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Orcatec Review (2024): The Best Service Industry Software In 2024

Orcatec Review 2024:

Orcatec- the best service industry software in 2024:

If you are running a service industry, you must be frustrated with the organization of all your data, client tracking, and operations processing. But don’t worry, because we might just have the best tool for you. So what are you waiting for? Let us jump right into the article through which we will present to you the basics of our favorite service industry software, along with its specs, features, pricing, and a lot of other helpful information. So let’s dive right into the details!

Orcatec Introduction:

Orcatec framework is developed for a broad class of corporations. If your business also involves going to the consumer’s location to provide products/ services, this is the most appropriate tool for you! Orcatec is a leading software for service industries that will alter the organization methods of a contractor’s enterprise. Orcatec software is developed to simplify the struggles of handling business. Their devoted group of engineers is passionate about revolutionizing the software to assist you in running your enterprise.

Orcatec Home

The founder of Orcatec developed and field-tested the tool for more than ten years handling multi-million dollar business and is personally involved in each developmental phase.  Their tech-oriented remedies stem from 14 years of field expertise.

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What is so unique about Orcatec?

The creator and CEO at the Orcatec have first-hand experience of being in the field. He possesses 14 years of expertise in HVAC enterprise as a project manager, sales representative, and then co-founder of a multi-million dollar business, providing him with a deep understanding of the specs required for perfect software. His professionalism and expertise in the field, together with the competence of a qualified group of software engineers, transformed his vision into reality. This vision was to create effective software that will assist the enterprises and tech personnel in eradicating the stress of keeping a record of paper-based offers and equipment requests. This software is affordable, is accessible for all sorts of enterprises, from new start-ups to well-formed frontline businesses, which will help them in excelling in their fields. 

1- Their Vision:

Orcatec is a team of a highly competent generational group and an authentic enterprise owner. When the field maestros sat together to design a business remedy, they came up with this particular software. This tool possesses an amalgam of field expertise and leading tech mechanisms that will provide your enterprise a winning edge over your competitors.

Their goal is to offer the supreme standard product at the most budget-friendly rate. The Orcatec team envisages upgrading your enterprises and transforming them into more profitable ones.  This tool is designed to assist the corporations functioning in the service fields to become more effective by streamlining their operations and making their sales navigable. Orcate consumers will acquire an instant mental peace after knowing that this software acts as a mediator among their sales team/services, vendors, and consumers.

2- The team of Orcatec:

The staff and team of Orcatec include the world’s leading maestros of the contracting software market. This software has been founded in San Diego, California, where it is currently based.

Orcatec has almost a decade-long experience in service software creation and research with rock-solid expertise of 9 years. They have the most remarkable tech-support team, which provides leading 24/7 tech-oriented support and works tirelessly to upgrade your businesses. Furthermore, this software also possesses 14 years of expertise in the mechanical contracting business.

3- What will Orcatec offer me?

You’d surely be thinking about the features that Orcatec can offer you. To detail you, this software has collected all the exceptional features required for successfully running an enterprise!  This software offers a wide range of features to succor you in smoothly running your business!

Within office features:

  • Appointments Scheduling: You can schedule appointments for your consumers in the middle of phone calls with the help of this software.
  • Appointments Dispatching: You can consign your appointments for your in-field staff members using this tool.
  • Staff Operations Classification: You can classify the operations for your staff with a distinct method of operation organization with these remarkable features.
  • Monitoring the staff time: You can also monitor the time worked by your staff members with the help of this app.
  • Negative Review Protection: You can conveniently safeguard yourself from bad reviews with a unique service provided by this remarkable tool.
  • Industry-wide client ratings: You can also benefit from the industry-wide client ratings using this magnificent software.
  • Appointments Consigning: You can simply consign your appointments with the help of this software.

On The FieldSpecs:

  • Proposal generation: You can benefit from the in-field proposal generation, which will aid you in closing more jobs.
  • Mobile card processing: The mobile credit card processing feature is the most sought-after spec in the market, providing the lowest credit card processing fees.
  • Built-in price list: You can also import your price list, this will assist you in creating a quick estimate for services, products, and equipment.
  • Daily schedule: You can keep a daily schedule of all your in-field operations and tasks with this tool.
  • Mobile application: The best thing about this software is that you can work effectively in the field. This app is available on both ios & android.

Industries being supported by Orcatec:

Have a glimpse over all the sectors that are being offered by Orcatec right here!

  • HVAC
  • Pool service
  • The industries that are being facilitated with this tool include,
  • Garage door
  • Pest control
  • Window cleaning
  • Plumbing
  • Fire protection
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Septic services
  • Electrical

Free-of-cost data migration:

Orcatec will assist you in transferring your current database into Orcatec. Their team of professionally accomplished software experts will ensure that all your valuable data is safely migrated to your Orcatec account.

Why should I choose Orcatec?

Increased personalization level makes Orcatec a well-sought software in the industry! Let us show you the business model of Orcatec to indicate its importance for your business;

1- Phone call:

The first step will be receiving the customers’ phone calls.

2- Appointment Scheduling:

You are able to check the everyday schedule before setting an appointment with a client. Orcatec offers a single-page appointment display.

3- Dispatching:

You can then book, navigate and assign your appointments with the help of this tool.

4- Estimates:

You can then create and present proposals. You can also accept your client’s signatures instantly with this magnificent software.

5- Work Completion:

Now you complete the rest of the work by scheduling the installers, sending out invoices, and accepting mobile payments. You are able to send requests for reviews to multifarious social networking sites.

6- Payments:

Then you can get your payments at a very low rate around 1.8% on average through the mobile terminal.

7- Satisfied clients:

After providing your clients with the best services and products, sit back and get awesome reviews.

Payment Information:

Introducing Customized Orcatec Payment Processing:

As you may know, payment processing can get very complex and confusing. However, don’t worry because Orcatec is willing to assist you in walking down this treacherous path. Alongside their payment partners, they offer a single-source payment remedy that will enable you to harmonize the payment acceptance and management, enabling you to waste less time reconciling the transactions and instead focusing on business growth. Along with the features like next-day funding and low processing fees, this is an offer that you wouldn’t want to miss out on! Their tech software leverages the mechanisms to reduce transaction costs; you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the lowest possible charge each time you process a payment.

Effective organization and safe payment:

You can effectively organize your enterprise and safely accept payments, all conveniently within the Orcatec software.

Security Features:

Security features like fraud prevention and tokenization offer complete data security.

  • Customized client support: Customized client support guarantees effective and convenient remedies to all your questions and concerns.
  • Payment Acceptance: You can use their miniature compact NFC and EMV card reader in the field for secure in-person payments.  
  • Convenient Acceptance: You can handle your business and process payments within a single platform.
  • Convenient Reconciliation: With this tool, you will never have to enter a transaction twice again
  •  Transparent Pricing: Their transparent pricing will assist you in saving 10-40% on your monthly processing fees.
  • Next Day Funding: With this feature, you don’t have to wait to get paid again!

Transparent Pricing: 

Orcatec enables you to benefit from exclusive and transparent pricing. They also offer clients Interchange Plus pricing for credit card payments. This convenient pricing framework will allow you to know the amount you are being charged per month accurately, you only pay for what you utilize. You can have  a look at the pricing packages;

What Are Interchange Fees?

Let us make it easy for you! Whenever you purchase an item utilizing your credit card, four entities are involved: your bank, the retailer from which you’re purchasing the product, you, and the bank of the retailer. Both the banks will perform a series of steps to guarantee that the payment is processed and transferred safely and it arrives at the retailer in time.

When your bank sends your payment to the retailer’s bank, termed acquiring bank, a small sum of money is charged as a fee. It is known as the interchange fee. The payment processors Like Discover, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express allocate fees once a year generally. The fees are dependent on the card type and charging method, keyed-in, or mobile terminal. Then the credit card processors have their own fee, which is summed up with the payment systems. For instance, a card connected to a fee program, “CPS/e-Commerce Preferred Retail, prepaid,” has a fee of 1.75% + $0.20 from the transaction. Card processor fee is 0.3%, indicating that the collective fee for the transaction for this card will be 2.05% + $0.20 for the swiped transaction from the total amount.

You can quickly assess the authentic interchange fees on the official website of the payment system: Discover, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard.

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Contact details:

Here are the contact details for this software to further assist you in case you have any queries,

600 west Broadway, suite 700-205, San Diego, California, 92101 USA


Having read all about this innovative service industry software, you must be excited to try out this software for your service enterprise! This software is specifically designed to aid the service industries in seamlessly performing all their tasks. This tool is exceptionally useful for all operations, from office to field tasks, and it will assist you in your business management effectively. The industries being supported include HVAC, electrical, carpet cleaning, pool services, septic cleaning, pest control, and fire protection, among many others. You can acquire all your business solutions in a single place! You can start right away as it is totally free.

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