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Overflow Cafe Review 2024 – Why This is Best Digital Marketing Company in Canada?

Overflow Cafe Review:

Are you looking for the best SEO services?

Search Engine Optimization is not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of hits and miss whenever a person is trying to do SEO. It takes a lot of time with a lot of trial and error. There are some changes being made to the search engine on a regular basis due to which they start doing things a certain way. Some people find it very difficult to keep up with the changes being made, and there is also the chance of getting a penalty from Google if you don’t do things in the correct way.

If you are only keeping your focus on the SEO side of things, then you are doing your business, great harm. Even if you are up to date with all search engines, search engine optimization can still take a lot of your precious time. In order to build your business in the best way possible, you can go with a company like Overflow Cafe that specializes in SEO. In this article, we are going to take a deep dive into the Overflow Cafe, the benefits, and whether it is worth using their services or not.

Try Overflow Cafe For $30 USD Monthly

What is Overflow Cafe?

Overflow Cafe Home

Overflow Cafe is specially targeted towards business owners who are in need of advanced services in order to make their website more popular. The main done by Overflow Cafe is that they work to improve your website rankings on various search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing using targeted keywords. As you get ranked higher, you start to get more and more traffic. You can use all of that traffic on your website in order to gain more potential customers, which then increases your sales and thus your profit.

Overflow Cafe’s main goal is to rank higher on the above-mentioned search engines. They have a lot of tools and services in place, which helps them achieve those higher rankings. With rankings come higher traffic, which helps a business get more customers.

The best use of this service is for the people who have just started a business and want to boost their sales in no time. Overflow Cafe has more than 45,000 customers who are highly satisfied with the work that they’ve been doing.

You should keep this thing in mind that not everyone gets huge benefits from using Overflow Cafe’s services. This service is not designed for all types of businesses. There are only specific ones that get a huge boost. Their services work best for the companies or stores that are trying to sell a product or service in a local area.

How Does it Work?

So, the first thing is that you have to log into your account on Overflow Cafe. After doing that, you are presented with different graphs alongside texts which show you your website’s performance. The time of the most recent website scan is readily present there alongside the number of backlinks that Overflow Cafe is currently building for you. Scrolling down the main dashboard, you can easily see your website alongside its competitors.

Your ranking for the past month is visible to you. You can also check out your overall ranking for the last 24 hours. There are a lot of important data sets available to you. If you need more advanced data, then you can simply email them, and they will provide you with highly detailed statistics.


Overflow Cafe provides its customers with a lot of useful features, all of which are designed to improve their sales. You can instantly use their services in order to expand your business to new heights.

AI Integration:

The first and foremost feature is the integration of artificial intelligence. This is the feature with which users can get the most benefit. With AI, Overflow Cafe can do a lot of things for you, which saves a lot of precious time that you can use somewhere else. AI works in a way so that your rankings get increased, and it doesn’t rest until your website is on the top of the rankings.

Audit Reports:

You don’t have to do a lot of things if you are using services from Overflow Cafe. They always do most of the work for you, but they also provide you with some tasks so that you can together beat the competition. You are provided with website audit reports, which are basically to-do lists. These are really simple things that you need to do. You also have the option to audit your competitor. Then you will get a comparison of you and your competitor and how you can easily outrank them.

Progress Reports:

Progress reports are a very important part when running any website. With Overflow Cafe, you can easily get all kinds of traffic, sales metrics alongside the rankings. You are also shown the things that your competitors are better at. You will also get a detailed report of all the keywords that are bringing traffic to your website. On your dashboard, you get ten different widgets, which shows you all kinds of reports. Overflow Cafe is working on this feature, and they plan to add more widgets depending upon the feedback from their users.

Qualified Team:

As you are giving your business to someone else to handle, it is necessary that they are qualified enough to handle all of the dealings. Overflow Cafe has some of the best well trained and hardworking staffs that only want the betterment of their clients. They are as passionate about growing your business as you are. You also have a lot of ways in which you can contact the support team. You can either contact them through email, live chat, phone, and you can also do that in person as well.


Overflow Cafe uses those keywords that directly lead that kind of traffic, which will actually buy your products. They rank you for different words and phrases that people are searching in order to get the best results. You can also see the things that people search on YouTube, Google, and Amazon so that you can get a better idea of the keywords being used. They also have an advanced keyword system that can cover the whole website so that nothing is left behind.

Keyword Tracking:

When you have decided on the keywords that will be the most beneficial for your website, the next step is to track those keywords. Overflow Cafe provides very detailed tracking of those keywords. With their tools, you can easily search up to 25 phrases, track different languages and countries. You are also shown the statistics like search volume in months and many more. It is a very simple and effective method.

Content Suggestions:

Your account’s dashboard will regularly inform you about the type of content that is more profitable for you as it brings in more traffic. You can also see the content that you are ranked for. This provides you with a lot of opportunities. You can take advantage of every opportunity so that you can grow your business way faster. All of the things are broken down so that you can easily understand and learn important phrases.

Advanced Reports:

If you want to get a detailed report on your website, then you will have to contact Overflow Cafe. They have data from the major providers, which allows them to generate reports that are way more advanced and in-detail. You will also get insights into your competitor’s strategies in various things like paid search, link building, display advertising, etc.

High-Quality Backlinks:

If you want to have high-quality backlinks, then it takes a lot of time, but Overflow Cafe makes this process much easier. They first find those backlinks that are easy to obtain, and after the domain is provided to us, they can search for the harder to obtain backlinks. With the help of backlinks, you can boost your website ranking, which in turn generates more traffic.

Toxic Backlink Removal:

There are backlinks called toxic backlinks that decrease the SEO strength of a website. Your website gets a lower ranking, which decreases the incoming traffic. Toxic backlinks very badly affect your revenue. Overflow Cafe regularly works in order to detect all of the toxic backlinks and then remove them.

Additional Features:

Overflow Cafe also has some additional features for its customers in the form of virus checking, backlist removal, and malware checking.

Pricing Plans:

When it comes to pricing, Overflow Cafe only charges a flat fee of $30/month. They don’t have different price plans in order to confuse the customers. All of Overflow Cafe’s services are available to you at this price, which is much affordable than other service providers.

Should You Choose Overflow Cafe?

The biggest appeal of Overflow Cafe is that they take care of most of the back-end work. They work to improve the SEO performance of a website. Overflow Cafe starts doing their work as soon as you buy their services. You don’t have to take care of anything, and you can put your whole focus on building your business. The only thing that you have to keep in mind is to check the dashboard for the progress that you are making and to read the emails that are sent by Overflow Cafe.

They suggest different things in these emails, but not all of them are always useful. So, you shouldn’t worry about that. You are also provided with weekly updates on your website’s progress, or you can also use to visit the dashboard if you want to check the progress yourself.

Sign Up $30 USD Monthly


  • Affordable Price
  • Simple & Easily Understandable Reports
  • Great Customer Support
  • Excellent for Beginners
  • Lots of Various Tools
  • Good Keyword Tracking
  • Unlimited Audit Reports & Keyword Suggestions


  • Can only track ten phrases initially

Company Contact Details:

  • Website:
  • Phone: 416-703-7979
  • Address: 1 Yonge Street, Suite 1801, Toronto, Ontario M5E 1W7, Canada.

Final Thoughts:

In all honesty, I think that you should definitely check out the services provided by Overflow Cafe. The best thing about them is that they are very affordable, and the number of services that you are getting at a price of $29 is just insane. If you need to increase traffic on the website so that you can better sales, then you won’t find anything better than Overflow Cafe.

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