Honor CEO George Zhao Disrespecting Apple Company in 2023

Honor CEO George Zhao Disrespecting Apple Company

Being the front runner of smartphones, the iPhone undoubtedly has a reputation and so much fame.

But some people are disrespecting or defaming the iPhone. In a recent interview, the CEO of Honor company showed rude behavior towards the Apple company and even disregarded them by saying, “Just bumping up performance and camera quality is not enough.”

We all know Apple is famous for its top-level quality camera and performance. With every new edition of the iPhone, many new features are mesmerizing for the users. But George Zhao, Honor’s CEO, said it is not enough. According to George Zhao, “When everyone can expect it before the launch, we feel a little disappointed.” As for Zhao, all the new models should surprise the users. They should need to learn about what is coming forward for them. So that they can enjoy the new model with full joy, but when they announce it before the launch, it gets bad as everyone will know that this model is coming. Though the iPhone 15 is a great model and will also get much more sales.

The competition is becoming tough and tough every day; first, it was the foldable phone launched by the company. That model also surprised everyone. People haven’t come out of the shock of that foldable device, and now here it is, the PURSE design model of Honor. They are soon going to launch the Honor V Purse concept and to give you more shock, they are launching it in China by tomorrow.

No company of smartphones has launched this design. It is becoming the center of attention; it is super thin, with just 9mm when it is close. And all the other features will be announced tomorrow when it gets launched.

Whenever Apple launches any new product, rumors always come to the market even before the model has been manufactured completely. And now we are hearing that Apple is working on foldable products; everyone is saying that it is a foldable laptop. In 2025, apple will launch its new model of laptop, the foldable laptop. Other than foldable laptops, there are rumors that it might be possible to have foldable iPhones or iPads, but that will happen after many years.

We all know that every smartphone company is competing to get ahead of Apple, not just Honor, but Samsung will soon launch its foldable device just to be ahead of Apple so that they can get more customers. All these companies compete with Apple in foldable devices, but here, Apple is busy on AR/VR, as it’s their next focus in electronics. It might be their next big thing in electronics.

Apple company is always on the front line in launching any new thing, whether it’s a new feature in a smartphone or a new model. Every day, the competition is getting tough; now, every other mobile company has new models with different or unique features. Also, people are making bad mouth about the Apple company as they say that having good camera quality is not enough to be the best. But without any doubt, apple is the company that always gets praise from users.


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