We’ve Made It Easy To Get Back On Instagram in 2024

In certain cases, the social networking site Instagram may have sent you an email with the subject line “[username], we have made it easier to get back on Instagram.”

We’re sorry to learn that you’re having trouble login into your Instagram account, and you’ll notice that when you access the letter.

Anything you require to restore your profile will be given to you by us.
You don’t need to panic if you are one of the recipients of this message.

As a result, many individuals have ended up getting this notice, which happens frequently. In reality, the majority of these consumers see this message every day.

As such emails suggest that an attempt is being made to access their account, they fear finding them in their mailbox.

What this letter means and why you received it should be the first things to consider.

Why Is This Email Important?

The “we’ve made it simple to get again on Instagram” message is a means for the social networking application to inform you that there have been multiple unsuccessful efforts to enter your profile.

Every time you (or another person) try to utilize the Instagram Password Recovery Software, you (or they) will receive this notice. Even though this doesn’t indicate that your profile has been hijacked, somebody may have attempted to hack into your Instagram account.

Is the email fake, or what?

Why Are You Receiving This Email That Says “We’ve Made It Easy To Get Back On Instagram”?

There are four main reasons why you are getting the message “We’ve made it easy to get back on Instagram.” As follows:

  1. You’re attempting to access your personal Instagram account.
  2. There is an attempt to log into your Instagram account from another user.
  3. Your Instagram account is being hacked using brute strength.
  4. The email contains harmful code or is a phishing scam.

You’re attempting to access your personal Instagram account.

You can see this warning if your username and passcode are typed incorrectly while attempting to get into your Instagram profile. Check whether your uppercase letters are turned on or disabled if you’ve entered the correct information but can still not log in.

It indicates that you have been utilizing uppercase letters rather than little ones if your keyboard’s uppercase key is lit up. A passcode manager can be utilized to deal with this issue. Thanks to a passcode manager, you won’t need to enter your password every time you sign out manually.

You’ll steer clear of typos and other blunders if you do it this way.

There is an attempt to log into your Instagram account from another user.

This is a rather clear point now. Even if you are signed into your profile, if you keep getting the same warning, it’s conceivable that someone else has attempted to access your Instagram profile.

However, it’s also possible that somebody made an error since their username is quite close to yours, and they typed something incorrectly. The alternative is that it may be a stranger, a friend, or even a member of your family, such as your spouse or kids.

In the event that neither of these persons has been able to access your Instagram profile, a malicious person could have been attempting to do so.

Your Instagram account is being hacked using brute strength.

You could get this message too frequently because a hacker is trying to access your account using brute force. An automated approach is a name for this kind of assault, which takes place when the attacker is just guessing your passcode. They’ll keep trying different passwords connected to your account unless they find the proper ones.

Most of the time, computer systems are responsible for these assaults, which is why thousands of Instagram customers have this problem. The attacks are carried out when hackers buy a list of credentials from sources that have had their information disclosed, which contains passwords that customers often employ.

Your Instagram account may be subject to brute force assaults if your login information is publicly available online from various services and sites.

The email contains harmful code or is a phishing scam.
Even though it can appear to be quite genuine, the message “made it easy” could be a scam. It is advised that you proceed with extreme caution in these circumstances.

You get a malicious emails from websites that are controlled and run by hackers. These websites are frequently concealed on the network that is being attacked (Instagram, in this case).

The email you get could seem extremely genuine, but it is not. Hackers now employ a broad range of advanced equipment and techniques that might enable the Instagram message to appear quite authentic. To make it appear an official Instagram mail, the attacker will utilize the same color scheme, design, Instagram symbol, and template.

How Can You Tell The Authenticity Of An Instagram Email?

Fortunately, Instagram provides a mechanism to confirm the legitimacy of an email and determine if it was indeed sent via the social media platform or not.

It would be best if you first went to the Settings tab to get this new function, which was only introduced. Click the Security option after swiping down. After that, navigate to and choose the area titled Emails from Instagram.

All the emails that Instagram has sent may be viewed and read lawfully here. These emails will be about the geolocation, privacy, and registration of Instagram pages. Instagram warns users not to ever click on a link they receive in an Instagram email, especially if they can’t confirm the validity of the source.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How quickly do you receive responses from Instagram support?

Answer: Regarding how quickly it replies, Instagram says nothing. We may infer that it takes between 24 and 48 hours for the initial response from our expertise as well as that of other customers. You must await further for each subsequent communication if the issue necessitates more discussion.

Is there a reason Instagram is emailing me?

Answer: Is there a reason Instagram is emailing me? These email alerts are likely being sent to you as a subscriber. Through your account, you may adjust your notification preferences. You may also handle Instagram messages in mass by using an application like Clean Email to unsubscribe.

How can you find out if your Instagram profile has been blocked permanently?

Answer: Whenever you attempt to sign in, you may receive a notification stating that your Instagram profile is deactivated if you have been suspended from Instagram. You may request your friends to check your profile if you cannot access Instagram and attempt to sign in to see if your profile has been blocked.

What causes Instagram accounts to be hacked?

Answer: Instagram hacks often occur when hackers gain access to your account via spam or third-party applications after discovering your username and passcode in a security breach. No matter what device you utilize to publish to your social media page, Instagram hacking can still occur.

How quickly does Instagram respond to compromised accounts?

Answer: You will be prompted to record a movie selfie to verify that you are who you claim you are and to ensure you are genuine if your compromised account has images of you. Normally, the evaluation procedure requires up to two working days.

Final Thoughts

Knowing and comprehending all of the threats to your Instagram profile is crucial. So that you can maintain your Instagram profile private and secure, you will be able to employ the greatest preventative techniques in this manner.

You may also choose new or distinct email logins that you will use mainly for your Instagram profile and other social media platforms. It’s not unusual for you to find this specific email in your inbox. Aside from that, they are simple to comprehend and decipher.

Ammad Ali

Ammad Ali is the founder and CEO of RankingGrow LLC, where he helps his clients build powerful brands through Search Engine marketing. He is a frequent contributor to several other sites. His articles and blogs are featured on some of the most reputed digital marketing forums.
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