present as well such as the ability to import files from Microsoft Excel. Also easily available to you, there are instructional videos present that will help you in using EasyCargo.

They have an excellent support team that is always present. The 10-day free trial is also great and you can use that period to evaluate the software. The pricing is also affordable as well. Overall, if you are looking for the best load planning software in the market, then EasyCargo is our top recommendation.

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