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How to Use Instagram Live Rooms in 2024

How to Use Instagram Live Rooms?

Instagram has introduced its new feature, Live Rooms, at the beginning of March. This new feature enables users to invite upto three people to go Live on Instagram. Previously you were only able to go live with only one guest, but with this feature, you can go Live in a larger way.

With the launch of Live Rooms, brands, creators, and artists can reach a new audience, gain followers, increase engagements, and drive sales.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about Instagram Live Rooms!

What are Instagram Live Rooms?

Instagram Live Rooms allows up to three guests to go live in the same session with you – increasing the number of audiences you can have in your broadcast. According to Instagram, it was a highly-requested update and will soon be available globally for everyone.

Various safety measures have also been put in place for this update. For instance, those you have blocked in the Live Room will not be able to join the Room. Users will also not be able to join the Live Room if their live access has been revoked due to a Community Guidelines violation. It also gives the Live Room host the ability to report or block comments.

Creating an Instagram Live Room is very straight forward and involves following steps:

  • Step# 1: Open Instagram, click Stories Camera, and then swipe across to the Live icon
  • Step# 2: Once you opened the Instagram Live Room, add the title of your Live Room to let people know the topic of your room. After adding the title, click Add Title button.
  • Step# 3: Click Live icon to start your session
  • Step# 4: Tap “Video Icon” to add guests into your Live Room.

Instagram also announced that it would increase the live broadcast limit from 1 hour to 4 hours.

How to Use Instagram Live Rooms in 2022?

The Live Rooms aims to provide you more creative ways to interact with the audience, viz. starting talk shows, hosting engaging tutorials or Q&As, hosting jam sessions, or just random talk with your friends. Moreover, last year Instagram rolled out badge features that allow viewers to purchase a badge and tip hosts during a session. The Live Rooms also contain this feature, thus giving users the ability to buy a badge for hosts. It is a unique way to monetize your Live Rooms and generate income.

Some of the best ways to use Instagram Live Rooms are given below:

1- Product Promotion & Live Shopping

Visual content like videos can easily promote and sell your products or services as over 80% of customers are more inclined to purchase products after watching the brand’s video.

Instagram Live Rooms are the best way to promote your products and services via hosting sessions to discuss your products in detail or tutorials on using the products.

Guests can even purchase the product during a session via Instagram Live Shopping Feature, thus giving brands and businesses the ability to make sales online.

2- Hosting Q&A Sessions

Instagram Live Rooms are the best way to host informative Q&As, panels, or webinars instead of referring audiences to another site.

The Q&A sessions help to educate your viewers and deliver informative content. Create monthly recurring chats with new guests or host long panel discussions about various topics.

Always talk about the topic under discussion, and don’t wander off-topic because your audience is there to learn more about your products and services.

3- Customer Feedback Sessions

Another way to use Instagram Live Rooms is to host customer feedback sessions, as it gives you the ability to understand what they think about your products? What do they like most in products? Which content do they prefer? What they want to know about your products?

This user-generated content will help you learn what your customers actually want and how you can improve your products or services to meet their requirements.

It is a great way to get deep insights into your customers’ pain points and foster their trust and improve brand loyalty.

4- Interactive Tutorials

With many educational institutes, gyms, and studios closed due to the Corona Virus pandemic, Instagram Live Rooms can be best for hosting interactive tutorials and classes.

With Instagram Live Rooms, up to 4 different hosts could lead a portion of the class, according to their own field of expertise.

You can host art classes, cooking classes, jewelry-making classes, gym classes, and much more. Plus, you can also make money with badges that your viewers give you.

Instagram Live Rooms also allows you to host information sessions to identify your customer problems and explaining why you are the one to solve them.

5- Hosting Quizzes

Hosting giveaways will take your Instagram Live Rooms to the next level. For instance, you can coordinate with other creators and brands to create a Live Room that gives your luck customers a chance to answer questions for an opportunity to win prizes.

You can also host quizzes to tap into the competitive sides of your consumers while enjoying the session. This will foster the trust of your customers and increase their loyalty, boost engagements, and drive sales.

Following are some practices that you can follow to take full advantage of Instagram Live Rooms:

  • For a high-quality streaming experience, always ensure that you have a strong internet connection and full battery.
  • Try to know your viewers’ Instagram handles to make it easy to send an invitation to join the room.
  • Access your Blocking and Comments controls via privacy settings to control who can join your Live Room and comment there.
  • Promote your upcoming Live sessions via the Countdown Sticker feature. It will build suspense among your viewers and also reminds them about the event.

Instagram Live Rooms has opened doors for brands and creators to promote their products & services, reach the untapped audience, capture their attention, increase engagement, and drive sales. It also helps you in social media marketing reach new followers, monetize your content, and grow your brand.

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