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eWebinar Review 2024: The Best and Most Interactive Automated Webinar Platform

eWebinar Review 2024:

eWebinar is an automated webinar solution that can turn any video of yours into an automated and interactive webinar. It is designed to help customer success and marketing teams scale without adding any resources and headcount. It combines pre-recorded video with real-time interactions and live chat to deliver the most attractive, engaging, and interactive experience to attendees. 

Using the eWebinar, your team can automate all their repetitive webinars and repurpose their time towards other things that are revenue-generating and cannot be automated. Most importantly, leverage eWebinar means you can save your team from burning out.

eWebinar is fully dedicated to automated webinars with no live broadcast option. It is a feature-rich platform, which we are about to discuss below in detail.

Try eWebinar free for 14 days

Key Features of eWebinar:

1- A Strong Foundation with Live Chat:

eWebinar the best and most beautifully designed evergreen webinar solution we have seen with a number of robust features. It supports all the major video streaming platforms and formats out there, so you never have to worry about compatibility when you upload videos.

For every published webinar, there is no limit to the number of attendees and number of sessions you can schedule in a month. Because webinars are based on videos, there are no latency issues that live webinars are prone to, making all of your presentations seamlessly smooth. This is particularly helpful if you are concerned about internet connection; attendees only need to have a fast enough connection on any device to watch a video. eWebinar’s complete live chat system allows you to respond to attendees if they have a question.

But you do not have to be there to monitor chat because conversations will be moved to email if attendees go offline. You can manage the chat admin from your mobile phone, which is great if you are on the move. It also provides complete integrations with popular platforms like Zoom, Zapier, HubSpot, Slack, Thinkific, Product Hunt, ActiveCampaign, Marketo, Keap, ConstantContact, Mailchimp, and more.

2- Quick and Easy to Use:

Unlike its complicated competitors, eWebinar makes it extremely easy for its users to setup an automated webinar in minutes. The setup only requires three simple steps to complete. It also provides handy features such as simple, customizable templates, email notifications, choices of colors and fonts,, white label with your own logo, uploading a video, or just pasting a URL of a video, automated welcome chat messages, autoresponder, language options. 

3- Elegant Registration Page and Widgets:

eWebinar makes the registration experience for your audience extremely easy and flexible. The software comes with a registration page and thank you page builder that lets you create beautiful pages without any coding required.

eWebinar has 3 widgets you can install on your website, a registration button if you want to use your own landing pages, a pop up that drives more people to your webinar you can install on any webpage, and a card you can put on your blogs to highlight your webinar. You can also adjust the webinar session times to the timezone of the attendees and schedule just in time sessions for every 5, 15, and 30 minutes.

4- Live Interactions:

Perhaps the most unique thing about eWebinar is the number of different interactions the platform provides. These are things like polls, questions, tips, downloads, contact forms, offers, etc. that you can program to appear at certain moments in time during your webinar. Like Facebook and Instagram Live, eWebinar has reactions you can press at the bottom of the screen.

This creates an engaging and interactive experience for attendees that is very different from their typical day at Zoom. The webinar room is fully brandable with your corporate color and logo. You can setup a private welcome message that shows up in the chat when attendees join, allowing you to greet them without being there. 

5- Actionable and Beautiful Dashboard Analytics:

While most webinar software only gives you a CSV download, eWebinar’s analytics dashboard gives you actionable insights on your webinar and attendee activities so you can see how and where they engage.

This is by far one of the most beautifully designed dashboards we have seen in any software, not just webinar platforms. Every feature in eWebinar is well throughout and complete, you can really feel the love that has gone into this platform.

6- A support team of tech experts

eWebinar’s two founders are experienced entrepreneurs with technology, sales, and business development backgrounds. They lead a remote team spread across several countries, who respond quickly to any support questions through chat.

Why choose eWebinar over others?

Now you might be thinking that what makes eWebinar different from others. Below we are going to discuss why you should choose eWebinar over its competitors.

  • Live Chat: While most live webinar platforms have live chat, most automated webinar platforms do not. eWebinar is the only platform with a live chat system that also moves conversations to email when attendees are offline. This means you never miss a question from attendees because they will always hear from you even if it’s on email. Best yet, you can answer all these on the go from your phone.
  • Extremely Simple to Use: eWebinar is so simple to use, no training is required. You can set up a webinar with a few simple steps. eWebinar’s UI/UX is completely different from any other webinar software. Everything is designed to be inline, meaning you are always seeing what the customer is seeing. You can add interactions onto a timeline editor like video editing software.
  • Elegant Design and User Interface: eWebinar completely understands how important the first reaction of your audience is because it can make or break your standing. Therefore, they have made sure that every step of the webinar is designed so that it reflects elegance and thoughtfulness so that your brand always looks the best!
  • Variety of Engagements: A webinar that lacks engagement with the audience becomes boring fairly quickly. eWebinar gives you the opportunity to engage your audience with interactions such as questions, polls, live chats, tips offers, and other interactions to always keep their attention focused on your webinar. The best part about this is that you can pre-set all of these interactions, and they will carry out the task on their own.
  • Complete Insight: It gives you complete insight when it comes to the reports and data of each of your webinars. This helps you improve your presentations with each passing day, helping you create better content, bring in more engagements and then convert these potential customers to actual customers.


  • Live chat allows you to run all webinars without being there and still answer questions on the go
  • Flexible scheduling: attendee’s local timezone, just in time, and replay options
  • It is a dedicated and complete automated experience, unlike other hybrid solutions
  • Feature rich with a number of integrations with solutions you are already using
  • Makes webinars fun and interactive when most webinars are boring
  • It is effortless to use, create a webinar in minutes
  • Simple, professional, and elegant interact to make your brand look great
  • The best analytics dashboard out of any comparable solution
  • The pricing is cost effective even as you scale, and free to get started


  • Does not offer live broadcast option, but because of this, eWebinar was able to build many more features dedicated to automation.

eWebinar Pricing Plan:

eWebinar Pricing Plan

The pricing plan for eWebinar is as follows:

Type of Subscriptions:

There are basically two types of subscription plans when it comes to eWebinar.

  • Basic Subscription Plan: 

Subscription plans are based on the number of webinars you publish. A published webinar has no limitations on a number of attendees and the number of sessions per month. Plans are also based on a fair pricing model, so as you go up and down Levels, you will receive a credit to apply towards the next month, and be billed only for the remaining number of days before your next billing period. You can also try the eWebinar free for 30 days to check out what it has to offer.

  • Enterprise Subscription Plan: 

The enterprise subscription plan gives you all the benefits of the basic plan and allows you to publish up to 25 webinars and post additional ones at the cost of $10 per webinar. You get all the features in this payment plan as well. This pricing model is extremely cost-effective even as you scale up.

eWebinar Detailed Review:

  • Website:
  • CEO: Melissa Kwan
  • Industries: Information Technology and Services
  • Founded: 2019
  • Specialty: Webinar Platform
  • Head Office: Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Starting Price: $49 per month
  • uCompares rating: 4.9/5


Try eWebinar free for 14 days

After going through this complete review on eWebinar, you should have a far better grasp and what it is offering to customers. Being able to scale your webinar strategy without needing extra people can help you save money and time immediately, and even more so in the long run.

Automated webinars are not prone to technical issues that live webinars are plagued with, but you still likely need a live webinar solution to host your meetings. Once you automate all the repetitive webinars, your time can be freed up to do things that require your unique attention. We would recommend you to give the free trial a shot and then see how happy you are with the results that you are getting from it. From what we’ve seen, we’re sure you’ll be delighted by eWebinar once you give it a try for 30 days.

We hope that our review has made it easier for you to decide as we have tried our best to bring all the necessary information to you related to eWebinar. Our team wishes you the best of luck!                              

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