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Error Mobile Phone Not Receiving Text Messages 2024: How To Fix?

Mobile Phone Not Receiving Text Messages: 

Are you waiting for an important message? And find out that your device is not receiving messages. Are you looking for a fix to your problem? Are you looking for smart and easy solutions to implement on your device to fix the problem you’re currently facing? Or are you looking for a quick solution to your problem? If yes, then you have come to the right place; search no more! As we have given various solutions for the different reasons this might be happening to your device.

If you have an Android and you’re facing this issue. Then skip to the Android solutions and work your way down them! Just make sure that you read till the very end. And make sure that you don’t skip any solutions regarding your respective brands. As that one just might solve your problem.

iPhone/iPad Not Receiving Text Messages: 

We’re now going to address the reasons why your iPad/iPhone is not receiving text messages. Now this problem can happen for a few different reasons. You can fix this problem on your iPad, and it won’t take much time too.

You have to perform this analysis. If you don’t, then you might be simply wasting your time by implementing the solutions. And another reason why this is important is that there are specific features on both Android and iPhone. People are unable to stop receiving notifications and text messages, etc.

So if these features are enabled, then you might not need to implement any solution given below. This simple analysis might do the trick for you!

Now, before you start there are a few things you need to do, these things include a deep analysis of some of your device’s features that if turned on, could cause delays or no message receiving.

First, just wipe it down from the top and here if you see your iPad is on airplane mode go ahead and turn it off. Now check if the “Do not disturb” has been turned on, and go ahead and turn it off to fix your problem.

Afterward, check whether your master is activated or not. You can simply get over to your settings then Scroll down to your messages and tap on there Your eye messages turn up. Then the problem can happen to go ahead just turn it on and wait to see if it’s activated,

Now once it is activated then just go ahead and Scroll down and tap your block contacts. If you have blocked the person that you were expecting to get the message from, you’re not going to get any messages. Whatsoever so to make sure you’re not blocking the person by going to your blocked contact list. If you see the contact, well you can just unblock it by tapping on the “remove from block list” option,

Check If The Date And Time Are Correct: 

This problem can happen if your date and time are not entered correctly for some reason. It’s easily fixable, all you have to do is:

  • Just tap your settings Scroll down to your “general” tab.
  • Go ahead and tap on your “date and time”.

Now once you’re here make sure you’re actually turning the option that sets your date and time automatically, and now your problem will be solved because if your time Is not correct this problem persists no matter what you do in some cases.

Content Privacy Restriction: 

If after solving this date and time issue, you’re still having the same problem. Then the next thing you can try just

  • Open up your “settings” then Scroll down to your “screen time”.
  • Scroll down to your “content and privacy restriction”.
  • Once you open it up go ahead and tag your concerned restrictions.
  • Scroll down to the option called “private message” from here, for safety purposes, you simply can turn off your “content privacy restriction” to fix your problem.

Now even after doing this process if you’re still unable to receive the message on your iPad.

  • Open up your settings and tap your name banner.
  • Scroll down and go ahead and tap “sign out”.
  • Enter your password because sometimes your apple id needs to be logged in to get rid of some glitches or errors.
  • So we can just go and enter your password now and tap sign out.
  • Now once again go ahead and type your password, and log in with your Apple account to fix your messages problem.

Not Receiving Text Messages On Your Android?  

Do you have this problem on your Android? And you have trouble getting messages? try the solutions given down below,

1. Check Your Inbox Storage Space!

First, check your inbox storage space as it’s one of the simple solutions you can implement to fix the problem. Make sure your inbox is not full. This is one common reason that causes this problem. It’s the reason that the phone doesn’t have enough space to receive text messages. You can try sending yourself a message from another device. Or ask a friend of yours to send a message to you to check if the problem persists.

2. Check The Signals Bar:

Check the network signal bars as you won’t be able to send or receive text outside of your network’s coverage area or if your connection is slow or goes in and out so make sure to look at the signal bars on top to see how your network connection is doing if you don’t have any Bars or no signal sign that’s probably why you’re not getting text messages.

3. Refresh The Texting App: 

Go to “apps” find and tap the system default “messages” app, tap on the option that says “force stop” and then reopen your messaging app, restart your device if restarting the SMS app didn’t work, try restarting your Android phone as this is sometimes a good way for your Android phone to get back on the network.

If you haven’t turned it off and on your phone in a while, it may have a small bug that makes the signal wait quick restart may fix this next check for updates by updating the operating system to the latest version of Android you can fix a number of system faults that could be causing this problem make sure that your Android device is running the latest Android OS.

4. Reset Your Network Settings:

Next, you can try resetting your Android device’s network settings, open the settings app and tap on general manager, tap “reset” then tap “reset network” settings. Now check to see if it worked, if you’re facing the same issue, then move on to the next solution.

5. Use A Different Text Messaging App:

if you’ve tried everything else and still can’t get your SMS messages through maybe switching to a different app will do the trick, there are many excellent choices of text messaging apps in the Google Play store pick one and see which one will work for you, hopefully, it receives the message you have been waiting for.

6. Is your Mobile Phone Not Receiving A Verification Code?

Right now, if you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat or whatever you’re on and you’re trying to get a verification code sent to your device but you’re not getting that verification code text message, we will walk you through a bunch of different steps to check and make sure that you get that code to your phone,

so, the very first thing we’ll do is we’ll head into our “settings” and once we’re in settings we will Scroll down until we find “messages”, tap on the app. We will implement multiple solutions here to make sure that you have the right settings so that you get the code,

we can try to toggle off iMessage and then wait about like 10 seconds or so and then toggle it back on and you can see “waiting for activation” it shows up right under it and then eventually it will be activated, so you’ve toggled off and reactivated iMessage which helps to kind of reset things if there is some kind of issue with your iMessage

7. Don’t “Filter Unknown Senders”!

we’ll Scroll down a bit and you can see “filter unknown senders” We want to make sure that’s toggled off because if that’s toggled on, the sender or the bot that sends you that text message verification code your iMessage will filter it and put it someplace else and you don’t necessarily want that to be filtered, so you want to make sure you turn filter unknown senders off.

8. Did You Block The Number? 

You can also try going through your blocked contacts to see if you blocked the number from where you were going to receive the number, what we will do is we will go to “blocked contacts” and tap on block contacts.

Now, what you want to do potentially is go through here and tap edit at the top right and delete any of these about contacts that you think potentially might be sending you the verification code so a lot of times verification codes don’t come from normal phone numbers they come from shorter numbers. Check to see if you can find some of those shorter numbers it could be like 4 digits or something like that,

If you see any like this 12345-645-56 you should unblock that number because that’s probably an automated bot that’s sending you that text message so go through the list and make sure that you haven’t blocked any numbers that could be sending you that verification code.

8. Is Your “Do Not Disturb” Turned On?  

It also recommended that you should swipe down from the top right and make sure your “do not disturb” is turned off. So if you turn this on, then you won’t get that text message, so you want to make sure you toggle it off so that you get those text messages when they’re sent to you. Otherwise, it will just silence all notifications, and silence all text messages if you’re getting them.

9. Restart Your Device:

The very last thing that you can do is hold down the volume and the power button, and then you can slide to power off and then restart your phone. By doing all those steps, you should be able to get those verification code text messages to your phone and get back into your account.


Not receiving a text message that you have been waiting for a long time?  This can be frustrating and annoying. And only to then find out that it’s your mobile phone’s fault you have been waiting for so long. Even when not receiving an OTP or a verification code can be quite frustrating.

This is understandable, but you should know that there are various different reasons why this happens. That is why there are various different solutions to implement. Start from the very beginning and work your way to the end. It will take some time, but you will be done comparatively faster than what many other problems demand from you.

Implement the solutions given above and try implementing the most out of them if you want to solve your problem. We have given you a solution for all the possible reasons. This might be happening which is why we want you to work your way down and not miss any solution. As it just might solve your issue, we hope that you got the information that you were looking for. And we wish you the best of luck in solving your problem. We hope that you solve this issue for yourself as soon as possible. And we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!

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