15+Best Instagram Marketing Tools 2023-According to Experts

Instagram is a social network you can’t ignore, including over 1 billion active users each month. It’s predicted by Instagram’s 2022 trends that companies and creators will interact on the site even more in the coming year.

In addition to having more than a billion users, App Annie’s States of Mobile 2021 research discovered that each user spends an average of more than 10 hours per month on the platform. Additionally, it continues to be the best option for influencer marketing. According to almost 90% of marketers who spoke with Mediakix, it is the right forum for influencer marketing.

You’ll need to invest in various third-party marketing solutions to enable you to use its marketing possibilities fully. This list includes tools for almost every necessity, including product reviews, competitive analysis, video editing, and hashtags.

15 Best Instagram Marketing Tools 2023

 Here is the list of the 15 best Instagram Marketing Tools In 2023 and 2024:

  1. Iconosquare
  2. Hootsuite
  3. VSCO
  4. Sprout Social
  5. Linktree
  6. Keyhole
  7. Milkshake
  8. Mentionlytics
  9. Snapseed
  10. ShortStack
  11. Kapwing
  12. Fourstarzz
  13. Later
  14. Socialinsider
  15. Awario

1. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is a terrific tool for tracking brand mentions and real-time interaction on Instagram and is one of the best tools for Instagram marketing. Your Instagram brand references in the post’s caption will be listed in its analytics.

Iconosquare was established in 2011. The new firm at the time introduced Statigram, a tool for compiling data on one’s Instagram account, to the industry. And the system developed alongside social media. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook stats will be available in ten years.

It’s important to note that Iconosqaure made an effort to ensure that your information is presented understandably. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case with these kinds of instruments. It stands out due to its clarity and simple style.

Additionally, it provides Twista and Instant Instagram Audit, two free tools you may utilize for Instagram marketing. With Twista, you can take clear snapshots of your tweets to post on Instagram and various other social media platforms, and the auditing tools will inform you of how well-optimized your company account is.

Key Features:

  • Data analysis
  • Post-approval and teamwork
  • Scheduling


  • Prices begin at around $49 per month if paid yearly.

2. Hootsuite

You can rapidly schedule and publish content to Instagram with Hootsuite. You’ll consider the single dashboard quite useful if you use other social networking platforms, which they trust do, as you’ll be able to handle your LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter profiles here as well.

With several social media accounts, Hootsuite was created to keep order and stability; most of this organization is performed during setup. It’s better to watch a video lesson, at the very least, before attempting to set that up independently. It’s not because you won’t grasp how to utilize it; it’s simple enough that you’ll quickly set up your social media profiles and plan your first posts.

It also provides the Synapview app, which allows you to track rivals and hashtags if you want to watch closely what your competitor is doing. However, it will cost you an additional $8 if you choose not to subscribe to the Enterprise plan.

Key Features:

Multi-Account Organization, Post Scheduling, Brand Tracking, Customer Engagement, Automated Publication, Customer Management, Content Marketing, Multi-User Cooperation, Reporting/Analytics, Social Media Monitoring


  • The starting price is roughly $30 per month.


Since Instagram’s success depends on its high-quality images, you should have a photo editing tool on hand. One of the top photo editing solutions is VSCO, which creators made for artists. Its enormous versatility allows you to adjust things like contrast, sharpness, contrast adjustment, and brightness. This is what makes it so excellent. It provides a remarkable array of editing features, presets, and numerous free filters.

You can also access tips, shortcuts, and inventive tutorials if you join (or subscribe to its plan). You can take part in the weekly picture challenges as well. The opportunity to learn how to boost the performance of setups and editing tools can be helpful if you’re serious about enhancing the quality of your Instagram posts.

Key Features:

  • The reliable photos and video editor with top-notch tools, filters, and a creative community
  • Setup library
  • The appearance of vintage film
  • Tools for editing video


Although it is a free option, you must subscribe monthly or yearly to access its more comprehensive photo editing options. You must contact them directly if you want additional information about this subscription charge.

4. Sprout Social

One of the best tools for managing Instagram for companies is Sprout Social. You can manage anything, including scheduling posts, managing comments, monitoring hashtags, and creating reports. If you’re a member of a larger marketing team, it’s excellent because it enables you to connect and manage several Instagram pages and provides a team content calendar.

One of the more expert social marketing tools is Sprout Social, which lacks the free or inexpensive plan found in most other platform reviews. It is geared toward larger enterprises with more demanding needs.

You start by connecting all of your social accounts as you do with all of these apps. Compared to most competitors, Sprout Social offers this much simpler.

It is logically planned out and features an easy-to-use interface. It lays a great emphasis on your social messages being collected in its Smart Inbox. You can keep each of your inboxes distinct or integrate them into one.

Key Features:

  • Instagram planning
  • Smart inbox
  • Performance insight at the post-level
  • Finished reports for presentations


  • Pricing for monthly billing begins at $99 per user.

5. Linktree

Linktree, which is adored and recognized by over 8 million users worldwide, assists content creators, influencers, and marketers in increasing the discoverability of their material. Their ingenuity has received appreciation from the media. You may use it not only to provide a single URL for all your information to be accessed by your followers, and you can use these to take money.

Linktree performs one task at a time. It excels at the one thing it does. A perfect client is a person who is juggling multiple projects, working two or more jobs, and who would prefer to spend very little time they can fiddling about with website design.

It requires a method to track link clicks and a simple and consistent technique to ensure the audience knows where to locate these different projects.

Key Features:

  • Custom fonts, color, and graphics
  • Insights and analytics
  • Third-party integrations
  • Drag-and-drop editor that is simple.


It provides a free plan with all the essentials. You must subscribe to its PRO plan, which is only $6 per month, to get the expanded features, which include the capability to gather mobile numbers and email addresses.

6. Keyhole

For tracking sponsored posts and hashtags, among many other things, companies like Mashable and Reuters rely on Keyhole. You may gauge the effectiveness of your ads and the influence of influencers using its Instagram analytics tool.

It will track every Instagram metric required to demonstrate the effectiveness and ROI of your Instagram advertising. Given the significance of hashtags on Instagram, its sophisticated Instagram analytics platform will be extremely helpful.

Even with the technologies people regularly use, monitoring social media is a massive task. The internet is constantly expanding, so monitoring what people are talking about your company online cannot be restricted to social media. You must constantly be attentive to every conversation that takes place anywhere.

They were intrigued by Keyhole’s solutions the first time they discovered them. They serve as a tool for agencies and businesses and cover market research, brand monitoring, influencer marketing, campaign monitoring, and brand monitoring. When this comes to media monitoring for your brand, this is much all that comes to mind.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Specific reports
  • Analytics for Instagram Stories


  • Pricing for customized plans is only available upon request.

7. Milkshake

Milkshake will direct all of your supporters in the appropriate direction. You can establish a simple website with this link-in-bio tool and intuitive website builder so your audience can learn more about your services.

Insights and analytics are also included. This data is essential for figuring out which content produces the best outcomes.

First, Choose a Card

The site webpages of your Milkshake site are called Cards. Similar to an Instagram Story, you can swipe through each card.

Second, add content.

Add text, pictures, GIFs, YouTube clips, blogs, podcast episodes, contact information, links, and more to make each of your cards unique.

Third, Change the way you look.

Choose the ideal Look for the Card by shaking it up.

Fourth, Update and publish bios

Fifth, Change websites that serve milkshakes

At last, discover the truth through Insights

Utilize daily and monthly analysis of click-through rate and card view to see which content on your Milkshake site converts the best.

Key Features:

  • Website creator
  • Link in bio tools


  • The app is available for download on the App Store Apple for iOS users and the Play Store for Android users.

8. Mentionlytics

A social media planning, tracking, and posting solution are called Mentionlytics. You may apply it to submit to Instagram, track the performance of each of your posts in detail, assess how well your posts are performing in comparison to those of your rivals, and much more.

Its social, intelligent advisor with AI power is one aspect that merits noteworthy attention. Consider it as having a personal analyst and consultant who will suggest improving your brand’s social presence.

Maintain your brand’s online reputation, obtain mentioned statistics, and boost sales.

The best tool for Web and social media monitoring is:

Small enterprises and startups

Find marketing prospects to help you expand your company. Keep an eye on and learn everything about your market.

Medium-sized to large businesses

Learn from real press and customer comments to head off catastrophes. Keep an eye on your competitors.

Politicians, celebrities, and creatives

Find out what people are talking about you in the media and among your adversaries and friends.

Public Relations & Marketing Firms

Comprehensive client monitoring Adding data and reports will improve your offerings.

Key Features:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Competitor observation
  • Ideas for content
  • Social insights


  • The starting price is $49 per month.

9. Snapseed

The best app for simple photo editing is Snapseed. Google created it, and it is very simple to use. It contains all the essential capabilities you would want from a picture editing app, whether you need to rotate an image, add a vintage style, adjust the white balance, or experiment with tonal contrast.

The ability to design your filters is one unique feature that needs special note. Because of this, it’s an excellent tool for designers who want to maintain brand continuity.

Would you like to improve the charm and beauty of your photos? Snapseed is the greatest photo editing tool to try if you are never happy with simple photo editing software. Snapseed is made for detail-oriented, impressive picture recreation fans in photography.

This application contains many great features you would overlook in other editing tools, such as masking, color contrast, and filters, including Retrolux, Lens Blur, and much more. When Snapseed is installed on the device, editing photos becomes simple and non-destructive.

Key Features:

  • The capacity to store filter combinations.
  • Added features and filters
  • Uploading of RAW photos


  • For Android and iOS devices, you can download an app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

10. ShortStack

Give ShortStack a shot if you’re interested in organizing Instagram competitions. You may develop and manage many competitions, ranging from spinning the reels to gifts to voting on photos or videos.

You can restrict the number of entries or prevent repeat entries. You can also require people to verify their email addresses to vote. In essence, it provides you total control to arrange the competition you have in sight. Even better, it can randomly choose the winner for you, so you don’t have to.


Lead Generation

Gather the data that is most important to you while attracting new audiences and reengaging current clients via prizes, competitions, quizzes, and other events.

Social Media Participation

You’ll enjoy having influence over entry collections, moderation, and winner selection. Your fans will adore how simple it is to enter contests on their favorite social media sites.

Collection of User-Generated Content

Contests for user-generated content are a great way to interact with your audience, build brand recognition, and highlight content that people use to share.

Spreading Coupons

Distribute exclusive discount codes to your clients.

Key Features:

  • Instant-win competitions
  • Uploading video contests.
  • Hashtag competitions
  • Special promo codes
  • White-label advertising


  • Monthly rates begin at $99 per person.

11. Kapwing

You could occasionally wish to make memes and collages, based on your company’s style. You can apply a tool such as Kapwing when this temptation strikes. One of best free collage creators, it provides a variety of themes that you may use as a base.

However, it’s not just about having fun. It includes a long variety of tools and capabilities, including the capacity to rotate video, add music to videos, and mix videos with photos.

It’s simple to create and optimize content for all of your social media channels using Kapwing’s cutting-edge editing tools. In one location, content can be recorded, assets found, edited, and repurposed.

Even one video requires a lot of work. However, your material must now be available on all platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, and more.

They found it difficult to keep up with each and every format for every social media outlet because they are artists themselves. Therefore, they created Kapwing, an internet video editor with clever, easy tools that enable you to reuse your work and give you more power as a contemporary artist.

Key Features:

  • Subtitler
  • GIF resizing
  • Video to image
  • To videos and photos, add text.


  • There is a free basic plan as well as a $24 monthly pricing option.

12. Fourstarzz

The influencer marketing tool Fourstarzz has discovered a way to exchange business knowledge for marketing at a tenth of the cost of competing solutions. Fourstarzz can assist you with influencer management, campaign analytics, or influencer discovery. More than 800,000 influencer profiles from various fields, including style, food, fitness, and business, are available here.

All of Fourstarzz’s great traits can be attributed to its data. It’s also the platform’s worst flaw, a dichotomy that becomes clearer as you read this evaluation.  Fourstarzz provides you with all the data you’ll have to make a well-informed decision when it comes to finding influencers who are a good match for your company.

With a multitude of ways to explore as well as filter your results, Discovery functions as it should. Filters are based on influencers’ followers as well as the influencers themselves.

Key Features:

  • Numerous searches that is limitless.
  • Comprehensive search filters.
  • The demographics of the audience


  • The monthly package is just $59 per month. You can save more than 10% on the cost and register for an annual charge of $531 if you choose to be invoiced annually.

13. Later

Their website claims that they are the most popular Instagram marketing platform worldwide. It has many features designed especially for Instagram, such as statistics, hashtags, photo resizing, schedule, and many more.

It’s one of the best Instagram scheduling tools overall. Although Later may be used to post to other social networking sites including Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, Instagram is its main focus. It has built its software with the understanding that Instagram is entirely about images.

Later serves as a prime illustration of how one person’s Paradise can be another person’s Hell. You may anticipate that several Generation Z members or Millennials would appreciate Later’s graphic design; especially given that Instagram is its main focus because it is the platform of choice for influencers. And found it annoying as a blogger to have to start every new post with just an image.

Normally, people start a social media post with words before choosing the perfect image to go with it. You must adhere to the reverse working style later.

Key Features:

  • Analytics dashboard
  • Instagram training; hashtag analytics


A free plan is offered. You must subscribe to one of its paying plans if you intend to publish more than 10 times. The starting price is $8 per month.

14. Socialinsider

You may choose Socialinsider if you particularly require assistance with analytics. Major brands like Volvo and Honda adore and have confidence in it, and it provides Instagram analytics and reports for digital agencies.

It can be used, for instance, to track Instagram Stories data or perform a hashtag analysis. It also allows you to monitor the performance that your rivals are having on the platform if you’re more engaged in what they’re doing.

A potent tool for competitive social media analysis:

Compare and contrast your brand’s social media performance with that of your competitors. Add competition insights to your social media stories to complete them.

KPIs for all of your social media efforts in one dashboard:

Gain successful social media insights by tracking the outcomes of your social media activities. Discover the social media strategy of your rivals by evaluating numerous social media campaigns.

Analyze social media across channels:

Examine social media posts via various platforms. Find out which of your channels and posts are the most popular by using detailed social media analytics data.

Key Features:

  • Reporting on social media
  • Reporting on the campaign
  • Competitive research


  • When paid monthly, pricing begins at $99 per month.

15. Awario

You can consider signing up for Awario to monitor Instagram. It’s an excellent tool for keeping track of references to your company and its goods. You’ll receive a real-time notification for each and every comment made on Instagram mentioning your company. To gain a more precise perspective, you could also examine background data about your earlier references.

Maybe you’re curious about the effectiveness of a certain hashtag campaign. That is also possible with Awario.

Find significant discussions on social networking sites using the brand name as keywords, and then join them in real time. Use social media and the Internet to share the details of your product, services, or content with new people and to start word-of-mouth marketing. To ensure that your brand image improves, look at reference sentiments and mention share.

Social media is rich with invaluable commercial and consumer insight, but it’s also overflowing with noise. Utilize Awario to filter out pertinent customer references on social media so that you may better comprehend your target audience (including its age, geography, and language) and develop a more effective marketing plan.

Key Features:

  • Strong analytics
  • Sentimental evaluation
  • Reports with white labels
  • Social marketing


  • The monthly price range begins at $39.
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