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How to Earn 100% More From URL Shorteners? In 2024

Link shortening is one of the most popular and easiest way of earning money online. There are several dozen different Url Shorteners on the market that compete with each other by offering different rates per country and different amounts of visits from a single IP in 24h period.

There are also other important factors like minimum payout, payment methods, payout frequency, and user experience regarding advertisement. The problem is that each shortener offer has its pros and cons so it is nearly impossible to choose the best one. is not another URL shortener. It is an Ad Server for Url Shorteners that allows the user to use multiple shorteners at once. rotates traffic between URL shorteners to ensure higher rates and more paid views. is very easy to use. user just has to link accounts from a few URL shorteners and use LinkSpy’s tools for processing the traffic. Short links can be created manually or by using the Full Page Script or API. allows to significantly increase paid views (even 20 from single IP), CPM rates, and the result of that increase in earnings. user can get even 100% more from current traffic.

What are the benefits of using LinkSpy?

Higher Rates: the system automatically directs the visitor to Url shortener that pays the highest rate for visitor’s country.

More Paid Views: rotates traffic between many Url shorteners to use the maximum values of counted views. users won’t lose paid views from the same IP.

Higher Revenues: better rates and more paid views ensure higher income. Depending on the traffic (visitor’s location, visits from single IP) users gain even 100% more revenue.

Links Stability: links remain active even if:

  • user wants to resign from one of the URL shorteners or his account is banned. will redirect traffic to other shorteners.
  • one of the Url shorteners is shut down. user links remain active and will be used with other shorteners.
  • user decides to use one of the new Url shorteners. Existing links will be used for that.

Realtime Statistics: users can analyze traffic and the conversion of Url shorteners. users can see how much traffic they sent to each shortener and compare it with paid views counted by them.

Income diversification: user’s earnings will be divided into a few Url shorteners, so in case of any payment problems user won’t lose all of his money.

Settings: users can define their own rates and capping or use the default values.

How to start?

First, you need to create several accounts in different Url shorteners. Then you need to connect these accounts to LinkSpy and then create short links or use Full Page Script just like in any other shortener. Ad server automatically creates shortened links in all connected shorteners so that they can be used to direct traffic.

When the user enters the shortened link, the ad server recognizes his country and selects the shortener which has the highest rate. In addition, the ad server counts how many views were taken from the same IP. If the limit of paid impressions has been used in one shortener, the Ad Server will take the user to another shortener and then to another, and so on.

This means that you always get the best rate per country and you don’t lose impressions. If you have eg. 6 URL shorteners connected then instead of 1 counted view you can have even 20 of them. It all depends on how many views your users make. If you have many impressions per 1 IP and you have users from different countries, you
should definitely consider using Ad Server for URL shorteners.

How much does it cost? service is free of charge. To cover the costs no more than 10% is taken of user random traffic. Due to the revenue boost, the user does not experience any financial losses, moreover, earnings are much higher

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