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8 Clever Hacks For Social Media Marketing In 2024

Creating a social media account is so handy nowadays. You will see even 8 years 8-year-old kid knows how to create an Instagram or Facebook account. This is because these things are so common in our community that whenever two people meet the last question that they ask each other is do you have an Instagram or Facebook account? But this easiness has created so many doors for social media marketers.

If you are a daily user of Instagram or Facebook, you might know that every time you open your account you will see new ads, new posts, or new things on Instagram. And most of them are for marketing purposes. Those ads that we see in our YouTube videos are just for marketing. You can say that social media is becoming the easiest way to market your new or old business. It is not like you won’t be successful, if you are doing all the steps correctly on social media you will get millions of followers or customers in a short period. It’s all because of using the right strategies.

If you know about social media marketing, you should know that if you want to succeed in the digital market, you have to implement some tips for social media marketing with the help of which you can climb up the success stairs in markets.

Also, there are some clever social media marketing hacks, with the help of which you can easily do the marketing for your brand or product and get it in the success line. But what are those hacks and how you can do the marketing on social media accounts with those hacks? Don’t worry these all things will be discussed in this article today. So without wasting further time. Let’s get started.

Social Media Marketing:

Do you know what is social media marketing? And how you can promote your brand or product on social media. Although social media is not a new term or thing to hear but still social media marketing can still be a new term for many people. So first let them know what social media marketing (SMM) is. Social media accounts are being used to promote their brands or products so that people using social media will get to know about those brands and will become their customers. Marketing on social media is used to get more and more followers. And this is a 100%authentic way of getting more customers. If you know the right way of doing marketing on social media, you can easily use these platforms for the promotion of your brand.

Although it is easy to do for experts. But still, if you talk to those experts and ask about their way of doing these things in so much easier way. They will always tell you about the small hacks or simple tips and tricks. Even expert people always go for the hacks as these hacks are proven to be successful. So many social media hacks will help you to grow your business more.

Let’s see what those simple hacks on social media are:

1. Focus On Influencers:

In social media marketing, the main thing that is roaming all around is influencer marketing. On social media, now we have almost more than thousands of influencers that will help you promote your brand. But with this time where social media marketing is not so easy to do, the same is true with influencer marketing. You can’t just contact them and make them promote your product. No, it does not go this way. You have to be very careful in searching for the right influencer for your brand. You should consider the one who has a lot of followers.

So, when he or she posts your product, millions of people will see it through their posts. Also, today’s influencer demands too much, you have to pay them a huge amount for the promotion of your product also you have to make sure that you are providing enough value to that influencer and also to their audience. Like many influencers say that they will use any discount code for the people who will come to your brand through their reference. So you have to be more lenient for their audience.

2 Always A/B Test For Best Results:

A/ B tests are used to know whether this strategy of things will be effective for your brand or not. It will help you to prevent any kind of mishap or loss in your company. Also, you can use those test results and processes in your practical application. Though it’s not a kind of social media marketing hack it is an important point for your digital marketing strategies. Let’s suppose you are thinking about which infographic styles you will use in your upcoming campaign or launch. You can simply do the test, like you can use two posts that will be alike but there will be one difference in them that will be in infographics style.

From the results of those posts, you can see which version has got the most clicks or positive results. And according to that, you can go on with that product or thing in your launch so that you won’t face any kind of loss in it. Also always pay attention to the comments or sayings of people about your posts. So that you will get the idea of which type of thing will be liked by your customers or will get you more audience. you can do A/B test post formats, headlines, CTAs, captions, and other things on the site. But remember that you will get proficient with this simple hack as you practice more in it and get more favorable results.

3. Create Your Content Calendar:

When you are new on any route you will need a map or guideline, with the help of which you can easily reach your destination. If you want to do successful social media marketing you will need a content calendar, that will be your presence’s route map. Using a professional or business account means you have to manage everything in it. You can’t just post anything any time. There is a specific time on each site at which you will get more engagement if you post. Also, you can’t just post every day or every minute.

Create a calendar of your content whether it is on Instagram or Facebook. Other than posting you have to manage other things too like you have to make sure that your social media activity complements all of your other marketing initiatives, including bogs, pictures, videos, and all the updates. To understand all these things, team members, have to make a single or centralized location at which every member of your team can easily understand all the things or view them.

Always make your content interesting so that more people will like it. One-dimensional content and themes that will be used in a repeated manner will not get as much engagement as new posts in new styles will get. So always come up with something new for your promotion or your brand.

4. Live Video Streaming:

As social media gets too much fame for everything, so many fake brands or people ditch people and break their trust. Whenever those people see something genuine, they still think that it is fake. For those people, it is very important to have live streaming. So that everyone will see by themselves that your brand or your products are not fake. You can also use your product once in front of them so that they will get to know that this brand is genuine. Not only it’s a way of promoting your brand or products but also it’s a good way to show them off.

Mostly all big brands like Nike and all others always go for live streaming and get more audience than others. In this way, they showcase their products in front of people who are far from them. even most of the brands do their launches or seminars on live streaming so as many people as possible can be part of their brand.

5. Post Your Content In The Form Of Stories Or Short Clips:

If you get two videos one will be of 2 hours and on the other hand other will be of 6 seconds. Which one will you choose to see and which one will make you interested in it? The short one. Long stories or long pages make people. So they always go for the things that are small, and short and will take them less time.

Always remember to post your brand or content through stories, short clips and now even you have the option of reels on all social media platforms. In your content, always try to use catchy headlines and strong visuals so that it will grab people’s attention more. You can also consider employing the help of influencers to feature on your stores, and reels to help in the promotion of your brand and products.

6. Use Right Hashtags:

When you choose the reel hashtags that are relevant to your topic. This hashtag will help you to find your post or content more quickly. You have to choose the hashtag that perfectly fits in with your content. The hashtag will help the users find the topic that is of interest. Relevant topics will help the user to take an interest in your topic and click on your profile to see more of your content. And the one you want at that time is to feel them engaged.

Some of the hashtags are used more commonly. You have to choose the unique hashtags that will help to grab the attention of the users. There are some high-competition and low-competition hashtags are recommended to bash a nice balance. You have to take advantage of the hashtags that are on trend. These hashtags will help to boost your content. Whenever you post something or the content, you have to choose the hashtags that are on trend. You need to work on the relevant hashtags. Do not waste your time on irrelevant hashtags.

7. Know Your Competitors:

If you want to be successful in your social media marketing, you must need to know the clever hacks for social media marketing; like you have to know your competitors. You should know that who are the people that are standing against you. From whom you have to compete. Always remember to never underestimate your competitors. Make sure to know everything about them only then you will know what are they planning to do in the future and in which ways you can get success and be ahead of them.

Always follow their accounts, read their tweets know about their followers. If they have more followers than you, then make sure that what are the things that they are doing and you are not. What type of content they are posting that is more interesting for the audience? But in this race, never replicate everything they do, you have to make your content unique and you have to be different from everyone in the market. Be unique, be real.

8. Choose Your Platform Wisely:

When you are done with developing your brand now it’s time for the promotion. Always choose the platform that is more familiar to you and you know every detail about that platform. Like if you are familiar with Instagram but want to do marketing on Twitter. It will be a con for you as you don’t know anything about Twitter how will you manage everything on the platform? Always choose the platform wisely. It will affect your marketing so much.


Social media marketing is the very easiest and finest way to market your brand. Every person in the 21st century is going this way. You just have to know small tips and tricks about social media marketing and you are all good to go.

But make sure that you know all things about social media marketing. Because just creating an account and promoting your services or products or posting on social media is not all you have to do. It needs a lot of hard work and consistency. And after that, you will start getting more and more audience. There are many ways through which you can do your social media marketing and also you can adapt some hacks that will be more helpful for you.

In this article, we have shared some of the social media marketing hacks that will prove positive in your social media marketing.


1. Can We Hire Anyone From An Influencer To Promote Our Brand?

No, you can’t. you have to make sure that the influencer you are choosing has enough followers. So according to that, you will get the audience on your page.

2. Is It Necessary To Follow These Tips And Tricks?

If you want to get successful marketing on social media, then you should follow these simple hacks and get more audience for your brand.

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