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hihaho Review (2022): The Best Interactive Video Platform

hihaho Review 2022:

Are you looking for a platform to help you get more watch time on your videos?

In this age of digital media, video making has become a very common thing. There are a lot of people who are earning thousands of dollars from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. The competition is very tough so it is hard for newcomers to stand out. In order to help these beginners, there are a lot of platforms present that add interactivity to your videos. With an interactive video, you can drastically increase your watch time.

Today we bring you hihaho which is a platform that helps you create more engaging experiences. We will take a deep dive into this platform and determine whether you should use it or not.

What is hihaho?

Hihaho is a SaaS platform that provides interactive video experiences. It is a scalable platform so you can use it for multiple videos. The best thing about hihaho is that it is compliant with all of the video platforms. Using hihaho, you can make your videos more interactive and get more clicks and watch time.


Most of the traffic present on the internet is due to online videos. A lot of users just prefer watching videos over reading something. You can’t even imagine the impact of interactive videos with millions of daily users. Hihaho will help you in creating interactive video experiences in a very simple way. Creating an interactive video with hihaho is as simple as creating a PowerPoint presentation.

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Some of the best features of hihaho are:

1- Questions:

A great way of letting the viewers interact in your video is by adding questions. You can use these questions as a way to test your audience or as a form of survey. Score values and feedback can also be added to the questions.

2- Table of Contents:

Another useful thing is that you can easily create different chapters in your video. This will provide your audience with an easy way to go through different sections of a video.

3- Pop-up Menu:

You can add pop-up menus in your videos as well. Using pop-up menus, you can easily organize all of your content. You can also link different things to your video and can use hyperlinks too.

4- Transparent Button:

A transparent button can be added to a certain portion of a video. Using this button, the viewers can directly jump to another section or a website as well.

5- Hotspots:

Hotspots can be added in the videos so that your audience can focus more on a particular section. These hotspots can contain hyperlinks as well as descriptions.

6- Pause:

If there is an image or text present in the video, then the audience can easily pause your video. This is useful if you have a summary present in your video, so your viewers can simply pause the video and read that summary.

7- Jump To:

You can also add jump to feature in your video. This is really important as the audience can use this feature to skip an irrelevant/uninteresting section.

8- Text:

Text can be added to the videos and can be used to explain things in the videos. This text can also be used as an interactable button as well.

9- Image:

You can add images, logos, banners, etc to your video. All of these images can be made clickable as well. This provides an additional layer of interactivity.

10- Sound:

Hihaho allows you to add different types of sounds in your videos as well. You can play music and can also censor foul language as well.

11- Zoom:

For making videos stand out more and emphasize a certain portion, the videos can be zoomed in as well. this is a really cool feature that you can use to focus on some particular things in a video.

12- Scroll Text:

Another great feature is the addition of scrolling text. You can add scrolling text to your video which can be used as a news ticker or can also be used as a hyperlink.

13- Highlight:

Hihaho also allows you to decrease the visibility in a certain area so that a specific area can be highlighted. This is great when you want your audience to focus on a single thing and ignore the irrelevant stuff.

14- Rating:

If you want to know the opinions of your audiences then you can also add ratings to your videos as well. Your audience will get the option of rating your videos.

15- Linked Video:

You can link different interactive videos with each other within the same tab using a simple button.

16- Forms:

Hihaho also allows you to add different forms to your videos. The data inside the forms are directly sent to your email or CRM.

17- Add-ons:

Hihaho also provides different add-ons like:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • FreshSales
  • SalesForce
  • Marketo and many more

Using these add-ons, you can supercharge your videos. Hihaho allows you to connect with more than 3000 different softwares and systems. Using these add-ons, you can make things simpler for you and collect all of the required data in a single place.

18- Supported Platforms:

The best thing about hihaho is definitely its platform integration. You can easily make interactive videos on the hihaho platform and then upload them on your video platform with ease. You get integration with all of the big video platforms. The platforms that have direct integration with hihaho are:

  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • JW Player
  • Qumu
  • Mediasite
  • Panopto
  • Brightcove
  • BlueBillywig
  • Kaltura


  • Easy to Use
  • Simple & Straightforward
  • Amazing Add-ons
  • Integration with Video Platforms
  • Great Video Tutorials
  • Wide Variety of Interactions
  • High Engagement Rate


  • Social Sharing can be further simplified

Try Hihaho For Free


Hihaho offers three different types of plans:

  • Lite – € 97/video
  • Professional – € 197/month or € 1.997/year
  • Supreme – € 497/month or € 4.997/year

There is also a custom plan which you can customize according to your needs. If you have a lot of different videos then choosing a custom plan could be the right option.

Final Verdict:

With tough competition, it is hard to stand out on video platforms. But with the smart features that hihaho brings to the table, you can easily make videos that are fun and interactive. Your videos will stand out from the rest and thus provide you with a high viewership. As people love to spend most of their time watching videos, hihaho is the perfect platform for making interactive videos that your audience can easily interact with.

Their platform is really easy to use. It contains all of the features that you can use to create amazing experiences. They have amazing add-ons with different softwares that you can use to further enhance the video experience. You can easily use these videos on the biggest video platforms due to their integration. The plans are also quite varied as well. Overall, if you are looking for a platform that drastically increases the engagement rates of videos then you can easily do that through hihaho.

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