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Are you living in the middle east and facing issues related to your payments? Is it hard for you to use internationally accepted well-used payment options because of your location? We come with a recommendation for this solution. is an online payment solution for the middle east. In this review article, we will tell you about some features of Fatora, and this will helps you in making your decision. Once you are done with this review, take your decision to choose Fatora yourself.



Fatora is an excellent online tool-related payment that streamlines online costs between seller and retailer and customer and shopkeeper. Fatora was created in 2018, and the main website is “Fatora. io”. We can imagine that in the scene of taking the minimum valuable and to-the-point solutions out of Square, in the case of Stripe and Shopify, here we have some reliable options to add our secret components to create it for the middle east. Fatora is a comfortable and reliable website is its usage. also can provide you the facility of sending an effective, professional, and quick invoice to your consumers. You might create a payment URL to collect payments from customers. You also have a mini e-commerce store facility to express the reliability of your current or recent products. With POS and Cashier equipment’s help to take paid in your stores as well, the most reliable API to integrate your e-commerce or website into a better place, and this is about A. I powered.

Privacy policy:

The payment solutions of Fatora are committed to protect and save your privacy. The privacy policy of Fatora has a quality of implementation on all ll services and procedures within the app. Its Privacy Policy also has a quality to elaborate on how we can save, store, collect, and provide the facility of privacy protection based on your data or information. We are not in the position of consideration of anonymous data or information as in the condition of personal data since it can not be used to identify a particular person. When an individual signs in to this app, he will agree to its privacy policy’s reliability. This website is like to inform its user that it will not be concerned when a person uses your data or information in the way other than in the case of manner to elaborate in Privacy Policy of the website or to make or create any changes over time the website will inform you through mail or message and provide its customers the option of whether to allow the person to use your personal information or not, it is base on its customers choice. Its privacy policy is reliable and up to date for all kinds of customers.

A user can also choose to create or make changes to its Privacy Policy accordingly. The next step informs users about this amendment by posting it on the main website, “”

Essential features of Fatora:

Following are some crucial features of Fatora,

1- Creation of voice:

Voice creation is an essential tool for the sake of required results. The customers choose to create their voices in English and Arabic languages both. A person can send it’s an invoice to your customer’s cell phone, email, or even we also have the option to share it only in seconds with his WhatsApp contact.

2- Fotora customization with company’s brand:

A company’s brand customization plays a vital role in its progress and reliability. Its user can customize Fatora with its company’s brand. You also have the facility to send your official trustworthy, and professional invoices to your consumers by customizing and with your company’s brand, with the help of its color, design, and logo.

3- Invoices tracking:

Fatora offers you the facility to monitor your invoices more appropriately with many pricy secured guarantees. In this case, a user can face enabling various notifications to attend and receive messages and clues regarding payable, whether it will be paid or delayed invoices, related to overall transactions in your account.

4- PayMe link:

In the case of creating your invoices, official or professionally, or in the condition of sending the payment links to your user as well as consumers. This process will act directly with unique and multiple payment methods, which might be suitable and authentic regarding their preferences. This process is saved and protected from all types of restrictions.

5- Installments at Fatora:

Fatora installment methods are reliable, effective, and easy to use. We can take all installments and subscription payments in very appropriate and straightforward ways with Fatora. Fatora can also facilitate and provide its installments, and subscription payment is candid and authentic. Its clients might be paid according to the budget availability as well. Fatora will offer you the feature of sending reminders and messages for the sake of the comfort of their clients regarding their payable invoices, in the case of receiving any payment regularly on time, to the point effortlessly as a whole.

6- Multi-payment invoices:

The multiple payment invoice system is a handy and adorable Fatora feature. In the case of making or producing a single invoice for the sake of numerous installments as well. It can facilitate all you need, and here it is available. It is also the process of determining the amount and payment and the number of installments. Fatora can manage and settle all charges and send various messages to remind its clients accordingly in the most appreciate and effective way. Multiple invoices are reliable and comfortable in their usage as well.

7- Print and export invoice:

Export and print invoices are essential and feature and play a vital role in Fatora. It is the more reliable and up-to-date feature for its regular and punctual person. It is the latest and new feature to facilitate its clients to export the invoices in excel and pdf format. A person might be print the necessary invoices just in a short time of seconds; for the sake of its imitation, there is needed to take a paper copy, you can also keep it in the form of its copying.

8- Multiple currencies with Fatora:

The usage of multiple currencies is also useful and reliable with Fatora.

In the condition of enjoyment in transactions systems with the help of local currency or the international currencies, it is reliable. It is according to all the needs of customizing clients on Fatora with the use of desired money as well. The customer has a choice to exchange between currencies seamlessly as a whole. A person can be sent Fatora with his preferred currency; furthermore, Fatora will calculate it and provide your exchange rate in the next step. All types of foreign currencies can exchange here as clients per need.

Pros and Cons:

Following are some important pros and cons of Fatora.

  • Fatora is an efficient app with a lot of reliability. This app of Fatora is also available for android and IOS both.
  • Fatora has an official and professional cashier system. Its clients might feel overcrowding in their training center and all official places. Fatora is mainly an official and professional cashier system. It can provide us simple, fast, and furious options with simplicity for payment and invoice.
  • A client can avail here the services of voice recording, printing, and exporting.
  • Fatora is a lot beneficial in integrating with PayPal it is advantageous.

We can integrate Fatora with the help of the biggest online payment platforms. We can send and receive all kinds of payments from all over the globe.

  • Fatora has the vital feature of  Integration with Wix. We can use or enter a small and simple code to integrate Fatora with Wix.
  • An important feature here is integration with Shopify. A client can enter a small code to open the door of integration with the help of Shopify. Fatora is offering us various payment methods with expected results.


  • It is somehow expensive.


As far as the app Fatora’s reliability is concerned, it is a privacy-protected electronic payment method. It is a platform that helps its clients to establish and save invoices. All types of services are provided here, and a customer can avail of all Fatora benefits at any time, anyplace no matter.

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