iAmAffiliate Review 2024 – Is It Best Affiliate Marketing Forum?

iAmAffiliate Review 2024:

Do you want to make a lot of money? If that is the case then stick with us as we have something amazing for you. In recent times, people have become informed that they don’t need to do a job to make their living. Instead working from home is much more comfortable and also saves a lot of time. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn a lot of money online. But the problem is that it is difficult to get into this diverse industry. This is where the top affiliate marketing forum iAmAffiliate comes in. 

Today we are going to take a deep dive into iAmAffiliate and check out why it is the best forum for affiliate marketers. 

What is iAmAffiliate?

iAmAffiliate was created by the legendary OG affiliate marketer, iAmAttila. The main reason behind the creation of iAmAffiliate was to provide direct help to all of those people who want to learn affiliate marketing with paid advertisements. iAmAttila started his blog in 2013 and it instantly became the top affiliate marketing blog in the PPC ad space. 

The best thing about iAmAffiliate is that it provides a place for people where they can learn the ins and outs of Affiliate Marketing. Newcomers, as well as professionals, can also share their experiences, tips, advice, and much more at iAmAffiliate. You can also ask iAmAttila as well because he also regularly visits the forum.

You can also find a lot of experts on this forum. The forum is highly active as well so you always get an instant response from the experts. It is one of the best platforms to find info on ad scaling, niches and how you can generate a lot of traffic, etc. You will get all of the answers that you need on this amazing forum.


iAmAffiliate is an excellent forum that is designed for people who are looking to make their name in the affiliate marketing world. There are tutorials, case studies, tips and tricks, etc present on this platform that you can use to tune your skills and make a lot of money. Some of the best features of iAmAttila are: 


One of the best things about iAmAffiliate is that it provides you with step-by-step tutorials. If you are looking to learn all of the basic to advance methods then this is the best forum. There are detailed guides present with video explanations and screenshots. In this way, you can learn affiliate marketing in the best possible way. 

Case Studies

If you are looking for the best case studies that will inspire you to generate a lot of money then iAmAffiliate is all you need. There are six and seven-figure case studies present at the forum. You can carefully examine these case studies so that you can also learn how you can also make millions of dollars. 


Another great thing about iAmAffiliate is that it provides you with a lot of guidance along your journey. You can follow the campaigns of others as well so you can also learn from their journey as well. All of the information is available in real-time so you can get the best results.

Best Courses

iAmAffiliate provides you with some of the best courses when it comes to scaling, advertising, etc. The forum contains everything and there are a wide variety of projects present on the platform. If you are a beginner or a professional, you will always find something to learn at iAmAffiliate. You can always remain up to date on all of the industry information, legislation, and social media growth.

Expert Advice & Opinion

If you are looking for expert advice and opinions, then iAmAffiliate is also a great platform for you. There are a lot of marketing professionals present on this platform. This is really good as you always get professional advice on all of the things.

Advertising Opportunities

iAmAffiliate also provides you with direct advertising opportunities as well. You can use this platform for your advertisements as well. There are different reviewers, affiliate marketers and businesses present on this forum. Reaching industry experts is really easy with the help of this amazing platform. 

Easy Registration

The registration procedure is really quick and easy. You just have to enter the email address and pick a password, nickname, and time zone. After that, you have to select a membership plan from all of the ones available at iAmAffiliate. 


  • Real-Time Feedback
  • Large Community
  • Reaching Industry Professionals 
  • Useful Tips & Tricks 
  • Great Advertising Opportunities
  • Follow Campaigns  


  • Expensive for Beginners

Why Choose iAmAffiliate?

Affiliate marketing is a really good career option as you can earn a lot of income in this field. When working as an affiliate marketer, you can easily advertise and promote the products and services of other people. The more traffic you are leading to the client, the more money you will make. iAmAffiliate is an amazing forum that contains a lot of useful info, tricks, and expert opinions that you can use to fine-tune your affiliate marketing skills. 

As a businessman, you can easily target your type of people. The best thing about this platform is that there are a ton of professional affiliate marketers present here who will share their strategies, knowledge, guidelines, etc.  


The pricing plans offered by iAmAffiliate are:

  • Individual Member Access – $49.95/month or $495/year
  • Company Access – $99.95/month or $995/year

The individual member plan is really good and pretty affordable. It provides you with really good features and access to all of the secrets, guidance, joint venture opportunities, etc. 

On the other hand, the company member access plan is great for companies that are looking for an affiliate marketing platform. You can easily reach real affiliates for running the campaigns, advertising opportunities, real-time feedback, etc. 

Final Verdict:

If you are willing to learn online marketing and make a lot of money, then this is easily one of the best platforms for you. There are a lot of handy tools present that will help you in getting started in Affiliate Marketing. They have a really big online community that is always present to help you. If you want to learn new tactics, and approaches to implement in your company for generating quality traffic. Then this forum is really good for you. 

iAmAffiliate provides you with an amazing opportunity to learn everything about affiliate marketing and the ways in which traffic can be generated. Overall, if you are looking for the best platform when it comes to Affiliate Marketing then iAmAffiliate is probably the best one out there.

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