Instagram Boosts Child Protection Tools

Instagram Boosts Child Protection Tools

The California giant Instagram revealed technology on Tuesday to prevent young children from creating Instagram accounts and blocking adults from contacting unknown young users.

This latest move by Instagram resulted from increasing concerns about inappropriate contact between adults and underage people on the platform.

Instagram plans to deploy artificial intelligence Instagram tool to discover a user’s age during the signup process to find underage users.

“Majority of people truthful about their age, but everybody knows that young children can lie about their date of birth. We aim to put an end to this, but online verification of people’s age is quite complicated, and our industry is grabbling with such a thing,” said Instagram in a blog post.

“To achieve the goal, we are planning to launch a new cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, which is under developmental stages. This technology will help us keep young once safe and put in advanced age-appropriate features.”

Along with this, Facebook-owned Instagram unveiled that it would prevent unwanted contact between adults and teens by introducing a new feature that blocks adults from sending messages to under 18 people who don’t follow them.

Instagram added, “The success of this latest feature relies on the ability of machine learning technology to predict people’s age and the age given to us by people when they sign up.”

The platform is also looking forward to finding new ways to make it more difficult for adults with suspicious behavior to interact with children, for instance, restricting adults from seeing suggested young people accounts.

The image-sharing platform also indicated that it would alert teens about suspicious behavior shown by adults, such as sending a huge number of private messages.

Instagram said, “We are focused on using this technology to alert the teens and provide them an option to end the conversation, or restrict, report, or block the adult account.”

Additionally, the network said, “Our goal is to create Instagram a secure and engaging place for users to connect over passions and interests.”

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