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Increase Your Passive Income Twofold with Adsterra’s Marathon 2024

Adsterra, a well-known ad network we have worked with for a couple of years, is offering a strikingly reasonable deal for all publishers! Their Referral Marathon is a great opportunity for all of you to double your referral payouts – eternally.

Partake in their Marathon from May 11 to August 11, 2022, to boost your referral commission costs from 5% to 10%.

Impressive! Right?

Now, this is what we call a striking deal. It will hardly take your few minutes to twofold your passive income potentially!

Find all the information about the Marathon here:

How To Enter the Marathon?

All you require to enter this Marathon is to invite 5 unique publishers to join Adsterra. As a result, you will get an amazing opportunity to grow your referral income twofold. Remember that a referral is only valid when the publisher earns at least $1 in revenue by August 11, 2022.

It is exceptionally easy to invite someone to join Adsterra. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1. Get your link

Log in to Adsterra’s dashboard as a publisher. If you have never worked with Adsterra, create a new account which will merely take a few minutes.

Go to the Referrals tab to generate a unique invite link or copy of your old one.

Step 2: Post your link on your platform(s)

Place your referral link wherever publishers can easily click on it! You can also use attention-grabbing banners in related articles and blog posts to accomplish the best outcomes. The sky’s the limit!

How To Win

Every participant will get access to Adsterra’s standard 5% referral fee and strong support from their team. To win the increased 10% commission fee, you must beat the other participants in one of the following categories*.

  1. Having the referrals that get the highest overall revenue.
  2. Having the highest number of referrals that make over $10 each.
  3. Referring to the person who makes the most increased revenue.

Psst: there will also be some bonus prizes – read on to learn more about them!

There will be two winners from the first two categories, one from existing Adsterra publishers and one from the new ones. The last category will have only one winner.

Do you want to solidify your possibility of becoming one of them?

Please take a look at our best tips on how to become the best referrer ever below!

*All three categories only count income earned during the marathon period.

Top Tips for Increasing Your Possibilities of Winning

Even though these tips are made for this Marathon, they are universal and can benefit everyone aiming to boost their passive income.

  1.  Mix things up

It always meets with success to be innovative in this industry. The more attention-grabbing you assemble your links, the more people will click on them. Glitzy banners will play a significant role in this regard.

  1.  Reach out to a wider audience

Publish your link on as many channels as possible such as your website, blog, social media account, related forums, and other online communities. The broader the audience you will reach, the higher the possibility that you will refer high-earning referrals who will get you the win.

  1.  Tailor your content to your goals

Offer your link in a way that fits your objectives in the best way. You can make eye-catching banners or interactive ads if you want as many people as possible to click on them. This Marathon, however, rewards participants that can lure publishers who know what they’re doing and are devoted to digital monetization.

Scrutinize places where you can discover such publishers, like Discord communities, and offer honest suggestions and tips — and then mention how Adsterra can help them increase their income. The platform has several exceptional guides on its blog – you can try connecting them. Alternatively, you can also illustrate how the ad network has benefited you personally to grow your profits — show some numbers, too!

The Most Important Part: The Prizes

Prize winners will be revealed no later than 14 days after the Marathon ends on Adsterra’s Instagram and Telegram.

Now, it’s time to talk about that Bonus Prize!

Excited! Right?

There will also be a raffle where THREE lucky participants will get $100 each.

Kindly note that Adsterra does not endure cheating of any sort. All participants that attempt to utilize multiple accounts, spam leads, and other con tricks of drawing referees will be immediately denied.

About Adsterra

Adsterra is an international ad network that serves thousands of publishers and advertisers. The platform offers great tools and superb support: all its clients can get the finest monetization guidance from qualified managers, all of whom are industry specialists.

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