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Kickidler Review (2024) – Best Employee Computer Monitoring Software?

Kickidler Review 2024: 

Do you want the best management tool for your company?

As you already know that there are thousands of businesses being run by people in the world and in order to run these big companies or even the smaller ones, you need to have some sort of platform through which you can easily manage all of the work being done by the company.

It is necessary to maintain a stable workflow in order for the company to succeed. There are a lot of times when companies don’t have proper management setup and due to that, they have to face huge losses.



If you want a platform or a tool with which you can easily monitor your company’s progress and also check on all the work being done by the employees in a single place then you don’t need to hire any management officials but rather rely on powerful tools which can provide you with a lot more benefits. In this review, we are going to take you through a powerful management tool known as Kickidler. We will go through the aspects that make it special and why it is one of the best management tools in the market.

Is Management Really That Important?

Yes, management is one of the key pillars in establishing a strong and successful business. If you have a lot of work but you don’t have any idea about how to manage all of your work and also its distribution between the different employees, you won’t be able to make your company successful. In order to run a company profitably, you need to have proper management and this management is what Kickidler provides you.

Kickidler: A Killer Employee Management Tool:

Kickidler Banner

Kickidler is a management tool that is designed to make a company run in the most effective way. It helps you in tracking the progress of every individual employee and whether they are doing their work or not. It informs you whether a person working at your company is being reproductive or not.

Is the company gaining any kind of benefit from his work or is he just wasting the company’s precious time?

This tool provides you with a lot of information with regard to the employee so you can easily manage each and every employee’s movements.

Kickidler also provides you access to other computers as well. In this way, you can easily take control of a computer in case you have spotted something suspicious on a computer. In this way, you can easily prevent any kind of damage to the company. Kickidler has seen a lot of critical acclaim due to the features that it provides to its users.

The tool can provide you with monitoring your employee and is also able to tell you about the time at which they are most productive. All of this data is shown in the form of graphs. In this way, you can easily manage your company by observing at all of the statistics and making changes where they are necessary.

What is Best About Kickidler:

Kickidler has a lot of useful features that help immensely in maintaining a regular workflow and those features are as under:

Computer Monitoring:

kickidler screen monitoring

Kickidler has a real-time computer monitoring tool with the help of which you can keep a strict eye on the whereabouts of your employees. There are often some people in the company who are just lazy and don’t do their work in the proper way.

This tool can help you in identifying all of those people who are disturbing the workflow of the company. With this tool, you can check each and every activity of your employee. If they are opening a website, you’ll know about the website they visited.

This tool provides you with all of the information about what is going on in an employee’s pc. In this way, you can easily manage the workflow and the employees will also be mindful of doing anything stupid because they will know that they are being monitored every second. Also, if there is any kind of employee violation, Kickidler will inform you of it and will generate various alerts to inform you of the situation.

Employee Tracking:


With the help of Kickidler, you can continuously track the working time of every single employee or even department. This data is really useful as it provides you with information about the employees that are working really hard and the ones that don’t do anything productive.

This tracking is really advanced and if a person is doing overtime then the software will record that over time. This tool also provides you with information about the following things:

  • If a person is late.
  • Taking early leaves.
  • Absentees.
  • Every other activity like coffee breaks, going out for a walk, etc.

This tool makes a report of every employee so all of this data is recorded by the tool and shown in the employee reports. The timesheets are then shown in the form of graphs which makes the whole process really simple and effective. By looking at the graphs, you can exactly see what an employee has been doing during the whole day and how many hours has he worked.

Productivity Analysis:

Being able to record employee activities is really useful as it can provide you with useful information about whether the employee is serious about his work or not. Kickidler allows you to check the productivity analysis of employees which is really crucial.

It allows you to check for the time a person has been doing his work. In this way, you easily distinguish the good apples from the bad ones. The ones who just want to visit social media apps and waste their time as well as the company’s, scrolling through social media instead of performing their duties.

Kickidler provides you with all kinds of different metrics that are helpful in letting you know about an employee’s routine. A company can only progress if you and the employee love doing what you do. So, having a way to check up on the activities of a person can help you in establishing a better workflow for your business.

Screen Recording:


Kickidler also provides you with the ability to screen record which can help you in keeping an eye over all of your employees. When you are running a company, you just can’t leave everything up to the employees, if you want to make your business successful.

You have to manage most of the things yourself by also keeping an eye over your employee and the activities that they are performing. With the help of the keystroke tracker, Kickidler allows you to track each and every movement of your employee.

If an employee opens up a website or is scrolling through a webpage, all of that will be visible to you. It will also record an application if the employee opens one. You can also setup the size of the recording storage that you want. So, you can increase the storage size of the employee that you find suspicious.

Violation Monitoring:

In case that you have provided a deadline to an employee and he doesn’t deliver his work in the given time, Kickidler will instantly let you know that the person’s deadline is over.

You can also list several types of programs and websites in the violation filter and when anyone opens any of those apps, you will immediately get notified. This kind of violation monitoring can help in keeping pressure over the employees to do their jobs in the most effective manner.

Productivity Metrics:

As Kickidler is constantly monitoring each and every employee, you can easily stop the people who aren’t doing their jobs properly. Kickidler presents you with the productivity metrics of all the employees which shows detailed information about the things that they have been doing.

In this way, you can change the working of your employees based on how well they are performing. The metrics provided to the company are really great as they can help you in the changing of various policies in the company.

Remote PC Access:

With the help of Remote PCAccess, you can easily take control of any computer in your office that is running Kickidler. This is a really useful feature as it allows you to perform various functions like:

  • Configuring Programs.
  • Restoring Data.
  • Finding Any File.

If an employee is having trouble in configuring a software, then you can remotely configure that software for them with the help of remote access.


With the help of keylogging, you are able to know what keys are being pressed on the keyboard at the moment. It allows you to track the activity of your employees.

As all of the keypresses are being recorded, you can easily check out what keys were being pressed by a certain employee.

Classroom Monitoring:

Kickidler is one of the best software that various schools and colleges have implemented. It allows them to monitor the progress of the students on their computers. The admins get real-time data on what the students are doing on the computers.

This monitoring tool alongside the violation filter can help you in catching those students who start playing games on the computers instead of finishing their assignments.

Technical Support:

One of the best things about Kickidler is that their support service is really great. They help you in setting up the system for the first time and also in configuring the software.

You can contact them anytime in case of any technical issues and they will provide you with useful information related to your queries. The best thing is that their customer support is totally free.


In an office or a home, the efficiency is entirely dependent upon the productivity level of the employees. If you are using some standard tools for productivity management, then it will be impossible for you to maintain a high level of productivity for a long time period. To avoid any kind of productivity drops, Kickidler has introduced a feature of their own called Autokick.

So, basically, Autokick is a feature that are aimed towards employee self-management. These tools enable an employee to better self-manage so that they can be more productive. The main highlights of the Autokick functionality are:

  • Automatic Notifications
  • Custom Interface

These two things are present at the heart of the Autokick function. This feature is like an alarm clock for employees, which reminds them that they should keep working. The custom interface provides employees with all kinds of information and statistics on the basis of their productivity.

Automatic Notifications:

Automatic notifications are set in place so that the employees are able to increase their work efficiency. Setting up meetings with the staff and then highlighting their problems is very time-consuming. With the help of these automatic notifications, the whole system has become autonomous. With the help of these notifications, employees can also take the violations in a less emotional way because they get the notification in the form of a pop-up rather than somebody personally addressing them. With the help of this autonomous system, a pleasant workspace can be created.

Setting up the notification system is very easy. You can use Kickidler’s interface in order to set up a set of rules which you consider as a violation. The violations can be like:

  • Being late for work
  • Staying idle for 15 minutes
  • Playing games
  • Opening social media apps etc.

You have various options in terms of setting up these notifications. You can either apply them to an individual employee or a whole department. When somebody violates a certain rule, a pop-up message will appear on their screen. You can also choose to send copies of the notifications directly to the violator’s email. The best thing about this system is that you only need to configure it at the start. After that, the whole system will work autonomously and will save you a lot of time and will definitely increase productivity.

Custom Interface:

With this interface, Autokick allows you to monitor your self-progress. This feature directly focused on the interaction of an employee with his computer. This interface presents you with an infographic that will show an employee’s effectiveness and productivity. This monitoring interface shows you:

  • Total Work Time
  • Beginning of a Workday
  • End of a Workday
  • Percentage of all Activities

All of the data is presented to the user in a digital form, and a pie chart is established to show all of the data. This system is pretty simple, and it is very easy for an employee to track his progress level. In this way, every employee is able to see his data and self-motivate so that they can produce more productive results.

Why Use Autokick:

There are three main benefits of using Autokick:

  • Increasing Motivation
  • More Positive Communication
  • Efficiency Monitoring

With the help of these notifications, discipline is maintained in the office. As the employees can clearly see the amount that they have put into work allows them to motivate themselves and increase their workflow. This can also help certain employees improve their career development in the future.

Autokick allows for a very positive communication as you don’t have to personally remind the employees of the violations. Their violations are shown on their computer in the form of notifications, and all of this helps in maintaining a positive aura inside the office.

As the whole system is autonomous, a supervisor’s interference in the violation department becomes minimal. This autonomous functionality makes for a very efficient workflow, and every employee is benefitted from this system.

Using Autokick:

At the start, all of the Autokick features are disabled, and you can activate them by following these steps:

  • Go to Central Server of Kickidler
  • Then onto Web Interface
  • Configure the Self-Monitoring and Automatic Notifications

Major Benefits of Kickidler:

  • Improvement in productivity
  • Screen recording is very useful
  • Live Monitoring.
  • Great Technical Support

Pricing Plans:

Kickidler provides you with six different packages to choose from:

  • Per 3 Years – $3.06/Month.
  • Per Year – $4.58/Month.
  • Per 6 Months – $5.5/month.
  • Per 3 Months – $8.33/Month.
  • Per Month – $9.99/Month.
  • Lifetime – $187.
  • Offline Version – Price on Request.

The best thing about using Kickidler is that you don’t get any kind of restrictions if you choose the one-month package. All of the packages provide the same number of features with the only limiting factor being the time limit.

If you are a small company, then choosing the one-month package can be fruitful as you will be able to try out all of the features provided by Kickidler. As for big companies, choosing a lifetime offer is probably the best bet.



Kickidler has knocked it out of the park when it comes to providing tools that are necessary for managing a company. The software is not that much expensive and provides you some solid offering in terms of the features that it provides. You can easily get all of your work done while keeping an eye on your employee at the same time. All of the productivity analysis, tracking, and monitoring can help a company in ensuring the best workflow possible.

If you are in the search for a software that does it all in terms of managing your employees in a very effective manner and also in enhancing the productivity of the company, then Kickidler is the way to go.

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