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MonadPlug Review 2024- Is it Best Ad Network For Publishers?

MonadPlug Review

Monadplug– a fast accelerating online platform, founded in 2015,  is providing the most elevated conceivable income via their innovative and smart working methods. They aim to fundamentally increment your month to month incomes through Web Push Notifications, Native advertisements, and various innovative methods.

Altered approaches are deliberately custom fitted by our group of specialists only for you. Their key objectives are a Brand extension, traffic increment, and client experience and many more. They appreciate long haul business connections, which lie on the establishments of solid associations, collaboration, and vital open doors for shared achievement.

MonadPlug expertise team indulges to carry out continuous researches to bring out new more monetizing techniques. They always have an eye of providing more and more income opportunities to the advertisers, bloggers or publishers.

They aim to reshape your monetizing journey with smart monetizing solutions. They prefer their user’s satisfaction over everything. The not only monetize websites but software, browser extension or a mobile app as well. On the off chance that you are a versatile application designer that endeavors towards enormity, go fo their MKS system. Aptly put, MonadPlug is a smart monetizing platform that works in an incredibly astute and versatile methods and techniques.

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MonadPlug Detailed Review:


Today I am going to share with you MonadPlug Review 2021, Offers, Payment methods, Requirements, and everything you need to know about MonadPlug Network. Here is a detailed overview of the MonadPlug and everything you need to know about this Ad Network.

Join MonadPlug Ad Network

  • Company Name: MonadPlug
  • Founded: 2015
  • Allowed Countries: Worldwide
  • Minimum Payout: $100
  • Payment Frequency: Net 15
  • Model: CPC, CPM, and CPA
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire transfer, Payoneer.
  • Joining Requirements: There are no Minimum requirements to Join MonadPlug.

How Does it Work??

Sign up MonadPlug

The starting whole process is quite simpler and straightforward. You have to follow only a few steps described below:

  • First of all register yourself by merely clicking the MonadPlug website and filling all the details asked in the registration form. They will simply verify your email.
  • Upon email verification, you can access your personal manager and grab your mentioned advertisement codes.
  • Afterward, the team will investigate your website authenticity.
  • When you’ve been affirmed, you can log in to your Publisher Account and start making money from your website!

Why You Should Join MonadPlug Ad Network?

Here is why you should join the MonadPlug ad network:

Global Coverage:

Monadplug has adopted a great monetizing strategy by bridging worldwide advertisers and publishers, via a single station. Advertisers get great optimization of their revenue when their ads are published by heavy traffic availing publishing sites, thus engage more customers. Moreover, publishers all over the world sagaciously monetize their websites with MonadPlug. All are utilized via MonadPlug!

Clean Ads:

Monadplug takes great care of their ads. Only ads free from all types of viruses and bugs are published, to ensure the safety of the publishing websites. Moreover, it is strictly against scammy, abusive or illegitimate ads. It always abides by its standards and only supports clean and safe ads. A very principled network ever!

Google AdSense Compatibility:

MonadPlug can easily be associated with other already utilized ad tools. For instance, most of the publishers use Google Adsense, for monetization so if they wanna step up the earning, without loosing the previous one, Monadplug provides them with the ease to use it smoothly along with any of the other advertising tools. It doesn’t clash or intrude with the existing ones!

Adblock ByPass:

MonadPlug gently gives a more boost to your income by managing their ads to pass through adblocking software. It immediately increases the pub’s profit by 20%. However, they take great care that ads still remain harmless, ensuring the quality and standard.

Referral Program:

Isn’t it great that to get more commission, merely by promoting MonadPlug?MonadPlug offers 10% more income to its pubs if they share and promote its links to their family, friends, or colleagues circle. Engage more people to MonadPlug, earn more!

Publishers Community:

MnadPlug is a single platform that offers you to engage with the best publishers all over the world.MonadPlug’s meetings are held frequently. You can attend them, meet with top-notch publishers, participate with the team in new creative designs, and in this way, buck up your income!

High Payouts:

MonadPlus is one of the best Ad Network that is offering high CPM and CPC Rates on the market to get more quality publishers from all over the world.

Complete Customer Support:

They are also providing complete customer support to all publishers.


You are free to opt-out at any time you want if you do not find it helpful. This platform is free and without commitment.

MonadPlug For Advertisers:

MonadPlug offers exciting great edge revenues to the beginners as well as old advertising units. They use smart ad formats to promote your advertisements like Web push notifications, Native ads and widgets mainly. Native ads and widgets reflect the feel, appearance, and functionality of the media in which they appear, giving incredible customer involvement. Push notifications are by long shot, a great way to grab customers’ attraction. They typically reach to those who are highly interested, and in this way generate great revenue.

MonadPlug has a very transparent and user-friendly system. One can see its ad’s insights, statistics, earning easily via the dashboard. A personal manager is assigned to each advertiser. You can also search your desired monetization via the MonadPlug search feed.

So, just sign up with MonadPlug, select your campaign, hit the right traffic, and earn in unexpected ways with it.

Benefits For Advertisers:

  • MonadPlug promotes your ads with smart ad formats.
  • Supports multiple ad formats.
  • High-quality traffic.
  • Quick launch of campaigns in less than 10 minutes.
  • It promotes your ads to the heavy traffic publishing websites.
  • Their ads are promoted to real-time traffic.
  • They can access the analytics of their daily earnings via the dashboard.
  • A personal manager is assigned to them for their successful campaigns.
  • Active customer support is provided from 9 to 5 from Mon to Friday.

Why “MonadPlug” is The Best Choice For A Publisher:

MonadPlug is targetting big publishers from all over the world and helped them to increase their Ad revenue by more than 30 to 50% on average. That is the reason many big publishers from all over the world using Monadplug to maximize their ad revenue by using their advanced ads. MonadPlus has emerged as one of the best online advertising platforms due to its advanced and unique features.

Monadplug is acting as a cherry on a cake for those publishers who although have heavy traffic and millions of impressions per month on their website. They are providing all types of online ads such as Native Ads, Popups, Display Ads, Push Notification Ads, Search Monetization, Smart links, etc to help publishers to get all types of ads with one solution. They Accept and monetize traffic from all over the world.

They have globally connected a great number of best publishers worldwide. You can participate in MonadPlug meetings where you can meet with the best publishers and MonadPlug innovative team. Avail the opportunity to add to developments, and at last, enjoy more earnings. The buck doesn’t stop here. You can earn an extra 10% profit just by inviting others to join MonadPlug Ad Network.

MonadPlug Monetization Methods:

If you have a blog/website, Mobile Apps. Softwares, browser extension then they can monetize it. They are offering different types of monetization methods to help you earn more revenue. Here is the list of complete monetization methods that MonadPlug is offering to its publishers.

1- Push Notifications:

Push Notifications are one of the best ways to monetize your website or mobile App traffic to earn more revenue. MonadPlug is offering high engaging push notifications to help you earn more revenue. They are offering Rev Share and CPC basis that means you will be paid for each Impression and click.

2- Native Ads & Widgets:

Native Ads matches the content of your webpage and provide the relevant ads. Native Ads are also one of the most effective monetization ways to generate more revenue from your traffic.

3- Search Monetization:

Whether you’re a blogger or publishers, your website search queries can still be effectively monetized by MonadPlug. If you are using the Search bar on your website then you can monetize your search traffic and earn a good amount of money. This is one of the best monetization options that MonadPlug is providing to their publishers to help them monetize their website traffic in effective ways and generate more revenue.

4- Quick Links:

Quick Links or Smart Links allows you to monetize your traffic through URLs that take visitors only towards the most relevant offers. This is one of the best ways to monetize your Expired domains, toolbars, redirected or 404 traffic.

5- Game Monetization:

If you own a Mobile App or Game then MonadPlug is providing all in one monetization solution for Mobile App and Game owners. They provide relevant gaming Ads to help game owners to generate more revenue from Games and Apps.


  • They have globally connected the advertisers and publishers via a solitary platform.
  • They pay a satisfactory return on investment (ROI).
  • Their team is quite efficient in making payments in time.
  • They pay through both CPA and CPC great models.
  • They provide high-end SDK.
  • They have a user-friendly interface.
  • A personal manager is assigned to each advertiser.
  • They also offer API to the publishers.
  • They pay on a Net 15 basis, on a monthly basis.
  • You can even earn on promoting MonadPlug.


  • They accept only top publishers having millions of impressions per month on their websites
  • Customer support is a bit slower in non-working days.

MonadPlug Contact Details:

If you have any queries or wanna talk to the customer care representative then you can use the following methods to reach them anytime. They provide 24/7 live support to their publishers and advertisers.

Email Address:

Office Address: Sarajevo Muse Cazima Catica 9, 71000 Bosnia & Herzegovina

Skype: MonadPlug.Skype

MonadPlug Payment Details: 

Here are the payment details of the MonadPlug Ad Network for Publishers.

  • Advertising Type: Native, Push Notifications, Display Ads, Search Monetization, Popups, etc.
  • Commission Type: CPM, CPC, CPA.
  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, Wire transfer, Payoneer.
  • Payment Frequency: Net 15
  • Monetization Options: Websites, Apps, Browser Extensions, Games,
  • Requirements For Publishers: 10k Unique Monthly Visitors.
  • Support Email: Dedicated Account Manager.

Do We Recommend MonadPlug Ad Network?

Yes, I Highly Recommend MonadPlug Ad Network Because after going through the methodologies of various online Advertising Networks I found this network as the best network among others. If you own a mobile app, website, and getting high-quality traffic and you want to maximize your Ad revenue, then MonadPlug is the best option for you. Online Traffic Monetization has never been simpler. Join MonadPlug Ad Network today and take advantage of this genius platform.

Join MonadPlug Ad Network

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The Publishers and Advertisers Who are already Using MonadPlug Ad Network can share their experiences below.

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