How To Have A Successful Book Club Online in 2023


If you have ever been a part of a book club, you will find it is the bonding that is more memorable than the books themselves. It is because, with the number of on-demand entertainment coming up, the number of bookworms is decreasing.

It is always delightful to make acquaintances with a fellow book lover. But, with the hustling of work and some places still being under the restriction of Covid19, it is almost impossible to gather around and discuss books.

However, that doesn’t mean we should give it up!

There is a blessing that we keep forgetting. The blessing which comes with being a part of the digital world, you now have social media. Now, you can have a book club with book lovers all over the world. 

Are you planning to start your own book club online? You have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will discuss everything you need to do in order to open your very first book club.

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Start Your Successful Book Club Today

The idea of a book club is exciting. So, why are you looking endlessly to join one when you can just open one for yourself.

1. Find A Website Or Social Media Platform

These are official mediums through which they will be able to find you. Some of the common social media platforms with active book clubs are Tumbler, Reddit, and Amino. 

You can open an official account here and then go on searching for readers willing to join. Tags are an excellent way to grab attention; in this way, whether they search for something like ‘Bookclub,’ it redirects to your page.

2. Open A Website & Social Media Account

Yes, they might sound too far-fetched!

Having an entire website or dedicated social media pages for a mere book club. However, you would wish for this venture to grow, right? Then how about opening a website and working externally on it as well.

Plus, you will need to spread your wings on different social media as well. After all, this is where you can have a community and hold live reading sessions. 

3. Start Advertising

If you are trying to get potential readers, you have to take this as a business, which makes the readers your customers. Now, you are not the only book club in the digital space. So, how do you ensure that attraction remains only towards you.

It is only through impressive advertisements you can increase the ‘readership.’ Play with colors and designs for your feeds, and get your readers. 

4. Start Adding Books

Even if you do not have a single reader yet, do not get disheartened. Start adding books to your feed. Start writing blogs on book reviews and social media stories on some of the insightful details of the book.

If they find you can find readers with the same interest, viola! You will have your first few readers. 

5. Build A Chat

Yes, you commenced it, but the book club is not just about you. Therefore, having a chat will solve two things.

You can have a relationship with your readers even outside the book club. They can give you suggestions, and you will get to read an eclectic variety of books.  

How To Attract New Readers!

Here are some of the common ways with which you can attract more readers to your online book club.

Have a very compelling social media platform. Work on the aesthetics, and get it ready to post some pictures. You have to work on it, or else your target audience will never know about it.

Work on your website, and post some content and blogs. Yes, you are not earning from it now, but one day you can. Nothing wrong with the idea since everything is a business opportunity.

Talk to your readers all over social media, even when it is not a book discussion. Ask for their recommendation, and make them feel heard. 

Read Away!

You have your own online book club, and your days of looking around for a decent book club are over. You have built yourself one!

Once it hits the popularity mark, you will even be able to monetize it. 

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