FileHold Review 2024: The Best Document Management System

FileHold Review 2024:

Do you want the best document management system for your organization?

There has been a big increase in the use of electronic documents including email.  In some cases, these electronic documents are being converted to physical documents by being printed and stored in file cabinets. Handling physical documents is risky because there is a chance they can get misplaced or even lost.

If they are not being printed they are randomly stored on a user’s PC or a central file share where everyone has access to them.  A much better solution is implementing a document management software product, such as FileHold, to store important documents in a secure central location.  Document management software simplifies things and will save time and effort in managing your organization.

There are many document management software products in the market, but none of them provides as many features and are as easy to use as FileHold. So, today we are going to take a deep dive into the FileHold software and see why it is the best document storage and management solution for your organization.

What is FileHold?

FileHold is a document storage and document workflow system that is specially designed for organizations. It is like a centralized digital file cabinet that securely stores all files so that users can easily access them when needed.  FileHold has a powerful search engine that can quickly find any files needed.

FileHold Home Frequent searches can be saved and reused with the click of a single button.  By using this document management system, teams will have more time to focus on other meaningful things rather than searching for documents. This software has been designed with many features that set it apart from every other document management product, it is enterprise-grade yet still and affordable.

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Why FileHold?

A strong feature of FileHold is that it provides 12 different levels of user permission-based access. This feature is useful in organizations to restrict the access of users to certain documents. Users can secure a particular document or even a folder of them or allow a “read-only” view but not have the ability to check a document out or revise it. FileHold allows users to share documents using an electronic document workflow and approval process which includes alerts and reminders of workflow tasks not completed. This can be done using cloud technology which gives users access to any document, on any device, including mobile devices.

After work on a document is completed, it can be saved and the file closed. The system is smart enough to update the version control automatically. In this way, users never lose any of their work and they have access to prior versions. FileHold provides productivity features that will help your organization by reducing energy, time, and money.


Some of the features offered by FileHold are:

1- Centralized Storage:

The most obvious and useful feature of FileHold is that it provides a secure cloud-based centralized storage system. Everything that is put into this system is saved to the cloud, backed up, and, therefore, will never be lost. The data is readily available whenever someone wants it. All your organization’s documents are present in a single place, and everyone has total access to them. FileHold can easily organize everything.

Organizations must have a centralized and secure document management system as it ensures their intellectual property is always protected in the best possible way. Users can put classified documents there so that they remain safe.  There is the option of archiving certain documents so that they can not be edited. Retention and disposition policies can be applied to them.

2- Document Linking:

FileHold also provides the option of linking documents together in a parent-child relationship. For example, all the contracts related to cars can be linked to the main document, the car showroom. This helps to organize and recall documents easily. Document linking and organizing can be done in little time with a minimum of effort.

3- Searching:

The most important feature of a document management system is a powerful search engine. If the library has thousands of documents and a user wants to open one, the easiest way to find it will be to search for a keyword in that document.  Having a proper search system saves a lot of time. FileHold’s search engine allows users to search the files in the following ways:

  • By Full-text search of any document that has been OCRd
  • By File Name
  • By Metadata

These options allow users to quickly search and find the document they are looking for. It is a straightforward yet effective solution to find a single document in a large library. Users can search either the active documents or the archived ones.  When searching for a document, a user will also find the different versions of that document.

4- OCR:

Converting documents to readable OCR is one of the most powerful features that FileHold has to offer.  Learn more at Server-Side OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Using this feature, a user can identify the text in scanned documents and capture the important metadata which allows users to classify them correctly. There is a further option of improving the classification by manually adding metadata. The OCR process can be done while scanning documents.  If the documents have been entered and not OCRd it can be done using the FileHold’sserver-side OCR feature. Through this feature, users can index and search PDF or TIFF documents.

5- Collaboration Tools:

There are many collaboration tools present on FileHold that make it easier to communicate with teams in an effective way. The main tool is document workflow and approval. Workflow makes it easy to share documents with other team members to contribute to a document or review it.  A good example might be a contract that requires signoff by many people in an organization. Everything is done electronically. It does not matter where a team member is working from, FileHold provides the tools to be effective from anywhere in the world. FileHold acts like a bridge between teammates, and the work.

One of the highlights of these collaboration tools is the check-in and check-out feature. This helps in determining if a person has worked on a document or not. There is an audit log that tracks anything anyone does to a document. If a person has accessed a document and made changes to it, then it will be present in the audit log including the date and time of the access.

6- Task Management Tools:

FileHold empowers users to be more productive than ever before. There are features like a calendar that remind managers to assign certain workflow tasks to the teams. The managers can track whether the task is still active or completed. It allows organizations to hold the people accountable who do not complete their workflow tasks.

8- Scanning and Imaging:

FileHold provides its users with a very nice piece of Document Scanning software that works on the desktop. In addition, the FileScan Bridge supports any 3rd party scanning and imaging software. With this scanning software integration, users can digitalize documents very easily and automatically capture the metadata that is embedded in the document. It is sometimes hard to upload certain documents, but with FileHold, users can upload any document from any scanning source.

9- Optional Features:

There are many optional features that can be added to FileHold at any time.  One of the most valuable features is  Courier – Secure e-mail service.  Courier allows users to send a document link to anyone who has an email address.  Once they get the password-protected link they can access the document directly in FileHold. If it is a workflow document, they can approve it and return it.

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The major benefits of using FileHold as your document storage and management system will be:

  • A secure Centralized Storage System
  • Easy to Use with online help
  • Structured Organization of the Data
  • Workflow and Approval
  • EnhanceTeamwork
  • Document imaging and scanning
  • Great Customer Support

Pricing Plans:

FileHold offers two pricing plans for its customers:

  • FileHold Express:

This package is designed for smaller organizations that only have 5 to 20 users. The price of entry is affordable for small organizations.  If the organization wants to upgrade to FileHold Enterprise, they can easily do that with a simple change of license.

This package is great for organizations that have just started or only need a departmental solution for up to a maximum of 20 users. Users get all the features they need but once the organization has grown or there is a need to add a new department it is simple to upgrade to FileHold Enterprise.

  • FileHold Enterprise:

FileHold Enterprise is for larger organizations of more than 20 users.  Just like FileHold Enterprise, there are many Standard Features. And an array of optional features to choose from Optional Features.  The pricing is designed so that the more users added to the system the lower the cost per user will be.

  • Free Trial:

FileHold provides free trials to anyone who has a correctly prepared server either on-premise or in the cloud.  For those who want a solution totally hosted by FileHold, it can be provided on the Microsoft Azure cloud.  The software can be trialed for 10 days to explore all of the features and determine if they will help your organization or not. To learn more about FileHold signup for a free, no-obligation software Public Webinar.

Final Verdict:

Having a good document management system is necessary for organizations especially if records compliance such as GDPR is needed. The features of the FileHold document management system make it one of the best. An organization’s documents can become secure and organized.  The workflow and approval processes will track that document-related work is being completed.  The audit trail features ensure a complete record of every document activity.  The document scanning and ingestion features can put any organization on the road to a paperless office.

In the end, FileHold is the best document management system out there and is suited for both small and larger organizations. If your organization wants your documents organized and secure FileHold is the way to go.


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