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Growcer Review 2024: The Best Software to Launch a Grocery Ordering and Delivery Marketplace

Growcer Review 2022:

Changing times and advancements in technology have contributed immensely to shaping the grocery industry as per the new consumer. With convenience becoming a top priority, grocers are adding new channels to reach the customer. Online grocery shopping is not only need-of-the-hour but fast becoming a trend. 

Innovative business models and lucrative opportunities have propelled offline grocers to expand their outreach and provide groceries at the customer’s doorsteps. Entrepreneurs and business owners are launching fully operational marketplaces with all features for easy online ordering and delivery of groceries. 

To launch such functional marketplaces, software solutions with readymade features and mobile apps help begin operations in no time.

One such comprehensive and popular online grocery marketplace solution is Growcer. It is a complete ready-to-launch hyper-local grocery software that comes with ready-made buyer and delivery staff mobile applications for a rich customer experience, enticing user journeys, and proficient management tools.

In the best of industry interests, we have brought for you a feature-wise review of this software.

Introduction to Growcer:

Growcer is a hyperlocal grocery marketplace software solution developed after thorough market research to launch a grocery ordering and delivery marketplace. Its product design and development cover all aspects that prospective grocery business owners need as they plan to launch their own grocery marketplace.

Growcer as a solution has been developed by FATbit Technologies to build many business ideas apart from online grocery shopping or everyday household essentials. Alternate business niches that could be launched using Growcer are: 

Niche categories like ordering and delivery of only:

Many more such e-commerce businesses can be launched using the Growcer software.

Business and Revenue Model of Growcer

The Growcer Business Model – How it works

Since we are presenting here a comprehensive review of the grocery marketplace solution – Growcer, we give you an insight into its business as well as revenue models, so as to allow prospective business owners strong reasons to pick this ready product off the shelf for launching their online grocery business.

The Growcer business model is streamlined with separate panels for the 4 users that form the standard ecosystem on any e-commerce marketplace. The admin or business owner, sellers or vendors, buyers, and the delivery personnel. 

  • The owner or admin launches a marketplace with multiple possibilities and revenue streams for the sale of groceries, everyday household essentials, or maybe any product the admin wishes to deliver at the customer’s doorstep.
  • Vendors register on the marketplace with or without a subscription package (depending upon policies set by admin) to list their shops with products, take orders and deliver to the customer either by their own or the admin provided delivery service. 
  • The buyers can view all shops in their vicinity from where they can shop for the goods of their choice. 
  • The admin manages the marketplace and moderates activities as well as reviews.

How to Earn with Growcer – The Revenue Channels

The admin or owner of the online grocery marketplace built on Growcer can earn through various revenue streams interspersed within the shopping process. Commissions, advertisements, and vendor subscriptions, all render income sources for the admin to run their business. 

The admin has the discretion and the choice to create multiple ways or combinations in which revenue can be drawn through the online shopping and delivery happening on the marketplace.

  • Through a commission on every transaction from the vendor 
  • Through a fixed commission on every delivery from the buyer as well as the driver 
  • Through vendor subscriptions to join the marketplace
  • From banner ads and on-site promotions for the vendors

What Makes Growcer an impeccable grocery eCommerce software?

A software picked to launch any e-commerce portal needs to be stable and scalable to support the business through various stages.

Growcer augments the online marketplace with a strong framework comprising robust user panels. A comprehensive and proficiently designed operational infrastructure allows easy execution of the online ordering and delivery processes. 

While the solution depicts a strong base, the strength & performance have been essentially validated. Growcer has passed every typical test type, such as usability testing, security testing, database testing, mobile testing, and A/B testing.

Growcer comes with optimized parameters ready to set-up an e-commerce website & app with high performance standards and expectations. It comes with a system backed with strong security and stability with:

  • SSL This tends to secure the connectivity between the browser and the server on which the e-commerce marketplace is hosted. Growcer developers can integrate this certificate into any server on which the admin wishes to launch their website.
  • Data validation Growcer validates any information or input that is received on your portal for correctness and accuracy. This builds a secure flow allowing seamless connectivity and transaction capability.
  • Security Assets A saliently developed product, Growcer as a solution offers security assets pertaining to restricted SQL injection, restricted Cross-site scripting (XSS), restricted cross-site request forgery, handled sensitive data exposure, data sanitization, broken authentication, and restricted direct access for folder/files.

The solution thus offers an all-round protection as well as reliability as a business is established on it.

Features of Growcer

Sophisticated and efficient features for each stakeholder- admin, seller, buyer, and delivery staff, along with mobile applications for both delivery staff and buyer, make Growcer a solution of choice for any prospective online grocery business owner.

A look at its features, user-wise, will definitely bring you on-board with the reason why this product is gaining popularity.

Admin Panel The owner of the platform receives a ready-to-execute admin panel, with complete ownership and a systemized view of the analytics for better decision making. Enlisting the admin features for you:

  1. Product Catalogue System
  2. Seller Approval & Management
  3. Reports & Statistics
  4. Currency Management
  5. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  6. Delivery Staff Management
  7. Commission & tax management
  8. Multiple revenue channels
  9. Subscription packages management 
  10. Multiple levels of administrative access.

Seller Panel The seller is the driving force behind the success of the online shopping platform, and so, Growcer empowered seller panel comes with distinguished features enabling them to connect better with their customers, with much more to offer, and improved quality of services. The feature list for the seller’s panel includes:

Some of the key functionalities available for the seller are:

  1. Shop Management
  2. Sales Dashboard
  3. Order Cancellation/Refund Requests Management
  4. Pin Shop on Map
  5. Subscription Plans
  6. Wallet Management
  7. Banner ads
  8. Delivery slot management
  9. Bulk import/export
  10. Daily Reports 

Buyer Panel (both web and mobile app) – Buyers visiting a Growcer powered online shopping marketplace website get to order their favorite products from stores within a defined area. The hyperlocal platform solution provides buyers with a dedicated mobile application to order their favorites with maximum convenience at hand. The buyer panel as well as application is loaded with the following features:

  1. Multi-cart
  2. Click and Collect
  3. Delivery Schedule
  4. Order Tracking
  5. Auto-detect user location
  6. Product search
  7. Guest-user checkout
  8. Order substitution
  9. Multi-currency

Delivery Staff Panel (both web and mobile app) Growcer driven marketplaces are a complete package offering salient features enriching the user-journey on the platform. The delivery staff functionalities are managed through a mobile application that augments driver efficiency as well as the delivery process. The features of the delivery staff include:

    • Profile Management
    • Define Radius
    • Route Navigation to Sellers’ & Buyers’ Location
    • Delivery Order Management
    • Multilingual
    • Accept or reject the order
    • Click and call to both sellers and buyers
    • Convenience of operating
    • Order cancellation
    • Push notifications

Major Clients & Testimonials:

What’s Missing in Growcer?

Although a feature-packed marketplace solution, Growcer ready as an MVP is developing into a complete product with market and business insights being integrated as per client demands. 

With all-round features and convenience modules integrated, the development team is adept to customize the solution to suit specific business needs.

On reviewing the software in detail the only two points that we could gather as to what is missing in Growcer:

  • Seller apps
  • MSN Language Translation Module 

The Growcer development team offers to enhance the product with modules and features as per specific requirements, putting your investment at the right place for better ROIs.

Live Demos

  1. Admin
  2. Seller
  3. Buyer
  4. Delivery Staff

How to start a marketplace with Growcer?

When you decide to go ahead with Growcer for your grocery e-commerce marketplace set-up, a simple procedure follows getting you started in no time:

  1. The Growcer team is an adept group of domain experts who contribute to setting up and installing the grocery marketplace platform on the server of your choice.
  2. The team configures important settings for your marketplace such as the logo, location, language, currency, product catalog, and more.
  3. The next step is for you to invite vendors to come on-board and list their products on the marketplace.
  4. Hereon, you can launch & manage your grocery marketplace with ease and convenience.

Other Benefits of Choosing Growcer:

Now, as entrepreneurs and business owners prefer ready-to-launch e-commerce marketplace software solutions, some points contribute to the popularity of some products, making them stand out among the rest.

Growcer with its comprehensive feature list and agile development is crafted to provide new business owners with a product that not only meets their expectations but helps them launch and grow seamlessly. 

Some of the business-friendly benefits of Growcer include:

  1. White Label Solution – The marketplace software solution is a white label solution that you as a business owner can rebrand and resell as a product of your own. It serves as a long term investment too. 
  2. Custom solution – Growcer being a turnkey solution can be customized to your vision, displaying aptly what a particular business demands.
  3. Lifetime Ownership with Free Installation – Unlike other grocery eCommerce software on the shelf that comes with subscription, installation, and operational charges, Growcer offers free installation of your business. A lifetime ownership allows complete control over the business and allows seamless expansion.
  4. Free 1 year Technical Support – The client-centric solution is available with a full year of free technical support. Helping entrepreneurs and business owners with a smooth launch including related troubleshooting.
  5. Multiple Support Channels – Comprehensively designed to cater to various businesses, Growcer is integrated with more than 15 APIs that play a vital role in the smooth running of the online marketplaces launched on it. There is still scope on top of these, for more to be added so as to enhance UX-UI of the platforms launched.

Final Thoughts

So now when out searching for a solution to set up a grocery marketplace, or any e-commerce marketplace for that matter of fact, especially to connect people to their local neighborhood grocery stores, Growcer is a definite pick. 

An answer to all the pain points a business can come across with respect to admin control, catalog, and product management along with enhancing the last-mile delivery, Growcer comes as a complete eCommerce solution. 

We recommend Growcer and the team behind it to craft your grocery e-commerce marketplace.

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