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How To Find Someone’s Name By Phone Number In 2024

Finding Someone’s Name By Phone Number:

Now a day, it is uncommon to get fake and scam calls. These people pretend to be some big organization and ask for sensitive personal information, thereby leading to uncertain moments. Thus it is always advisable to check the credentials of the person calling you before sharing sensitive data with them. There are times when an unknown person makes you a call, this might make you curious and leave you in-depth thinking.

Most of the time, it might be marketers, credit or debit card sellers, business promotion calls, and many more. This can make you anxious, so you are curious and want to know who makes the call. You might think it is hard to know someone by name but don’t worry, as there are many ways to find the name of the person who is calling you just by their phone number and even without spending a single penny.

If you have someone’s email and looking to find them on social media and you are searching for a phone number as well without letting them know that you are digging into their information, then you have to follow the easy and inexpensive steps that are mentioned in this article below. You might normally consult the name given on your phone or look up the name in the telephone directory.

However, phone directories are not viable options when you need to gather information about the caller quickly or to get their background check done. You sometimes notice that your kids talking to someone over the phone for hours, and recently heard them talking about something great concerning like drugs, booze, or fighting.

After hearing this all you want to do is, know about the other person and make sure if talking to them is safe for kids or not. The suspicion increases more when you somehow manage to get the kids’ phone and find nothing except for the phone number of that person.

But you don’t need to get panic and frown because these days, a phone number is enough to extract the details of anyone. There are multiple useful sites and apps available on the internet with the help of which you can easily trace the name and other data of the person to whom this number belongs. The other extracted details include address and occupation and even their social profiles associated with their phone number, family members, criminal record, etc.

Once you reverse check the phone number, the teen or adult won’t be able to lie about his/her identity. And they will disclose all the matters that they were discussing on the phone.
There are multiple ways of extracting someone’s details with just their phone number, true caller app can be used if you are looking for a free method for finding the name and other basic details about someone using their mobile number. For getting more information about that person you have to shift towards white pages software for which you have to pay certain amounts.

Finding Someone’s Name Phone Number Free:

1- Truecaller:


True caller is certainly the best way through which one can get the details of an unknown number for free. And true caller app is a super easy and user-friendly app. All you need to do is to go to the true caller official website and sign in to True caller. The site will automatically detect your location and fill up the country code. Now, just put the suspected mobile number in the given search bar. All the information about the person will be handy with just the phone number. The name of the person, state, and city he/she lives in, and the email id associated with the number.

Even the photographs of the person will be revealed by True caller and that too for free. You can also contribute to True caller by adding some details of that person if you know them personally. These details include the suggestion of the name. if you identify the photo of the person associated with the target phone number but the name is different, then provide the real name of that person. Similarly, provide the tags to identify if the number is a personal, office, market, school, hospital, etc. if the number is useless or junk then mark it as spam to let others know that it’s spam and they should avoid the particular number.

Only limited numbers can be searched on the True caller site. If you are in a profession that demands the search for unlimited numbers every day then go for the True caller app for Android or for iPhone. Once the app is installed on the device, you will get the name tag attached to all the unknown calls that you receive. It is also possible to allow True caller to detect spam numbers and automatically block upcoming spam calls.

2- Whitepages:


True caller is the best way to get the details of the phone number. But even then if you have some doubts about the True caller results or you did not get any results at all while using True caller then go for the White page’s site. This site will let you reverse lookup a phone number and it will show all the possible details easily. These details include the name of the owner of the number, types of devices like a phone or landlines, and the risk associated with the number.

Other details include the address of the owner and the social media accounts attached to the number. But the limitation that we faced using White Pages was that we were not able to search for the phone number for other countries except for the US. You should also note that White Page only works in the US. Moreover, it is a paid service with plans starting at $2.5/month for 20 lookups.

Spying Apps:

Getting the name and other details from a number is good. But it is not enough to make sure if the child is contacting or getting close to someone they should avoid or not. And if the person is actually a fraud or someone who might distort the teen’s image in public, then it’s really problematic for the family. You will also instruct a kid to maintain a distance from the particular contact, but you will always be dubious that whether your kid is really listening to you or they are not paying attention to your instructions.

To lessen the tension, make use of a spying app. The monitoring apps like mSpy are specially designed to keep an eye on teens 24/7. The amazing features like social media tracking and access to call logs will immediately let you know if the suspicious person or your child ever contacted each other.

Third-Party Apps For Finding The Name Of A Person:

Below are the ways to find someone’s name using a phone number. You can utilize any method that suits your concerns.

METHOD 1: Reverse Phone Lookup Sites:

A reverse phone number lookup website is a database of online records that helps you find someone’s phone number.

1. Intelius:


Intelius is an ideal option for fast reverse phone searches. It sends you a PDF copy of your search results. It includes impressive details associated with the number’s history and connected identity. Examples of this are a physical address, owner name, birth date, public records, and criminal records. Social media accounts and more.

Intelius also offers a signup bonus, so, when you sign up with a monthly phone reverse search subscription with Intelius, users get access to unlimited searches. These searches are for phone, person, and address reports. They can provide the details like the following.

  • Phone owner’s identity.
  • Physical address and address history
  • Social media accounts
  • Associated photos
  • Public Records
  • Criminal history
  • Owned property
  • Work and education history.
  • To use Intelius you just need to follow the steps below.
  • Visit the website and subscribe
  • Enter the phone number
  • Confirm your search
  • Download your results.



Spokeo is an ideal website for conducting a reverse phone search. You just need to subscribe to Spokeo to search for someone’s phone number. This reverse phone number lookup app is ideal before going on a date or making a sales call to find a person’s name by phone number. This easy-to-use website has a database for reverse phone lookups to show information like.

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Public Records
  • Amazon wishlist
  • Criminal records
  • Background checks
  • Contacts
  • Address
  • Social media accounts
  • Education and employment history.

3. People Finders:

People Finders

People finder is an ideal choice for conducting a reverse phone search. First, you must be subscribing with a monthly fee. However, new sign-ups get a discount on their first month. People finder is a vast database of online and public information. It offers reverse phone lookups to find someone’s name by phone number. Users will get access to personal data about the owner of the phone number, including but not limited to the following.

  • Identity of the person
  • Birth date info
  • Address
  • Social media accounts
  • Email addresses of the person
  • Public and criminal records
  • US court records
  • Financial information.

4. Truth Finder:


Using truth finder, you will be able to find a lot of information like scammers, the authenticity of the mobile number provided by someone, and more. To find a person’s name you simply go to truth finder, enter a phone number, and hit the search icon. It will look for its database and will find the person’s social media, history, location, etc. it is a free way to find name by phone number.
Truth finder is indeed one of the popular tools for reverse phone number lookup. The good thing is that you can use it conveniently without any kind of issues.

5. Localize:


It is more of a location-based service. By using localize, you can track the exact location of the person using a phone number. Localize works on both iOS and Android. To search a person’s name and location by phone number, you just need to enter their phone number, and a text message as a hook, and localize will send them a text. Once they open the link in the text, then you gradually receive their exact location on your phone. Localize is helpful when you want to track someone because of personal concerns.

METHOD 2: Finding Someone With Their Phone Number With Social Media

It’s standard for social media accounts to ask for contact information like an email address and a phone number. Their accounts are more efficiently connected with those they know by using this method.

1. Instagram:

Add the number you are reverse looking up to your contacts to easily copy and paste it into search bars or auto-connect it to your social media accounts. Then follow the steps below to find someone’s information on Instagram using their phone number.

  • Open Instagram
  • Enter your profile and select discover people.
  • Allow Instagram access to your contacts list in the settings menu of your phone.
  • Connect to your contacts.
  • Once you connect your contacts, you will see if the unknown number in your contacts has an associated
  • Instagram profile. Until and unless the Instagram account is set to private.

2. Facebook:

You can also try searching on Facebook. You just need to follow the steps below to search for a person after finding someone’s phone number.

  • Open Facebook
  • Enter the number in the search field with no breaks or dashes
  • View their results.
  • Like Instagram, if a Facebook account has a connected phone number, it should yield results when you do a social media search.

METHOD 3: Google Search:

Using well-known search engines is one way to identify unknown callers and find someone’s phone number information. Google is the largest search engine with an extensive database of information, including contact details and phone numbers. You can follow the steps below to find someone’s name by phone number for free.

  • Open Google.
  • Enter the phone number into the search bar.
  • View results.
  • Experiment with different configurations of the number by adding dashes or spaces between the numbers.
  • Boing this may yield alternative details.

METHOD 4: Conduct A Contact Search:

You can also search for someone’s name in the directory of the company they work with. Though you usually need to be working in the same company to have access to this information. Alternatively, you can check the About US page of the company’s website.

  • LinkedIn is a reputable source for professional contact information. The information is publicly available. To find someone’s name by their phone number for free with LinkedIn, follow the steps below.
  • Sign up or log in to LinkedIn.
  • Enter the phone number in the search field
  • View your results.


If you have a person’s phone number and are looking to find out their name or other contact details, there are several methods that are mentioned above and you can try them. Try finding someone’s contact information with reverse phone search websites to know who is calling.

You can use the True Caller app which is the most common one because you will find limited details of the person while services like Spokeo and Been Verified will give you a detailed report of the person. True Caller is the only website that works worldwide but does not give you the detailed information.

There are many good tools to protect and safeguard your kids, parents, and loved ones from spammers, scammers, and unwanted people.

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