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How to Make Money on Reddit 2024 -According to Experts

Are you aware of all the money-making possibilities that Reddit can give you?

What is Reddit?

So you think you know all the websites and platforms that can give you money, don’t you? But do you know Reddit? It’s a kind of internet forum combined with a social network, where you can share links, post long reads, or spend your time browsing different spaces divided into categories (subreddits). The range of topics is so huge that you can “hang out” on Reddit for a really long time. You can discuss scientific theories, talk about psychology and family problems, or just exchange your views on certain products. Reddit is often compared to Facebook or Twitter, but unlike them, it values high-quality content.

According to Statista, Reddit has 430 monthly active users on average. As some sources say, it is mainly used on mobile devices. More than 60% of Redditors browse the platform on their smartphones or tablets. The popularity of the platform is significantly growing.

What is Reddit

Reddit has its own voting system. Each user can rate a post by giving it an upvote or a downvote. A large number of positive ratings raises the post in the rating and can bring it to the main page of the platform. Accordingly, posts with prevailing downvotes fall in the rating and are not shown to users. In the same way, users can react to comments. And it looks like this:

Reddit has its own point system – karma, which determines the overall user rating on the platform. This indicator depends directly on the ratings of individual posts and comments of a Redditor. The higher the karma, the more authoritative the user is considered.

Who uses Reddit?

On Reddit you can find mostly young and active people. In pursuit of high karma, mainly young people aged 18 to 29 come here.

According to the latest Statista data, the male audience on Reddit is predominant, and this figure is only increasing. At the moment, 63.8% of men and 36.2% of women are registered on the portal.

In addition, statistics show that Reddit is an ideal platform for those who plan to reach Tier-1 countries. The main audience is residents of the USA, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. 

Affiliate marketing on Reddit – how to do it?

It is possible to collect high-quality traffic on Reddit, but this will take time, which certainly pays for itself. This is confirmed by the results of our webmasters promoting offers on Reddit. They asked not to disclose, but the results are worth showing. These are the Gamehag offer promotion results:

And here are the results of another webmaster who promoted the vod-base affiliate program.

Which offers will be successful on Reddit?

To make your journey with affiliate marketing on Reddit much easier, we have selected the best converting offers that you definitely need to pay attention to.


  • Rate: 8.00%
  • Payment Type: CPS
  • Geo: Worldwide



  • Rate : 0.16 $ | 40,00%
  • Payment type: CPA | CPS
  • Geo: USA, UK, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Poland, Philippines, Norway, Netherlands, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Ireland, India, Greece, Germany, France, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Cyprus, Brazil, Belgium, Austria.



  • Rate : 6.40 – 9.60% 
  • Payment Type : CPS
  • Geo : Worldwide.


Aliexpress Global

  • Rate : 0.60 – 55.20% 
  • Payment Type : CPS
  • Geo: Worldwide


Since you already know that affiliate marketing is possible on Reddit, we have to tell you something more about it. Reddit’s policy does not allow its users to post affiliate links, making it difficult for a beginner to start. Firstly, you must take care of engaging content and consider placing the link. But let’s begin from the beginning.

How to earn on Reddit?

1. Create an account, preferably at least five of them

As you know, leading only one account may be a little risky. That is why maintaining multiple accounts at once is the best solution. However, you have to be really motivated and take each account seriously. It will take some time, but it is worth it. You can find more information about earning on social media platforms in one of our YouTube videos. 

2. Take time to warm up your karma

Every Redditor cares about their karma. Before commenting or posting anything, get to know the audience of the subreddit well: what content they like and what they do not. Based on the results, start actively commenting and posting your content. Thanks to it, you will effectively warm up your karma and raise your authority in the eyes of other users. We advise you to pay attention to the Ask Me Anything subreddit. You can warm up your account and start receiving karma by asking and answering questions.

3. Choose only viral content

Only posts with high karma make it to the top, and for this, you need to initiate a lively discussion by creating viral content. Be an active participant in different subreddits and try to raise burning topics in each that will be of interest to other Redditors. 

4. Protect your reputation

Of course, no one will guarantee that your content will be liked by others. If you post something that is not very popular and causes serious damage to your karma, delete it. Don’t do this all the time, as such actions can also negatively influence your account. Redditors remember everything. Don’t forget that you can make money on Reddit only with a good reputation.

5. Join small subreddits with a similar audience

At the very beginning of your adventure with Reddit, look for communities that are not too big. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to break into the TOP. Moreover, in a large, existing for a longer time subreddit, a particular circle of active Reddit users with good karma has already formed. Take it into account, because it will take time to become noticeable against the background of others. 

6. Follow the rules

This is the rule of every platform – don’t act against the regulations. When it comes to Reddit, each space has its own moderator who keeps order. They will surely tell you if something is wrong. 

7. Try different types of traffic

There are two ways when it comes to affiliate marketing on Reddit: organic or paid. The first option will require some time and the second – money. You choose. In any case, we advise you to try both methods – you will have the opportunity to compare the results and optimize the work. 

8. Create unique creatives

If you want to make sure to make money without intrusive ads, dedicate your time and energy to create original creatives that won’t annoy Redditors with their promotional nature. Look for inspiration on Pinterest, Behance, or AdsoftheWorld.

You can successfully combine affiliate marketing on Reddit with your Pinterest activities at the same time. There’s a video on our YouTube channel that you should check if you’re interested in this topic.

9. Promote different content formats

Reddit accepts different content forms: photos, videos, GIFs, etc. Feel free to use them all and experiment with what’s working best for you.

10. Beware of ads

Redditors do not like explicit advertising; therefore, in order to make money on Reddit, affiliate links must be placed on external resources, to which all traffic from the platform will be redirected. As an external traffic source, you can use any other social media, your own blog or website. Remember to take care of your karma before posting any link, no matter if it’s an affiliate or not.


Affiliate marketing on Reddit is a job for those who are ready to work on their karma in order to get good results. We strongly recommend you do good platform research, select the appropriate subreddits, and outline a content plan. A good choice for promotion would be Nutra and dating. Erotic content is also accepted, but you have to mark your profile as 18+. Interesting? Register in MyLead, choose an offer, and run to Reddit!

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