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How To Improve Your Seo And Increase Website Traffic In 2024

Improve Your Seo And Increase Website Traffic:

Are you running your website? How long you have been running it? Is it getting the same public attention as always or it gets down?

If it’s happening to your website that you are getting low attention from the public, then my friend there must be some issue in your website because of which people are not finding anything interesting in your website. There are many ways with the help of which you can increase your public visit to your website.

The most prominent one which is also trendy nowadays is SEO techniques with the help of which you can easily attract your audience. But for that, you have to be an expert in SEO. then you can apply your tactics to increase your website traffic.

But to be an expert in SEO you should have knowledge about what is SEO. So let’s start with the basics.

What Is SEO?

If we talk about the full form of SEO, then it is “Search Engine Optimization”. You will not get the idea about SEO from its name but basically, it is a process of attracting different audiences from free, organic, editorial, or any natural search results in a search engine.  Whenever you are searching for anything on any browser you get many websites in front of you these websites are listed according to the number of public visitors or the creativity in their content.

So if you want your website to be on the top list of your search then you have to make your website that much strong so that no other website can beat yours. If your website is listed on the top of search results you will get more and more audience as people always prefer to open up the top listed website.

If you want to be an expert in SEO then you have to clear your mind about many things which include:

  • You have to be able to identif6some relevant keywords which have good search traffic potential, as there are some words that are mostly searched by the people like how to, and what is try to use those words. So that whenever users type those words your website will come on the front page.
  • you have to upgrade your website content to that level so that it will be the best one of all so that it will be listed on the top of the search results page.
  • everyone place the reference or links from where they have collected the data and wrote the whole content, you should choose those link carefully. Those links should be of high-quality sites.

 Building Blocks Of SEO: 

There are basically three pillars or you can say building blocks of SEO. If you are a digital marketer, then you should know how to get your website, brand, or your company easily found by searchers. This is the main basic thing of being a digital marketer. If you don’t have this skill you can’t proceed with your company or brand. Though with the passage of time, SEO is changing day by day its main goal or its key principles are still the same which was formulated when SEO was invented.  These three pillars are the main core of SEO, if you can’t do this you can’t do the SEO: 

  • TECHNICAL OPTIMIZATION- technical optimization is the process of upgrading the material other than your content. But this will also enhance your website traffic. It often happens which is not seen on the website but it has a great effect on the website traffic.
  • ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION– if you have learned then you are an expert in SEO, as on-page optimization means targeting or using those keywords which are the main components of your article. Using those keywords can be done through a content management system. This is the process of SEO that will confirm that the content available on your website is 100% authentic and relevant. And it also provides a great user experience. There are many systems available with the help of which you can choose those targeting keywords, those systems are Drupal, Shopify, Expression Engine, WordPress, and Wix.
  • OFF-PAGE OPTIMIZATION – as its name indicates page means off-page optimization is the process of getting your website’s search engine ranking through different activities which are not on your site or website. These are just backlinks that are mainly used to build up the reputation of your website nothing else. This thing has nothing to do with your content.

 SEO Stratagies To Get Traffic Website: 

Search Engine Optimization is the most trending and famous marketing strategy nowadays and it is the main activity that marketers follow to reach their target audience easily. It is not just about the ranking of your website but it’s also about winning the place on all the pages most specifically the first pages of Google. But this thing can not happen with magic you have to spend your working days and nights to reach at that point. There are some measures that will help you to make it possible for your website to reach the top ranks of search engines: 

1. Perform SEO Audits:

SEO audits are the process in which you will be able to check your website for any issues which are creating hindrances in getting organic traffic. Do you have any idea about organic traffic? Organic traffic always comes beneath paid searches, with organic search you will get results with more time, it will take time to get the results in organic search. If we broadly talk about the audit then it has many areas. And all of them are important but the most important of all is On-Page SEO.

This pillar of SEO helps to rise or solve website issues that are related to speed, design, optimization, duplicate content, and search engine updates. These are the vitals of websites as they play an important role in getting your site to be indexed by search engine bots. The more these points are strong more will be the chances to win a rank in SERPs which is basically Search Engine Results Pages. These all are the factors that will help your website to get more traffic but these factors have nothing to do with your content material.

If you look closely at the On-page SEO audits you will see that there are many instruments available in the on-page tool category which are just to perform the same function. All of them are efficient in their ways and also with the help of these tools you can get insight into different aspects of your article content like:

  • Status code
  • interlinking structure
  • loading time that your website is taking
  • duplicate content, it will indicate the plagiarism
  • indexing status

If you get the idea about these small things then it will be easy for you to know the SEO strategy.

 2. Improve Topics And Description: 

If you talk about the internet, you will see millions of articles and essays in which every article is better than the previous one in its own way. It’s a whole content race. You have to create unique and authentic content so that your article will stand out from the crowd. you might have experienced it by yourself that when you open any website you first go through the headlines or headings so that you will get a rough idea about the article.

So if you want to make the audience pay attention to your article then you have to create striking headlines or headings so that people develop interest by just reading the heading then they will read the whole article. If you have an eye-catching headline that will also get you higher CTR and also quality score by search engine. This high-quality headline will also make your search engine ranking high as compared to others.

When you are writing your heading or headlines make sure it is not too long which will bore your reader. Try to make it impressive and also short term so that reader will immediately read it and think about it. If you want to get your reader’s attention, make sure you are writing headlines that are not copied, they should be natural and also appealing, those headlines should be relevant and will give the reader the whole idea about the paragraph written in it.

You can’t write the headlines immediately, you have to search and dig around many times to get an idea. You have to conduct research to find out the most appealing or eye-catching keywords that will generate traffic to the website. There are many platforms or apps available which will help you to get the most attractive keywords for your content which will make people visit your website.

The second thing which we have mentioned in the title is the description. It’s another way of creating a solid SEO strategy. Your meta description should be a clear reflection of what you have written under your headlines. If you want to make an effective and impressive description then you have to follow some steps:

  • Provide users their answers – users use the internet for getting their answers to queries they have in their mind.
  • Be relevant – make sure to use the keywords in your meta description which you think users will use to search on the browser. Your description should include the details that will give an idea to the user that this content contains the information they are searching
  • keep it brief- some browsers like Google or Firefox assess the meta description by the pixels, not by the characters. This means after certain width your description will be cut down. When you are working on a meta description make sure to use 155 characters not more than that. Try to cover your mind in those characters.

 3. Reaching Out To The Right Audience On Social Media:

If you want more people to visit your website you have to make them know about your website. You can share your website link with them on social media so that they can visit it. If this is not working direct links to the website on social media is not very effective for your site’s ranking. You can share your article or pages from your website as it will force people to read your website’s articles or other content.

There are also many chances for your content to be re-shared or linked to. But this is only possible if you share your content with the people who are interested in it which means the right audience. If you share your material with anyone who is least interested in that topic that will be totally dumped.

As they will not even open that content. So it is very important first to know which audience is the one which will make more traffic to your website and then target those people.  If you have ever read about growth marketing you might have an idea about social media sharing campaigns, these are effective campaigns that will give a boost to your website traffic.

4. Run Inner Links:

Create different links within your website which will link your website. If you draw the internal link of two pages of your website then both of them contain the same source and also the same target domain. These inner links do not just link up the website pages but also spread out the authority of the page to the whole website. There are many ways with the help of which you can improve your inner links strategy, we have some tips which will be helpful for you:

 DEVELOP CONTENT – each website has plenty of pages with different content. When you create inner links it will take users to different pages with different or reliable content inside your website. You have to make your content material that much strong so that when the reader reads your 1 content he will be impressed by it he will open up the other link of the different page on your website. Your content should not just be any simple content make sure to make it in a way that will address the pinpoints of the reader. So that he will pay attention to it.

 USE ANCHOR TEXT– anchor text is that one  which are underlined or blue in color. Those are mostly the links that will direct you to different pages with different content. Those links or those words can not be changed it will fit naturally in the sentence and will allow your reader to visit that link that you have anchored here.

LINKED ACCURATELY – if you have visited many websites or pages you might have encountered the thing mentioned “Contact Us” and “Homepage”. But you have to keep in mind that you should not use those terms. Instead of this use the anchored or bluish text for linking two pages of your website this is the correct way of linking pages. If you have some pages or content on your website which you think is underperforming then link those pages this will enhance the traffic on that particular page of your website.


Visual material is also very important to give your website a very attractive look. Through images or photos, you can make your website more inviting and also color your website brightly which will make it look more impressive. Images are not just for the attractiveness of your website but it also will highlight the products or services you are providing. Obviously, when readers read your product or services they want to look at your product so when you provide them with the image it will be better for them to decide.

Also, just text makes the reader more bored and will not engage their attention in your content so make sure to add pictures or images that will highlight your content easily. Optimizing the images before uploading them is more important you can’t just place them on your website. The first thing you have to do is shrink your image to the size which is more suitable for your web page.

Make sure that you optimize your image under the megabytes of size even you can try to make it more smaller than that. In terms of pixels resolution optimize your image to a maximum 1920 by 1080- pixel resolution and also use the JPG or WEBP format. Other formats will take more time to load on your website these are lighter ones and will load immediately. Also, search engines don’t prefer slow-loading sites so they will not add up your website to the ranking just because of your image.

Optimizing an image is not just about re-sizing it to a suitable size but making your image have proper Alt attributes because Google will not see the images or pictures you upload to your website instead Alt attributes will aid the search giants categorize your photos. Alt attributes will be the description of the image which you have uploaded but keep in mind that it should be concise, maximum of around 125 character is not more than that.

6. Website Loading Speed:

In this advanced era, no one likes to wait even if it’s about internet speed. People hate slow browsing. According to Google’s market research, 53% of mobile users leave the site immediately if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Website loading speed has eth direct impact on Google ranking. So make sure your website is light enough to be open in just a second.

There are some tools that will tell you about your website performance speed like Google PageSpeed Insights, Google’s Test My Site, or Pingdom. These apps or tools will give you detailed information about how you can improve your website loading time as this is the key point. These tools will also indicate you to replace some images or content which you have placed on your website because that will consume more time to load. You can improve the loading speed of your website by some little things like: 

  • Upgrading web host
  • removing unnecessary third-party things
  • remove unnecessary images or content
  • optimizing CSS
  • shrink the size of the image
  • reduce the web page file size

So it is very clear that if you want your website to be at a higher rank on Google then make sure that your website will load immediately after clicking it. 

7. Make Your Site To Be In The Featured Snippet:

Do you have any idea about what is a snippet? Well, the snippet is the small main extract from the web page that will be ranked in the SERPs. When you search anything on your Google browser the top most result that you get for your queries is the snippet. It is mostly present in the tabloid form, or it can be in a list or short paragraph which you can read immediately in the blink of an eye.

Sometimes these snippets are placed with some images for your better understanding. If you want to apply SEO strategies and get more website traffic then keep the featured snippet in your mind.. if you want to earn the zero position in the featured snippet then you have to make your website that much strong so that it will rank on the first page of search engine. If you want to create a featured snippet that will drive more traffic to your website then follow these small tips and tricks: 

  • Concise –  make sure your featured snippet is as small as of 40 words not more than that. If it is concise it will get more clicks.
  • if you are thinking about using multimedia content in your article then make sure to use the high-quality multimedia content.
  • try to use the Question & Answer format, like make your heading a question as it will be the most preferable in the featured snippet
  • make an outline so that Google will get the idea about the content of your website
  • don’t make long paragraphs in your article as it will look dull and boring, try to put numbers, bullets, and header tags. It will not just give your article an attractive look but it will also engage the attention of your reader.

8. Improving Your Old Underperforming Content:

if you have faced a situation in the past where your content is not performing or getting the much traffic that you had expected so you don’t have to worry you can improve that content so that it will bring more traffic to your website. Many digital Marketers have their thinking that publishing new articles or content will drag more traffic to their websites. This is not always true, it works sometimes but not always.

A recent study was done which proved that a long tail in the search traffic is the reality, which means websites will get more traffic from their old content. So in this way optimizing your old content is the key way to continue engaging the users online.

Always make your old content fresh and accurate so that it will engage more traffic than others. If you are now thinking to improve your old content on the website so make sure to keep the following things in your mind: 

  • IDENTIFICATION – you should be able to identify which content is worth updating. Sometimes it happens that in recent condition there are some hot topics that you have uploading many years back but now you can reoptimize that content according to the current situation and upload it again. As it will not just save your time but will also engage more traffic to your website pages. Make sure to add keywords that are strong enough to be  in the SERPs
  • UPDATE AND PUBLISH – Make some changes in your article like assigning it a new publish date or the suitable tags which are trending in recent times also don’t forget to categorize it so that users can find it more easily. Give your old article a new title and a meta description so that it will engage more and more traffic.

 9. Make Your Website A Well-Designed One:

if you are new to your website then there are some things that you have to learn like if your website is a big one and contains many multimedia files then try to create a sitemap. As this file will provide Google with the information they need to swiftly crawl pages, videos, and audio.  You don’t have to do much work as Google already has a sitemap generator. It will also be helpful as that sitemap will also appear in Google News.

Your website should be that much appealing in that forces the visitor to explore your content and also share it. If you have a product-selling website then make your homepage contain a few improved product images so that Visitors will get some idea about your products.

Though these are the small things for your website these are the small tips and tricks which will make your website more engaging and will help you to get more website traffic. Your website topic should be a clear mirror image of your website and it also includes some relevant keywords to attract more people to the website.

10. Address Your URLs:

if you are adding more URLs to your content make sure to use your SEO tactics even while writing URLs. Always try to avoid the dynamic URLs and instead of that use Static URLs. For example


So always try to add up the URLs like this, this is the most preferable way of writing URL which is liked by Google. This is the example of Static URL which is the preferable one as this will provide the description of the content.

Now lets take a look on the dynamic URL example

As you can see the number is written at the end of the link. This number indicates the specific post but it is not a descriptive one so will not be preferable.


Search Engine Optimization is a way of increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic and it also exposes your brand or website to the public. SEO is the understanding of what people will search for and what will be keywords that will be used by the users. So that you can use those keywords and make your website rank in the highest place in the Search Engine.

There are many ways that are included in SEO which will be helpful for our website to get more and more traffic on the website. We have shared some ways with the help of which you can make your website more attractive. So if you are having trouble getting website traffic then just give this article a try and you will see the difference in your website. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is some shareable content?

There are many types of content that users think are shareable which includes

  • Listing articles – these are the articles present in list form. They are very attractive and also very easy to read and share on social media platforms
  • Memes- these are the funny images or videos that are mostly shared on social media and they also engage more audiences as compared to any other thing.
  • how-to guides- the articles are about how-to-like instructive articles are the most preferable ones. As people always search for things like how to take a picture? How to make a Google account?

 2. How to know which keywords are more useful?

You have to find the relevant keywords for your article which is the important point in Search Engine Optimization.

  • Make a list of strong keywords which you think have some potential
  • if you are unable to do this use any keyword research tool that will help you to find the relevant keywords for your website
  • look for your competition – don’t ever look down on your competitors. Always look at what they have chosen for their keywords.
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