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20+ Best Online Store Builders 2024 (According To Experts)

Online Store Builders:

We all prefer online shopping right?

Because it has enabled us to buy conveniently almost everything right through our smartphones and it saves us so much time and effort.

The e-commerce industry has been growing so rapidly over the last few years and will continue to grow even more in the future. So it’s the golden opportunity and the right time to start an online store and to build your own brand because it is highly profitable, hassle-free, and super convenient.

Do you know that creating an e-commerce business or building an online store has become much easier due to its high demand and value?

Thanks to the online store builders which help to create your desired online business easily and conveniently. You can design your online store according to your brand needs and customers’ requirements.

If you are planning to build your own online store to sell anything you want, you are at the right place. Through this article, we will explain to you all the great options that you can choose from to start your online store today!

Our Recommended Website Builders:

What is an Online Store Builder?

Having technical information including the web and internet, if you have planned to sell things through the internet you do not have to wait much, but building your online store is an arduous task.

It turns out to be quite challenging when you have to maintain it by yourself from time to time. Such realities usually stop many entrepreneurs but doing online business does not require to be that much difficult. An Online Store assists you in implementing your business online, building, and growing it quickly. It provides you with a strong online integrated platform with every product you need.

An online store builder is an eCommerce platform that designs an item’s display format and speeds up business growth. You just have to log in to your account for any online store builder, from any internet browser to begin your work.

Why Do You Need an Online Store Builder?

There are many reasons for building an online store. You do not need detailed coding information or technical background. For your business, your competitors have online stores. Your site will be shown up in the Google search results. You need an online store to run an eCommerce business rapidly and smoothly by the integration of the below-mentioned features of the online store developers.

Pre-Defined features:

An Online Store Builder contains everything you require to create and manage an online store. It has various tools and devices for dealing with your business website, blogs, shopping cart, point-of-sale information, and various other things. It has many built-in applications to get your business running, so you do not have to install any separate applications.

Mobile-Ready Templates:

An online store is not only limited to web access but you can access the contents and assets on all devices. Online store builders support ready-made templates for your mobile that can be selected according to your specifications.

An online Store builder supports both web and mobile development. An online store provides fully responsive mobile templates, allowing users to appreciate when visiting online stores. Smooth navigation and eye-catching designs on every device are some features provided by an online store mobile app.

Secure Payments:

Online store builders require credit cards in a split second with your selection of many payment suppliers. It involves digital wallets like Google Pay, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Payoneer, and Visa Checkout. It provides you the facility of buying now and paying later with the proper issuing of eChecks.


RTS stands for Real-Time shipping. An online store provides the most suitable shipping rates and avoids over-charging. It selects one of the main carriers, asks for the suitable price of shipping, and provides the client’s satisfaction they require through the shipping attributes.

An online builder involves a complete procedure of product sales involving printing labels on the products and having tracking numbers for each product delivery. It strengthens the company-customer relationship by notifying them about the sales, out-of-delivery, and delivery confirmation messages.

High powered Marketing Tools:

Marketing helps you to develop and grow your business. An online store has built-in tools to generate coupon codes, discount offers on various items. Online stores usually have a Promotions Manager that gets to different customers with the built-in Search Engine Optimization techniques in the business, delivers newsletters, and presents gift cards. It involves the marketing of your products and services by social media, paid aids, blogging, SEO, or emails.

All-inclusive Control Panel:

An online store builder has an online head manager and dashboard that helps in business growth. Business details of the inventory, customers, and orders are accessible by your finger click. Certain reporting allows you to manage your sales information, helping you in implementing new business methodologies from time to time.

Unlimited accessories:

Online stores can also be created for every kind of business and help to empty your stock immediately. They provide greater disk space to save all the product’s high-quality images. These images are used for your product descriptions. They also offer an unlimited range of traffic on your website so you can conduct your business smoothly.

Supporting All Merchants:

Some online stores are restricted in terms of some categories of products but most of them are not. Online Stores allow any product that can be legitimately sold on the web including highly monitored items including vaping devices, Cannabidiol, and adult items. Online stores involve high-risk payments that certain businesses involve.

Best Online Security And Privacy:

An online store has a Security Sockets Layer (SSL) that protects the data by encrypting it. Most of the online stores are Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant. Both these features secure your online business and clients. Several Anti-Fraud tools secure each transaction by providing the complete details of the client’s personal information.

How to Choose the Best Online Store Builder?

There are similar opportunities for online website builders as selecting a new home, the focal point is to choose the best option for your interests before investment. There are various factors that are to be kept into consideration for selecting a successful online store developer website, whether you are a technical or non-technical person.

Basic and standard plans come with advanced features and unlimited bandwidth, So it is quite important for small business owners to check the above features. 

Web Design Functionality:

Users must ensure how simple it is to customize your online store. Are there enough themes available or do we have to start from scratch?

Customized Features and Extension:

Integrated stores make your business simpler to run by getting integrations with your CRM frameworks that keep a record of client conversations.

Customer Support:

Support is still required even if you have a technical background in eCommerce. You have to assure that the builder provides the best web and mobile support quickly.

Blogging and Online marketing:

Site developers must have engaging content for SEO for attracting online audiences. You must check the predefined blogging tools and formats.

Customized web templates: 

Must check the functions of your site plugins and add-ons. Custom themes must stand for your website among others.

Sales Track:

The POS of the company for online and offline transactions provides a huge number of benefits for eCommerce.

Checking out Shopping Cart:

Must you find how you will demand payments from your customers? Detailed shopping carts with specified currencies you demand and restrictions for payments must be considered.

Benefits of using eCommerce Website Builders:

There is a long debate on the benefits of online store builders and eCommerce but you will observe that E-Commerce has become the holy grail of retail. Online stores do not have any limitations on geography.

They do not support traditional marketing campaigns rather they drive online audiences through Search Engine Visibility. They charge fewer prices and usually provide more discounts. They also ensure product tracking and locates the item during shipment.

Online stores help us to reduce the travel time and cost required to visit a physical store. We can do virtual shopping by simple mouse-clicking, sitting at home. These developers help us to develop target communication with customers and support is available 24/7.

You have a plentiful number of platforms and options to start your online business online. Here is the list of the best suitable software programs for creating and launching eCommerce websites related to any kind of business.

You would not believe that with the advancement in technology, online business has turned simpler and there is nothing difficult about it. You will have ready-made web designs for your online store, and you can enhance them according to your business requirements.

Best Online Store Builders 2024:

Here is the list of 20+ best online store builders in 2023 and 2024 to start your online store. 

  • Wix – Best Online store Builder for Small businesses.
  • GoDaddy – Best Store Builder Software.
  • Shopify – Best Online store Builder for Beginners.
  • WooCart – Top Store Builder in 2021.
  • BigCommerce – Best For Professionals.
  • Weebly – Free Store Builder.
  • Squarespace – Affordable Online Store Builder.
  • Volusion – Best Overall.
  • 3dcart – Cheapest online store builder.
  • Jimdo – All in one Store Builder.
  • BigCartel – Online Store Builder for Artists.
  • WooCommerce – best free online store builder.
  • PrestaShop – eCommerce website builder.
  • Magento – best eCommerce platform.
  • Ecwid – The #1 E-commerce Shopping Cart.
  • – Top Store Builder Platform.

1. Wix – Best Online Store Builder for Small Business:


wix is an Israeli site builder company that uses HTML5 to produce websites and stores by simple drag and dropping various components. It was established in 2006 in Tel Aviv and provided a cloud-based website/online store development. More than ten thousand people related to healthcare, retail, restaurants are taking benefit from WIX by running their online stores. It provides a huge App Market, free templates, web hosting, and a domain to its customers.

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Free Trial

WIX provides free services and designs templates according to your niche like art, technology, health, sports, etc. However, if you want to access online store features, you must select the basic plan. It costs $23 per month, and enhancement in features comes with new packages. It provides a trial for 14 days, and it allows you to refund if you do not find that package feasible. The Business Unlimited plan costs $27 per month, and the Enterprise plan is extremely expensive paying $500 per month.


WIX is used to create sites by drag-and-drop option. Keeping it simple and effective are the principles of this site builder. This is perfectly suitable for any non-technical person who does not have enough knowledge related to web development and customized features.

It helps your business to run smoothly on both mobile and PC. It uses a WYSIWYG editor to control texts. This editor is known to the people working with WordPress or CMS. It helps you to fix things like images, texts, and different objects on the screen as you see them. After creating the site, you can press the Publish Button to start your online store or shop.


WIX assures you the best features to be in the long run of site development. It has a designed storefront, system of discounts and coupon codes, international shipment, multiple payment methods, sales records, and delivery tracking. It provides you with the basic features for your online store from the beginning. However, it might not provide as many features as Shopify or BigCommerce offers, but it offers the basic ones. Some other advantages are shopping carts and customized thank you notifications.


In addition to online store builders, it offers many other services, including domain hosting, templates, updates, plugins, and emails. It is impossible to provide these services without any customer help or support. It provides help in the form of tutorials and community support. You can get every kind of support from live assistance, but this is not available 24/7. In case of a fast query or a particular issue, you may fill out an online form. It provides Email support, and the developers must observe that the live chat is not available. It provides 20GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth with effective features.


If you are a newbie in site development and want to run your business at a minimum cost, then WIX is suitable for you. You will find everything simple and straightforward, with several additional tips. WIX is a site developer and is increasingly developing with its App market, customized features, 500 themes, and 660+ applications. You can set up and conduct your first sale in a single day. WIX assures that the new customers get the maximum benefit.


There are some limitations of WIX that make it suitable for a newbie but a little simple if you are a technical person. You cannot alter a template once you start working on it. The websites hosted by WIX are not transferable. It is not suitable for huge businesses, and you have to upgrade your plan if you want to access the analytics or tracking. It cannot still compete with the features provided by other site developers.

Final Thoughts on Wix:

This site developer suits small businesses with self-explanatory features and affordability. If you want more in-depth websites, various other options are recommended. It is a combination of several themes, a detailed editor, and an App Market, which make it a perfect choice for newbies.

2. GoDaddy – Best Store Builder Software.


GoDaddy’s GoCentral is advancing moderately and is perfect for business people to start their online business. This website mainly suits people with a technical background. GoDaddy’s online store provides many functionalities for a good customer online shopping experience.

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Free Trial:

For checking GoDaddy’s GoCentral store, you just have to sign up with your email and username and start your free trial. It provides you a 30-day trial which is two times greater duration than other site developers.


It does not achieve usability goals as other online developers fulfill. You can easily set up an online store without any difficulty. It is very useful in terms of its design i.e. it incorporates a WYSIWYG editor, which allows you to publish things as you can see them. The customer experience is enhanced by drag-and-drop tools like image insertion, slideshows, etc.


Customer support is worth mentioning for GoDaddy online store. In each plan, customer support is available 24/7 via separate channels. Customer help in the form of 24/7 phone support, live chat, email, community form, system status report.


GoCentral’s online store package provides unlimited functionalities. It serves its clients with responsive mobile design and themes, web hosting service, Apple Pay, credit cards and PayPal modes of payment, SEO, social media and email marketing, quick check-outs, cart recovery, and shipment tracking.


It provides the most attractive themes that collaborated with the Word Press Themes Gallery. You can access eight custom pages, drag-and-drop options, and easy access to WordPress plugins. It is free to get started with zero charges. It provides more than 300 themes to support site builder plans.


One bigger disadvantage of using this online store builder is that it made the same mistake similar to Yahoo and Amazon. It needs to do more work on its eCommerce tools. It has a very simple design approach that does not intricate pro eCommerce business people. After selecting your theme, you cannot change it and sometimes it annoys the user. Security and password protection is other disadvantages of this platform.

Final Thoughts on GoDaddy:

GoDaddy’s final review is summed in a line that, “We like it, but do not love it”. It is because of the multiple faults in its functions and tools. GoDaddy offers statistical information on your website for tracking sales.

3. Shopify – Best Online Store Builder for Beginners:


Shopify is a Canadian subscription to an eCommerce application that helps you in creating business websites. The website is supporting 8 Million entrepreneurs by utilizing its shopping cart feature for dealing, selling, and shipping products.

It has helped in creating some huge names like The Economists, Tesla, and Budweiser using the digital platform. It helps you create websites through which you can add items, manage orders, and enter new data of the web store.

Free Trial:

Shopify website has a 14-day free trial with no bank card payments included. It permits its users to completely go through the greatest online shop store or site builder and verify the basic plan according to their requirements or even if they require some strong plans it can provide those as well. The Basic plan for small businesses is $29 per month with 0.5-2.0% transaction fee charges.


After signing up for the Shopify website, you answer a few questions for the best assumption for your online store. Afterward, an engaging interface is available and prepared to direct you on how to create the first online store for your business. In terms of customer satisfaction, Shopify provides the best it can. Each setting is thoroughly explained for having the least chance of the customer’s confusion. Even if you do not know the technical knowledge of creating eCommerce websites, it explains the details of customers, products, and sales constructively.


Shopify is best in providing the most used features in website building. The standard package has a spread of attributes inclusive of fraud detection, SSL authentication, and abandoned art recuperation. One of the most invested features of Shopify is the Point of Sale (POS). It involves secure payments and selling and buying of products internationally. This feature allows you to introduce and market your business to international customers.

Shopify also incorporates store analytics, records keeping, and managing your details at the micro level for enhancing the selling procedure and business growth. It provides more than 1200 apps and 100 themes.


Shopify provides the best customer support as compared to other website builders. You can seek help through phone, email, live talk, Twitter, etc. You can get guidelines and knowledge regarding your concerns 24/7 and learn new methods of rapidly growing your eCommerce website. Shopify also blends third-party applications for a brilliant performance. Shopify may not have the option to provide much support when an add-on does not work. It supports live chat, phone, and Email.


Shopify also presents the most eye-catching designs. The designers have offered ten free and sixty paid design templates having a minimal variety of rates from $140 to $180. These are custom templates, so you can create your designs by having a little knowledge of CSS. Shopify is declared as the best eCommerce internet site builder primarily based on features like SSL encryption, POS, and cargo method. These functions convince the users to choose it. You can start your business with Shopify after having a domain of your own, however, if you do not have a domain of your own, Shopify allows you to start it with a subdomain like still.

Shopify mainly derives customer support you can go through during website development. The expanding and dynamic network of people advancing around Shopify is another reason that customers from every country around the globe are prepared to have a wonderful experience in starting the business. You can create websites using Shopify at a very reasonable value. You can select the package according to your balance of the basic package by paying $29 per month or another Lite version of $9 per month. This Lite version offers you the best features you need to start your online store.


With many advantages, there are a few drawbacks of using Shopify for those small businesses that make very little sales, the additional transaction charges are a drawback if you do not select the internet payment system. Evaluating the credit card charges of various internet site builders like Wix or BigCommerce, they also seem to be a bit high in the case of Shopify. Selecting more templates and plugins increases the total payments to a very large extent.

If you are new to site building, advanced customized stores can be inconvenient. Shopify incorporates Liquid, an open-source language created by it and written in keeping with Ruby rules. A developer may find it a delight, however, non-technical people may get confused and puzzled.

Final Thoughts on Shopify:

Shopify is the highest-ranked eCommerce website developer, particularly dealing with small to middle-range businesses. Multiple features improve your first-time experience with store development your first-time store building experience is improved by multiple features and tools. The wholesale dashboard helps in keeping the track of the sales and products. The major disadvantage of Shopify is the unexpected extra fee, however, if you trust business investments-Shopify is highly suggested to try.

4. WooCart – Top Store Builder in 2024:


WooCart is a remote-first company developed by Saas Studio, Nieto, with more than 13 years of experience in WooCommerce. It is the world’s first hosting platform built from scratch for WooCommerce. The website builder offers blazing fast services, a staging environment, and other tools to run your business successfully. Store owners trust it in more than 31+ countries and 26+ industries, including Moreniche, Velvet, 2Wards, and many more.

The service also offers dedicated Google Cloud resources, the Custom cache for WooCommerce, Automatic image optimization, and a wide range of custom tools for simple troubleshooting. It also allows you to create a clone of your store, run updates, and make changes to test before launching beta. The platform takes advantage of Google Cloud for its hosting.

Try WooCart For Free

Free Trial:

WooCart offers a 7-day free trial and simple pricing plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee for all plans. The platform offers free transfer and updates of the store for you. However, if you want to take advantage of advanced features, you need to select a pricing plan. Simple plans start from $49/month for small stores and go up to $279 according to your requirements. WooCart also offers an inexpensive plan for stores in developmental stages.


WooCart offers a unique feature, Store Wizard, that helps you easily build and localize a new store with just a few clicks. It provides a step-by-step guide to creating your store and starting running it. So you can complete the whole process in a few minutes, rather than spending days building your new store. Additionally, they also help transfer stores from many local hosts, including Kinsta, SiteGround, Wp Engine, GoDaddy, and more.


Star Wizard, as mentioned above, helps to build and localize a new store with ease. Along with this, WooCart offers Trunkey Store which is a fully-designed store to help you instantly sell online products. It also provides Plug-in Metrics that help to determine poorly coded plugins so that you can search for better alternatives.

Moreover, the Page Metrics feature alters you about the slow loading pages on your store that helps you to solve the problem such as removing large images or a script. Besides, WooCart helps you run your store on a Google Cloud server optimized for WooCommerece to decrease load time, increase conversions and boost sales.

Furthermore, it provides a lossless staging so that you can directly publish the changes from the staging environment to the live store; meanwhile, they will download the orders to prevent the loss of data. An additional feature offered by WooCart includes Error Logs (show you the errors caught by the server), Traffic Logs (show you the traffic on your website), WP-CLI (to manage your store without the admin dashboard), and much more.


WooCart offers 24/7 support for critical issues. They will fix any issue that prevents your store from taking orders. They have a team of vetted partners who have years of experience in WooCommerce, and they will fix any problems you might have. They will also help fix errors, changes to plugins and themes, speed improvements, and full development of new features. Their experienced team can fix the problem before most people even diagnose it.


You don’t need any technical background to start your online store with WooCart because they will deal with the technology; all you need to do is focus on your business.   WooCart offers a clean and intuitive Dashboard that helps to build new WooCommerce stores and manage everything.

It helps to monitor traffic, orders, and sales. From instant performance hosting to easy staging, and unique Store Wizard to effortless management, creating and localizing an online store has never been easy. WooCart offers various metrics to find the ill-performing plugins and slow-loading pages. Some additional benefits of WooCart include DNS Hosting, Out-of-the-box HTTPS, No-Hack guarantee, Daily backups, GDRP store configuration, etc.


There is no doubt that WooCart is one of the best WooCommerce hosting platforms, but on the downside, this site builder offers limited plugins. Another disadvantage is that it doesn’t provide direct access to the database. Moreover, the free trial period is very short.

Final Thought on WooCart:

WooCart is the best site builder for stores in developmental stages as well as large businesses. There is no need to worry if you don’t have any technical knowledge for making an online store because WooCart offers step-by-step guides for creating and managing online stores. Multiple tools and features offered by the platform help to easily grow your online business. The major disadvantage of WooCart is the limited plugins.

5. BigCommerce – Best For Professionals:


If you want to create an online store or website, BigCommerce is another competitor in the website developers’ trade market. It supports all sorts of business and is versatile in its features. This website builder hosts eCommerce solutions for your business with facilities like pricing rates, customized payment records, product management, and client groups. This site developer was established in 2009 and managed to sell products on various social media platforms like Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, POS, and Google Shopping. Big companies like Toyota, Fujitsu, and Quite Little Dogs are some names that conduct omnichannel sales through BigCommerce.

Free Trial

BigCommerce has a free trial duration of 15 days. You can sell any item priced from $1 to $1 Million. You can enjoy the same BigCommerce support as its customers. The Plus plan can be purchased for $29.95 per month with a 0% transaction fee.


During web development and creation, the customer must seek usability for greater advantages. BigCommerce fully coordinates with data entry users to understand the store and expand it without any problems. BigCommerce hosts a cloud environment for setting up an online store by not installing anything afterward. The detail and chic dashboard demonstrate many features and explain most of the things clearly. You can modify your online business according to your circumstances by the settings provided.


BigCommerce, as compared with other site developers, is enriched with a variety of rich features. You can set and deal with every business procedure with the extensive features it’ll provide you. After comparison with other developers in the same category, its amazing visuals stuns the visitors and continues till the checkout procedure.

Some features of BigCommerce incorporate are Order and Product management, Shipment charges, multiple payment methods, discounts and coupons, and Third-party applications. These features make BigCommerce a little difficult for users starting eCommerce from scratch. It is perfectly suitable for huge eCommerce businesses to scale rapidly. For beginners, they are required to pay extra for various features they would not be integrating initially. This platform offers you huge eCommerce and customized website features without any additional payments for features or extensions.


The support team of BigCommerce is available for every customer round the clock that requires their assistance. Being the best alternative to Shopify, it provides multiple support channels, including email, phone, and live chat. Users get support even during the trial period. The support team finds the best possible help for your queries. It is highly suggested to contact the support for future needs. Detail articles and YouTube tutorials make BigCommerce, a strong competitor in-store and site-building.


BigCommmerce tries to increase the audience for beginners by coordinating with Facebook, Google, and Amazon. The detailed predefined features of BigCommerce help you to learn eCommerce effectively without any technical knowledge. People having minimum technical knowledge can also run their business smoothly in less time with no loss. As there are no transaction charges when you sign up for BigCommerce, it provides you the golden opportunity to increase your revenue.

It is well informed about the trend of mobile optimization when taking in competition with other website builders. The designers and developers have provided responsive layouts and assure impressive designs for your mobile and PC. BigCommerce allows its customers to access the products from anywhere in the world by incorporating a Content delivery network (CDN).

It supports 470+ applications, 110+ themes, and 5000 extensions for its users. The Backup team of BigCommerce assures that you have access to detailed reports regarding your site activities, billing data, and client base. It offers you unlimited products and bandwidth. It allows $150k in online sales per year.


BigCommerce is rich in features and demands user experience. A disadvantage of this site builder is the limitation of design templates. It allows its user to select from seven free templates and paid templates start from $150. An increased number of free templates would be suggested. You may find it cheaper as compared to other site builders in terms of a standard package of $29.95 per month, but this price increases extremely, and you need to subscribe to the Enterprise plan for a price greater than $1000 per month.

Final Thoughts on Bigcommerce :

BigCommerce is perfectly suitable for an online store of all sizes based on revenue and is the best alternative to Shopify. It has a wide scope of customized features, so the business of any range can be offered many features. It is absolutely in the competition for the best website builder.

6. Weebly – Free Store Builder:


Weebly was founded in 2006 in San Francisco, and presently it controls many websites and 625,000 paid subscribers. It is not limited to providing services in online stores but also on a wide range of websites.

Weebly is very much similar to WIX when it comes to features, but it is more affordable for start-ups. It allows the user clients to search and find items they find suitable for the website. The discriminant feature of Weebly is its price rates. You can have your business website with a basic plan for only $12, making eCommerce affordable.

Free Trial

Weebly has a transaction rate of 2.9%++, and it can refund your money within the first 30 days, and it decreases the money loss risk. It does not provide an exact free trial duration.


Weebly does not demand technical knowledge that provides an opportunity for beginners to start their eCommerce. You can set up your online store with simple guidelines and customized themes. Weebly is very flexible like, but due to certain limitations, it gets a little edge over it.


This site builder is ranked as the best web business developer with plenty of marked features. With an amazing design, an online store must be effective in providing its services, including customer and order management, unlimited products with features to sell online, marketing campaigns, SEO, responsive themes, Domain hosting, and registration, and Page Editor. It also provides multiple tools, including plugins, to customize and redesign your store regularly.


Weebly is affordable to customers that require a cheap online store on their website. The personal plan can be purchased for only $6 per month, and it contains a customized domain for the business. Chat, mobile support, and email are the features provided in the premium plan. You can get 24/7 help from the technical team behind the site development with several available articles and guidelines. It helps you answer your questions through social media platforms.


Affordability is the major advantage of using Weebly, which comes in online packages for only $12 per month. This includes the signup, free domain hosting, and a $100 Google Ads credit. Several templates and extra features on the compact dashboard help you create an astounding online shop.

Another advantage of Website development using Weebly involves unlimited storage with a free plan. It permits you to track your store traffic by analyzing and accessing analytics. In the case of themes, Weebly offers a lot more than usual in providing responsive templates for mobile and PC. It dominates the features of several successful eCommerce website developers.


Weebly experiences the same issues as It fails to offer advanced dashboard settings, code changes, and store modifications. It is used frequently by small business owners, generally for startups, so their requirements are addressed mostly. The support team has to restore your backups, and as they are not available round the clock so you have to wait for them for some time. You cannot redesign a template after selecting it. It cannot feature vast content quality.

Final Thoughts on Weebly:

Weebly is a strong competitor of WIX and is suitable for an entrepreneur who can launch his simple online store with helpful guidelines. It is quite affordable for small businesses driving easy store management.

7. Squarespace – Affordable Online Store Builder:


Squarespace is the highest quality user-friendly store builder. This organization was established in 2003 and has occupied three big international workplaces by employing 880 workers. It was declared the No.1 New York-based employer website in 2018.

Free Trial

This website allows its users to try it free for 14 days with easy access to its features. It allows users to create business sites but restricts publishing them.


Squarespace is more inclined toward a technical background as compared to Shopify and BigCommerce. It does not provide the additional pointers for its beginner customers, as other websites offer, and the editor is also sufficiently direct. It is simple and easy for users who have experience related to online stores or product management systems similar to WordPress.


The customers enjoy the best features for a premium plan. It provides its customers with a free domain host with unlimited site support, no transaction charges, ordering API, and integrated money packages.


The site developers have developed improvised articles regarding the most prominent questions. In case of any query, you can contact 24/7 support, including email and live chat. However, mobile support is not accessible. You can conduct live chat from Monday till Friday from 8 is-4 pm EST.


The Squarespace website developer is comprised of compact analytics. It facilitates store owners to evaluate their business strategies in sales and marketing. It is also famous for its design templates. The builder comprises experienced designers for creating stylish templates. These themes are not completely customizable, but you can modify them to some extent. It offers two plans for Basic eCommerce and Advanced eCommerce.


Some disadvantages of Squarespace include payment modes and customer traffic. It supports payment only through PayPal and Apple Pay which restricts many users around the globe from using this. This results in fewer audiences on a vast level.

Final Thoughts on Squarespace:

This platform is not suitable for beginners due to its straightforward features. It is perfect for an image-minded businesses like nonprofits and brand promotions on Instagram. It is not suitable for customers who want to do business on multi-channels.

8. Volusion – Best Overall.

Volusion is another eCommerce platform and an industry leader site developer. It is not as clear as Shopify or BigCommerce, but it provides you with responsive themes for attracting an online audience.

Free Trial

It provides a 14-day free trial without any transaction fees. The personal plan can be purchased for only $29 per month with 100 products and unlimited bandwidth. You can also set your professional plan for only $79 per month and your Business plan for $299 per month, offering unlimited products and bandwidth.


Like other site developers, Volusion offers a variety of features to the eCommerce world. These functions include SEO tools, sales features like delivery and inventory logistics, no transaction fees, and CRM systems.


The volusion team professionals offer you support in the form of live chat and Call phone support. You can select your call type and schedule the date and time that is feasible for you.


It has several things to offer to its customers including an intuitive interface for beginners and entrepreneurs with a wide range of functionalities. It offers more than 300 template designs for different niches like sports, health, life, technology, etc. You can effectively fill in space with the drag-and-drop editor. It also gives you the deal of the day feature.


There is some confusion while using Volusion i.e., you can access some design features from different menus, it confuses the customers. The Volusion online store supports the mobile version and is not that responsive to the web. You cannot create blogs related to your products or store. The system is not easy to use for people not to know the online business.

Final Thoughts on Volusion:

You can use a volusion store for your startup occupying multi-channel solutions.

It improves your eCommerce with its Quick Wins setup help and training efforts. It has powerful eCommerce features, but can be difficult to implement.

9. 3dcart – Cheapest online store builder:


This website developer is not as popular as Shopify or BigCommerce but it offers a multi-channel platform for launching an online store for small and medium businesses. 3dcart has turned into a brilliant eCommerce website with nearly 17,500 customers around the globe.

Free Trial

It offers a 15-day free trial with 50+ ready-made themes and 200 features. 3dcart basic plan can be launched for only $29 per month, plus a plan for $79 per month, and the Pro Business plan for $229 per month. The huge number of products and unlimited bandwidth are provided in these plans with no transaction fees.


It provides various functionalities including custom blogs, newsletters, and business mails. Its responsive toolbar and backend editor helps you to use it on every device. It has ready-made templates for attractive website designs, provides shipment tracking to keep your order safe, a safe method of payments, strong marketing, and promotion tools with a detailed control panel.


The store developers provide great technical and customer support to address your queries and issues. The professional team allows phone support for 24 hours and 7 days, live chat, and a ticket system.


3dcart helps you to sell your products on Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook, etc. with no transaction charges. It does not support bandwidth limitations and has huge checkout options. The interface is quite engaging and user-friendly helping beginners to understand eCommerce.


The dashboard is not that supportive and engaging, the free themes are also not that good, and poor client service and support. For a beginner, learning all features can require great effort and time.

Final Thoughts on 3dcart:

3dcart is the best online store builder for any size of business. Its pre-built Content managing system helps you to create and track numerous products. You can design SEO pages for different categories to capture online traffic.

10. Jimdo – All in one Store Builder:


Jimdo is a web hosting provider and offers to create online stores with extra functionalities. It is used by 250,000 customers for creating easy and quick websites by utilizing this platform. The website builders cover small businesses that do not involve exports and imports.

Free Trial

Its free plan offers the customers to have a bandwidth of 2GB and 500MB of storage. The start package is available for $9 per month with unlimited bandwidth and free hosting service. The grow package can be subscribed for $15 per month and the unlimited bundle can be purchased for only $39 per month.


This site developer is enriched with effective tools to make it easy for eCommerce. It provides a free custom domain, search engine optimization, all payment support,


It satisfies its customers by providing promoted articles including how to perform different functions and mentioning guidelines. It does not provide phone support and helps its clients via emails.


It is a cost-effective way to create your website with unlimited storage provided in business plans. Help and user assistance are straight and exact. It supports all payment modes i.e. you can make payments via an invoice, money transfer, cash on delivery, PayPal, or credit cards. You can select either to receive your product from your location or the pickup point.


It lacks functionalities like it incorporates a decentralized product management system and it is not sufficient if the store size increases. The provided themes are not properly designed and are limited. There is no restoration system of themes or products. Product management is not that worthy.

Final Thoughts on Jimdo:

This site is suitable for blogging, small businesses, eCommerce, image portfolios. It allows you to conduct eCommerce by generating coupon codes, discounts, and checkouts for the online selling of products. It allows you to engage readers using analytics and you can also advertise your product in hours.

11. BigCartel – Online Store Builder for Artists:


Big Cartel is another strong competitor in the game of online store builders. There are several reasons for this position. It is undoubtedly used for creating a free online shop with attractive templates, brief sales information, and various pricing of products for its users. It helps you to start your online business quickly. It can be used for creating all kinds of stores, but it is the first choice of artists and makers.

Free Trial

It allows its users to sign up for free and enjoys 5 products with no credit card and transaction charges. The platinum package covers 50 products for only $9.99 per month. The Diamond plan features 250 products for only $19.99 per month with no listing charges and the titanium plan can be purchased for only $29.99 per month with 500 products service.


Its features include getting your custom domain, discounted coupons, and inventory tracking. A complete dashboard, discounts, billing information, security, apps and integrations, and customization are some of its promising functionalities.


It provides help to its customers in the form of reading articles and through email at


Its main advantage is that it is the sole platform that permits you to sell your products free. Its prompt is quite helping and self-explanatory while creating websites. It supports artists to create their websites according to their tastes.


Its features are not feasible quality-wise as you cannot change the theme once selected. According to the users, it is the most difficult platform for creating an online website as compared to others.

Final Thoughts on Big Cartel:

You can design your website according to your taste and no experience is required for using Big Cartel. It is not appropriate for a large store with bulk products, however, it is best suitable for medium-sized businesses. It is a cooperative builder for startups with its basic sales feature a free trial.


Online stores are rapidly replacing other shopping methods and are readily chosen by almost everyone nowadays. So it’s the right time to build your own online store and to take your business independently to the next level.

But all it requires is a wise selection of the appropriate and best online store website builder. We have tried to provide all the necessary information about the best online web store building options for you. Each has its pros and cons and different features. Choose any of these according to your needs and start your online business today. Good luck!

Ammad Ali

Ammad Ali is the founder and CEO of RankingGrow LLC, where he helps his clients build powerful brands through Search Engine marketing. He is a frequent contributor to several other sites. His articles and blogs are featured on some of the most reputed digital marketing forums.

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