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GloriaFood Review 2024 – The Best Online Ordering System?

GloriaFood Review 2023:

GloriaFood – The Best online ordering system:

The food industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world because of the ever-growing population currently sitting at 7.8 billion and counting. To cater to this growth, a lot of food places have come into existence. But also because this is among the largest markets in the world where people can generate huge amounts of revenue and profit.

Restaurants are one of the top dogs of these food places. They are working tirelessly day and night to bring in more customers and increase sales. If you are a restaurant owner yourself, then you might have pretty much tried all the basic attractions like free coupons, karaoke nights, etc. but you still want to increase your customer base. In that case, you can effectively boost your profits by allowing online orders. If you just allow your customers to pick up orders placed online, if not delivery, this alone can increase your takeout orders by up to 30%.

So, after knowing the importance of going online, you might be looking for a service that makes sure everything works perfectly for you. Well, we might just have the right thing for your business.


GloriaFood is an online platform helping restaurant owners with online ordering and the management of orders. It lets professionals draw their own location for deliveries, set a zone-based fee for delivery, and define the minimum amount for orders by using its administration panel.

It allows the addition of pricing information, images, and food categories so that enterprises can easily customize and create their own digital menus. It also lets managers embed widgets into business websites and Smart Links into official Facebook pages so that they can improve their brand visibility across numerous channels. Moreover, it allows acceptance/rejections of orders according to the availability of food along with receiving automatic notifications about the placement of new orders.

Additionally, it also supports easy integration with multiple third-party applications such as Ordermark, ItsaCheckmate, GetSwift, Tookan, QuestTag, along with many others. GloriaFood comes equipped with some handy features (particularly during this pandemic), which we are about to discuss below:

Key Features of GloriaFood in Light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

1- Keep Yourself and Everyone Around You Safe:

Using an online ordering system can save you and your customers from unforeseen circumstances just like the recent spread of COVID-19, where restaurants couldn’t work normally because of safety protocols.

GloriaFood has added features like no contact delivery or minimum exposure pickup to help restaurants deliver food safely.

2- Set Up Small Delivery Zones:

If you are experiencing a loss of walk-in customers, you can consider delivering your food to nearby places so that you can give your business a kickstart. GloriaFood will provide you with a system that gives you the ability to set very granular or tiny zones for delivery. You can activate the delivery module using the admin dashboard present in the food ordering system.

3- Eliminate Cash:

It was found amidst the pandemic that the virus can easily travel through currency, which made a lot of people worried. Consequently, they started looking for alternatives where they could pay online for the stuff they wanted. GloriaFood completely understood their concerns and has launched an electronic payment system where the customers can pay online either through their card or PayPal.

4- Reassure Your Customers Using the Health Section:

You can convert a lot more of your customers into food clients by using the Health section at GloriaFood. This section allows you to easily convey all the things that you consider really important when it comes to the practices that you do for the safety of the customers.

This will give your customers a sense of trust and loyalty towards you so that they can keep coming back. This can only happen when you are completely honest and transparent with your customers about everything that you are doing to keep the food delivery clean and safe.

5- Deliver Food, Deliver Safety:

You can let customers in on the following information to reassure them that the food they are getting is being cooked and delivered in a healthy environment:

  • The current body temperature and name of the cook
  • The current body temperature and name of the person delivering the food

You can quickly add such a template to your receipt by using the GloriaFood system.

6- Keep Your Clients in the Loop via Email:

You can email your customers about all the safety measures and practices that you are applying to protect your staff, food, and people from unwanted diseases just like the recent COVID-19 virus. This can all be done in 3 simple clicks from the admin panel.

What does GloriaFood offer to its free customers?

GloriaFood provides tons of features to its free customers, which we are about to discuss below.

  • Free Widget for Website Ordering: Use the widget to add a “See Menu and Order” button on your website and start getting orders right away.
  • Facebook Smart Links: Get orders using the smart links for Facebook. Your customers can use these links to order from your Facebook business page directly. Additionally, you can get the attention of your customers by showing them active promos at the top of your menu.
  • Mobile Ordering: Your customers can also use their mobile devices to place orders using this system. This gives them the ability to order whenever and wherever they want.
  • Real-Time Ordering: GloriaFood keeps your customers hooked while you are busy reviewing their orders and then displays the real-time confirmation.
  • Widget for Table Reservations: Use this widget from GloriaFood to place a “Table Reservation” button on your website, which your customers can easily use to reserve a table in advance.
  • Order Before You Even Reach the Restaurant: GloriaFood provides you with a feature where you can let your customers order food in advance when they are making their table reservations.
  • Vacation Mode: GloriaFood lets you pause all or some of your services like pickup and delivery. You can use this to stop work for a short period of time, change your working hours on national holidays, vacations, and other important days.
  • Minimum Exposure Delivery System: Using this online system you can allow multiple delivery and pickup options for homes and curbside. Your customers can just get their food without needing to get into contact with you or your staff.
  • Menu with Pictures: GloriaFood provides stock photos of delicious foods so that you can use them and create your very own unique and enticing menu.
  • Pre-Ordering: GloriaFood gives you the ability to take orders from your customers in advance. So that they can come later and pick it up or you can deliver it to their homes. Using this approach, you can take orders 24/7 without the need to pause your work.
  • Use Offline Flyers: Use the instant flyer generator to quickly and efficiently promote your website and bring in new customers to place additional online orders.
  • Automatic Analysis of Google Listings: GloriaFood provides you with step-by-step assistance in how you can optimize your Google listings and make certain that all of your information is filled out.
  • Third-Party Integration: Easily connect and integrate your GloriaFood account with free software for delivery tracking, multiple POSes, platforms for loyalty, and many more.
  • Receipt Editor with Multi-Template: You can fully customize the receipts of your restaurant for your chefs and customers. Besides, you also get the option of advertising your promos and securing your future sales.
  • Personalized Delivery Areas: Using the delivery configuration tool, you can set up big and small delivery zones according to your needs. You just have to draw a delivery zone and make changes later if the situation arises.

What other services does GloriaFood offer to its customers?

Besides the usual services, GloriaFood also provides some additional services for its users, which we are about to discuss below.

  • Restaurant Promotions: GloriaFood helps you promote your restaurant in ways that work. It teaches and assists you in learning how you can advertise your restaurant with relevant Google Ads. You can get in contact with them to discover the restaurant keywords that work best for you.
  • Restaurant Website Builder: GloriaFood helps you build your own restaurant website that works best for your business. It uses a simple web design and a single-page template for your website, which has the single purpose of increasing your sales. You can get in touch with GloriaFood to build your unique website using their restaurant website builder.
  • Online Restaurant Menu Builder: You can build a free online menu for your restaurant through GloriaFood. The menu building editor is extremely simple, flexible, and can entertain any dish specifics. It comes equipped with a free stock of food images, and a friendly layout for users, providing them with one of the best experiences. You can build your free menu using GloriaFood’s restaurant menu builder.

GloriaFood Pros:

  • No commissions or fees
  • Most of the features are completely free to use
  • Extremely easy to use
  • One of the best tech support systems
  • The website is always working 24/7
  • Highly responsible Customer Service
  • Brings new customers to your business
  • Allows you to pause the orders whenever you want with the Vacation Mode
  • Allows your customers to pre-order so that they don’t have to wait in line

GloriaFood Cons:

  • Still has room for improvement for dine-in customers

GloriaFood Pricing Plan:

GloriaFood’s core product, the online ordering system, is free, as are a lot of other features. Still, there are some features that you can choose to pay for if you want (this is completely optional). Below, here are those features along with their pricing:

GloriaFood Pricing

GloriaFood Details:

  • Website:
  • CEO: Oliver Auerbach
  • Industries: Computer Software
  • Company Size: 11-50 employees
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Founded: 2013
  • Specialty: Online Food Ordering
  • Monthly starting price: Free
  • Head Office: Bucharest
  • uCompares rating: 4.9/5


After going through this review, it should be easier for you to understand how much GloriaFood is offering to its users. A free online ordering system can prove to be a great asset for your restaurant. It can help you bring in new customers while making sure to improve the experience of existing customers. You can do all this while saving up a lot of time and money.

This system will also help you tackle unforeseen circumstances like the recent spread of COVID-19 where only restaurants that supported online deliveries and pre-ordering kept functioning. The best thing about GloriaFood is that it is completely free of cost. Therefore, we would definitely recommend you to give it a shot as we are quite sure you will most likely never regret this decision.

We hope that our review has made it easier for you to make a decision, as we have tried our best to bring you all the necessary information related to GloriaFood. Our team wishes you the best.

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