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How To Turn Off PS5 With Controller in 2024

How to Turn Off PS5:

Properly powering down your PlayStation 5 (PS5) is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and ensuring a smooth gaming experience. In this comprehensive blog post, we will explore the different power-off options available, such as Rest Mode and Power Off, and emphasize the significance of shutting down your console correctly.

We will provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how to power down your PS5 using the on-screen menu, the DualSense controller, and the physical console button.

Additionally, we will discuss the advantages of Rest Mode, offer troubleshooting tips for common issues, share best practices for cleaning and maintenance, and provide additional tips for powering down during updates and remote power-off.

By following the guidance provided in this blog post, you can enhance your PS5’s performance, prolong its lifespan, and enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions. So, let’s delve into the world of powering down your PS5 effectively and ensure an optimal gaming experience.

Section 1: Understanding the Power of Options:

Understanding Rest Mode vs. Power Off:

When it comes to powering down your PlayStation 5, you have two main options: Rest Mode and Power Off. It’s important to grasp the differences between these choices to make informed decisions about shutting down your console.

Rest Mode: Activating Rest Mode puts your PS5 into a low-power state while keeping certain functionalities active. This mode allows for background tasks like downloads, updates, and controller charging. Moreover, it enables you to quickly resume games and apps without going through a full startup. Rest Mode is particularly handy when you want to take short breaks from gaming and get back to it swiftly.

Benefits of Rest Mode:

Background downloads and updates: Rest Mode allows your PS5 to continue downloading game and system updates, ensuring your console stays up to date effortlessly.

A quick resumption of suspended games: By using Rest Mode, you can pause your game and put your console to sleep, then seamlessly pick up where you left off when you wake it up.

Power-saving advantages: Rest Mode consumes significantly less power compared to when the console is fully operational, resulting in energy savings and reduced electricity costs.

Limitations of Rest Mode:

Potential system mistakes: Even though Rest Mode is for the most part dependable, incidental reports of system mistakes or crashes in this low-power state exist. These issues are occasional and can regularly be settled by restarting the system.

A constrained control for outside gadgets: It’s vital to note that USB ports may not supply control to associated gadgets amid Rest Mode, requiring elective control sources for charging controllers or other gadgets. 

Power Off: Opting for Power Off completely shuts down your PS5, terminating all system processes and rendering the console inactive. This ensures that downloads, updates, and background activities come to a halt.

The Importance of Proper Shutdown:

Performing a proper shutdown of your PS5 brings forth several benefits in terms of performance and the overall lifespan of your console.

Enhanced Performance: When you shut down your PS5 correctly, it allows the system to close all running processes and clear temporary files from memory. This clean slate approach maximizes available resources and improves overall performance when you power on your console again. Regularly shutting down your PS5 helps prevent slowdowns, crashes, and errors that may occur when the console remains active for extended periods.

Avoiding Software and Hardware Issues: Incorrectly shutting down your PS5 or abruptly cutting off power can lead to software and hardware problems. Abruptly disconnecting the power supply may result in data corruption, system errors, or even damage to hardware components. By adhering to proper shutdown procedures, you minimize the risk of encountering these issues, ensuring a stable and reliable gaming experience.

Additionally, regular power-off cycles give your console a chance to cool down, preventing potential overheating issues. Overheating can cause performance degradation, system instability, and hardware failures. By shutting down your PS5 correctly, you allow internal components to cool down, reducing the likelihood of heat-related problems.

Understanding the distinctions between Rest Mode and Power Off, as well as recognizing the significance of proper shutdown, is crucial for optimizing the performance and lifespan of your PS5. Whether you prefer the convenience and power-saving benefits of Rest Mode or the complete shutdown provided by Power Off, following the appropriate shutdown method ensures an enjoyable and reliable gaming experience.

Section 2: Powering Down Your PS5:

The On-Screen Menu:

To access power options through the on-screen menu:

  • Find the power options icon on the home screen.
  • Open the submenu to view options like Power Off, Restart, and Rest Mode.
  • Select “Power Off” to initiate shutdown.
  • Hold up for support to complete the method.
  • Your PS5 is now powered off.

Power Off from the DualSense Controller:

To turn off the console using the DualSense controller:

  • Press and hold the PlayStation button.
  • Access the Quick Menu.
  • Select the power options icon.
  • Select “Power Off” to begin the shutdown handle.
  • Hold up for the comfort to complete the method.
  • Your PS5 is now powered off.

Power Off Using the Physical Console Button:

To power off using the physical console button:

  • Locate the power button on the console.
  • Press and hold it until the power options menu appears.
  • Select “Power Off” to begin shutdown.
  • Hold up for support to complete the method.
  • Your PS5 is now powered off.

By following these methods, you can easily turn off your PS5 using the on-screen menu, the DualSense controller, or the physical console button.

Section 3: Rest Mode and Its Benefits

Activating Rest Mode:

To enable Rest Mode on your PS5 and take advantage of its power-saving features, follow these steps:

  • Press the PlayStation button on your DualSense controller.
  • Navigate to the power options icon in the control center menu.
  • Select “Rest Mode” from the submenu.
  • Your PS5 will enter Rest Mode, conserving power while allowing quick resumption of activities.

Advantages of Rest Mode:

Rest Mode offers several benefits for an enhanced gaming experience:

  • Background downloads and updates continue while in Rest Mode.
  • Resuming suspended games is quick and seamless.
  • Rest Mode reduces power consumption, saving energy and potentially lowering electricity costs.

By utilizing Rest Mode, you can conveniently manage system maintenance and enjoy power-saving benefits on your PS5.

Section 4: Troubleshooting and Common Issues:

Unexpected Shutdowns and Freezes:

Encountering unexpected shutdowns or freezes on your PS5 can be frustrating. Here are some tips to help you identify common issues and troubleshoot them:

Identifying Common Issues:

Overheating: Ensure proper ventilation and cleanliness of the console.

Software Glitches: Keep your PS5 system software up to date.

Hardware Problems: Check connections and consider seeking assistance from Sony support.

Troubleshooting Steps:

Control Cycle: Turn off the PS5, unplug it, hold up several minutes, and at that point plug it back in and control it on.

Revamp Database: Get to Secure Mode (clarified underneath) and select the “Revamp Database” choice.

Check for System Upgrades: Upgrade your PS5 system computer program to the most recent adaptation.

Clear Cache: Control off the PS5, unplug it, hold it up for almost 10 seconds, and at that point plug it back in and control it on.

Factory Reset: Perform a production line reset as a final resort, but keep in mind to reinforce imperative information some time recently continuing.

 By following these troubleshooting steps, you can address unexpected shutdowns and freezes on your PS5.

Safe Mode and System Restart:

Safe Mode is a valuable feature for diagnosing and resolving issues on your PS5. Here’s an overview of Safe Mode and a step-by-step guide to accessing it and restarting the system:

Understanding Safe Mode:

Safe Mode is a booting mode that allows you to start the PS5 with basic functions, useful for troubleshooting purposes.

Accessing Safe Mode and Restarting the System:

  • Ensure the PS5 is completely powered off.
  • Press and hold the power button on the console until you hear the second beep, usually after 7-8 seconds. This will initiate Safe Mode.
  • Connect a controller to the console using a USB cable.
  • In Safe Mode, you’ll see various options such as “Restart PS5,” “Change Resolution,” and “Rebuild Database.”
  • To restart the system, select “Restart PS5” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • The PS5 will reboot, hopefully resolving any software conflicts or issues.
  • Safe Mode provides a secure environment for troubleshooting on your PS5. Utilize it when necessary to effectively diagnose and resolve problems.

Section 5: Best Practices and Additional Tips:

Cleaning and Maintenance:

To keep your PS5 in optimal condition, follow these tips for cleaning and maintenance:

  • Use a soft cloth to gently clean the console and prevent dust buildup.
  • Ensure proper ventilation and avoid blocking the console’s ventilation ports.
  • Place the PS5 on a stable surface with adequate airflow to prevent overheating.

Following these practices will help maintain the performance and longevity of your PS5.

Powering Down during Updates:

When updating your PS5, it’s important to power down the console correctly to avoid data corruption and update-related issues. Here’s the proper procedure:

  • Wait for the system to prompt you to install or download the update.
  • Pause or cancel the download if necessary.
  • Access the power options from the on-screen menu, DualSense controller, or physical console button.
  • Select “Power Off” to begin the shutdown process.
  • Wait for the console to fully shut down before disconnecting any cables.
  • Resume the update process when you power on the console.

By following these steps, you can safely power down your PS5 during updates.

Power Down Remotely:

To remotely power down your PS5, utilize the PlayStation app or Remote Play feature:

  • Install and open the PlayStation app on your mobile device.
  • Sign in with your PlayStation Network account.
  • Connect to your PS5 and navigate to the “Settings” section.
  • Locate the “Power” or “Shutdown” option.
  • Select “Power Off” to initiate the remote shutdown.
  • Confirm that the console has powered off.

Using the PlayStation app or Remote Play, you can conveniently power down your PS5 from a distance.

By following these best practices and tips, you can ensure proper cleaning, maintenance, and power-down procedures for your PS5, enhancing its performance and longevity.


In conclusion, accurately powering down your PlayStation 5 (PS5) is pivotal for keeping up the best execution and guaranteeing a consistent gaming encounter. By understanding the contrasts between Rest Mode and Power Off and recognizing the significance of legitimate shutdown, you’ll be able to make strides in your PS5’s execution and amplify its life expectancy.

We investigated different strategies for shutting down your PS5, counting utilizing the on-screen menu, the DualSense controller, and the physical comfort button. These step-by-step informational make it simple and helpful to control your support.

Moreover, we examined the preferences of Rest Mode, such as the capacity to proceed with downloads and overhauls, rapidly continue suspended games, and save power. Rest Mode may be profitable include that moderates vitality whereas giving a smooth gaming experience.

To address common issues and troubleshoot unexpected shutdowns or freezes, we provided tips such as control cycling, revamping the database, and checking for system upgrades. We too clarified how Safe Mode can be utilized to analyze and resolve issues viably.
Moreover, we emphasized the significance of cleaning and support to guarantee ideal execution for your PS5. By taking after best practices like delicate cleaning and keeping up appropriate ventilation, you’ll be able to maximize execution and avoid overheating.
Finally, we talked about the right method for powering down your PS5 amid overhauls and highlighted the option to remotely control your comfort utilizing the PlayStation app or Farther Play highlight.


By following the direction given in this comprehensive blog post, you’ll be able to improve your PS5’s execution, amplify its life expectancy, and appreciate continuous gaming sessions. So, control your PS5 viably, beware of your comfort, and inundate yourself in a world of gaming fabulousness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the power-off options available for the PlayStation 5 (PS5)?

The available power-off options for the PS5 are Rest Mode and Power Off.

2. What is Rest Mode, and what are its benefits?

Rest Mode is a low-power state that allows background tasks like downloads and updates to continue. It also enables quick resumption of suspended games and saves power. The benefits of Rest Mode include uninterrupted downloads and updates, seamless game resumption, and energy savings.

3. How can I power down my PS5 using the on-screen menu?

To power down your PS5 using the on-screen menu, navigate to the power options icon, select “Power Off,” and wait for the console to complete the shutdown process.

4. Can I power off my PS5 using the DualSense controller?

Yes, you can power off your PS5 using the DualSense controller. Press and hold the PlayStation button, access the Quick Menu, select the power options icon, choose “Power Off,” and wait for the console to shut down.

5. Is there a physical console button to power off the PS5?

Yes, the PS5 has a physical console button. Press and hold it until the power options menu appears, select “Power Off,” and wait for the console to complete the shutdown process.

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