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Notix Review (2024): The Best Push Notification Service

Notix Review 2024:

Do you want the best push-notification service?

Online businesses are enjoying a lot of success in the current times. Taking a business online brings a lot of benefits like a lower workforce and better cost-saving. But developing a business online is just another story. It is quite hard to grow a digital business as there are already so many brands out there. If you are a new brand and have just started in the online market then it will be quite difficult for you to gather a huge pool of customers.

This is where a push-notification service can prove quite useful in bringing you many potential customers. Today we are going to take a look at Notix that provides the services that you need. We will take a look at its features and whether or not you should use it.

What is Notix?

Notix is basically an audience re-engagement service that is based on push notifications. With the help of push notifications provided by Notix, you can easily grow and develop your brand. They already delivered about 3 trillion notifications through their platform and have increased the subscriber collection up to a whopping 30%. Notix doesn’t care about the size of your brand. Whether you are big or small, Notix will help you in engaging more effectively with your audience so that they can come back again.

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Notix services are mainly designed for the following:

  • Webmasters and Website Owners
  • Affiliate & Media Agencies

Website Owners:

Using the services provided by Notix, you never lose your website users. It allows you to boost the page views and send your content to your audience. Due to these actions, you can re-engage with your audience and provide them with content that is relevant to their needs and wants. 

Affiliates & Media Agencies:

If you are running a media agency then with Notix, you can collect all of your subscribers and group them into audiences. This helps you in targeting only specific offers in which the users are more interested. There are push funnels present that will turn your cold traffic into hot leads instantly. Due to these features, you will see an increase in the ROI.

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Some of the main features of Notix are:

1- Delivery Rate:

The delivery rate that Notix provides is really amazing and you are able to get high CTR on each of the notifications that are sent.

2- Audience Segmentation:

Notix allows you to improve user targeting through the segmentation of audiences. This segmentation is based on custom parameters. Also, Notix has Retargeting Pixel feature so you can easily target your audience.

3- Database Migration:

If you are using another service then you can easily move all of your data from that service to Notix.

4- Parallel Testing:

You can perform parallel testing of your current service with Notix. Through this testing, you can easily distinguish between the two and the benefits that Notix provides.

5- WordPress Plugin:

There is a WordPress plugin of Notix also available so you can easily install Notix on your browser.

6- RSS Feeds:

Using Zapier, you can turn all of your RSS Feeds into push notifications and provide the latest news.

7- Real-Time Statistics:

Notix provides you with real-time statistics. This allows you to track all of the metrics without any delays. In this way, you can easily monitor all of the delivery processes through each step.

8- Push Monetization:

You can also monetize your subscribers based upon their request through Notix and then send them your content.

9- Subscription Prompts:

The subscription prompts that are provided by Notix are very flexible.

10- API Integration:

You get API integration with Notix. Workflow can be automated and there is also SAAS available for developers.


  • Better Delivery Rate
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Higher ROI
  • Re-Engaging Audience
  • Best for Increasing CR
  • Targeted Approach
  • Easy Setup
  • Monetization Plan


  • No A/B Testing

Try Notix For Free

Pricing Plans:

Probably the best thing about Notix is that it has a free plan. You don’t pay anything to use their amazing services if you have less than 30,000 active subscribers or if you use a monetization plan.. 

Is Notix Worth It?

After looking at all of the features that Notix brings to the table, we can confidently say that Notix is absolutely worth it. There is nothing much to complain about here as it is currently free to use. It brings an amazing set of features that will help your business to engage better with your audience. They provide a high delivery rate which results in higher ROI. They use a targeted approach so they can target the users interested in your business. Their setup process is also really simple.

Final Verdict:

So, growing a business and developing it online is quite hard nowadays. But a service like Notix is all that you need. It provides a lot of useful features that will increase your audience and help you turn better ROI. There is a parallel comparison also available which you can use to compare your current service with Notix. Overall, if you are looking for the best push-notification service then Notix is definitely worth it.

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