Secret to Making Money through Blogging:Most Bloggers Don’t Tell You

Make Money through Blogging in 2023! 

Are you looking for a game plan to make money through your blog? Are you looking forward to making money through a future blog you have in mind? Are you looking to start a blog of your own?  

If yes then you’ve come to the right place, we’ve got you covered here as today, we’re going to cover exactly how to make real money with the blog and how many people made over $1,000,000 in less than two years. So how did they do it? Well generally speaking, they start by taking the latest strategies that they learn in the startup world and apply them to their brand, and they start generating good income through it, if you’re thinking, how is it possible? Or how have they achieved this? Then rest assured because we are going to discuss every single aspect of the entire process in detail and all of this is without spending any money on advertising. 

Now to come to the point, how to create one of the fastest-growing blogs on the Internet? We’re going to share with you the latest tactics on how to make real money with a blog and not through just Facebook or Pinterest or AdSense or these low-value ideas but actually the latest and greatest blog monetization techniques so that you can make money with your blog in the twenty 20s and beyond.  

Even if you’re brand new or have tried and failed before, this blogging guide will give you exactly how you can create a 7-figure online business, so make sure you read the whole thing and don’t miss any part even if some of it seems boring at first.  

 Why should you make a blog to make money online? 

so before we get started with the actual blog monetization strategies we have to think about the question, why A blog? Why would you use a blog to make money online?  

well A blog has a lot of benefits but when we think about a blog as a mediator of purchase decisions, a blog lives between a Google search and the purchase, and a blog is a mediator that CPC deals to monetize the blog. 

so how do we start? how do we frame this? how do we even think about this in the first place? first, we have to realize that to make money with a blog a purchase typically has to be made somewhere for example, you could write an article on how to tie my shoes, and maybe there’s even a little video on the blog how would that make money no one’s going to be buying shoelaces or shoes from that they’re just looking for information that’s why you see a lot of food recipe blogs, topics like best chicken soup recipe. it takes them five years to get to the actual recipe because they’re making money with ads so they’re putting ads in every spot because if you’re searching for a recipe you’re not going to necessarily buy that blogger book right away you’re just kind of looking for the recipe and to leave that’s how information searching works. 

So a lot of the time somebody might find your blog click an affiliate link make a purchase and never come back and that’s totally OK because a blog is a mediator of these purchases and A blog is one of the best ways to make money online because you can outsource it you don’t have to be on a video on every YouTube channel or podcast or Instagram post you can make progress while you sleep you can outsource, you can hire people to help you and you know blogging‘s not going anywhere making money with blogs is staying as of now. 

People are making more money now than they ever have before Google search is only getting more and more higher so right now is a great time to make money with a blog but we first have to kind of frame and understand how it actually works so how does a blog monetization actually works well first we have to acquire traffic to our blog we can’t just make money magically, so first we have to acquire traffic so we have to think about what we’re going to write we have to create a content strategy of some kind and we have to choose a niche that we want to write in so that’s the first step, so instead of thinking about all these different monetization strategies let’s first talk about acquiring traffic and how do we acquire that traffic and what we actually write about. 

 Acquiring traffic for your Blog!  

first of all your blog monetization strategy should begin with affiliate marketing as the monetization path there are a couple of reasons for this, 

  • it dictates your content strategy and you know kind of controls the articles that you actually start writing, there’s a reason that we’re not starting with an online course for example because we don’t have an audience yet, who are we going to sell it to this whole thing is a numbers game and growing your blog. So first is growing traffic which comes from content so when we think about content the good news is it’s the key to making money blogging,  
  • there’s really only one to two types of articles that you ever need to write if you want to look at some examples try googling a few things In different niches that’ll show you the types of articles. so one good example is “best touchless kitchen faucet” You’ll see different mediators of purchase decisions, you’re simply searching for the best product there they have articles on the “10+ best touchless kitchen faucets compared” Now this is an affiliate article because there’s a product listing and then will be affiliate links for each of those products, this will help their blog earn revenue. so rather than having something random like “how to tie your shoes” or “a chicken soup recipe” with ads as a monetization source you can make more money with affiliate marketing because you make more money with these commissions than you could on ads 
  • the benefit of affiliate marketing is that you can start your content strategy by searching for these different “best of” list post keywords, you write these articles as some of your first pieces of content and they can make a lot more money than other sources of revenue, you know ad revenue is typically 20 to $30 revenue per thousand impressions let’s say if you’re in an ad network simply you can just make a lot more money with affiliate marketing because you’re ranking for valuable terms and products that people are searching for and you can make more money with those commissions.  
  • You can use different tools to find good keywords for your niche put in the word “best” and then put in your niche and then you can use the matching terms tool here to find other examples of articles, for beginners, there are all kinds of different product ideas, maybe you’re in the home niche you want to see best home security systems, best home gym you’re looking at different products and their difficulties so you can look for all of these different things. So affiliate revenue is a good driver it’s dictated by one, the search volume, how many times people are searching for that product, and two, the value of the product so things that are searched for a lot and are high-priced or make high commissions are going to be the most competitive 

So to make money blogging the first step is driving traffic to these affiliate-based keyword articles that’s the keyword strategy that you start with and the ways that you can monetize your blog effectively so that’s the first one affiliate revenue, now that requires content articles that requires writing content joining affiliate programs publishing things and all of that which is affiliate marketing in a nutshell. 

Now, let’s talk about the different revenue streams when it comes to blogging because there’s a lot of ways to make money through blogging, so we’ve introduced affiliate marketing that’s the bread and butter of blog monetization that’s how the big sites make the most of their money so if you want to join a program let’s say you want to join web hosting or something like that you search best web hosting and look for articles on this topic, you search for the affiliate program you want to join and you just basically write the article on web hosting.

Now this niche is not recommended as it’s super competitive but you can join it, you say the web hosting affiliate program and then use join affiliate programs individually based on the company that you want to promote so each company has its own affiliate program they might be in an affiliate network like impact or CJ or share a sale where you log in and can find the company and apply there or they have their own dashboard, and next, you click sign up and that’s really it and then they’ll manually reprove you and then you can grab your link paste it in when you mention the brand so that’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell which can help control and dictate your initial content strategy but let’s talk about all the other ways to make money with your blog. 

 Online courses can also come in a clutch!  

So this one is online courses so online courses are great because you’re selling your own digital product you’re providing and sharing your information with the world and you know selling that product directly to your audience now there’s a reason we start with affiliates and not online courses because online courses do require some type of audience in order to sell a course you can’t really sell a course to an e-mail list of 0 but you don’t need an e-mail list of 10,000 or 20,000 or 50,000 you can start with a small list but you still need people to actually purchase your course and this is an entirely different strategy so as you see blog monetization requires completely different strategies affiliate marketing is content and SEO basically you’re trying to rank on Google for product specific search terms so that requires the disciplines of SEO. 

online courses are also its own unique strategy so which includes building up your e-mail list and then selling them a product that’s typically how it works so when most first start their blog it takes them a long time to build up an e-mail list and they can be really good at affiliate marketing but if they don’t know much about selling online courses they end up hiring an expert to guide through this process. 

the best way to build your e-mail list is you can put a form on your website and make sure to get people to opt into an e-mail list but exit intent or even entrance pop-ups acquire the most sign ups it’s simple because you’re showing them the form right where they are right in front of their faces they don’t need to find it somewhere so this has how to start a profitable blogging master class all of the master class information that you can access and get here and then that goes into the core sequence 

so all of this stuff that is around blogging and how to start a blog is all very specific to selling the online course so when you  think about affiliate marketing revenue you think about the best of list posts well, you can write a lot of how to post as well for course sales how to start a blog how to make money blogging this very YouTube video on make money blogging these types of pieces of content that you put out in the world can help sell a course or can help build your audience and build your e-mail list so it’s like an entirely different strategy now what you want to do is also provide a lead magnet to your e-mail list so you need to give them something to if they’re going to give you their e-mail address,

You should either give them a free PDF checklist a free course or something for free to get them to opt in, very rarely can you just get them to opt in for free so you want to provide that and then you build and after you build your list then you want to start surveying them to understand what they actually want that’s the key you’re providing information to your audience on what they actually desire so you want to warm them up with lead magnets free content send them stuff over time you can even find your best subscribers by providing more exclusive content by having them find a VIP list.

Where it’s not just the main e-mail list but it’s the VIP group sends them content and information and then after a while you know sell and price your online course based on the survey results based on what you expect your readers want based on the size of your e-mail list and the price point that you think they’ll go after and then it’s a matter of OK I’m going to launch my course want to send out these emails send them in like a week sequence there’s a whole strategy behind that but there’s a reason that we don’t do this first it’s because it takes a lot of time it takes a lot of effort to shoot an online course and it doesn’t make sense when you don’t have an audience yet.  

 How can you generate good Ad revenue?! 

let’s talk about another form of blog monetization which is ad revenue So what is ad revenue? it is almost like the last resort of blog monetization we discussed if you’re writing the recipe blog you’re mainly going to make money via ads because people aren’t going to search or buy anything necessarily from that article or there are certain high volume articles that are very high volume search term but when you think about the search intent behind business ideas it’s not as directly product focused as podcast hosting or product based so however blogs need to make money via these articles too, they’re a way to acquire a lot of traffic like ideas type posts or how to posts and you can add ads to your blog 

So because most blogs have ads you will be able to see ads on the bottom, on the side, and some throughout the content, you should know that these ads make money passively for the blog and these are good for high-traffic articles that you can’t really monetize via affiliate marketing that well you’ll notice that some people do have affiliate links in this article as well, so you can always overlap different strategies. you should also know search intent-driven purchases are best for affiliate best-of-list posts and then the broader searches around ideas, like kitchen ideas living room ideas business ideas or how to start a business, and how to start a blog, a lot of these things get a lot of search volume but people aren’t necessarily ready to buy the affiliate link yet, these are great to build your e-mail list, these are great for ad revenue, 

All of these tactics kind of go together and overlap a little bit but you’ll see that the articles that aren’t the most you know affiliate driven ones, So there if you can get your traffic to 25,000 visitors a month that’s a good starting point then you can start joining add networks like zoic ad thrive or media vine. Remember when you’re first starting your blog and if you decide to join AdSense you will be making 2 to $3 a day, that is if you simply tried to join too early if you join in the period where you’re not getting much traffic yet.  

Again, ads make money when you are getting a lot of traffic it doesn’t make sense to try adding ads to your site when you have just a few hundred visitors a month, you’re just not going to make the money. When we think about real blog monetization, we want to catch the $100 bills, not the $1.00 bills so there’s a completely different strategy behind that. 

so we’ve covered affiliate marketing, we’ve covered online courses, we’ve covered ads, let’s talk about another one so the one that you can learn about is CPC or cost per click, so this isn’t a strategy that big media sites use that review a lot of content now, let’s take a VPN company as an example here if you’re a big enough site a company like any well-known VPN company, then these websites might offer to pay for every single click that a blogging website gives them so this is a little bit different than affiliate marketing where with affiliate somebody has to purchase the product with CPC or cost per click.

This is a sales-driven approach where a sales team member of the blog says to the VPN company, we’ll add you in that best spot but we’re going to charge on a cost-per-click basis so it’s more safe revenue for the blog and you can monetize all these little gaps that you have on your blog because even if you have to say 100 articles on your website and you have 10 companies or ten products in each of those that could be 1000 products it’s hard to get affiliate links on every single one but a good way to monetize and fill in the gaps to sell placements in articles like this and fill in all those gaps. 

so this is a more advanced strategy this is something you almost need a sales team member on when you have a larger media company blog like I do where you start to say, this article is getting traffic but it’s not making much money yet can we sell a spot in it to a brand so that’s another strategy that goes down a little bit further on down the line so when we think about that strategy, That’s like a sales driven approach selling spots and articles you can be selling e-mail newsletter spots you can be selling directly sell banner ads this is the final form of blog monetization.

When you’re actually a media company a company like Forbes you have a media kit you sell banner ads you sell e-mail placements you sell spots and articles you sell that directly to the companies rather than doing it through ads, affiliate, it’s really based on the level of search intent behind searches that people are doing you know broad searches ideas that can be ad revenue that can build your e-mail list product searches for things that are popular in affiliate marketing that can be your affiliate revenue other products that might not be able to be monetize direct sales you know information in your niche on how to do things except sales, you can build your e-mail list and try out all these things that work together but we have to think about it from the standpoint of a blogger in the first place. 

 What is the Blog monetization timeline? 

your blog monetization timeline dictates what monetization strategies to focus on at certain points in your blogging career we don’t do ads first we don’t do courses first so this is the step-by-step framework that you would want to use if you’re just starting out as a new Blogger and you want to monetize your blog as quickly as possible so, 

  • number one start with affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing articles around the best product posts in your niche control and dictates your initial content strategy and help you earn more early on for every click. 
  • Second, work on building up your e-mail list with exit intent popups exit intent popups are the best way to acquire new subscribers to your e-mail list maybe give them a lead magnet and the niche for something that they want to acquire them and start building up that list without directly selling to them yet.  
  • Next, once you hit 25,000 to 50,000 visitors a month look at joining an ad network you can join an ad network like add a drive or media vine there are certain traffic requirements for those but that’s when you can start making some decent money a month when you join an ad network. 
  • Now, it’s time to invest and build an online course you’ve started the build up your e-mail list you’ve surveyed them and you have a decent-sized list you’re getting the traffic you’re building up a little bit of expertise in your niche now is the perfect time to build and sell that online course so that’s typically about a year or two into your blogging career 
  • now finally, after you started with affiliate marketing you have ads and affiliates and of course, then you can get into direct sales hire a sales team member build cost-per-click and sponsored article deals into your website you know sell newsletter placements sell directly to companies, and build your income that way now blog monetization is not something super easy because there are different revenue streams and different disciplines for each one of them by mastering some of them first, and doing it in the right order you begin to understand how to blog monetization works so you can make more money with your blog in the twenty 20s and beyond because this is blog monetization timeline we all work full-time jobs we all want to try to build side hustles while we work full time so we need to do what’s just effective to make money blogging in the quickest time frame possible. 


Making money through blogging is one of the best ways to make money online, the good part about this is you don’t have to sit in an office and start your work at 9am and end at 5pm which is typically how people work, you don’t even have to leave your house for that matter all you have to do is start your journey, stay consistent with the articles, work hard and work smart while working hard, because only then you will be able to make some good money, you can always rely on ads to get some revenue but that shouldn’t be your first concern when starting your own blog, it should actually be affiliate marketing, you can choose to write or outsource articles on topics that will do best in an affiliate environment, then you can start making money from your blog, again, you don’t have to start your blog and then stop because you don’t know where to start, it also cant be like you are inconsistent with your articles or your uploading, you have to be passionate and consistent and gather as much traffic to your blog as possible. 

Many people say that blogging is an outdated source of income, you will be surprised to know how many people search for specific keywords every day, just by looking at one or two aspects of blogging you’ll know that there is no better time to start your own career than now, all you have to do is follow the game plan.  

We hope that you got the information that you were looking for, we wish you the best of luck in earning from your blog, and we hope you get to make a good revenue from your blog and be sure to implement these techniques, all while following the basic plan we laid out for you, we hope that you understood everything.  

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