How Does Gun Control Affect School Security In 2023

For the last few decades, students and teachers have lived with the reality of shootings in most schools across the United States. This problem highly affects school security as it’s hard to speculate on the student likely to cause the shootings.

There are many reasons for the shootings, some related to racial discrimination, depression, and other forms of disagreement amongst the students. There are different ways schools can improve their security to prevent mass shootings.

Offering gun safety training

Different schools are training teachers and students so that they can intervene in any shooting incident. This will make institutes a “hardened target” as students are well-conversant with safe life knowledge. So, gun education should be highly prioritized.

A gun is a powerful and deadly weapon that needs a lot of training on how to handle it. Students will learn when and when not to use their guns with safety education. As a result, this will improve security.

Gun education is very vital in colleges. Credible sources, including government websites and news outlets, prove these incidents have risen. The increased number of guns amongst the students provokes police brutality. Even if you are an international student, you can easily apply for a gun, provided you meet all the requirements.

You can read more completely free essays about police brutality to understand why you can be caught and create rules in your brain. These sources seek to increase the safety of children and youth in educational settings with safety knowledge. With all these knowledge and skills, students will learn how to escape shooting incidents as a student.

Limit and monitor access points

To optimize the school’s security from shooting incidents, management limits the number of access gates to the institutions. All students should pass through the main entrances and be searched for any illegal weapons.

Visitors and staff should also be thoroughly checked. The rest of the access doors should be locked and inspected periodically to ensure that no student sneaks with a gun into the school compound. With these protocols, you can better track who enters and leaves the premises.

Hiring professionals security guards

Security in schools is a matter of high concern. Professional security guards are trained to detect and intervene in shooting incidents. As a result, students planning for shooting incidents will find it hard to execute their plans. Also, professional security guards are allowed to own guns and can easily shoot intruders who are harming students.

They can detect any signs of criminal behavior and report them to the school security department with the correct procedures. With anonymous reporting systems, students can report any uncomfortable situation they face.

Conduct risk assessment and review emergency protocols

Schools can make use of specialized teams to conduct threat and risk assessments. Then the team will develop proper procedures based on the shooting incidents’ findings regarding the staff and students’ protection against assaults, bullying, theft, weapon use, and other violent crimes.

Those who will be found of any crime that can lead to a shooting should be tried in court and punished as per the law. Still, the institutes can review their emergency protocols to ensure that it’s well prepared for any case of shooting incidence. Schools should adopt zero-tolerance policies toward any case of violence against the students.

Banning guns in schools

About sixteen states in the United States have enacted a ban on concealed weapons in the college. Many shooting incidents make people wonder why guns are still a heavy discussion. It only takes a few minutes for the police to arrive at the school after receiving a call.

And then there is extra security of the professional guards. Many don’t see the need for students to enter schools with guns, provided there are adequate schools. The ban on guns in schools will provide one of the most effective solutions to ending gun violence in schools.

There are different sources that teachers can use to teach about school violence. As a student, you can learn about shooting incidents on YouTube and different articles in various magazines. You can also use different statistics released by states on the number of shooting incidents.


The number of shooting incidents in the United States is rising. That’s why there is a need for all schools to enforce policies that will curb this menace. Provided there is adequate security for the students, guns should be banned in schools.

Emergency protocols should be reviewed, and risk assessment should be conducted. Schools should offer gun education, hire professional guards and limit the access points to the school premises. This will ensure that the students are protected from shooting incidents.

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