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OpenBOM Review (2024): The Best SaaS Network-Based Worldwide Collaboration Platform

OpenBOM Review 2024:

Have you considered how OpenBOM may be used to organize product information? It is a digital platform for managing product development and bridging the gap between manufacturers and their supplier chains. OpenBOM is a robust cloud-based platform that connects with your existing tools and consolidates product data into a single source of truth.


The CAD integrations produced by OpenBOM are ready to “plugin” and use best-in-class technology. Using OpenBOM plugins, you may quickly import your Bills of Materials, CAD files, and derivatives from your favorite CAD software.

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Why OpenBOM?

OpenBOM is a SaaS network-based worldwide collaboration platform that organizes data, controls the product development lifecycle, plans production, and links manufacturers with their customers, contractors, and suppliers. Parts, Documents, Bills of Materials, Vendors, and Purchases can all be managed.

What distinguishes them as the best?

With OpenBOM, you may easily deploy it throughout your entire firm. It can be used at any time and in any location. Adapt the data model to your requirements. It’s simple to navigate with its friendly “Excel-like” appearance and feel user interface. With CAD connectors, you can send your items and BOMs from CAD to OpenBOM in minutes.

To accelerate product development, combine all your product information onto a single platform. It’s simple to share data and communicate with vendors and contractors online. In a cloud environment, gain the control and transparency you need to organize your production.


OpenBOM provides completely integrated production planning, vendor, and purchasing management to assist procurement, contract manufacturing, and RFQ processes. OpenBOM is a modern product-oriented data management and business platform for manufacturing organizations founded in 2015 by Newman Cloud Inc. The OpenBOM cloud-based real-time collaboration and data management solution allows engineers, supply chain managers, and contract manufacturers to manage Parts, Catalogs, Bills of Materials, Inventories, and Purchase Orders across networks. From the original concept to all stages of engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain, OpenBOM allows individuals to exchange and discuss data utilizing online Bills of Materials effortlessly.

How is OpenBOM Capable to do tasks?

  • Item Management
  • Production Planning
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Change Management
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) Management
  • Procurement Planning
  • CAD Integration
  • Document and Files

Their Solutions:

1- Design and Engineering Process:

To answer the key difficulties faced by renowned outdoor structure designers, OpenBOM and Autodesk Fusion 360 collaborate. Brian created a Multi-Level BOM of the entire design using the OpenBOM for Autodesk Fusion 360 add-in. OpenBOM gives you a unique approach to transforming what you do with the Bill of Materials and other associated duties in less than fifteen minutes. It’s thanks to OpenBOM’s proprietary technology and CAD integrations.

  • You’re a manufacturing engineer who works on design, engineering, and production activities on your own or as part of a team.
  • While you’re having fun creating creative items and coming up with novel engineering solutions.
  • You’re having trouble managing Excel files with the bill of materials, quantity accounting, rollup cost, mass, and various other management responsibilities.
  • You consistently fail to communicate effectively with other team members and the production and buying departments.

2- Product Lifecycle Management:

How can I use OpenBOM to manage product information? The following example will show you how to create a product lifecycle using OpenBOM. OpenBOM aids in the organization of product information. As easy and clear as it may appear, the arrangement of data is one of the most crucial and complex procedures to complete in the business. By not structured data, even the smallest organization with only a few individuals can create vast amounts of complexity.

The defining of the product life cycle begins with data. Design, planning, and manufacturing are all built on the foundation of product information. Another issue is data sharing. It’s simple to send emails with Excel, but choosing the correct Excel is difficult. You’ll make mistakes, and your staff will use the incorrect Excel. As a result, OpenBOM was a great decision.

  • Create and update BOMs automatically from any CAD system. You won’t have to count by hand any longer.
  • A single click on the button creates the BOM and updates it the next time you use it.
  • Quantity computation, formulas, and custom roll-ups are all automated.
  • You can combine numerous assemblies into a single multi-level BOM and calculate automatically everything you need for planning and purchasing.

3- Item and BOM Management:

OpenBOM uses the catalog method to manage things. OpenBOM makes it as simple as possible to communicate item information with anybody you need. You can share a catalog with any user on OpenBOM platforms, and any user can share data with you, thanks to the multi-tenant nature of OpenBOM data management.

  • It provides a wealth of chances to improve your development processes by organizing data, eliminating redundancy, and sharing data via email and Excel files.
  • A bill of materials (BOM), also known as a product structure, is a list of the assemblies, products, and quantities of each that are required to create a final product.
  • Catalog items can be reused in BOMs, and you can add additional information, such as quantity or reference designation, to the Catalog items in the BOMs.

4- RFQ and Purchasing process:

If you’re an engineer, purchasing manager, or someone in charge of managing contractor RFQs, you’re constantly worried about how to handle the purchase and ordering process. In today’s fast-paced environment, time and cost are critical factors in keeping your products competitive and on schedule.

In less than fifteen minutes, OpenBOM gives you a new approach to transform what you do with the Bill of Materials by establishing an Order BOM for your production batch and assisting with other associated duties.

  • OpenBOM gives you a one-of-a-kind way to alter how you use the Bill of Materials.
  • You may create an Order BOM for your manufacturing batch in less than fifteen minutes and assist with other relevant activities.
  • It’s thanks to OpenBOM’s proprietary technology and CAD integrations.

5- Document Management:

OpenBOM is a versatile program. It enables you to handle documents in context with many aspects of product information, such as catalog items, bill of materials, order BOMs, product planning, purchase orders, and even vendors. OpenBOM users can execute full document control management for all information records connected with product information in this way.

OpenBOM uses the Reference property type to manage documents. Users can add documents to object records in OpenBOM by augmenting reference property types.

6- Issue Management:

A successful issue management solution that integrates product information such as the Bill of Materials, Item records, Orders, and Vendors enables increased visibility of issues, contextual presentation of issues, and tracking issue resolution and product delivery. The result is engineering and manufacturing processes that are both timely and cost-effective.

The reference property in OpenBOM tools allows you to link to external applications and data sources. It enables you to create relationships between issues established in other issue management and project management software. More Reference Properties can be found in OpenBOM.


  • Multiple documents linked to an item / BOM record can be managed.
  • Upload/download a file with a flexible link.
  • Documents can be linked/uploaded to a specific Item/BOM modification.
  • When loading data from CAD systems, upload files and derivatives automatically.


  • None to be found yet.

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Final Wording:

OpenBOM’s data management architecture is based on a flexible architecture that combines out-of-the-box data objects with fully customizable data definitions. OpenBOM provides an engaging, simple, in-person collaboration experience with many options for real-time or asynchronous teaming on an online product structure, whether your teams are collocated, distributed, or entirely remote.

To manage item catalogs, BOM, Orders, Vendors, and Purchase Orders, OpenBOM provides a predefined data schema. These data objects are adaptable and can be changed completely.

For further information, please visit the following webpage.


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