OpKey Review 2024- An Enterprise Test Automation Platform For Digital Enterprises

OpKey Review 2023:

As more and more organizations across different sectors recognize the importance of quality assurance for the success of their product, the popularity of automation testing keeps evolving. Meanwhile, the effectiveness of the testing lifecycle also grows, thanks to the introduction of new smarter testing solutions. The rise of automated testing is the driving force for greater efficiencies and increased speed to market, and it is proving to be critical in helping digital business transformation initiatives.

This article will guide you about the best test automation tool for ERP testing. We are going to review OpKey features in detail and will take you through other services like 24/7 support, payment details, and much more.

OpKey team is evolving with the latest technology enhancements i.e. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to offer advanced testing services to customers. Following the development principles of Automated Test First, OpKey enables manual testers and SMEs on Agile teams to write automated tests as features are developed. Then using its patent-pending Tool Agnostic engine, Opkey runs these tests with any automation tool you have. You can run your tests locally, on OpKey Cloud, or popular services like Sauce Labs and Browser Stack.

OpKey is the next generation continuous testing platform for enterprise applications. Powered by a patent-pending Artificial-Test-Intelligence (TM) engine, OpKey significantly accelerates test creation by 3X-5X compared to other automation tools and makes maintenance a breeze with its Self-Heal technology. With the OpKey automation platform, reusable and resilient tests can be created significantly faster and can be maintained painlessly.

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OpKey- the Right tool for ERP Test Automation:

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OpKey is a continuous testing platform that accelerates testing to keep up with Agile and DevOps. With the industry’s most advanced testing technologies, OpKey breaks down the barriers experienced with conventional test tools. Using this platform, enterprises achieve unprecedented test automation rates of over 90%, enabling them to deliver rapid and continuous feedback required for Agile and DevOps. Simplifying end-to-end functional testing, Opkey automates testing across all layers of modern enterprise architectures, from Web to API, mobile, packaged applications, BI, and user interfaces.

  • OpKey is ERP aware. It understands how the ERP elements are different from normal web application also inbuilt with features like ERP specific record/playback where scripts can be created easily with performing manual action on the application.
  • OpKey provides a no-code/low code interface where business users and functional testers can set up and create test cases from day zero.
  • OpKey is incorporated with vanilla pre-built libraries for your ERP that can help accelerate the automation set up more effectively.
  • OpKey’s change management and impact analysis make updates easy to handle across all ERP packages.
  • OpKey, with its Smart Data management solution that can help ease the effort of test data preparation.
  • OpKey supports multiple channels of accessing your ERP users, working across all API, UI, mobile, Web, desktop apps, and other package applications.

Features that make it Unique:

1- Pre-built Test Accelerator:

OpKey provides unparalleled ERP automated testing experience with fully automated 10,000 + prebuilt reusable automation components, pre-configured test Scenarios, and 15,000+ test cases across multiple ERP packages. Instead of building the framework and reusable libraries, the team can now focus on test coverage and process configuration. This significantly reduces the testing time while accelerating the RoI at the same time.

2- Change Impact Analysis:

ERP and other package applications go through frequent updates, new releases, and businesses will continue to develop customizations. This feature of OpKey allows customers to focus on something that needs more attention. Instead of testing all the test cases, they only need to test those that are highly risky and their dependent components. Thus, eliminating hours of effort and struggle. Through its Impact Analysis, the OpKey engine knows exactly which of your critical business functions are impacted by the actual usage of those business functions. With OpKey, enterprises’ average testing scope is reduced by 85% for every release.

3- Record/Playback engine:

With Opkey’s intelligent and intuitive test recorder and playback engine, anyone can easily record business processes and instantly convert them into automated test cases. Users can download and record without any complex configuration or installation. Run tests immediately after recording or convert them to OpKey test cases for business automation. 100% faster test script creation on average compared to traditional testing tools.

4- End-to-End Integrations:

Opkey centralizes your functional test efforts in different layers of applications and tools (including HP UFT, SoapUI, and Selenium). From a single intuitive interface, you can quickly define end-to-end tests on multiple technologies (API, UI, mobile, mainframe, web, etc.), analyze test results, and automatically update test cases as the application grows. End to end integration and largest ERP support in the market over 14+ ERP applications including SAP, Oracle, SFDC, Workday and Microsoft Business Central, etc.

5- Reusable Self-Healed Test Cases:

Unlike legacy test platforms, OpKey is designed to enable sustainable test automation for today’s fast pace development processes. Its Model-based test automation framework alleviates the “maintenance burden” that undermines the test automation initiatives. When business processes change, simply upgrade the OpKey automation engine, and impacted tests are automatically synced. Also, the OpKey’s most advanced test case design technology determines the most efficient test suite and test data for optimal risk coverage. Moreover, with OpKey, enterprises achieve a 70% increase in automated test coverage and code coverage, while 60% time is saved for maintaining scripts in case of any change or upgrade.

6- Multi-Browser and Multiple Channel Support:

OpKey provides a multi-browser and multi-channel testing platform which is used for parallel and distributed executions. It gives a user-friendly interface with different dashboards to compare the results executed in parallel. With OpKey’s Grid and Hub feature, parallel executions were still possible but this GUI gives a lot of advantages over the grid and hub functionality. This feature allows users to execute the test cases or gherkin files. Moreover, integration with other testing platforms gives this GUI better coverage in terms of different combinations to run from. This feature provides a single screen dashboard of the executed sessions for better visibility.

7- No-code/Low-Code Interface:

OpKey’s no-code / low-code development approaches are proving to be an efficient way to meet the relentless demand for quality at speed. OpKey’s scriptless testing approach helps testers quickly build modular tests that require minimal maintenance. Core test components can be reused in different types of tests. As application requirements evolve, the test suite can be seamlessly updated.

8- Reporting and Analysis:

OpKey generates graphical reports along with debugging logs and screenshots. This platform provides a simplified dashboard for real-time data extraction. Easy-to-understand and detailed reports can be extracted to be shared with stakeholders.

9- Continuous Integration:

Beyond test automation, Opkey enables Continuous testing providing real-time information on risk with actionable, business-focused results. Integrate testing directly into CI / CD pipelines best suited to DevOps ecosystems and ensure that appropriate test data is always available for automated tests. Thus helping the entire team collaborate to expose critical defects quickly. OpKey’s Impact Analysis feature also allows you to identify technical and business risks so you can focus on the right areas.

What OpKey comes up with?

  • OpKey provides an effective reduction of execution cost by 30% for every release.
  • Low maintenance & enhancement effort due to flexibility offered by the Opkey framework.
  • Flexible & scalable solution to enhance coverage and to include additional products/features with minimal efforts with relevant test data.
  • OpKey is also available with a unified Mobile App Testing Platform called pCloudy.
  • Automated testing solutions for cloud and on-premise hosting options
  • With OpKey’s AI-powered test automation, 30% of testing is cost-optimized per testing cycle.
  • 8X faster test scripting than the industry standard
  • 60% More maintainable scripts than any other automation tool
  • 68% Average Return on investment over 2 years for large enterprises

Best Prices & Flexible Payment Options:

OpKey offers you a free 30-day trial to test its functionality and services before purchasing its plans. This is the best you can get anywhere else. If you want long-term services, you have to pay, but the fees are easily affordable. Pricing concurrent licenses based on a yearly and quarterly basis. As well as multiple payment options are available.

24/7 Support Services:

OpKey offers 24/7 customer support services and you can simply talk to them anytime you want about their services and other inquiries. Hence, they have made a live chat option available in addition to email and phone call facilities for their clients to provide quick support. OpKey’s support staff is available day and night.

Contact Details:

Subscribe to its social media pages to keep up with the pace of automated testing.

Do We Recommend OpKey?

Ya, we do…

Opkey is the best tool where you can see value in test automation. Excellent tool for people who know less about coding. You have a unique and innovative solution and responsive support and engagement. The best part of Opkey is the support services, where the response time for a solution or inquiry is exceptional.

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