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Grove HR Review 2024 – Is It Best HR Platform?

Grove HR Review 2023:

Grove HR Platform – Faster Growth and superior HR:

In this fast-paced era, It isn’t easy to manage individual employees’ life cycles and records, supervise their time-off, and much more. They need an automated platform that can handle all of their data in a safe and secure place.

Now, this is where Grove HR comes into play; it is the best solution for when you want to supervise your employees efficiently and easily set up an attractive employee experience online.

Grove HR:

Grove HR

Grove HR is an HR platform, which provides you the tools necessary save to your current data and old data to create effective employee profiles as well as to add data about new hires in the future so you can easily access the whole information in one click and then share it with the people when needed safely and securely with the issuance that the information is free from human error.

Due to its safeguarded platform, they securely upload your data. You can load it when needed without any issues when you are monitoring the employment process or regulating current employees. Through Grove, HR is data easily accessible as you can operate it through both your mobile device and computer, and you can conveniently update it at any moment.

They use the best available technology to provide a safe, secure, and easy experience. With artificial intelligence, they manage HR functionally from top to bottom. With these features, Grove HR proves to be superior.

Key Features of Grove HR:

Grove HR dashboard

The key features mentioned below make Grove HR; a comprehensive and advanced software that allows you to do so much more than just recruiting.

1- Applicant Tracking:

Nowadays, people don’t have the time and resources to look at every single resume or CV. So Grove HR uses the applicant tracking system (ATS) and processes the resumes submitted, saving time. The human recruiter then looks at the resumes chosen through the ATS algorithms and automatically surfaces the best candidates.  Furthermore, ATS keeps all the resumes in one place, which helps the recruiter stay organized. Additionally, the resumes stay stored in the database even after you have hired someone to go back to these files in the future and aren’t lost by then.

2- Employee Database:

All information of the employees is kept in the Grove HR database. Due to this, the HR manager can easily store, oversee, and track all employee data. It can be accessed at any time through their mobile and computer apps.

3- Self-Service Portal:

Grove HR has a self-service portal, so basically, it consists of self-help functions and self-service, which allows and encourages employees to request training, find information. Additionally, this portal provides information and resources to help employees find answers and find solutions to their problems.

4- Time and Attendance Management:

Grove HR uses Time and Attendance systems (TNA), enabling them to monitor and track when employees are starting and ending their workdays. IT also allows them to monitor the employees’ working hours, whether they are arriving late, making an early departure, or taking time on breaks or absent.

Due to this, the HR manager can easily cut or increase the pay as they know how many absentees an employee has if they are working overtime or leaving early.

5- Payroll Management:

Through Grove HR, the management of payroll is made easier as the list of employees has already been sorted out and their work benefits and the amounts that each employee in that list should receive, and if any payment has to be cut. It shows how much will be withheld as Taxes and how much should be given in the form of salaries, wages, and bonuses.

6- Grove HR Mobile App:

Grove HR mobile app allows the user to work outside of their office, from clearing off all of your HR tasks on-the-go to staying connected and engaged with your team. Everything can be accessed immediately right from the mobile app. You can forget about the traditional approaches because your employees can now submit notes, supporting documents, and leave requests easily just through a few clicks on the app.

Why should Grove HR be preferred over others?

Manage the whole employee lifecycle from one place:

All the tools you need to operate a business are present in Grove HR, including employee documentation and records, time-off management, payslip availability on mobile, company news, offline directory, HR reports, and much more.

Keeps employees happy and engaged and motivates them to build a better company culture:

The engagement process starts way before the employees’ first day. The easily accessible mobile app makes engagement easier as a good collaboration between the team members becomes seamless.

Tracks and monitors daily operations which help in making better decisions:

Since Grove HR automatically collects the numbers and turns them into valuable data, it leaves no safety for errors or doubts about the day-to-day HR operations reports.

It makes the company using them visible to candidates:

Since the company can make a branded career page, it allows them to integrate with conventional online job platforms. This results in the company receiving and storing the candidate’s information automatically.

Saves time and everyone works better together:

Through this, communication between employees becomes seamless as hiring notes can be added, so they know what is going on, what will happen, and what is left to do. And employees can look at the history to understand the pattern of events happening at the company, so they are never surprised by new or sudden changes.

Helps in achieving hiring success and hitting targets:

It makes the overall hiring process from checking the hiring pipeline to keeping an eye on the performance. Additionally, Grove HR syncs the candidates’ information with ease when he or she is hired, so no extra data entry is required.

It takes care of administration:

Grove HR strives to save the precious time of their customers. They do this by automatically tracking the employee time and attendance every month, which helps in the payroll calculation.

Gives employees instant access to what they need:

All of the information needed by employees will be provided on the grove HR portal. They won’t need to contact the team member or call the supervisor. This will make the employees independent, and they will find solutions to issues themselves.

Keeps the employees engaged and connected with the team:

It keeps the employees up to date with the latest company updates that include new member announcements and key business updates. This helps improve the communication in the company.

Enables employees to do their job productively:

Through the grove platform, employees can be given checklists to understand their tasks and accomplish them easily. And employees can easily access them through the mobile app. And employees can easily ask for personal leaves through the portal, and the manager can immediately approve.


  • Easy accessibility with mobile app
  • Automatic transfer data
  • Don’t require any coding.
  • Communication between employees, recruiters, and management becomes easier.
  • Has a free trial available
  • It helps save the time of recruiters.
  • No additional soft wares or platforms are required.
  • Consumer-friendly


 They don’t have any integrations yet, and the reports are still at a basic level. 

Grove HR Pricing Plan:

Grove HR is currently offering a free forever program, which will be available for everyone until June 2021. After this, there will be three plans available for the user:

  • Free Plan
  • Startup Plan
  • Advanced Plan

The pricing of these plans has not been decided yet but will soon be published on their website once everything is sorted out.

Grove HR details:

  • Website:
  • CEO: Vu Lam
  • Founded: 2009
  • Specialty: Global software service
  • Head Office: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • uCompares rating: 4.9/5


After going through all the information mentioned above, we are inclined to think that your understanding of Grove HR has improved from before reading this review.  A secure platform to track employee data, easily manage the recruitment process, manage employees, and payroll management.

Grove HR is the best platform that can help the management, recruiter, and employees at the same time as enterprises regardless of being large, medium, or small. It helps save time as time is very scarce these days. Even though it does not provide a free trial, it does provide a free trial for SMEs having 50 to 250 employees.

Our team hopes that our review has given you enough information on the software to make the correct decision for your business. Wishing you the best of luck!

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