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How To Delete Your Telegram Account In 2024 Step-By-Step

Telegram is a messaging application that has become very well-known lately. It was sent off in 2013 and has acquired more than 500 million active users from that era. Other messaging apps lack features including schedule sending and the ability to create groups with up to 200,000 members.

These functions are not available on other apps. Maintaining your social media accounts is important, but there are times when you need to confess that you aren’t using Telegram as much as you once did and that you should stop using it. In any case, there have been issues with it that are doing its users to change to other messaging applications Although, telegram doesn’t offer a single-click delete button, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t delete or deactivate your Telegram account.

It merely takes a few minutes to deactivate your account, whether you’re doing it because you simply no longer use the site or because you’re worried about its security. In this article, we will talk about point full explanations behind exchanging switching to another application from Telegram and what factors make you do that. Furthermore, we will also exhaustively discuss how to delete the telegram account or deactivate it on different Working operating systems and different devices.

Last year WhatsApp changed its privacy policy so people started switching to Telegram again telegram got a lot of new users but it also reduces from time to time.

Exporting Data Before Deleting Telegram Account:

Telegram does not offer any automatic chat backup feature and users need to do it on their own. Also, users need to rely on the PC version of the Telegram app as the mobile version does have this feature. Telegram on PC offers a tool called Telegram Chat export tool. This tool allows users to export almost anything and everything they want. Including information, personal chats, contact list, bot chats, private groups, only my messages, public channels, video files, an audio file, stickers, animated gif, active sessions, and miscellaneous data.
So, if you are thinking about chat backup on Telegram, follow these steps:

1. First log in to your telegram account on your Pc or smartphone.

2. After doing  this, click  on three horizontal lines at the top left corner and choose Settings

3. Then, click on the Advanced option

4. Now, click on the Export Telegram Data option.

5. Select all the data you want to export.

6. Click the Export button to start exporting.

How To Delete A Telegram Account On A PC:

If you are looking for deleting your telegram account through your Pc, you need your phone number, and it’s compulsory. Following are the process step to delete your account on your PC:

  1. First, open the Telegram app on your PC and log in to your account.
  2. Next, click on the Menu icon and click on three horizontal lines at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Select “Settings” and then click on “Delete my account”.
  4. Enter your phone number and click on “Delete my account” again.
  5. Your account will be deleted permanently and you will not be able to access it.

How To Delete A Telegram Account On Android or ios:

The process is the same for Android as it is for iOS.By following these steps you can delete your telegram on both your Android or ios device :

  1. Go to the Telegram app.
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. click on Privacy and Security.
  5. Go to If Away For the option
  6. Pick the time period.
  7. Now, leave your account for that period of time and it will delete your account after that.

How To Temporarily Disable Your Account?

You can’t deactivate your Telegram account temporarily. The only choice you have is to simply leave your Telegram profile inactive for some days so it cannot disturb you. If it helps, you can uninstall the Telegram apps from your computer and phone. If you are a user of Telegram and would like to temporarily disable your account, there are some ways to do so. One way is to use the emergency message function. Another way is to use the command line tool called ‘torrent’.

How Can Delete My Telegram Account Without A Phone Confirmation Code:

The fastest option is by phone number verification, but email becomes another medium if we have forgotten the password at the time of logging in on  Telegram. Thus, once we have the code we can apply it and in this way finally, enter our account successfully. them, you will have to have access to your email.

How Can Delete My Telegram Account Without Login:

Open your browser and search for My Telegram. Click on it, you will be taken to My Telegram web page. Enter the phone number on which you will receive a confirmation code, and enter the code. Select the Delete my Account option and state the reason for your leaving.

Does Telegram Delete Inactive Accounts:

If your telegram account has not been logged in for the past 6 months, it would be automatically deleted. The complete account will be wiped away…… your chats, messages, contacts, channels, videos everything. Deleting inactive accounts helps the company to save desk space on its servers.

Does Uninstalling Telegram Delete All Data:

No, it doesn’t. Uninstalling your Telegram only removes the application from your device, but your account remains intact. You can use another device to access your account or re-install the Telegram app.

Benefits Of Deleting Your Telegram Account:

The followings are the advantages or benefits of the telegram application:

  • Limitless distributed storage is given by the telegram application which can be utilized to store pictures, messages, media records, reports, and so on.
  • Pack and uncompress options are accessible for users to send pictures/video records.
  • Groups can have a limit of 2 Lakh individuals in Telegram contrast with 256 supported by WhatsApp.
  • The ‘Username’ highlight conceals the contact number of the user in the message. Consequently, users can send messages to any group without uncovering his/her contact number. Besides users can send messages to anybody without realizing the beneficiary’s contact number.
  • The element called “channel” permits clients to post and view messages like gathering. Maker of channel sets presenting authorization on the clients of decision.
  • Message can be utilized across different stages, for example, Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android, and so on programs.
  • ‘Secret visit’ highlight permits two users to safely impart.
  • Users can send/get any sort of documents through messages.
  • Users can log in to numerous client gadgets at the same time in the wire. Thus clients can get messages to every one of the gadgets simultaneously.
  • The message doesn’t involve treats for publicizing reasons. It utilizes treats just to offer better insight to its clients.

Drawbacks Or Disadvantages Of The Telegram App:

The followings are the drawbacks or disadvantages of the Telegram app:

  • It does not offer security in the ‘group chat’ feature unlike the “Signal app”.
  • Secret chats are not backed up.
  • The ‘Self Destructing messages’ feature is available only for secret chats.
  • The ‘Ads’ feature is not supported by Telegram. It may be available in future updates.

What Are The Reasons For Deactivating Or Deleting Your Account?

  • You want to shift to another messaging app:                                                                                                   One of the basic reasons for deleting your account is an up-to-date apps more efficient app that can give you more pleasure to use or have many more different features. So you decided to switch from telegram to that app.
  • The other people are switching to other apps:
  • It’s a common reason that when people around you start using other apps you should also check and try the new and up-to-date apps from your own mind or from another person’s suggestion. It’s the nature of people that they do whatever they see around their surroundings or they copy each other in every matter.
  • Its policy bothers you:                                                                                                                                         Telegram doesn’t implement end-to-end encryption and has an open policy. Moreover, it only provides more security for private conversations. It has also been claimed that it is a center for various illegal actions and that networks are hosted there where you can download new films or music tracks for free and illegally. These discussions, whether they’re true or just rumors, may cause you to change your messaging app.
  •  No Individual Read Receipts in Group Chats:                                                                                                     If you are using messaging apps for group chats and offices, education, business, or any group form purposes then Telegram is not suitable for you because it does not offer read receipts in group chats they don’t keep track of each person who has read your message. There’s no way to be sure who hasn’t seen the message yet and it may disturb you a lot.
  • Telegram Collects Your Contact Data:                                                                                                                  By default, Telegram obtains some basic information from your phone’s contacts. According to the company, it requires this to display your contacts’ names on the service and to let you know when they sign up for Telegram. When someone you know joins Telegram, you’ll see their name in your contact list rather than their Telegram username. Even if Telegram only saves the first, last, and phone numbers of your contacts, this is still somewhat troubling for a privacy-focused service. Also, receiving a reminder each time a mate logs into the app is annoying, especially if you’ve disabled the majority of your other notifications. 

Can You Recover A Deleted Telegram Account?

Once you delete your Telegram account, know that it is irreversible. It means you cannot recover your old account or retrieve your chats, data, multimedia, contacts, etc. But the fact is that you can create a new account with the same old number and username. If Telegram banned you then you can try contacting Telegram Support to recover your account


In this article, we discuss how to delete your Telegram account. This process might be taking months, but the steps are easy enough. In this article, you are going to learn about how to delete your account on a PC, on Android, or on ios. Just don’t forget to back up your data if you don’t want to lose it in the deactivation process. Like all technologies, there are a few advantages and disadvantages of the Telegram app which are mentioned in the article. We hope this article helped you to solve your problem and assisted you in easily deleting your Telegram account.                                  

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