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How to Delete Your Twitter Archive/History in 2021

Delete Twitter Archive:

Twitter is a leading platform that serves and helps to have a global and public conversation. A Twitter account is your passport to travel through the world just by sitting on your comfy couch. It helps to know what’s happening out there and what people are talking about. You might be the first person to know about the breaking news and what’s on-trend from funny to mysterious. Hence, worthy topics are always found on Twitter.

People use Twitter for many reasons: attention, vanity, self-promotion, pure boredom. The real value of Twitter is how people send useful content. It provides a quick update from friends, family, politicians, journalists, and experts. Twitter empowers people to become journalists of their own life, sharing and describing their experiences and interesting things about their day.

Twitter was found in 2006: a blend of fast messaging, blogging, and texting, but with limited content and a broad audience. Now think about the people, who are using Twitter since 14 years or less. They have a long history of tweets and retweets in their archive.

Your social media account is your first impression and if you should constantly clean-up your social media profile, it will reflect your current state of mind. With the passage of time, people realize that updates on social networking sites also impact our relationship, and career and many of us must have thought about a fresh start.

So, if you wish to start using Twitter like it is a new day and wishes to delete embarrassing tweets and retweets, you are not alone. A fresh start is a few clicks away with Circleboom.

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You might have heard a lot about Circleboom. Your social media account can grow beyond your expectations if it handled by the right tools and one of the best Twitter Management tools is Circleboom. Twitter can allow you to delete tweets either in bulk or an individual up to 3200 tweets only but what if you need to delete all the tweets you have tweeted a long ago. What if you need to search for the tweets and delete them?

So, here, you will be helped by your “Twitter Archive”.

Delete Your Twitter History Archive:

Circleboom has introduced a new module feature which is an intuitive way to filter and delete the whole twitter history. You can delete your Twitter archive history in just seconds by following some simple steps:

Step #1 (Log in with Circleboom):

Visit Circleboom, login, and authenticate your Twitter account. Once you have logged in, go to the Circleboom menu at the left ad select “My Tweets” > “ Delete Old Tweets”

Step #2 (Upload Twitter Archive):

Download Twitter history (add a link to “How to Download My twitter history Archive”). Upload your history when you are asked to upload it. To upload your Twitter archive, click “Start Here”.

Step #3 (Filter Tweets):

Use the Circleboom filters to get rid of the tweets you want. Select if you want to delete all tweets, replies, or Delete retweets or unlike Twitter Likes then Click the checkbox if you want to delete all or if you want to keep one, uncheck it.

Step #4 (Automate Tweet Deletion) :

When you choose the filters, Circleboom will list all the tweets in the Twitter archive that match your filters. Approve it and Circleboom will start deleting your selected tweets.

The best part is, Circleboom will delete the tweets you filtered from your Twitter archive, so you can upload the file a number of times to make different deletions each time.

Circleboom Pricing:

The delete Twitter history feature is available for all pro, multi, business, and corporate users. You can sign up to Circleboom to boom your social circle and save up to 65% with annual plans. The feature allows the following pricing on a monthly and annual basis.




Always free

(Manage 1 profile with some limitations)




(Manage 1 profile without limitations)

$21.00 /mo

$7.99 /mo


(Manage 5 profiles without limitations)

$60.00 /mo

$21.99 /mo


(Manage 20 profiles without limitations)

$172.00 /mo

69.99 /mo


(Manage 50 profiles without limitations)

$366.00 /mo

$149.99 /mo

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Delete Twitter History (Circleboom Complete Feature Guide):


Get Your Archive from Twitter:

You can request your Twitter archive from Twitter. Once it is ready, download and extract your twitter archive. Upload it to Circleboom. Once the upload completed, Circleboom will automatically delete all of them unless you choose to filter them first.

Delete old Tweets, Retweets or Replies from Twitter history Archive

When the archive file gets uploaded, you’ll get the filter page from where you can choose what to delete by playing with the filters. You may select the post type like “tweets”, “replies” or “retweets” or if you want you can select and delete them all.

Delete old Tweets Sent in a Specific language:

Circleboom will process archives and give you a list of the languages you’ve used throughout your usage. You can filter out a specific language to delete tweets sent on that language automatically.

Automatically Delete Your old Tweets:

You have to set your deletion criteria and Circleboom will delete your old tweets automatically.

Delete old Tweets History by “date range”

One of the interesting features is you can delete your old tweets based on their “sent date”. By default; ‘start date’ and ‘end date’ indicate your very first and last tweet’s dates in the file. You can play with the dates.

By any keyword/username or Hashtag search:

You can search tweet text, @mentions, and #hashtags by using a free-text search to find specific tweets.

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To conclude, Circleboom is the best-recommended application and best tweet deleter tool because it can perform various functions easily and saves your time.

It is a good idea sometimes to revisit your initial tweets, it may crack you up or possibly save you from future embarrassment. So, in order to prevent you from this embarrassment, Circleboom has introduced a new module feature that allows you to delete the Twitter archive history.

You have to just upload your tweet archive, filter your tweets, and delete your Twitter history, Circleboom automatically deletes your tweets history for you. Try Circleboom Today!

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