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How To Find Hidden Apps On iPhone In 2024 – Updated Method

New iPhones have already 38 apps installed of which 27 of them are hidden or deleted. These apps include Books, Calculators, Calendars, Compass, Contacts, FaceTime, Files, Fitness, Home, iTunes Store, Magnifier, Mail, Maps, Measure, Music, News, Notes, Podcasts, Reminders, Shortcuts, Stocks, Tips, Translate, TV, Voice Memos, Watch, and Weather. The rest of the pre-installed apps are necessary and cannot be deleted such as the camera, app store, google, clock, message, settings, and wallet.

There are numerous ways to find hidden apps on your iPhone from looking through your app library to asking for Siri’s help. Some people hide the apps purposely. Nobody likes the messy home screen or they want to keep some personal things. Those who want to reduce their screen time often begin looking for ways to hide apps on iPhones, thus minimizing the urge to use them. Keeping some apps hidden can certainly help with concentration and productivity, but there will come a time when you need or want to use them again.

Steps To Locate Hidden Apps on iPhone:

There can be many reasons that your apps disappear from your home screen. You can be able to locate any app on your iPhone unless you have not deleted it completely because the app would still be in your phone’s app library.

In Order To Find And Open Hidden Apps Quickly:

• Spotlight search is the quickest way to find out the hidden apps on your iPhone. Swipe down on your iPhone and search for the name of the app on Spotlight.
• Unhide apps from folders. This can be a downside of organization: you’ve created folders for all your apps, but now can’t find the one you need. Swipe through your Home Screens to check app folders. Once you find the app, press on its icon and drag it out on the Home Screen for easier access.
• By resetting your home screen layout. You can find your hidden apps on your iPhone but by doing this you will lose your home screen app arrangements and folders.

Ways To Find Hidden Apps On iPhone:

Finding hidden apps on your iPhone can be tricky. If you feel like having some trouble with your phones because of those hidden apps you can find them to remove or delete them permanently. Following are the ways which help you to find hidden apps on your iPhone.
1. Checking the app store
2. Open screen time
3. Using the phone’s search
4. Use Siri

1. Checking App Store:

The app Store will tell you about all the apps you have ever downloaded on your phone even if they are no longer on your device. With this, you’ll be able to identify if there are any questionable apps you may have downloaded or have been charged for on your iPhone or other devices linked to your Apple account.

To check your hidden apps on app stores, follow these steps
• On your iPhone, open the App Store app.
• In the upper-right corner of the screen, select your profile image.
• Select Purchase
• Tap on my purchase
In this selection, you will find the list of all the apps associated with your device.

2. Open Screen Time:

Screen time is designed to let us know how much time is being spent on every app. If you have iOS 12 or later you can use screen time to hide the apps or find your hidden apps. It also lets you set limits for app usage and control which apps can be used at certain times. For example, Screen Time can hide certain apps after you’ve reached a certain usage time or have age restrictions. There are two ways to unhide the hidden apps with iPhone screen time.

How To Unhide Apps With Content Restrictions?

Go to the settings apps on your iPhones and press screen time then tap on content & privacy restrictions and select content restrictions and tap Apps and choose to allow all the apps

How To Unhide Apple Pre-Installed Apps With iPhone Screen Time:

Go to the settings app and select screen time, tap content & privacy, and choose allowed apps. Next to the apps you want to unhide, toggle on the buttons.

1. Use iPhone’s Search:

If you have an app that you think is infected or hackers use some hidden apps to get access to your personal information. You can search your entire iPhone for the app’s name. Following steps you will have to follow to find hidden apps using iPhone’s search.

• Swipe your screen to the left on your iPhone and select the search bar on the upper portion of your screen and type the app’s name. If the app is hidden it would still appear in search results.

2. Use Siri:

When all else fails and you can’t seem to find any hidden apps on your iPhone, you can ask Siri for help. If Siri is already activated, you can simply say “Hey Siri, open *hidden app name*”. Then, Siri will open the app even if it has been hidden from your home screen.
If you don’t have Siri you can enable it by following the steps:

• Go to the setting app and select Siri and search.
• Next to Listen for Hey Siri, toggle on the switch.
• Next to Press Side Button for Siri, toggle on the switch.
• If you want Siri to always be ready, select Always next to Allow Siri When Locked.

Now you can proceed to ask Siri for the hidden apps
Process of unhiding those apps
Now you know the location of hidden apps you are also unable to unhide them and can interact with them also.
To unhide an app, you have two options

• By using App Library
• Download the app again

3. By Using App Library:

App library provides you access to the hidden apps on your iPhones. With the help of App Library, you can see the list of all the apps in an organized form. It is very feasible to unhide the hidden apps using App Library
• On your iPhone, swipe left across your home pages until the App library appears.
• Tap the search bar and type the name of the app you want to unhide
• When the app icon appears, tap and hold it until a list of options appears.
• Select Add to the home screen

Afterward, the app you selected to unhide will appear on the next available slot on your iPhone home screen.
Download the app again
If you can’t find the hidden app in your app library. You can re-download them from the play store. Once the app download is completed. You will be able to interact with it.

Ways To Delete The Hidden Apps From Your iPhones:

You can also delete the hidden apps from your iPhones if you no longer want them. Also, there is no use in keeping that app you no longer interact with.
Not only will deleting a previously hidden app be good for your storage, but also protect your device from malicious hackers looking to use vulnerabilities in apps that are not updated.

Following are the steps to delete the hidden apps:

• On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
• Select General.
• Tap iPhone Storage
• You will see the list of all the apps including hidden apps associated with your device
• Select the hidden app icon and tap Delete App

However, by deleting those apps the data related to them will also delete. So, it’s best to make sure you’ve saved the necessary things before permanently deleting a hidden app for good.

Keep Your iPhones Clean From Hidden Apps:

As you know how to hide and unhide the apps now, you can also get rid of them. If some unwanted apps are taking up space in your phones you can free your device from them. You can easily make sure that the hidden apps are not wasting the storage of your phone.
In addition, you can protect yourself from hackers who may try to install sketchy apps on your device without your knowledge. Using hidden apps, hackers can do things like track your location or steal your personal information.

Problems caused by hidden apps in your iPhones
Hidden Apps in your iPhones can create issues and trouble. In other way having plenty of unnecessary apps is not suitable for the device, it affects the function and Performance of the phone. Some problems faced by users are

• It wastes precious storage of the device
• It causes battery drainage
• It makes your iPhone run slower
• Open up the device to a variety of security risk
• Risk of hackers exploiting a vulnerability

Hidden Apps Can Be Harmful To Your iPhones:

You never know that some of the apps are compromised by hackers which exploit the system and result in malicious malware. It is a growing threat. Through the hidden apps, they are able to access your personal information. But now you know the process of finding hidden apps so you can easily delete them if you think it is infected or causing trouble on your phone.

Researchers from cybersecurity firm McAfee have published their latest Mobile Threat Report, which warns of the rise of hidden app attacks and their ability to access user data. According to the annual study, phone users are being targeted by malicious apps which disguise themselves as popular downloads before hiding their icons, making them and the malware they contain harder to remove.


After having a detailed discussion on hidden apps on iPhones you have learned the process of finding and unhiding them. Also having these apps on your devices can be dangerous and result in serious cyber attacks. A team of cybersecurity researchers has discovered that a large number of cell phone applications contain hardcoded secrets allowing others to access private data or block content provided by users.

The study’s findings: are that the apps on mobile phones might have hidden or harmful behaviors about which end users know little to nothing. Also, these unnecessary and unwanted apps can create trouble in the performance of your phones. But as you know the process of finding and unhiding these apps you can check on them regularly, you can disable them without deleting them permanently and also you can delete the apps from your device after finding them. So we will conclude that the hidden apps can be found and unhid and also can be dangerous so it is necessary to remove them from your device.

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