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HaloITSM Review (2024):The Best IT Service Management (ITSM) Software

HaloITSM Review 2023:

Are you looking for the best IT service management (ITSM) solution to empower your IT team and deliver instant & efficient ITIL-aligned service?

Do you want to streamline your entire incident lifecycle from ticket creation to issue summary or resolution?

You have come to the right place! We have the perfect solution for your IT-related problems in the form of HaloITSM.

In this article, we will dive deep into the details of this amazing IT service management software and explore its features.

Without waiting any further, let’s begin!

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HaloITSM Introduction:

HaloITSM is an IT service management software designed to deliver ITIL-aligned service. It can be used by organizations of all sizes in various industries to update incidents status and view details, such as priority level, ticket ID, issue resolution, and data created. The platform focuses on analyzing IT processes to make sure they align with the business needs. It is trusted by more than 100,000 organizations, institutes, and individuals from 40+ countries worldwide. Some of the notable institutes & organizations include the University Of Cambridge, Sony Music, Network Homes, AkzoNobel, Britax, Liberty Steel, Atos, and many more.

HaloITSM home

The software offers a wide range of management features, including Incident Management, Service-Level Agreement (SLA) Management, Problem Management, Configuration Management, Task Management, Release Management, Contract Management, Inventory Management, and Knowledge Management to give your teams the ability to deliver the very best in service.

Moreover, HaloITSM offers some additional features, such as a Self-service portal, Change control, Service catalog, User-friendly dashboard, and 24/7 customer support. Furthermore, the software integrates with a wide range of third-party apps, including Microsoft Office 365, Slack, Twitter, Splunk, Okta, Sage, Xero, QuickBooks, and more.

Let’s discuss some of the unique features of HaloITSM!

What are the Unique Features of HaloITSM:

HaloITSM offers a variety of advanced features to help IT teams deliver streamlined service to customers and employees. Some of the unique features offered by HaloITSM are given below:

1- Incident Management:

HaloITSM offers an advanced ITIL-aligned Incident Management feature to easily & quickly manage incidents and meet SLAs. It helps to restore normal service operations as soon as possible to minimize the negative effects on business operations. The platform emphasizes maintaining the best possible levels of service quality and availability.

Moreover, it allows you to nominate multiple request types as Incident Management requests and remain compliant. Plus, you can easily specify default values (SLAs, Mailboxes, Categories, and Priorities) at the request type-level before creating a request.

Additionally, it offers granular reporting that helps you track all the incident request activity from beginning to end. Besides, you can manually create incidents and attach them to open problem tickets via smart identification.

Some additional benefits of Incident Management include:

  • Easily & efficiently link e-mail and web submitted incidents to new or existing problem requests
  • Report and analyze all the root causes of incidents to improve future decisions and services
  • Share incident resolutions with your team with the aid of your Knowledge Base with just a single click
  • Compare incident activity with related assets to improve reliability of services
  • Track the activity throughout the ticket lifetime so that your actions are fully transparent for quality auditing purposes

2- Knowledge Management:

HaloITSM helps you to capture, develop, share, and use organizational knowledge easily. It follows a multi-disciplined approach to achieve the objectives of your organization via making the best use of knowledge. Knowledge Management technology makes it easy for you to improve the culture of sharing information in your business. You can easily build up your knowledge base by converting solutions into articles or create high-quality content with comprehensive keyword indexing, file attachments, and rich formatting.

Following are some of the major benefits of Knowledge Management feature:

  • Search title and contents, including resolutions created by your team members, with the help of Full Word indexing
  • Excellent Text formatting for Resolution Screens and Full Details to add format and pictures according to your preference
  • Make everyone responsible for their work by recording which created or amend the entry and when, for audits and quality controls
  • Create Knowledge Base (KB) article before closing requests for your agents so that they think about what to add
  • Link floating documents and statistic attachments to article
  • Create KB article from the closed ticket based on details, resolution, and summary
  • Use Web-Portal for self-service to choose the articles to publish to end-users

3- Problem Management:

The Problem Management feature offered by HaloITSM helps you automate and increase the management of ongoing problems by identifying the root cause of incidents and resolves them, thus minimizing the unfavorable effects of problems and incidents on business. These problems can be caused by IT infrastructure errors. HaloITSM aims to deliver exceptional problem resolution by preventing the recurrence of incidents related to these errors.

4- SLA Management:

HaIoITSM’s SLA Management facility prevents you from violating any SLA. It enables you to create multiple customizable SLA groups, descriptions, priorities, & timings for resolution and response times. Plus, you can effectively communicate throughout your organization with the aid of automated escalation rules and emails.

5- Release Management:

HaloITSM offers a user-friendly interface that helps you plan, control, and document all your releases, from small bug fixes to complex software enhancements from a single place. It also lets you notify your end-users about changes & version updates to keep them up-to-date.

6- Configuration Management:

It allows you to monitor your assets and dependencies among configuration items. You can identify & log problems and incidents against your assets and detecting systemic failings before they cause major incidents.

7- Task Management:

HaloITSM offers you a centralized system to stay on top of your workload via organizing your tasks projects in a single place. It lets you integrate your apps, assign members to tasks to track your team’s performance, and connect your calendar to sync all your appointments and meetings.

8- Contract Management:

The Contract Management feature helps you manage a lot of tasks like controlling the products sold to your consumers, track dates & documents, work out what is billed, how, and where, under contract data.

9- Inventory Management:

Please keep track of stock controls and categorize them, plus analyze costing for better traceability and seamless service. You can also manually create items or even import them from an existing database.

What are the Reasons to Choose HaloITSM:

HaloITSM comes with a wide range of functionalities that make it one of the best IT service management software. Following are some of the main reasons to choose HaloITSM over its competitors:

Solutions for Multiple Sectors:

HaloITSM offers solutions for a wide range of sectors. Some of the sectors are given below:

  • Public Sector: The platform is trusted throughout the public sectors, including emergency services, councils, and central government. It delivers an intuitive IT experience and reduces overheads. It allows public sectors to easily manage configuration, update workflows, and reduce the Total Cost of ownership.
  • Education Sector: HalolTSM offers solutions for various educational sectors, including schools, colleges, multi-academy trusts, and universities. It provides best ITIL practices out of the box supporting standardized processes to help plan, manage, and deliver campus-wide IT services. The educational institutes can use the self-service portal offered by HaloITSM to give their students the ability to find answers instantly with KB articles, FAQs, and canned responses.
  • Financial Services: The platform also offers powerful and secure ITSM software for the financial services industry to benefit from a single centralized system for ITIL processes, such as problem, incident, and change management.
  • Healthcare Sector: HaloITSM helps healthcare providers to save valuable time by automating the managing process. Healthcare organizations can use the software to control CMDB, visualize dependencies between CIs, and track configuration items.

Self-Service Portal:

The platform offers a fully customizable & white label portal to build an extension of your brand with freedom. Plus, the end-users can access their requests, raise various tickets, and find solutions to their problems through KB articles. Interestingly, HaloITSM allows you to control the data they see and perform based on the user.

Change Control:

HaloITSM’s remarkable change management feature helps you plan, execute, and track organizational changes of any level. It makes sure that standardized procedures and approaches are used for effectively handling all the changes throughout your entire company.

Service Catalogue:

The software lets you keep track of all ITIL-compliant actions carried out through the system. You can inform your team about all the progress and keep your customer up-to-date by providing detailed reports on relevant information.

Real-Time Project Dashboard:

HaloITSM offers a user-friendly and clean dashboard that shares the live view of all ongoing projects to gain visibility and clarity. Moreover, it updates you automatically so that you can monitor your projects and make resource spend transparent.

Auto-Asset Discovery:

HaloITSM helps you automate the assets discovery in your company to simplify the process of maintaining assets and also automating the collection process. With the platform, you can gain more control over your assets, contacts, and items in a single place to give your team power and transparency.

Integrated ITSM Platform:

It offers a single cloud-based system to capture your entire ITIL process and help your team to easily track and manage all assets, tickets, and projects.

Pros and Cons of HaloITSM:


  • Easily deliver ITIL-aligned services
  • A wide range of management tools such as Incident, SLA, Problem, Inventory, etc.
  • Easily manage incidents and meet SLAs
  • Automation of workflow
  • Centralized communication
  • Perform all the tasks from a single centralized system
  • Offers Multiple integrations
  • Easily manage and organize tasks, documents, and releases
  • Create knowledge-based articles
  • Identify systemic failings prior to causing major incidents
  • Easily assign users task
  • Track team’s work
  • Connect your calendar to sync appointments and meetings
  • Autonomy over configuration
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Affordable
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Configuration can be complex

Try HaloITSM For Free

HaloITSM Contact Details:

  • Office: (UK) Beverley House, 2 Market Place, Stowmarket, IP14 1DP/ (USA) 4701 Patrick Henry Dr #25, Santa Clara, 95054/ (Australia) Suite 3, Level 27 Governor Macquarie Tower, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW
  • Phone: UK (+44 (0)1449 833111), USA (+1 (619) 432-0470), Australia (+61 (0) 3 8 820 5182)
  • Website:

HaloITSM Pricing Details:

HaloITSM offers two pricing plans with a free trial:

  • For Teams & Companies: This plan starts from $25 per month per agent (billed annually)
  • For Enterprise: Contact for the quote

Do we Recommend HaloITSM?

Yes, we recommend HaloITSM because it is one of the best IT service management software that provides a wide range of ITIL-aligned services for small and big organizations. It offers a centralized platform to manage all IT-related tasks. It saves your time and effort by managing process automation. Through this article, we tried to provide you details about this flabbergasting IT service management software, and we hope you will find it helpful.

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