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Best Instagram Story Viewers 2023-According to Experts


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Best Instagram Story Viewers:

The option to post pictures and videos as 24-hour stories is one of Instagram’s most well-liked features. When a user uploads a tale, everyone who has seen it is immediately informed. However, there are many valid reasons why someone might want to view another user’s narrative without that user being aware of it.

Thankfully, there are techniques you may use to hide your identity while viewing Instagram stories and even accessing a secret profile. You can use online tools dubbed Instagram Story Viewers to browse Instagram and the many user accounts it hosts anonymously.

Even if users are not signed up for the well-known social media network, these solutions are built with several capabilities that let them access Instagram profiles.

We’ll examine some of the top platforms for viewing Instagram stories in this article. Based on the positive personal experiences using each of the following tools, they can safely suggest them.

What elements should a tool for viewing Instagram stories take into account?

Users of numerous social networking platforms have grown accustomed to using Instagram Story Viewing Tools. The following are the main criteria to consider when choosing a suitable viewing tool:

User interface:

It is important to consider the tale viewing tool’s user interface. Navigation should be simple and uncomplicated thanks to a clear and user-friendly design.

Browser plug in:

An Instagram story viewer has to enable a browser plug-in so you can use the browser on your device to search for content directly.


The program should make it simple and private to browse Instagram without drawing attention from other users.

Ability to download:

The program you choose should allow you to download Instagram material for offline streaming in case you require it later.

List of 15 Best Instagram Story Viewers 2023:

The following is a list of well-known Instagram Story Viewers in 2023 and 2024:

  1. Qoob Stories
  2. Cocospy
  3. mSpy
  4. Hoverwatch
  5. Glassagram
  6. eyeZy
  7. Instalkr
  8. SmiHub
  9. Ingramer
  10. InstaDP
  11. Stories IG
  12. StoriesDown
  13. app
  14. Anonymous Instagram
  15. Instastories

1- Qoob Stories:

qoob stories

A very potent Instagram Story viewer with an all-encompassing social media platform downloader is Qoob Stories. It makes it easier to download practically all Instagram postings. This covers narratives, images, and videos. Additionally, it is possible to do this from either public or personal Instagram accounts.

You can instantly watch people’s stories anonymously on Qoob Stories by entering the username you want to access. Additionally, it is simple to obtain high-quality images and videos from Instagram profiles that include metadata.


  • View both public and private Instagram stories.
  • Download high-resolution images and videos from Instagram accounts that have metadata.
  • Download the Instagram profile content automatically.
  • Saving captions for posts
  • Options for advanced download and sorting


Whether from a public or private account, Qoob Stories is a fantastic tool for quickly downloading any video, photo, or narrative content you desire. Its standout feature is its ability to download posts from your favorite Instagram account automatically.


Starter plans are free; personal plans cost $7 per month; professional plans cost $25 each.

2- Cocospy:


To monitor the Instagram stories of a phone that it is loaded on, utilize the reliable phone spying program Cocospy. The app will provide you with a bird’s eye view of the Instagram account currently being used on the target device after it is set up.

On Instagram’s chat page, you can check all stores, post, and even keep track of any messages that have been given and received. The program functions in perfect stealth mode, so it doesn’t draw attention to itself. Therefore, you may be confident that the target device’s owner cannot discover that Instagram is being watched.


  • Check out your Instagram contacts.
  • Keep track of all Instagram chat messages that are sent and received.
  • Spies on several different social media platforms


With Cocospy, you may access an Instagram story reader and a cell phone monitor in one program. Without the requirement to access or jailbreak the device, the program may be effortlessly installed on an iOS and Android device. The app’s web-based visual dashboard makes it very easy to keep track of every Instagram activity on the target device.


Basic plans for iOS and Android start at $99.99/month, respectively.

3- mSpy:


The parental control program mSpy tracks and monitors cell phone activity. Parents can watch their children’s accounts with its Instagram tracker. You may view every Instagram conversation and link that was shared. You can use it to track well-known messengers. It won’t display any app icons on the phone and is entirely undetectable.

The best social media monitoring and tracking tool are mSpy.


  • The information regarding incoming and outgoing calls, phone duration, etc., are provided by mSpy.
  • The most recent GPS position may be displayed.
  • It operates in covert mode.
  • It offers the ability to restrict websites, apps, and more remotely. It also can restore lost texts.


This parenting tool allows for remote monitoring of children’s Instagram usage. More than 25 features are available, including Keylogger, Skype, Snapchat, Web History, etc.


Three pricing options for mSpy are 1 Month- $48.99 per month, 3 Months ($27.99), and 12 Months- $11.66 per month. There is a platform demo available.

4- Hoverwatch:


Hoverwatch has been the preferred mobile phone tracking application for a while now. Although it used to only work with a few social media platforms, it has significantly changed, and its most recent version now lets you check out someone’s Instagram page and even their chats. Hoverwatch is also a fantastic SMS & call tracker in addition to this.

It will also alert you to any incoming or outgoing calls. Hoverwatch can also be used to track a user’s whole web surfing history on a target device.

The program can also track a smartphone device through GPS, WiFi, or cell phone towers.


  • Monitoring social media applications
  • Geolocation.
  • Call Monitor.
  • Front camera picture taking.
  • Automatic Screenshot Capture for Android


With more than 40 capabilities, Hoverwatch makes it exceptionally easy to follow cell phone activities online and offline.

Cell phone monitoring is made simple by its invisibility function, which keeps it well disguised from a target device’s user, and its dashboard’s ease of use. It takes the top rank on our list because of its recently enhanced features, which finally allow you to monitor Instagram.


Price ranges for one month’s supply are $49.99, $39.99, and $11.66 for a 12-month supply.

5- Glassagram:


Users of Glassagram can get updated online spyware. Thanks to the solution designed for anonymous Instagram story watchers, users can access any account from inside.

The accounts turned to private mode will be completely accessible to you. The user can choose from a wide range of options, including the ability to read direct messages, discover all follower reactions, and watch someone else’s story in a secret mode.

Users of a Glassagram spying tool can view the stuff that the targeted person enjoys the most frequently. Thanks to the frequent screenshot updates, no crucial information will be overlooked. This malware can be a very useful tool for locating Instagram accounts.


  • Watching stories in hidden mode
  • Message reading directly
  • Tracking of interactions with other content
  • Watching Instagram videos
  • Determining the GPS position


The surveillance tool Glassagram is a simple and hasward setup procedure. It will display all private account data in real-time. Detailed reports will be delivered to the personal spyware dashboard.

For those who simply wish to experiment, Glassagram has an excellent answer. You can select a Basic plan and utilize the essential features for free!


$59.99 monthly and $159.99 annually

 6- eyeZy:


With eyeZy, you get a full-featured distant cell phone monitoring program that simply excels at Instagram eavesdropping. EyeZy will enable you to secretly examine all stories, media posts, and direct messages from your target Instagram account. EyeZy is the ideal tool for remotely monitoring any Instagram account, thanks to Keylogger and Screen Recorder tools.

You will know what messages were being sent and received, who sent and received them, when the discussions occurred, and so forth. Because of this, eyeZy is the perfect solution for parents who wish to shield their kids from potentially harmful content on social networking sites like Instagram.


  • Viewer for Instagram chat
  • Location finder
  • Keylogger.
  • Monitor recorder


With eyeZy placed in the target device, you may be assured of understanding every feasible thing that has or will happen on the Insta account you wish to spy on. With eyeZy quietly operating on the side of your target device, you will have access to all story updates, media files, or messages sent and receive on a specific Instagram profile.


A month costs $47.99, a year costs $9.99, and a third year costs $27.99.

7- Instalkr:


A completelInstalkr offers a unique internet service rating an account; you can quickly utilize the tool to access a public Instagram account. You can explore an Instagram account anonymously using Instalkr or view their stories, subscribers, likes, and even comments without being seen.

Even news or postings which have been deleted either by account will be displayed to you by the tool. Additionally, you may download videos and photographs from every Instagram account in addition to just seeing their stories.


  • Access anonymously to stories
  • Gaining access to deleted photographs, videos, and stories
  • Save images and videos.
  • Use is free


Every Instagram account you choose will be instantly accessible through Instalkr with just a username from you, providing it is a public account. It is free, extremely fast, and simple to use. It is a fantastic tool for covertly monitoring or snooping on a certain account that interests you.



8- SmiHub:


The first thing about SmiHub that impresses you is its flawless user interface. It is tidy, uncluttered, and encourages people to get to work. It asks you to enter your username immediately in the text box that appears when you first log in.

When you enter a username into the online service, the program gets you to access that specific account immediately. From this point forward, you can browse stories anonymously, perform any kind of search, and quickly download content.

The application also enables you to examine a specific account’s likes, comments, or follower count.


  • Browse Instagram profiles without being identified.
  • See the stories.
  • Download images and videos that have pertinent links.
  • Analyze followers, comments, and likes.


Nothing is more straightforward than SmiHub. The interface is simple to use and browse and has a clean appearance. It is the perfect internet tool for sneaking a peek at someone’s Instagram profile. Above importantly, using it is completely free.



9- Ingramer:


Ingramer stands out as a unique creature compared to other devices in this collection. It is a platform for social media marketing that enables companies to take advantage of Instagram’s massive user base to gain exposure for their goods and services.

Using it as a standard Instagram Story Viewer, you can download Instagram pictures and videos. For marketing and entertainment purposes, this content could be further repurposed. Its account viewing tools are made to help you learn more about your customers, rivals, and platform influencers.


  • Downloader for pictures and videos
  • Planned posting
  • Hashtags created by AI.
  • Narratives viewer


Not your typical story viewer, Ingramer is. It primarily serves as a social media advertising tool for businesses, concentrating on Instagram users to increase sales. As a result, it may be used as just a profile reader that provides useful information about rival businesses, key influencers, and potential customers on Instagram.


Accounts for two weeks cost $37, one month cost $57, and three months cost $144.

10- InstaDP:


Users can browse and download the stories of their friends and favorite celebrities using InstaDP in an exceptionally straightforward manner before they vanish. It employs the tried-and-true method of pasting a username, which, when completed, enables you to browse through desired profiles anonymously and download the content even without the account owner’s knowledge.

This website-based business offers more than just tales. Additionally, you are permitted to download reels, films, and images in their original quality. The software also boasts a user interface (UI) that follows the well-liked minimalism approach.


  • Friendly UI
  • View stories in anonymity.
  • Instantly download reels, movies, and pictures.
  • Use is free


InstaDP lives up to its title by offering a quick and easy web tool for downloading content from every public Instagram account. While entirely anonymous, you can browse through every account privately, download their stuff, and examine their profile. Its presence on this list is justified by the fact it is also cost-free to use.



11- Stories IG:

Stories IG

Another excellent story viewer that favors simplicity over a complex UI is Stories IG. A text box asks for the username of the account you want to access and is presented to you immediately. You input the username, and the web programme processes it and gives you access to all of the publicly accessible stuff on that account anonymously.

It seems tidy and straightforward. With this tool, you may download and browse Instagram photographs, videos, as well as other content in addition to viewing and downloading stories. In addition to the advantages listed above, you can post the stories you gather from this location on other social media sites.


  • Friendly UI
  • View stories in anonymity.
  • Instantly download reels, movies, and pictures.
  • Use is free


Instagram emphasizes simplicity over all other factors in its stories. The result is a pretty simple tool that, in the end, completes its intended task. Although the internet service is swarming with ADS, this is a reasonable price for the service offered without charge.


Accounts for two weeks cost $37, one month cost $57, and three months cost $144.

12- StoriesDown:


You can find all you require in a story viewer with StoriesDown. You can see an Instagram account’s content anonymously, save any stuff you want to preserve on your computer or mobile device, and access it without having your own account.

It is created with eye-catching pictures that make it easy to grasp. The textbox where you must paste the username that you want to use is visible. You may access the stories you want to see without creating a personal Instagram account or filling out pointless registration forms. Additionally, you have to download pictures and movies in their entirety.


  • Anonymous reading of a narrative
  • No account or signup is required.
  • Download excellent material.
  • Use is free


Similar to StoriesIG, StoriesDown has all the essential features you’ll need to watch Instagram stories discreetly while being straightforward. But unlike the first, it doesn’t attack you with ADS. For a gadget that costs nothing, it is also somewhat more aesthetically pleasing.


Accounts for two weeks cost $37, one month cost $57, and three months cost $144.



IGStories makes up a relatively small portion of Upleaf, an online solution for social media marketing. IG Stories strongly emphasizes anonymous story reading, while Upleaf concentrates on providing an end-to-end Instagram marketing service.

You only need to paste or type the user name of the Instagram account you wish to access into IGStories. Following processing, it will anonymously explore the account material. You can watch or download stories, save high-quality copies of the account’s images and videos, as well as eventually post them on some other social media sites.

You can immediately direct yourself to the all-inclusive Upleaf if you want to gain extra advantages from IGStories. You can choose services through Upleaf that complement one another to increase your Instagram presence.


  • Watch, download, and distribute films, pictures, and tales.
  • Instagram accounts and registration are not required.
  • To improve profile performance on Instagram, switch to Upleaf.


IGStories is an essential, albeit small, component of Upleaf’s overall ecosystem. You can use it to watch, download, and privately share Instagram stories, videos, and photographs. Even if Upleaf does pay for its marketing, anyone can use IGStories for nothing at all.



14- Anonymous Instagram:

Anonymous Instagram

It doesn’t get any simpler than Anonymous Instagram, users wager. The tool’s main aim is to access Instagram accounts so users can see stories privately. An immediate text box asking for your username is presented to you.

You need only enter or enter a username into the box to gain access to that specific account immediately. Once you have access, you can browse the stories, images, and videos here in anonymity. Unfortunately, there isn’t much else you can do.

You cannot download or share content with Anonymous Instagram, which may discourage some users.


  • Basic and Easy UI
  • Obtain public Instagram access.
  • Instantly accounts.
  • Not need to register or log in.
  • Use is free


This online service is for you if you want a tool to access an Instagram account rapidly. There isn’t much more on offer here. Instagram content can be viewed anonymously but cannot be downloaded to a device. You would be wise to look at other programmes on this list if downloading is a feature you need.



 15- Instastories:


Instastories is a pleasure to use thanks to their straightforward features. With simply a username, you may view any public Instagram account. No registration or accounts are required. You need only provide a legitimate username to this internet platform in order to have immediate access to every public account you wish.

You can access the account holder’s stories, highlights, images, and videos without their knowledge. Additionally, this content is available for high-quality download. Although attractive to the eye, its interface might be confusing to grasp.

The text box where we were supposed to enter our login was difficult to find and seemed to be dug up a lot of other information. But after they discovered the message, there was nothing more to be upset about.


  • View highlights, images, videos, and tales in anonymity.
  • No registration or account is necessary.
  • Download high-quality content


Instastories is indeed a fun and simple tool to meet the Instagram Story Viewing demands, despite its strange user interface. The utility executes all of its tasks efficiently, from anonymous accounts access to high-quality downloads.




There are many justifiable reasons why someone might desire to browse an Instagram profile anonymously. Instagram Story Viewer is unquestionably required by many, whether it’s to monitor your child’s profile as a parent, spy on a rival’s page, or comprehend an influencer’s reach.

The instruments above expertly carry out this task. They allow you to read a story anonymously, download high-quality content, post it online, and carry out all of these actions without creating your own profile.

Ammad Ali

Ammad Ali is the founder and CEO of RankingGrow LLC, where he helps his clients build powerful brands through Search Engine marketing. He is a frequent contributor to several other sites. His articles and blogs are featured on some of the most reputed digital marketing forums.
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