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Motivate Cloud Review (2024): The Best Leading Gamified LMS System

Motivate Cloud 2024:

Motivate Cloud-the leading gamified LMS system

Many companies face challenges to engage their workforce and deliver improved learning and training programs while their employees work remotely and in the office. Alternatively, corporate trainers have to come up with options that will keep employees engaged, entertained, and educated. The best substitute for classroom training is online learning, and there too, we have many opportunities. With new conference calling software emerging each day, online education has become both more accessible and challenging.

This option is more accessible due to the availability of the wide range of possibilities and is challenging because of the system choices. The reason is the inconvenience associated with these learning modes.

This inconvenience calls out for a better alternative! A unified learning system where you can access content in all ppt, pdf, and video formats and track performance as well. Many corporations have already opted for such learning management systems to construct, organize and share their content. LMSs may be launched as the sole software on any corporate server, or it may be a cloud-oriented platform hosted by a firm. LMSs are designed to restructure the training.

There are a bunch of Learning Management Systems available in the industry but which factors should be considered when choosing an LMS?

This article will discuss the specifics of a particular type of gamified LMS, known as Motivate Cloud, and then brief you about its features, along with the systems supported by this LMS. So let’s plunge right into the details!

Introduction to Motivate Cloud:

Motivate Cloud is a gamified social learning management system that allows learners to learn at their own speed, all in a single gamified and social environment. You can engage and train using this platform! This software was founded by Game Agency, which began in  2007.

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Game Agency and Motivate Cloud:

The Game Agency is a software development company located in Stamford, CT  that provides various software products such as Motivate Cloud. This organization began in 2007 and is a software company focused on the mission of activating audiences using game-based learning and complementing the traditional training methods for clients in order to better engage their audience and significantly increase retention. Motivate Cloud features coaching through instantaneous online sessions or documentation.  This platform is a learning management system software that encompasses SCORM compliance, asynchronous training, online-learning enterprises, learner portal, Companies / Business organizations, gamification, and mobile coaching. The payment packaging for this product begins at about three dollars per month for a single user. A few competitors also provide software elements to the Motivate Cloud, encompassing Maventra LMS, Peritus LMS, and Bolt Spark LMS.

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You must be itching to know more regarding the specifications that distinguish Motivate Cloud from its competitors. So without further ado, let’s get started!!!

1- Users add-ons:

With this tool, you can always add on fresh users.

2- User actions and uploading:

Motivate Cloud will enable you to gain bulk user actions and also upload those users.

3- Browsing and Caching:

It will also aid you in browsing the details of users, along with caching them.

4- User profile fields:

This platform will assist you in building required or personalized user profile spaces.

5- Active Grading:

You can also perform active grading with this tool.

6- Course History:

This tool also will aid you in tracking the course history.

7- Gradebook:

You can also manage your grade book and its audit trail using this tool.

8- Gradebook feedback:

Motivate Cloud enables trainers to organize their grade book comments. This spec also aids them in manually grading or marking and is provided with various grading versions.

9- Verification specification:

This spec allows you to authenticate yourself and adds another layer to your privacy. The Verification can be achieved by either an active directory for User Management through SSO and SAML 2.0.

10- Tailor-made consumer login bar:

This user login page allows for customized login of the users, employing manual accounts.

 11- No login:

This software hosts a SAML2/API Integration and allows for an admin-confirmed self-registration. Various categories are available which could be assigned to the courses. You can also design new types of your own and organize the new and pre-existing ones quite conveniently. The packaged bundle for categories is also available, which encompasses a range of specific features. It will allow for certificate organization, alongside its life-cycle maintenance.

12- Certification Categorization:

You can also categorize and search any particular certificate by the course name or the curriculum definition. This software also offers exemplary compliance management. There is also a remarkable certification expiration management present in this system, which also alerts when a certificate is expired. Now you can easily manage the template for certification, and the best part is that there is already a set of prebuilt certification templates available.

13- Authoring and back-up:

You are also provided with the ability to recycle the videos, Presentations, or PDF files and use them again. This software offers an inbuilt authoring gadget that will aid you with the documentation. You can alter the course factory settings according to your requirements, along with backing it up, as this software is laced with course backup features as well.

14- Drag & Drop Interactions:

This software is provided with various drag-and-drop features encompassing Learning Paths for the curriculums.

15- LRS:

You can schedule instantaneous events with this feature. The navigation and testing engine feature aids in the navigation of courses and testing management. You can also upload the courses to this software using the LRS feature.

16- Games:

Motivate Cloud leverages The Training Arcade®, a DIY game authoring platform that comes with a library of 10-game types including the only official JEOPARDY!® and Wheel of Fortune® games for training (developed in partnership with Sony and Jeopardy! Productions), Trivia, Jump Match, and more.

17- Gamification:

Motivate Cloud takes LMS gamification to the next level and keeps employees engaged by letting them earn coins, unlock badges, level up, and climb the leaderboard for completing training and sharing helpful content. Everything they earn can be used to redeem their coins for real-world prizes. The results? A 5.5x increase in course completions.

18- Interface alternatives:

There is a wide variety of interface alternatives available. These include additive external pages to improve the user interface. The block management to manage the blocking of IPs and improve the overall live-through. The calendar, language, media embedding, and location setting options make learning and interacting easier. The pre-made themes are a real winner! And the multilingual support attracts users from all the spheres of the world!


Having read all about the features of this system, reviewing the specifications of this revolutionary software!

1- Personalization:

Customized views and Mobile Learning Assistance are a few perks of this personalization feature, which aids in making coaching accessible to all of your users based on your enterprise’s principles.

2- Enrollment:

You can efficiently learn and train yourself on this learning management software system. The attendance scoring feature will aid in keeping a record of the active users. The automatic enrolment facility is also available, which is done by the data entered by the user. Motivate Cloud allows you to assign content to all users or limit it to some users based on the groups they are party of. Once a user completes that content they can receive a personalized certificate. Motivate Cloud also includes a self-enroll feature. Users can go to your URL and easily enter their info.

3- Learning kinds:

You can access various kinds of learning, like an asynchronous online class, asynchronous instructor-led courses, mixed education, and asynchronous Self-directed.

4- Mobile learning:

Mobile learning has revolutionized teaching with the help of offline or disconnected mobile applications, online or internet-run apps, offline content, and support for offline access to the data.

5- Reports:

You can also manage and design reports with the automatic report scheduling feature. The other available reporting alternatives are canned reports and dashboards and graphic reports. There is also a feature that allows the users to export the report in a diversity of formats. The email delivery of reports ensures that they’re never missed. Scaling the report settings provides that the setup suits your corporate needs. Coaching track organization also is done with the help of reports.

6- Roles:

With the help of this feature, you can conveniently define the roles in your enterprise. And not just that, following the role definition, you can also assign these roles to the particular team member. You can also control the specific team member’s system permission based on his/her part. It will tremendously aid with the team organization and maintenance of team hierarchies in your enterprise to better achieve the enterprise goals.

7- Inbuilt Shopping Cart:

This software offers the Shopping Cart in the form of a plug-in. Live logs and email notification settings will further aid in the overall system unification.  This feature will give you system reports and provide you with automated email reviews in a predetermined interval. The personalized report producer will also generate bespoke reports based on each interval and user.

8- User experience and integration:

This software has a highly convenient user experience and a simple admin portal. This platform has flawless integration and provides authentic human support with dedicated teams of helpful staff. It also has highly effective reporting and has a quite conveniently versatile pricing system.


Now let us guide you about the advantages of this high-tech tool!

Due date alerts:

This software is also provided with due date alerts, with light/full stop due to date alerts. The assignment engine will assist you in managing, tracking, and completing your assignments. You can also consume web video data and create valuable data with the creation tool.

Progress Tracking Track record of the progress:

With this software, you can keep an updated and accurate track record of your progress. The Self-enrollment specification allows you to enroll yourself with the help of a generated Pin, which in turn aids with the progress navigation. The survey enrollment feature allows trainers to assess learner feedback.  Course discussion and format filing further helps trainers ascertain performance stats.


They care way more about your safety than any other software ever did. Still unsure? Let us delineate the award-winning security-prioritizing features of this software for you, and then let you decide for yourself! This software is Anti-virus and Anti-spam, indicating a spammer couldn’t dupe you, nor could a virus mess up this software. Seems invincible, right? Keep on reading! The IP Blocker will block out the traffic and data from the suspicious IP addresses and aid in maintaining your privacy. You can also limit the registration to a few particular domains in your enterprise’s LMS to avoid security breaches. Another step you can take against spam sources is using strong and well-constructed passcodes.

Coaching software:

This tool is an exceptional coaching system, which allows for live online coaching and keeping a record of the data in file format.

Appeal, coach, and award your teams with Motivate Cloud:

This ultimate socially active learning management system is utilized four times greater than any other competitor.

Customized training:

Motivate Cloud allows trainers to structure all data, videos, job aids, online learning, class coaching, videos, etc., all in a single package. It also assists the personnel in viewing the data and information that is only meant for them.

Cooperative and societal coaching:

With Motivate Cloud, your teammates can learn from each other in an environment that fosters learning and participates in the leading procedures in a genuinely cooperative learning atmosphere.

Integrated correspondence:

Motivate Cloud News enables you to announce the latest coaching, dispense your enterprise’s updates, and maintain your team members’ knowledge and awareness levels by keeping them in the loop by utilizing email newsletters, directed and appealing news posts, and notifications. Are you still wondering about logins and non-mandatory activity augmentation? Well, you’d be excited to find out that it causes a 3.5x raise in the logins and a 2.5x increase in the non-essential activity, which guarantees that it works.

Tailor-made coaching:

You’d never come across any leading learning management system which lacks the full content. It indicates that all the ideal LMSs must possess perfect content too. And Motivate Cloud takes pride explicitly in that, as they like to boast that their middle name is premium content. If your present coaching requires just a few glitters or demands a total renovation, Motivate Cloud will be your best bud. You can check out their personalized coaching remedies to familiarize yourself with their capabilities and potentials:

Additional information about Motivate Cloud:

Support services:

The support offered by this system is immense! You can reach out to them for your queries or complaints by directly emailing them or contacting the help desk. They have also designed detailed FAQs and support forums to facilitate the guidance and availability process. The best part is, if none of those mentioned above steps works out for you, you can always contact them via phone.


This software can be deployed on various systems. You can leverage this system to your Cloud, SaaS, or Web-oriented devices accordingly. Quite surprisingly, this software also works well with Mac systems and Windows systems for the desktop. This software also offers on-Premise deployment and can also be adapted for Windows and Linux On-Premise systems. Desktop versions of Chromebook and Linux systems are also compliant.


Go Mobile:

All the specs in Motivate Cloud are just a few clicks or a couple of taps away, too, on any given device. It sounds like a Godsend, right?

Noise alleviation:

You will only have to view the data appropriate to your job or the task assigned to you. This indicates that you wouldn’t have to constantly bother yourself with the notifications about the task progression of the assignment allocated for your colleague, and you’ll only see the information pertinent to your role within a team.

Navigate it all:

You can accurately navigate everything you require whenever you require utilizing the Motivate Cloud’s robust search tool. With this global search feature, you can potentially track any data file/ item that you demand just by making a few clicks. Sounds ideal for us geeks who forget about our file destinations the moment we’ve created them. But with this tool, all our tracking toils will come to an end!

Streamline the coaching:

You can streamline the training by employing this tool. This spec allows for a cognitive, user-instinctual, and convenient learning environment. The best part is that their clients love them and often claim that with this feature, coaching can be revolutionized as the older files wouldn’t stay buried in the same place.

Customize and style it:

Configure widgets, gamification settings, and more to match your brand and culture.

Assessment on a priority basis:

Get insight into valuable metrics like course performance, social participation, and engagement.

Works well with pre-tools:

You can affiliate with your pre-existing tools with Motivate Cloud to get better results. The integration can be done utilizing Single Sign-on, APIs, and FTP.

Your security is their priority!

And they mean it! You can savor your privacy with this feature, as it allows you to keep your data private. You can relish a safe, cloud-based platform with corporate-grade security. For us, this feature is IT! As privacy is the top priority!

Get going with the setup right away:

You can get going with the setup Immediately. You can get up and running in just a few weeks, and not months. Stay ahead of the rest of your team, and organize your deadlines.

Service and support:

Don’t even dare to mistake Motivate Cloud for just another distributor. Have you already done that? Well, that is where you’re mistaken! Motivate Cloud is your ultimate coaching buddy. They will aid you in upgrading your coaching by providing constant and continuous support and regular personalized tutoring programs.

Motivate Support:

Besides being a leading societal LMS platform, Motivate Cloud also provides a good support group for its clients. The Motivate Cloud team will serve as your buddy and join hands with you for continuous support, the organization, and even personalized reporting. They will closely work alongside you in setting up a support routine that best suits your requirements.

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Which kind of corporations utilize Motivate Cloud?

Motivate Cloud is a unified, societal LMS currently being employed by all, the small enterprises, the medium corporations, and the large organizations.

Pricing information:

Pricing for this system ranges from .60 to $3.00 per month per learner depending on the total number of users.


This article discussed various specifications and features of Motivate Cloud and briefed you about their multiple advantages and additional specs. So if you’re looking for a leading social and gamified LMS, we’d highly recommend using this to you, as it is worth the shot!

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