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MyBid Review 2024: Fully Managed Advertising Network

Are you looking for the best advertising platform? Are you curious about which platform will be the best that will give you the best return on investment? Are you thinking about which platform should I select for advertising services?

If yes! You have reached at right place. We will review one of the best advertising networks MyBid.

In our review of MyBid, we will take a detailed look at the offers provided by this network. We will explore how to create an account and run ads with MyBid. You will get detailed information about the advertising formats of MyBid. At the end of this article, you will be able to decide whether MyBid is best for you or not. You will know almost everything about MyBid.

So let’s dive into further details!

What MyBid is?

MyBid is a fully managed advertising online platform that has been providing its services all over the world since 2020. The company is best known for its services as it helps brands and businesses to reach their targeted audience through multiple types of ads, the best of them is in page push ads.

This fully managed advertising network offers you a wide range of impressive features that include real-time bidding, campaign management, and reporting.

Other traffic providers have a self-service option but MyBid doesn’t. MyBid believes that the only way through which direct traffic sources would work for advertisers is if they can give the reigns to media buying experts from the team MyBid.

The majority of traffic of MyBid is adult in nature but some of them are grey mainstream. They consist of a mixture of direct premium websites and brokered traffic, but you can specify if you want to use their direct traffic only. MyBid also provides its users with many tools as well as resources that businesses can use to track the results of their campaigns and see how their ads are optimized.

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Features of MyBid:

There are hundreds of ad networks out there so it will be difficult to choose one of them. That’s why we will discuss the features of MyBid so you can see how MyBid is different from other ad networks. It is also ranked in the top ten in various ad networks for publishers like CPC, CPM ad network etc. 

1. Fully Managed Ad Service:

One of the biggest advantages of working with MyBid is that they offer managed ad services. If you are a beginner affiliate and don’t know much about advertising or you are a learned affiliate, you can benefit from the managed ad service of MyBid. You can get help from the account manager in setting and managing up a campaign. The manager will then monitor your campaign and will help you to achieve the results you are waiting for.

MyBid team has all the knowledge about their traffic. Based on your vertical, your account manager can blacklist or whitelist some courses. It means that you will be allowed to do away with the usual testing phase and build a whitelist/blacklist when you are working with a new advertising network for the first time. You don’t have to pay the network to take care of your ads.

2. Multiple ad formats:

MyBid provides its users with multiple ad formats that make it a unique ad network. But you will be thinking about what these multiple ad formats are so you can decide which one is best for you. Let’s discuss them!

Push Notification Ads:

It is a classic push format in which an ad appears as a notification on the device of the user given that they have opted in to push notifications. The top verticals in push notifications are utilities, dating, Nutra, gambling and betting, crypto, finance, etc.

MyBid is a popular network that delivers close to 10 million push ad clicks in a month.

In-page push Ads:

MyBid network also offers an in-page Ad, which is a banner ad that looks like a push notification, the difference is that it is dependent on the website, not the device.

As we have mentioned earlier, it is the top Ad type delivering more than 6 million clicks a month.

Popunder Ads:

It is an Ad that appears on a new page that will open behind the current window and it is the most famous Ad type in the affiliate marketing industry. The categories that are best for this format are Dating, webcam, and utilities like VPN and antivirus.

Banner Ads:

Banner ads are usually classic display advertising formats placed on a website. This network will deliver about 18 million banners and clicks per month. The ad will displayed until the user interacts with it.

Video Ads:

MyBid has designed video ads just to grab your attention and hold it for the duration of the ad. These ads will play before the start of the actual video. They are short and sweet.

Native Ads:

The last format is here, the native advertising format. This ad will appear as recommended content on a site of application. It is less intrusive than other types of ads. The top categories here are Dating, Cams, and Nutra.

All the Ad formats of MyBid have been discussed to facilitate you in deciding which one is suitable for you.

3. Low Minimum Deposit:

MyBid requires only a $100 deposit before starting the ad campaigns for you. But just don’t worry it is just to ensure that you are serious about using the services of MyBid. After depositing your first money, you can add more money through the MyBid interface, Wire transfer, or credit cards. 

4. Option for RTB or integration of XML:

If you are running an agency and need a larger volume of traffic you should apply for RTB or XML integration so you can purchase traffic more effectively. You can make purchases of any of the ad formats that are supported by this platform.

5. Direct and brokered Traffic:

The traffic of this ad network comes basically from the thousands of direct publishers they work with, topped with brokered traffic. The majority of traffic of MyBid is adult in nature along with some grey mainstream.

6. Numerous Targeting options:

MyBid offers you many options to choose from so that you will only show ads to a targeted audience. You can narrow down your audience based on;

  • Country or city
  • Types of OS, families, or versions
  • Browser family and version
  • Language
  • Provider
  • IP Rang
  • Subscription age (only for push notifications)

How to Create an Account and Run Ads with MyBid?

We have reviewed the features of MyBid now to help you create an account with MyBid and run Ads we are providing you a review on how to create an account and run Ads with MyBid. The steps to do this are here;

1. Create an account:

To create an account on MyBid you have to go to the MyBid website and click on the sign-up button. Now you have to enter your name and contact information. Choose your activity whether you are an affiliate, network affiliate, media buying team, direct advertiser, Ad network, or anything else.

2. Discussion with account manager:

After approximately one or two hours, someone from the team of MyBid will reach out to you through Skype or telegram. He or she will discuss your plans. After understanding your marketing goals they will create a customized advertising plan that will deliver satisfying results. Make sure to share all the information related to your business so they can help you better. They will help you to achieve your goals by developing a targeted strategy. You have to send your ad creatives, landing pages, and targeted settings so they can set the campaigns for you.

3. Top up Your Account:

There are many ways to add money to your account get help from your account manager. You just have to tell your account manager the amount of money you want to deposit and which payment method will you use.

Special bonus:

The good news for you is that you will get a $50 bonus if you top up at least $500.

4. Share Marketing Materials:

You should must provide all the creative, landing pages, links, and even Post back URLs to your account manager. If you use a third-party tracker, it is necessary to utilize MyBid Macros to track the advertising campaign properly.

Some of the macros are the following;

  • click_id={%click_id%}
  • cost={%cost%}
  • source_id={%source_id%}
  • utm_source={%utm_source%}
  • ad_type={%ad_type%}
  • utm_medium={%utm_medium%}
  • utm_campaign={%utm_campaign%}
  • creative_id={%creative_id%}
  • click_id={%click_id%}

5. Ask to Initiate Campaign:

It’s time to ask your account manager to start the campaign for you. Just don’t forget to tell them to use your whitelists and blacklists based on your vertical and ad type.

6. Check the Campaign Stats on a Dashboard:

Your account manager has started your campaign you can monitor it from the dashboard of MyBid. You will see all the relevant statistics that includes;

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Conversions
  • Conversion rate
  • Spent
  • Revenue

You can make a custom report and create an Excel file. Your account manager will help you to optimize your campaigns based on what you have discussed.

Advantages of MyBid for publishers:

  • Advanced inventory
  • Adjustable ad intensity
  • Easy moderation
  • On-request payments

Advantages of MyBid for advertisers:

  • Full animation for traffic purchase
  • They will get simultaneous connections to a large number of traffic sources.
  • Fair market pricing
  • DSP and SSP integration

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Unlike other self-managed advertising networks, MyBid is unique as it is a fully managed advertising platform. As in self-managed programs, you have to choose the targeting, find, and optimize the creatives but MyBid will remove all the problems by offering you a fully managed service.

So you don’t have to worry about optimizing placements, setting bids, or time wasting on creating campaigns, instead spend your quality time by utilizing high-converting offers with reasonable /affordable conversion rates with MyBid. The most amazing thing about this platform is that account managers understand everything about their platform, which makes it easy for them to launch amazing campaigns that give impressive results.

It will be the best solution ever if you want to scale your campaign fast.

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