How to Improve Instagram Engagement Rate in 2023

In order to grow your account, a well-balanced Instagram engagement is really necessary. Hence it is more significant for lots of marketers and Instagrammers because this is the most prioritized thing. Unluckily, Instagram engagement is inclined to vary together with changes in algorithm, and it may be hard as well to keep it up.

Anyway, don’t get upset. Still, there are some easy-to-practice tricks that you can utilize to boost the engagement level of your Instagram. It can help you to grow your reach as well as you can get new followers and build up your industry without wasting a single moment.

Here is a list of some really great tricks to increase engagement on Instagram account.

Get Engage with Identical Accounts in Your Industry or Niche Each Day:

Before posting another photo on Instagram, take some time to engage with the content that other users are posting. Mainly engage with those accounts similar to your niche. Do you know the basic rule of Instagram is that engagement feeds engagement? You can build up the chances of being visible by interacting with other accounts on Instagram. Also, keep in mind that the more you engage, the more you will become visible, and you will get more engagement from the visitors to your account.

Well, the quality of engagement is as important as the quantity, so you must spend your time to choose particular accounts to engage with.

Write Longer Captions:

Most of the Instagram users didn’t know that the caption with posts can be up to 2,200 characters long. Undoubtedly, you can explain a whole lot of your story in such a wide space. How much time you invest in the post is one of the main aspects that determine how well your Instagram post performs in the algorithm.

I think you got my point and must be thinking of an easy way to boost the time that people spend while seeing your post.

Definitely, it is possible when you write an interactive and long caption. Are you supposed to write long captions with all of your posts? NO, absolutely not! You must not add thousands of words with your every post, but you can write a full sentence rather than simple emojis, as it can help you increase the engagement level.

Don’t Forget to add Hashtags:

Everybody on Instagram knows the position of adding hashtags with post captions. But are you mentioning hashtags to all of your Instagram Stories too?

Hashtag stickers can put the visual appeal of your Instagram Story into danger, but you can treat it by implementing different ways.

If you really need to add hashtags to your story, you can do it by typing hashtags, pinching the text to make them minor, and adding a GIF or sticker over the hashtag text, so it can get hidden easily.

Before and After Posting, Engage with Content:

Within the first hour of your post, you need to have as much engagement on the post as possible. Getting lots of engagement right after posting means that the Instagram algorithm identifies that something interesting is in the post that causes the post to appear on the top of your follower’s feed.

But the question is, how would you manage to get enough engagement within such a short timeframe?

You can do it simply by engaging with other posts right before and after you post something to your own feed. In this way, your profile is more prone to be visited by other people and improve the visibility of your posts on the platform.

Final Words:

By implementing all of the tricks mentioned above, you can boost the engagement level on your account. All you need is to keep the audience interested and grab the attention of more followers to your account. Good luck, and have fun!

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