GanttPRO Review (2024): The Best Online Project Management Solution Based On Gantt charts

GanttPRO Review 2024:

Are you looking for an easy and quick solution to manage your projects?

Do you want to keep your project planning simple and control multiple projects at once?

You have come to the right door! We have the perfect solution for your project management-related problems in the form of GanttPRO.

In this article, we will dive deep into the details of this amazing project management software and explore its features.

Without waiting any further, let’s begin!

GanttPRO Introduction:

Launched in 2015, GanttPRO is a web-based project management solution based on Gantt chart that keeps the planning simple, team members engaged, and clients in the loop. The platform is trusted by more than 500,000 popular project managers, including Intel, Sony, SalesForce,, Invision, NASA, Amway, and many more. The platform helps save 45% time on planning & management, a 50% rise in teamwork efficiency, 75% less missed deadlines, and 36% expenses saved on project management.


The software assists in planning and managing single or multiple projects in few minutes with Gantt charts. Gantt chart is a graph that plots out on a timeline all the tasks that make up a project. It shows you what tasks are needed to be done & when, the expected time for task completion, who will perform each task, and more.

GanttPRO makes project management easier by allowing users to prioritize tasks, indent & outdent, set dependencies, durations, and progress right on the Gantt chart in just a single click, drag & drop a task and their attributes, etc. the software also helps you manage your team by setting roles, assigning tasks to team members, tracking the progress of the project, add attachments & comments, and share the Gantt chart with your colleagues.

Moreover, it also lets you add resources to your charts and connect them to specific tasks on a timeline. Apart from task & resource management, GanttPRO offers a wide range of other features, including time management, collaboration, auto-scheduling, budget tracking, and detailed reports. Besides, the software comes with plenty of ready-made templates for various industries, such as software, development, construction, and more.

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Let’s discuss some of the key features of GanttPRO!

What are the Key Features of GanttPRO:

GanttPRO offers a broad range of advanced features to make project planning & management easy and save your time. Following are some of main features of GanttPRO:

1- Planning & Task Management:

GanttPRO allows you to customize your project by adding custom columns to track and measure the important aspects of your plan. It offers a variety of colors to differentiate your task visually and make your assignments look like you want. Moreover, you can easily connect tasks with the dependency of your preference and set lag or lead of the tasks. Dependencies help you create logical relationships between tasks and let you understand how activities are structured and related to each other. Connecting tasks with dependencies is very straightforward and involves following steps:

  • Step 1: Click on the Create Tasks and add tasks to your projects
  • Step 2: Create links between your tasks on your timeline with drag & drop option
  • Step 3: Link tasks activities in the Task settings and choose among four types of dependencies
  • Step 4: Set up lag or lead for dependent assessments

In addition to dependencies, GanttPRO offers a wide range of filters to get the smallest details based on the task’s type, status, date, assignee, and colors. You can even save and name your filter to use it in the future. The filters help you instantly find tasks according to specific criteria, and you can export & share the data with third parties. To apply filters, simply go to the Filter section, click the Filter button, choose how you want to sort activities, save your filter, and then export or share it.

Moreover, GanttPRO enables you to add various visualized significant points (Milestones) in your project to check whether it goes in the same direction as planned. To add a milestone, you need to click the Add a milestone button, set a date, connect milestones with dependent tasks, and drag & drop your milestones to change their order in a list of activities or along a timeline.

Furthermore, one interesting feature of GanttPRO is its Auto-scheduling feature that helps you recalculate dates automatically to track all the changes that can happen to dependent tasks in your project. With this feature, you can easily follow your project schedule without inaccuracies and track all task dependencies. To work with Auto-scheduling, you just need to switch the feature ON in the project settings.

Additionally, the software enables you to create your Project calendar from the beginning and edit it at any moment. This feature gives your team a clear view of working days and breaks within the week and hours with the day off. Another important feature of GanttPRO is the Task hierarchy that allows you to break down your project into smaller achievable tasks and subtasks so that you can easily follow the relations between tasks. To create a Task hierarchy, you need to add tasks to your project & define their types, define start & end dates, and create dependencies.

Besides, you can perform multiple actions simultaneously with the Bulk action feature to save your time and set priorities to define the tasks that are needed to be done quickly or the tasks that can be postponed.

2- Project Management:

GanttPRO offers a huge number of features for project management. Some of the features are given below:

  • Baseline: This feature allows you to create the initial version of your project and compare it with the current performance to immediately see any deviations in your plan and identify whether it is developing according to the plan.
  • Critical Path: With GanttPRO, you can easily identify tasks that directly affect your project completion date without even calculating it. Critical path shows the “must be completed” tasks, plus you can also understand the sequence of tasks that require special attention. To create a Critical path, you need to create your project, connect dependent links, and enable a critical path in the project settings.
  • History: GanttPRO keeps all the versions in real-time and helps you browse the history of changes in your project and go back to any point in it.
  • Project Health: You can easily track your project status via its progress, the number of unassigned, completed, or overdue tasks, etc.

3- Team & Resource Management:  

GanttPRO helps you add material and labor resources, plus resources with a fixed cost to your project. Moreover, you can easily set values, per item, per cost, or per item. The software helps you track changes in your project and restore them in case something went wrong. Furthermore, you can assign multiple resources to a single task and distribute work hours. Easily grant permissions to your team members based on their responsibilities, like admin, owner, or member.

In addition, GanttPRO lets you create calendars for your team members and resources in advance and set working hours & days, days off, vacations, and exceptions. Plus, you can invite team members to your project via email and organize real-time teamwork on tasks. Interestingly, you can add virtual resources to your team to manage your tasks comprehensively.

Workload window is another important feature offered by GanttPRO that helps manage your project’s workload and see how many tasks or working hours a resource has each day. Working with resource workload involves following steps:

  • Invite members to your project or create virtual resources
  • Choose a working time unit and set values for hour, item, and cost
  • Enter cost of your resources
  • Assign resources to your tasks
  • Manage your resources

4- Time Management:

GanttPRO offers a broad range of techniques to manage time. Some of them are given below:

  • Deadlines: This approach helps you precisely track the deadlines of your tasks. The software sends you push notifications and emails and makes them visual on the diagram.
  • Duration & Estimation: To get precise control over tasks and their costs, GanttPRO lets you set the estimated time and define the approximate duration for your tasks.
  • Task Time Tracker: The time tracker offered by GanttPRO allows you to track the exact time spent by your team members on specific tasks. You can also see the time log history with comments.
  • Time Log Reports: You can easily create detailed time log reports with metrics like projects, tasks, users, comments, dates, and time. These reports help you keep all the information in one place.

5- Templates:

GanttPRO offers professional ready-made Gantt chart templates in a wide range of industries, such as Software, Development, Retail, Professional Services, Construction, Product launch, Web design, Marketing, Consulting, Event planning, and more. You can start working on your project right away with the Pre-configured templates. Besides, you can save your previous projects as custom templates to use in the future.

What are the Reasons to Choose GanttPRO:

GanttPRO offers various solutions that make it one of the best project management software. Following are some of the main reasons to choose GanttPRO over its competitors:

Plan Views:

GanttPRO provides easy-to-understand plan views, such as:

  • Gantt Chart: The software enables you to build beautiful Gantt charts to understand your project easily. It helps you easily plan, schedule, assign, and manage all your project tasks. It grants you full control over your tasks and their dependencies.
  • Grid View: This feature allows you to provide your tasks with all the necessary information, such as setting priorities, statuses, duration, cost, progress, time log, and much more. The grid view helps you quickly understand all task parameters in one place.
  • Board View: This view provides an additional way to organize & manage your project’s task.
  • Portfolio View: This feature gives you a big-picture view of your projects to manage resources and their workloads efficiently.


One of the most remarkable features of GanttPRO is Collaboration that helps the team members to work in coordination. It allows you to attach important files to your task; add them from desktop or Google Drive to fully cover your workflow. Moreover, you can update tasks and leave info in the comments section to inform team members. GanttPRO sends you and your team notifications to remind you of important tasks. Plus, it offers real-time data synchronization that helps you keep an eye on your project and track all the changes promptly.

Budget Tracking:

GanttPRO lets you work with the actual cost of your tasks based on their time log, resource type, or progress. The software provides you the complete calculated cost of your project according to the cost of tasks and resources. It lets you control every phase of your project and get a clear picture in seconds.

Analytics Reports:

The software lets you create detailed budget analysis and time log reports based on projects, assignees, tasks, cost, time, and more. These analytics reports provide you all the information about your project progress and help you identify the time each member spends on a specific task.

Import & Export:

GanttPRO allows you to bring your projects from other tools and keep working on them. It lets you import projects from MS Project, Excel, and JIRA Cloud software. Moreover, you can export your charts to PDF, PNG, Excel, or XML files and share them with others. Plus, the Public URL feature lets you share your plans with clients, stakeholders, and anyone else.

Custom Settings:

The software offers various customizable options to manage your projects easily. Some of the options include custom columns, custom colors, project calendars, and more. Also, it lets you add your company’s logo to the project to make it look brandy.

Multiple Integrations:

GanttPRO offers integrations for Google Drive, Jira Cloud, and Slack to automate workflow, get more planning flexibility, and boost productivity.

Extremely Secure:  

GanttPRO follows a wide range of security measures to ensure that your personal and business information is 100% safe. It works with Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, OneLogin, and other SAML providers and uses one set of login credentials to manage your projects. GanttPRO lets you add an additional layer of security to your account 2FA that is one of the best precautions against cyberattacks.

Complete Customer Support:

GanttPRO has a Learning Center where you can find anything you need to know about the software. Moreover, if you have any questions about GanttPRO, you can ask in the Live Chat. Plus, after subscription, a dedicated personal account manager is assigned to you who will help you Monday till Friday. In addition, numerous interactive video tutorials are also available for beginners to learn how everything works in GanttPRO.

How to Create Gantt Chart in GanttPRO?

Creating Gantt chart in GanttPRO is very straightforward and involves following steps:

  • Create your project and choose the template of your preference
  • Add tasks, subtasks, and define start & end dates
  • Add milestones and dependencies that will show you how your project is proceeding
  • Connect your responsibilities with dependencies
  • Save your template

Pros and Cons of GanttPRO:


  • Easily organize and manage projects
  • A wide range of features
  • Multiple ready-made templates
  • Easy-to-use
  • Low cost
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Excellent customer support
  • Learning center
  • Dedicated account manager to solve your issues
  • A huge number of video tutorials


  • No customizable dashboard

Try GanttPRO For Free

GanttPRO Price:

GanttPRO offers three pricing plans with 14-day free trial:

  • Individual: $15 per month per user (billed annually)
  • Team: $8.90 per month per user (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: Contact for quote

GanttPRO Details:

  • Product Name: GanttPRO
  • Launch: 2015
  • Number of Employees: 20+
  • Languages Supported: German, English, Russian, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese
  • Website:
  • Email:

Do we Recommend GanttPRO?

Yes, we do recommend GanttPRO because it is full-featured, easy-to-use, and affordable online project management software. It lets you easily organize and manage your projects and collaborate with your team members. You can use GanttPRO to increase the chances of your business’s success. Through this article, we tried to give you details about this flabbergasting project management software, and we hope you will find it helpful.


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